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Nyyear AndJalyn (23 days ago)
WHATS UP NJGANG‼️ We Are Almost To 300k Lets Get There If You Havent Subscribed SUBSCRIBE NOW TURN ON THAT BELL SO YOU WONT MISS ANYTHING WE POST , Follow us on Facebook to see Our Couples Pictures @nyyearjalyn Instagram @itssjalyn_ & @nyyear Twitter @Nyyearj DONT FORGET TO LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE ❤️ Early Squad thanks for being here first 😊
Charnette Johnson (8 days ago)
My'Kail Brown (10 days ago)
Nyyear AndJalyn hi
Mai Xiong (11 days ago)
Marlessa Grandy (19 days ago)
Nyyear AndJalyn I love your videos ❤️❤️
Monae babbie (21 days ago)
Nyyear AndJalyn love u guys i watch yall every time i mean like 24/7 to be real but yea 😊😊💕💕❤❤NJGANG all DAY ever Day
Ashley Holestine (1 hour ago)
Nyyear beta get dat kitty wett fa jalyn's sexy ass.... Lmao... Y'all too much.. 😍😍😘😘🔥🔥❤❤😝😊
Spectre ._. (4 hours ago)
I’m done 😂😂😂that man said let’s do 69
kristal crespo (4 hours ago)
Have sex
BADDI DREA (7 hours ago)
She talkin bout 69 the rapper
Levall Davis (7 hours ago)
Do yall go out
Nijair Fisher (8 hours ago)
Her teeth are so white and shiny
Breanna life (13 hours ago)
Y'all the cutest couple periodT😚😍🤗
Gabbi Lewis (14 hours ago)
what is that song
Nevaeh Fruchad (1 day ago)
“You talm bout sixty nine the rapper?”
Nivea Saenz (1 day ago)
This video had me dead😂😂💀💀
Ari Burniss (1 day ago)
I want a man who’s gonna do what I want, not one who gonna complain.
- Luxuriøsly MSP (1 day ago)
y'all so cute😂💞
ummkaela (2 days ago)
lakaya jackson (3 days ago)
I want some head ..... What I get in return. .. Nothing. Im dead
Sidnola Brown (3 days ago)
when he said what do I get back in return she said nothing and then he said everytime and she goes what do you mean everytime 😭😂
queen maddison (3 days ago)
he thirsty
Brin Chan (3 days ago)
van_hl (4 days ago)
How old are They?
A'lysa Ingram (4 days ago)
Y’all are to cute
ViVi TV (4 days ago)
Aye 😂❤️💜🤙🏾
Brandon Harris (4 days ago)
I want the head to baby
Carrie Johnson (4 days ago)
He said 69💀😂
fetty103 (4 days ago)
Lmao that boy said 69 lol
Friz Brindley (4 days ago)
Love u guys x
Dat.kid.Cayyy Cayyy (4 days ago)
Girl always come wit the best prank
Delcina DIYS (5 days ago)
Damn u like give me head it’s weird but I subbed 😂😂😂
Mesha Williams (5 days ago)
Girl u better let him get it
janie smith (5 days ago)
I want head prank
Genesis Rawls (6 days ago)
TEAM N bitch
Chantelle Eseme (6 days ago)
I want the head too BABY
RAYKIA Harris (6 days ago)
_Gamer Girl_ (6 days ago)
FIRST!! to like my own comment😔
Alex Jackson (6 days ago)
What was the prank?
robert kendrick (7 days ago)
He so freaky its awkward 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Demi lovatic Love (7 days ago)
His pants are half way down his legs but okay
Laylay J (7 days ago)
Bytes Sooo freaking fine I'll give him head any day all he gotta do is tell me when😍😍😍
Macoya Anglin (8 days ago)
kawaiii cute (8 days ago)
Lol she rly trying to get it
DLNation 4L (8 days ago)
They is just🤤🤤But i Love them
Connor Black (8 days ago)
I watched the first 5 seconds of this video and felt sick
Samra Babajic (8 days ago)
This Mouth is horrible!!
