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Duxford Airshow September 2017

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Gary Lockard (4 months ago)
What is that beautiful plane at 0:41, a Spitfire? I've never seen one done up in polished aluminum before. Lot's of beauties at that meet !!! Thanks for posting !
Gary Lockard (4 months ago)
+Thomas Brinch Thanks Tom, my memory must be slipping away. I completely forgot about the P-40's.
Thomas Brinch (4 months ago)
Early P-40, C model i believe :) a little shiny for my taste though :)
Paul Brenton (7 months ago)
AH Duxford !! 22 years ago I was 2nd Pilot for 30 Mins in T9 Spitfire ML407 !!!
Scott Wilson (8 months ago)
Used to do 2 Duxford shows a year.. Not anymore.. You rock up at the fence and set up the chairs with the wife a son.. no sooner does the show start and wankers begin filtering in infront of you sat there trying to watch what you've just paid to see.. before you know it all you can see is ignorant cunts blocking your view.... People nowadays are such ignorant self intitled cunts.... And besides they only fly the same old crap every year. We queued for 3 hours on the M11 to see the 2 Lancs fly together so why did they have a bloody spitfire perform and have the lancs out of view for 10 minutes?.. and don't get me started on the Sally B cunts.
David Duganne (8 months ago)
Duxford Airshow "taxiing aircraft compilation."
LukelearMissile (8 months ago)
While the footage is great, this video is so incoherent I'm losing my mind watching it absent-mindedly flit from one unrelated thing to another. My brain hurts! And why has everyone got it in for the announcer? I was actually trying to listen to what he'd got to say, but he kept getting cut off :(
junkers66 (9 months ago)
I'm sorry, but I get zero satisfaction from seeing that "fake" Me-109 (Buchon 109). I acknowledge that there are that many of the DB601/DB605 equipped ones around, but it is just like using a "dressed up" T-34 to show as a tiger tank or panther tank.
David Duganne (8 months ago)
I want to vomit when I see a Sea Fury that has a "non-Centaurus" engine...
junkers66 (8 months ago)
Gareth Cook True. We should. If there were no DB605 equipped 109 still around, then I'd be somewhat glad that at least the Buchon exists. But while "true" 109s are still around, I will not be too excited to see the Buchon. 😉
junkers66 (8 months ago)
mustangtg Look, to me the optical difference would be rather unnoticeable regarding the B17. The difference in looks and sound regarding the Buchon is significant. I am not dismissing the Buchon as a real fake. That's why I put the term "fake" in my original comment in inverted commas.
Gareth Cook (8 months ago)
Many people put down the Spanish​ ​Messerschmitt because they say it’s not a real “Bf 109” or because of its so-called “ugliness“. The same people forget there was a time when they were the only 109’s “alive”. A little respect is more than due.
mustangtg (8 months ago)
junkers66 so, I guess the B-17 also gives you no satisfaction? Since this is not an “F” model, you might call it a fake also. For me, that faux 109 represents history and that’s good enough for me. So does a B-17G painted up as the Memphis Belle.
Ray Hansen (9 months ago)
Oy,someone kill the announcer
taketimeout2 (9 months ago)
The bloke at the end is about to strangle the announcer. Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot show any scenes of justified or unjustified violence.
soaringtractor (9 months ago)
Everyone of those US planes seen there were used by the British in WW II !!!! The brits used 38,000 US plane !!! One of the ways the USA saved the brits asses in WW II !!!!
John-Del (1 month ago)
Thanks. I was going to say "you are (you're) mindless and your rants are making the rest... etc." but shorted the sentence without removing the contraction. Edited
Burlats de Montaigne (1 month ago)
John-Del _____ *_your_* mindless rants..... You're welcome.
John-Del (4 months ago)
@soaring: please don't post anymore... You're mindless rants are making the rest of us Americans look ignorant. For my English friends, let me apologize for this wanker. Not all of us are total tools... Thanks.
omepeet2006 (8 months ago)
Wilbur,  take your meds and hit the sack early.
Abraham Codpiece (8 months ago)
Has that rash of your sister's cleared up yet? Man, when she showed us guys in the back bar there were some real worried faces!
soaringtractor (9 months ago)
Interesting how that Yak copied the radiator of the Mustang !!! Somebody needs to choke that damn limey announcer !!! Just shut up !!!!
Burlats de Montaigne (1 month ago)
soaringtractor _____ Fuck off Wilbur.
Gregory Moran (4 months ago)
Of Course,a US announcer would not talk his/her head off,now would they? much...
grant1712 (9 months ago)
taketimeout2 (9 months ago)
Simple. The wife applies on his behalf behind his back for the announcers job to get a bit of peace and quiet at home.
grant1712 (9 months ago)
all announcers/commentators at british shows of any kind are boring as fuck, never listen to them, i try and block them out. ive never understood why they pick the most boring people
Willow Reyes (9 months ago)
I lot it nice plane ww2 am big fan of old planes
Mirek H (9 months ago)
This B-17's crew member is like human version of the bomber :)
Bob Adams (9 months ago)
A little explaination of what thes planes are would have been much appreciated.
Abraham Codpiece (8 months ago)
The German fighter is a Buchon; that is, a Messerschmidt with a Rolls-Royce engine. Easily recognizeable by the exhaust stacks being near the top of the engine cowling, instead of the Messer's inverted "V" engine's stacks being near the bottom of the cowling. The 2 Yak 3s are modern-built replicas, with Allison V 1710 engines, which makes them a match for any of the other aircraft there.
Bob Adams (9 months ago)
Thanks, I'll do that.
Rick Davis (9 months ago)
The first part shows the Hawker Hurricane, then the Spitfires, the light blue Russian plane is the Yak3, the flat black plane they talk about is the F4U Corsair , the German fighter is the Messerschmitt BF109, the big dark green 4 engine bomber is of course the B-17, the Sea Fury is also a Hawker, the white seaplane is a PBY 5A Catalina, the silver Soviet jet is a Mig17 (I think), the twin boom tail plane behind it is a Vampire, the big twin engine tail dragger is a C-47 Gooney Bird, if there is a plane you want identified just give me the time of the frame and I'll see if I can help you.
dave tilbury (9 months ago)
great video Dave......went on Friday ......have to go next year!

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