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Developer BANNED From Steam - Game News

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Text Comments (373)
El Chaos (3 days ago)
Yo guys, the Camposanto moron didn't "criticize" PewDiePie, he threatened legal action against him by means of DMCA. Be careful with your wording, please.
Robert Nicholson (5 days ago)
i super hope they are checking into fake bad reviews with as much diligence
Hank Hill (5 days ago)
Steam for Solaris OS is on the way! Yay!!!!!
Yet it took 173 shovelware's from Zonitron to get them banned.
Violet Snow (7 days ago)
Steam's review system is pretty awful anyway. It doesn't really matter.
El Dordo Mufasa (7 days ago)
I think Valve should include a metacritic score on the game page, I always try to consider gamer reviews alongside the professional
Supernova71288 (7 days ago)
Wow, 6 fake reviews and they got banned? Damn Steam, no mercy.
NolePtr (7 days ago)
Same reason Tinder doesn't have reviews.
Halo King (7 days ago)
HI Gus
Animebryan2 (8 days ago)
Giving your own game fake positive reviews is always a bad move, because if your game was any good you wouldn't need to do that in the first place. However, I can sympathize with developers who get review bombed (especially by trolls). Maybe people shouldn't rely too much on what a reviewer says (take it with a grain of salt) & just play a game & see for yourself if whether or not a game is good or not. After all, not everyone is going to enjoy a game no matter how well to try to please your fans/audience.
robertthebard (8 days ago)
#Irony ? They take reviews seriously on Steam? Since when? How many user accounts have been banned for review bombs? None? Very few? Did they do anything about it? I'm frankly surprised to learn that anyone actually uses Steam reviews for anything, given how easily the system is gamed, by gamers. I know I don't use it for reviews, and frankly, I hardly use it for anything else, if I can avoid it, to the point where I'd rather buy from EA, at least I know what they're about, as opposed to Steam, where a rash of negative reviews could mean that, as you mentioned in this video, something unrelated to the actual game causes a rush of negative reviews. Check the review bomb on the original version of Skyrim, as another example, when the CC was released, and you can't even get the CC on the original Skyrim. It's a worthless platform when it comes to actual reviews, sort of like MetaCritic, which doesn't even require a registered copy of a game to post a review.
Listing Characters (8 days ago)
I am happy that the guilty party stepped up and accepted the blame. That's a very mature thing to do, and I hope that Steam will work with the others on the dev team for an appeal.
Daniel Goodrich (8 days ago)
I hate it when that happens. Despite what steam says when they pull a game I ALWAYS lose my copy.
S Dew (8 days ago)
steam needs to take on the false preview movies of some of these games, that look NOTHING like the actual game!!!!.. the polish guy wrote 6 yes SIX reviews for hes own game,, like that has a influence on the total amount of reviews LOL, to be banned off steam for writing 6 false reviews is stupid!
OriginalSparkstar (8 days ago)
I dont read reviews I play what looks fun
Peaches (8 days ago)
Oi no exploiting reviews! Hang on, let's hide negative reviews for rockstar
papas182 (8 days ago)
lol ameteur.
"Gamers Bay" (8 days ago)
Cheaters never prosper. But I guess some people are just too ignorant to realize that, like the developer noted here.
Mania Red (8 days ago)
i utterly ignore positive reviews, the only reviews i ever look at are the negative ones, if the reviews are crybaby "this game is too hard!!" "The characters are ugly!" or other stupid non-starter complaints i will usually give the game a shot, if the reviews are legit, -game not finished IE. Lack of animations, Missing textures, game breaking bugs, those negative reviews matter.and influence my purchases.
Shrednaut (8 days ago)
I don't think it matters. Triviality. Six reviews, so what? Give him a second chance. If he is a repeat offender then perma-ban him. If the people don't like it they will bring the ratings down in no time anyway. People will still try it despite bad reviews anyway, so he just needs to respect that. Have you ever watched a movie/ read a book with bad ratings that just so happened to be one of the best you've ever seen/ read? Games are the same way. You just can't judge a book by its cover. People know this. I hope he has really learned his lesson.
Jojo Mahama (8 days ago)
Moving Switch??? Maybe???🤔
Jonathan Green (8 days ago)
Ban? No. Suspend? Yes for maybe a few months or something.
Shambles1980TRealOne (9 days ago)
Why is his head like 10x bigger than it should be. Did he miss every day apart from head day in the gym?
MJRookieForge (9 days ago)
Mr. Sorola, the Steam logo in the thumbnail doesn’t look so good :c
Maurice van Creij (9 days ago)
"I am so sorry I got caught."
CitizenX3639 (9 days ago)
1,000 more important problems than user reviews, please.
ROAD TRIP! (9 days ago)
Still nobody is complaining about the tidal wave of fake reviews in the many crappy games on Google Play...
LodanSD (9 days ago)
Whenever I see a review score listed as Overwhelmingly, I tend to take a good look at the Negative reviews just to see the validity of such reviews, as well as see if there's any major problems with an Overwhelmingly Positive game. I don't just take the basic score at face value, I do research the reviews.
