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Nyyear AndJalyn (3 months ago)
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Lauren Sanders (20 days ago)
Nyyear And Jalyn I love you I want to kiss you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😘
Lauren Sanders (20 days ago)
what is the 69??????
tameka robinson (20 days ago)
Nyyear AndJalyn you
Nyyear AndJalyn aefwge
Ronnice Stubblefield (22 days ago)
Nyyear AndJalyn 💙💜💛💚❤💎💍
Yara Nassar (1 day ago)
What's 69 that's a rapper lollll
Totally guy (1 day ago)
Should not be on YouTube
wow mind blowing (3 days ago)
Help me out Subscribe to my channel and I return the favour
Marc-David Angbi (6 days ago)
tri z gaming (6 days ago)
Sixty nine you mean 6-9
Witherking Riddy (6 days ago)
Freaky ass couple and her eyes are beautiful😍
Pizza Rolls (8 days ago)
what happened after dis vid tho
Triachell Williams (9 days ago)
You be coming out with good pranks
Reyes Rivrra (9 days ago)
She the boss of him lmao
The last centurion (9 days ago)
Get right on there tonsils deep. Ya know you can't resist a drink from the furry cup.
She was feelin herself💀💁
Juwanieman 23 (10 days ago)
Ian gonna lie I got hard😂💯
Adriana Rivers (11 days ago)
U talking bout 69 the rapper😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Eugene Krabs (11 days ago)
She bad tho
FLYAZZZ NIYA (12 days ago)
Robert Washington (12 days ago)
have anybody ever told you you look like Ayesha Curry
Rose Walker (13 days ago)
team jalyn
Jadeyn Blighton (13 days ago)
yall ever wonder why they got that stand so high???
Lexxy Gee (14 days ago)
It funny how he didn't want to do it tell she said it was a prank
Saintana Bonheur (15 days ago)
not really cute
Taylor Hill (15 days ago)
“ gimme the head” lmao
Carlos Thompson (16 days ago)
Yea gang
Spoiled Rotten (17 days ago)
All yall so dang crazy, lmao😂😂😂😂😂
The Davis Sisters (17 days ago)
Hey ! We are two sisters trying to make a sucsess through youtube ! Can you please suscribe like and comment what you think about our videos💛 , prank suggestions or anything you would like to see on our Channel! ( we will also be active on you're channel if you do us the favor). 💚😉
savage forlife (17 days ago)
Aye can u give me a shout out pls I'm a fan my name is Deshawn
Rolaund Montgomery (18 days ago)
# team jalyn
Jamer Winda (18 days ago)
team nyyear
Famously Shaa (18 days ago)
I’m weak Jalyn was like you a vegetarian now 😍😍
Famously Shaa (18 days ago)
“I’m about to dive in”
Damn bro you got the right queen
Mariya K (19 days ago)
Y'all so cute #jalyngang & y'all funny "u better get down there" 😀😀
Ray Hooten (19 days ago)
" im bout to prank you with this dick girl" I was dying bro
Anthony Price (20 days ago)
‘K, is a good
Trixie Life (20 days ago)
savanna Young (20 days ago)
Your face is huge and your lips are huge
Rubye Warren (20 days ago)
I wish I had this😂❤️
Kaleb Johnson (20 days ago)
Kaleb Johnson (20 days ago)
my life is hack (20 days ago)
Am i watching porn rn?
Cfuture DAgoat (20 days ago)
Imani Bell (20 days ago)
Jalyn mad pretty
Jamarion Patterson (20 days ago)
Team jamlyn
Indy Chloee (20 days ago)
y’all are so funny lmaoooooo i jus SUBSCRiBED
Ngun Tial (21 days ago)
#team jaylen
Paige Perry (21 days ago)
Marshell Allen (21 days ago)
Is this porn??😁😁
Vigeto Ssgss (21 days ago)
Dum as hell
Hanijh Noori (21 days ago)
Kayla Hicks (21 days ago)
She is beautiful ,her teeth is as white as her shirt, and I love you jalyn💙💍 love you nyyear but it’s #teamjalyn
Distorical (21 days ago)
that just showed his true colors tb “what i get in return”
alexis alexis (22 days ago)
oof yall so cute😂 this is my first video ive watched and imma subscribe💕💕
Reagan Rakaska (22 days ago)
rainbows k (22 days ago)
What is i want the h.e.a.d mean? I dont understand!
