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THANK YOU ALL FOR 100K!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! OPEN ME.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 2000+ LIKES!!! Follow our social media! INSTAGRAM : @juliaaraleigh / @a1saudd TWITTER: @juliaaraleigh / @a1saudd SNAPCHAT: juliaaraleigh / a1saud
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Text Comments (700)
Yusril Andrian Saputra (2 hours ago)
bagi dong tete nya
Yusril Andrian Saputra (2 hours ago)
aduh enak bener entot sangat ketagihan apalagi tete nya aduh empuk amat
Hennessy Ramirez (7 hours ago)
I dare you to lick her boob
Hennessy Ramirez (7 hours ago)
I dare you guys to make out on camera
Tanner Christain (2 days ago)
Dick heads!!,!,,!,
Ghetro Dorilas (3 days ago)
Ewww. Nasty
AzF Yt (3 days ago)
Hallo , I New Member , I From Indonesia .
bob cadet (3 days ago)
you got a sexy bum jules
Adrian Torres (4 days ago)
Those cans are big big
stephen sampson (5 days ago)
What are ur Instagram name
Abby Harris (5 days ago)
ha did ur mom even hear u??😂😂💀
Ciaran Parkes (6 days ago)
I want to kiss her so bad
Justine Wright (8 days ago)
I dare you to kiss him
Hari Chand (8 days ago)
The siraj squad 34 (8 days ago)
The siraj squad 34 (8 days ago)
Brian Jimenez (8 days ago)
In 5/1/2005 was mt bday
Tony Elkhoury (9 days ago)
You should have more subscribers
Sandra Tickle (9 days ago)
Put whip cream on your bobey
Jonathan Downing (9 days ago)
Hector Heredia (9 days ago)
The dude looks 8 and the girl looks 36
1300 Bou (9 days ago)
Has anyone else realizes he wears hats every video
Brandon Muller (9 days ago)
She must show her boobs
Deja Adkins (10 days ago)
You stupid girl
Harold Williams (10 days ago)
I dare you to to do a weirdest dancer that you ever done on fortnite
Madylin wadelin (10 days ago)
Zildjian DLC (10 days ago)
title of the intro song?
Damian Talley (11 days ago)
that was clickbait :I
ToyBoy Ish (11 days ago)
Are those earrings
Joshua Velez (11 days ago)
He was just joking he was going to dump you for a million bucks but why am I getting involved maybe because I know another jokes there when I see one
Erica Battiest (11 days ago)
I dare you guys kiss
Miguel Ponce (11 days ago)
Put cream on the girls but
marie rupert (11 days ago)
Kiss naked
FartNugget games (12 days ago)
I der you to suck her boobs tits suck her vaginer
Michon Wiggins (12 days ago)
Karma Flexin (12 days ago)
Is that a dyke
JJ Hoff (12 days ago)
Is Jules a girl or a boy
Vanessa King (12 days ago)
I love 1D day the fortnight striplin
miguelinator 1504 (12 days ago)
Are you a boy o a girl
Nafisa Martey (13 days ago)
Your tongue taste good🤦🏽‍♀️😂
fire horse (13 days ago)
Make a vid when u are nakit
Isaac khoo (13 days ago)
I want you to do sexy video
Kylie’s World (13 days ago)
Is that a boy or girl because he sounds like a girl
Simos and fivos GR (13 days ago)
mohammad islam (13 days ago)
I tell you 2 to 😘
Zack Minor (14 days ago)
Make out on camera now or no subscribe
Fast girl07 (14 days ago)
Girl you are jealous of the dog
Stephanie Avilez (14 days ago)
The part were Saud had to call his mom and say I'm fucking julia😂 this really made my night🌃😂😂😂
seherezada avdi (14 days ago)
Me lov sex
carrie briggs (14 days ago)
KISS. whith. out your hands. and. don't. cloes. your eyes
Landyn Nelson (15 days ago)
I der you to give sex
Reda El Hassnaoui (15 days ago)
good video continue im from morocco
Striker Lower0 (15 days ago)
jihad minecraftpro (15 days ago)
Kiss here boobs
MCPE PRO z (16 days ago)
He touch her boobs
Carter Fox (16 days ago)
Carly Perkins (16 days ago)
Take off your clothes
Carly Perkins (16 days ago)
Manuel Carvajal (16 days ago)
i Dare you to lick your butt
Bobby Perkins (16 days ago)
Saud is so funny
sasha banks (16 days ago)
I dare you to bang
Andrew Allshouse (17 days ago)
truth are you guys married
Joy Frames (17 days ago)
i dare you to for saud to eat her BUT
Diana Manion (17 days ago)
Put wip cream on your butt lice it
Diana Manion (17 days ago)
Lailah Oliver (17 days ago)
+the. Nipps of her boobs
Lailah Oliver (17 days ago)
I dare y'all to have sex and him show his dick and her show her boobs
Brandom Barcenas (17 days ago)
bro what's wrong with you bro that's just disgusting but I'm I'm so happy for you
Jake Raw (17 days ago)
Laila Rodriguez (17 days ago)
You should make a video of Said looking through Jules Instagram Dms😂
Michael Bennett (17 days ago)
Iik. Bobi
Michael Bennett (17 days ago)
Mak. Out
Rayan Hamze (17 days ago)
I do NOT like the thumbnail
Robert Daly (17 days ago)
dare you to make out on camera
Kristen Irwin (18 days ago)
Have sex
Kristen Irwin (18 days ago)
Kristen Irwin (18 days ago)
Ya have sed
zebra permenter (18 days ago)
Do a video Jules without make up on a make out wit saud
Wacky Villafuerte (18 days ago)
Or 👉👌
Wacky Villafuerte (18 days ago)
Lick in the vagina
Espen Mikalsen (18 days ago)
ON vid
Espen Mikalsen (18 days ago)
Ai der ju tu hev kids
Albelis Rodriguez (18 days ago)
You copied book of Ken
Matthias S. Olsen (18 days ago)
Angie Korean (18 days ago)
she is hot😽
JAMES REACTS TO VIDS (19 days ago)
This was so so so so so funny
Crazyme Karis (19 days ago)
The expiration date is my birthday
Jason Haworth (19 days ago)
Are you putting his dick up your mouth
Dominic Nicholas (19 days ago)
You do know that heliem can kill you
Saule Bernotaite (20 days ago)
when you leked thongs it was diskusting
frances forst (21 days ago)
I dare you to go on the blanket in case each other naked
Chase Marsh (21 days ago)
Good shows
Nbras Nejm (21 days ago)
خرب شرفج يبووو شنهي جمال خرب 😂😂👌
Junia Trejo (21 days ago)
Saturday june 2 is my birthday
Mello and Hads (21 days ago)
Sho your boobs
mm awsome (21 days ago)
There both girls
Danny Stogner (22 days ago)
I dare you to lik her boob
Unspeakable Koeller (22 days ago)
Also I dare saud to smack and hug Julia’s butt
Unspeakable Koeller (22 days ago)
Break up get the money then get back together
Christian Soler (22 days ago)
U love rebook saud👍👍
marie lovelove (22 days ago)
do a part two and if u do i dare u guys to keep eating whip cream until u cant eat anymore
Ryan's Channel (22 days ago)
Jule:Mommmm. Mom:what is it honey? Jule:I think im pregnant... Mom:WHAYTTTTTTTT.
Daegan Haggard (22 days ago)
I dare you to go to a hill without your parents and get stoned or drunk
Chris Manby (22 days ago)
Show us your boob

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