Fulufhelo Mulaudzi (9 days ago)
The guy admitted his mistake. Valve should take out his game for a limited time and then bring it back to Steam.
kevin peterkin (9 days ago)
That t-shirt is LIFE
kevin peterkin (9 days ago)
That t-shirt is LIFE
iCrazyBlaze (9 days ago)
Don't worry, they'll re-upload it on itch.io. And then leave more fake reviews.
H Koizumi (9 days ago)
Thank the PC gods for Gus being there to correct Ashley about PC. She's can be such a console peasant sometimes.
Colin Campbell (9 days ago)
I appreciate this duo for gaming news.
Romain Delmaire (9 days ago)
Meanwhile, some devs are still creating 20 fake studios to release the same game under different names and are still able to release their game. Seriously, there are more important matters than 6 fake reviews on a game.
Momiji (9 days ago)
I enjoy just how Godlike Pewdie has become.
Javier m (9 days ago)
Steam' fake gaming.
Nick Alphonso (9 days ago)
u should get nerdy chicks as host
0BeMine0 (9 days ago)
Rails to riches is on xbox I think
WolfyOfHonor (9 days ago)
Meanwhile Stellaris is being review bombed by salty Chinese, who themselves are illegally on steam, since it is blocked in China. But that is none of my business...
Derrick Cardona (9 days ago)
I think the guy host has Tetanus?
imnotmike (9 days ago)
I'm really surprised anyone listens to user reviews of video games. I've never taken user reviews seriously. You look at them and 90% of them are 0 or 10 - who looks at that and thinks, yeah, this are probably fair and unbiased reviews.
Gamer's Haunt (9 days ago)
Trying to make thier reviews more legitimate, how about stop listing games with a 70% score as mostly positive. That'd be a great improvement towards making them look more legitimate and less like a marketing tool for the developer. Also delisting a slew of negative reviews that come after a developer does something really stupid or asinine would be a good step as well.
elin111 (9 days ago)
Prediction: He'll sneak back in like basically every other banned dev.
Pcwizard7 (9 days ago)
Suing the buyers of the game for bad reviews was LMAO Good way to keep people buying your games
Erika Wellen (9 days ago)
I don't know who's laughing in the background but he's so genuinely amused it makes me smile.
JULEMANDEN99 (9 days ago)
just buy tabletop simulator if you want boardgames
JULEMANDEN99 (9 days ago)
im still scrolling the games for bad rewiws because the bad rewiws tells about querks aka some bad rewiws made me buy games because they ware what i were looking for in the game^^
Taylor Jones (9 days ago)
This isn't good, but if they are gonna crack down on 6 fake reviews, they need to get rid of the millions of shitty games/asset flips.
Tartiflette (9 days ago)
_"Being locked out of Steam is a dev death penalty!"_ Aren't a lot of competent indie devs avoiding Steam these days? Because it's a lot of headaches (and a big Valve cut) for no exposure at all given the flood of trashy games releases?
Tartiflette (8 days ago)
Or they can move to GOG and itch.io. But even then my point is that if you get kicked out of steam, there are other platforms available for your next game, and those might be more profitable too.
Generic User (8 days ago)
Most devs fleeing Steam go to the Switch, but that need to be decided early on if they don't want to spend months (and more importantly the little money they have) porting their game to another platform. If the game is already out, it's deadly for the studio to be kicked out.
Kitty (8 days ago)
sadly no its main source for indies because of how easy it is to get it put there
Bathrezz1 (9 days ago)
Not sure whats worse; troll steam reviews that intentionally damage a games reputation without any consequence or fake good reviews in the hopes to make money.
Willaces Will (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who don't read any review? I find a real game play video and try to see what us good and bad. Or play the demo if it has one.
Lexx (9 days ago)
Gus' one liners are brilliant (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
DeadShoes (9 days ago)
Why does valve not to after snail games for pixark fake reviews? $$$$$ steam is anti consumer
suddenshotty (9 days ago)
It looks like Snail games (The ARK publishers) are posting fake reviews on their latest VR game, whats your opinion on this? https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/8iw3lo/is_snail_games_faking_positive_reviews_for_ark/
Mitchel Mattera (9 days ago)
If you look at Steam reviews for an indication of if a game is definitely good or not you're stupid. Yes, sometimes Steam reviews are a good indicator that a game will be good. But how would you know until you played it yourself? That's why the refund system now exists. Context: 0:44
CRAZY GREG FILMS (9 days ago)
I think it's good that he admitted it, other than be like that other guy who tried suing everyone that gave his games bad reviews.
SC P (9 days ago)
8 min empire was kinda amusing, wasnt really my thing but was interesting to waste some time. to be fair. the review and return system is kinda crap. some games start off bad and some players are just too bad to get into the game :P
STR8L8CED (9 days ago)
Fukin Slayer
hyou zan ren (9 days ago)
Dont care about review anyway! I simply play it and if it suck just refund it!