Jalena Miller (22 days ago)
Team jalen in the house!! Let go!! Love u jalen
Official Mo (22 days ago)
She bendyyyy 🤣🤣👏🏽
jamiracle's clubhouse (23 days ago)
They f after this lol
mixedracedghanagirl B (23 days ago)
You so got it............!!!!!!!!!! he wasn't going to leave you alone and play his game after all that the game he wanted was YOU!
Jd Dig (23 days ago)
She is sexy...Damn
Myah Williams (23 days ago)
the way he throw his controller
Chloe Alexis (23 days ago)
I'm dead
Queen taz (24 days ago)
60 9 da rapper lol it's 6 9
Cynthia Reyes (24 days ago)
Lorrell Gilbert (24 days ago)
You too are so cute
Audrey Adams (24 days ago)
We all know he would XD
YBN OldBoy (24 days ago)
We all know what happened next..
Natasha Burton (24 days ago)
Ur not cute at all
lilly kawii squshiys (24 days ago)
6:08 to 6:32 the girl is me give me some meat boy meet me up i need some
epic disappointment (24 days ago)
Omggg ur so pretty (I’m a disappointment I know)
James Threats (24 days ago)
I would have been f××k tht game gave wht she had wanted, cuz i knw tht i would be next.. 😜😏😀
Thelasty Z (25 days ago)
Adiós 👋 lmao 😆
Roxanna Martinez (25 days ago)
Team jalyn
Roxanna Martinez (25 days ago)
لجين Lujain (25 days ago)
مين عربي
Kyreke Smith (26 days ago)
u a vegetarian
Hadles (26 days ago)
Hype yourself up in the beginning yasss queen 👑💗
C tim3s 3 (26 days ago)
5:16 that position really confused me
xsaraahx (26 days ago)
Dam so hot but I'm lesbian
linda murphy (26 days ago)
team jayln
Gabriel Rapp (27 days ago)
Where dafuq is the age restriction?!
Joi Kinard (27 days ago)
YouTube king (27 days ago)
Me kimani
Laquia Hammond (27 days ago)
She said yu talkin bout 69 the rapper😂😂LMFAO
Jayla Jones (28 days ago)
Team nyyear
Candy Maldonado (28 days ago)
The ending song 😫😍😍😍
YOOUS (28 days ago)
Wtf am i watching rn
Lauryn Stevens (29 days ago)
ALEYA UEHARA (29 days ago)
U is the girl that had that d*ck in her hand and yo boyfriend caught u and u was like oh shit😂😂
This is the onlyyy reason im scared to date a black guy like WHEN THEY SAY NO YOU AINT GETTIN ANY OTHER ANSWER and im a brat i want everything xD
BTW this is straight up porn xd
Khloeii Clark (29 days ago)
Team jalyn
Moo moo The kid (29 days ago)
Freak girls like this
Gwendolyn Reynolds (29 days ago)
Team J im so weak lol lol lol
amine ladj (30 days ago)
Omg his tongue at 8:23
Eiyohnie Hamption (30 days ago)
Jayln is the prettys girl ever
Theo sojila (30 days ago)
Team nyyear
Jalyn Jammer (30 days ago)
#Team Jalyn😂😍😝😝😝❤️
Amon Sutter (1 month ago)
Girl is grinding on a bigger mouth than Julia Roberts
baby Delilah (1 month ago)
Majd Mahdi (1 month ago)
Girl You are adorable . Im a girl btw

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