Afeisha Brown (8 days ago)
Nevaeh Mcmanus (8 days ago)
Team jaylin
Genet Moges (9 days ago)
LMAO who else came for the thumbnail🤣😅
Zarai Liptrot (9 days ago)
``What u doing get off my head😂"
ShaundraLuvsU (9 days ago)
He move to much
Mille a Petersen (10 days ago)
Team jalyn
worldwide handsome (10 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited so did you
Rip Bella Holman (11 days ago)
Then stop said that no to no he wanna do this
Ivory Gilmore (12 days ago)
Jaelyn is wild
Tykequoinna Washington (12 days ago)
Y'all Something Else 😂❤️
Chelsey Francis (12 days ago)
Idek why I’m not subscribed to y’all! I’m subscribed already hehehe
Kazi Itquan Ahmed (12 days ago)
i wish i could fuck a girl like you
bob bob (12 days ago)
as if one of you isn't cheating on the other.. RIGHTTT
Zoe Ann Rones (13 days ago)
Yo6 are all gross and inapropriant ugh i hate all of you that is why i unsbed because of YOU
Zoe Ann Rones (13 days ago)
Please do family friendly pranks please or els i will call the police if you dont do family friendly pranks
Gracelyn Goodin (13 days ago)
Gracelyn Goodin (13 days ago)
Jackie Knudson (13 days ago)
What a dick won’t even do it for her
Saskia Parker (13 days ago)
Rah its 2018 but men still wanting stuff in return😂❤, if my man ends up saying "naw i dont wanna eat that" then he ain't nasty enough for me👅🔐
Wwefan7954 7 (13 days ago)
best couple out there💯‼️!
J squad 23 (13 days ago)
My name is jalyn
Redcoverfull (13 days ago)
it's rape lol
michael gatanis (13 days ago)
Ezéchiel. (13 days ago)
9:45 Music?
R4Z3 INB14Z3 (14 days ago)
Flagged for inappropriate thumbnail..
Janine van der Tol (14 days ago)
‘i’m thirsty now’ i’m dead man
Evelyn Magcamit (14 days ago)
Feel so hot
Kyla’s Life on scene (15 days ago)
I love y’all so much y’all freaky ass hell too😂😂
John Busacca (15 days ago)
wtf did i just watch
Nabila Barqab (15 days ago)
Just started watchin yall i can say... Yall are LIT AF
kkw stans everyone (15 days ago)
6:47 😂😂
Just Chloe's World (15 days ago)
At 4:00 gymnastics!!
Queen Lyniya (15 days ago)
chyy graham (15 days ago)
That's his gf. He should wanna just give a bitch head like damnnnn
jesus moralaes (16 days ago)
nasty but I don't give likes to nasty people so I don't care I don't give a fucking shit of this crap
Hibodjj (16 days ago)
Gemini bhaddie (16 days ago)
You like sausage links everything about this prank had me screaming😫😂😫😂
jantan terpilih (16 days ago)
Ugly girl and negro like monkey?
racing gurl (17 days ago)
Was I the only one cringing the whole time?? LMAO
mitchell Mazarire (17 days ago)
They smashed after this 😂💀
She is so pretty💖
demari Johnson (17 days ago)
6:25 get it Nyyear 👌👈
Corey Hawkins (18 days ago)
4:38 that mf got flexible
Them Fraziers (18 days ago)
her teeth is hella white tho😂
aVisionary (18 days ago)
Snap Boom (18 days ago)
يخرب بيتهم لا ومستانسين ومنزلينه😂😂😂😂💔همج وربي
apb 26 (18 days ago)
You are so pretty! ❤️
Destiny Davis (18 days ago)
You already know they smashed 👌🏾👈🏾 after this video 🤣🤭
J'Nyah Moore (18 days ago)
But I love y’all 🤪
J'Nyah Moore (18 days ago)
Y’all so freaky 😂😂😻😻
Amina Grey (18 days ago)
Parmaisha Crockett (18 days ago)
Lmaoo aww
Sade Perry (18 days ago)
I see u jayln😂😭but #teamjayln💙🤘🏾
Aaliyah Cobb (19 days ago)
They so nasty 😂😍🤪
ebony Paris (19 days ago)
Jalyn You are so beautiful and your eyes are so pretty🤗
Libby Contrael (19 days ago)
Its not not prank girl
Transpiration _ (19 days ago)
Pegi 🔞 XDD
gstef (19 days ago)
Για το πούτσο!!!!!!!!!!

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