TamashiiKanjou (9 days ago)
Seriously though, you'd think with everything that happened with Digital Homicide, people would have some sense about how they handle bad reviews. Yes, it's nowhere near as bad, but leaving good reviews for your own game in this kind of way to combat bad reviews is just asking for trouble ><
SuperWolf1964 (9 days ago)
Fake user reviews are a pain: I bought "No Man's Sky" because of the glowing reviews on steam and YouTube.
Ultgamer cw (9 days ago)
They bothered to take down two games from a developer for fake reviews mean while thousands of asset flippers are coating the steam store.
Mark Brown (9 days ago)
Why tf did youtube recommend this video? Please don't highlight cheaters.
StahliBoi (9 days ago)
I love how the guy is like "unfair negative reviews" and yet the game looks like total garbage.
Mathieu Latour (9 days ago)
Steam make sure it doesnt happens again, with them...
Reed's Redactions (9 days ago)
I felt like slapping the guy in the background who laughed when Ashley mentioned GOG.com ... GOG rules!
Nebularium (9 days ago)
And yet, hundreds of trash asset flips still remain available for your pleasure.
LittleThomasKid (9 days ago)
Why would anyone trust Steam reviews? Especially when the mass just flock to downvote a game during any sort of controversy, no matter its relevance to the game in question.
The Killing Committee (9 days ago)
Glad I didn't have an eye tracker on, it would of caught me reading the word 'kingslayer' for 6:42.
Cheappy V (9 days ago)
so wait... I can create 6 accounts and *take down* _any_ Steam game this way!?
Adam W (9 days ago)
It might help if Valve would not let so many crap game and devs on to there platform.
PaelMoon (9 days ago)
Make a new company, his wife is main shareholder, put game back up with new name.
Rafal Borowski (9 days ago)
Poor people, bad attitude, hate, crime and government corruption. Racist and nationalist culture with a good hint of bad overall behavior... and apparently fake game reviews... #Poland in a nutshell.... And I know that for a fact. I live in this cesspool for the past 30 years...
Miki Cerise (9 days ago)
Good job Valve.
Spirit_of_Yami (9 days ago)
rip dev
GasTheFanz (9 days ago)
How come no one is busting Funcom for padded reviews then?
TITONICS2 (9 days ago)
what's wrong with having subtitles, is it that hard to put them in the video since you already written the script for it?
War Doggo (9 days ago)
wow barbra looks weird today
NecruN (9 days ago)
Dont trust Amazon reviews I work in Amazon they actually remove any bad reviews from items they sell and ship... it is pretty shitty practice and they even Ban people from posting reviews if they leave many negative reviews on amazon products,.
Bronx Dragon (9 days ago)
....But I look at youtube and twitch gameplay vids to determine if I will like the game and will purchase it. Word of mouth or in this case text is kinda worthless.
Rob (9 days ago)
I'd like to dive face first into that if you know what I mean ;)
Nagataka_306 (9 days ago)
I wounder when Artix entertainment will get hit like these people did.
AlexLifeson1985 (9 days ago)
But Hunt Down The Freeman is totally cool.....carry on.
Ausintune (9 days ago)
Steam should have better quality control.
Dakka Gaming (9 days ago)
"Something we take very seriously" - Valve 2018, regarding quality control on Steam. hah
Werner Wallman (9 days ago)
Steam should fix their broken assetflipping crap instead...
SLAV (9 days ago)
Ooo kurwaaa
Bane BlackGuard (9 days ago)
and yet they do nothing to stop people from making fake negative reviews. where are all the bans for that?
Brad Torville (9 days ago)
As for this dev, who knows? Maybe CDPR will acquire them next.
thanks (9 days ago)
how to kill any new small game, make 10 accounts, buy only that one game, review that game positive with very similar reviews, never touch the accounts again..... what is stopping this honestly
Kate Marsh (9 days ago)
Holy crap i love Ashley's response to "well he can go to other platforms". Just gold!
Brad Torville (9 days ago)
Yeah, the fake reviews are the embarrassment. Not the crappy games they expect people to pay good money for. No, not that.
joep1432 (9 days ago)
hey guys if your looking to a cool mouse pad for you computer get one from here www.amazon.com/dp/B07BRRZ3M9
BatNigg-_- (9 days ago)
I mean if he bought the game 6 times, I kind of feel like he's entitled to 6 reviews. If we can get a 1:1 receipt:review ratio then I'm cool with it.
Leonidas Thanatos (9 days ago)
I think this one deserves a slap on the wrist style punishment instead of getting crushed by the ban hammer.
anthony sweat (9 days ago)
You guys doing weekends now or recorded this Friday?
Jacob (9 days ago)
Sooo how about them unfair/blackmail reviews? Why haven't those users been banned?? I am calling bullshit.
Blinkeh TheGhost (9 days ago)
10/10 sources
sciencemile (9 days ago)
Hey you know, based on what the SPJ members said they wanted from game journalism, I think you guys should submit for the kunkels next year, this is a good presentation format.

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