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Sh*tty Steam Games! - Best Of Game Grumps

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Text Comments (120)
Exhausted Elox (6 days ago)
Good to see that the Game Grumps are fans of Watch + Play on the Loading Ready Run Twitch channel.
Lianna K (10 days ago)
5:05 "Why even is there a life bar?" - Dan "Because WHO GIVES A SHIT.-" Arin "You know what, I hadn't considered that." - Dan For me, that exchange is just the quintessence of their personalities and exactly why I love them both.
Jeremy Darby (27 days ago)
I miss barry
Jacob Davidson (1 month ago)
It was nice seeing danny low key talk down to Arin when he did something in the game that arin was stuck on. Because arin always talks to danny like Dan is his girlfriend who is terrible at games, but the boyfriend keeps dropping hints like "maybe walk over there" Because he doesn't want his girlfriend to think she's bad and stop playing
crimsonpirate9 (1 month ago)
Turbo dismount is garbage
dave o (1 month ago)
These garbage day ass games
J N Morgan (1 month ago)
9:49 That's a TT33 pistol
BossGaming0529 (1 month ago)
John you piece of trash you don't slander the wonderful game turbo dismount
Tsumefan2 (1 month ago)
did someone actually write the first game's description like that? it's so funny
BillyThomasJohnson III (1 month ago)
90% of the comments: ya know, turbo dismount ain't so bad guys
Mitchell N (1 month ago)
you do not have past and future, you stupid cock.
Oof'd Me Be (1 month ago)
Turbo Dismount is shit
spebes (1 month ago)
neoravencroft (1 month ago)
Alice Plautz (1 month ago)
Lol i loved turbo dismount as a kid
Mr. Nigma Sir (1 month ago)
Jazz Master (1 month ago)
How to anger an entire comment section: 1. Name a video thats about shitty games, movies, etc. 2. Put a product thats clearly good 3. Let the hate begin
Vegeta The Stupid (2 months ago)
Why turbo dismount!?
Nicolas The Dinosaur Man (2 months ago)
How dare you disrespect the animal kart game!!! That game is 20/10 at least
Nugget (3 months ago)
Only reason Turbo Dismount is on here bcause the mouse was on the screen the whole time...
CellarisAvis (3 months ago)
nick ringer (3 months ago)
What happened to steam train. Like where is Ross.
Aidan cordani (3 months ago)
Dragon359 (3 months ago)
Or as Arin often times calls them, the best games he's ever played.
TacoKat (3 months ago)
turbo dismount is shitty, arin is just a shitty gamer.
firefist x (3 months ago)
Why are you making revenue off this video? How do u flag a vid ppl
Kurtis Baker (3 months ago)
Why is Turbo Dismount on this list? How dare you do that?
Hawkeye 685 (3 months ago)
Why is turbo discount on here? I know Arin didn't add boosteys or anything but it's still amazing
Adam Block (3 months ago)
Dude Ched's day is going pretty good this time. Lol. Who made that game xD
Chris the Hedgehog (3 months ago)
You have no past and future. *You stupid cock.*
Symphony808 (4 months ago)
You stupid cock. It’s garbage day.
Jordzyi 1 (4 months ago)
Steam / Pc is shit garbage idc it’s true.
ImforReally (4 months ago)
35:15 Eeh? Has daniel never heard of a game called... mario kart? Smh...
Forest Gem (4 months ago)
can some make a "game grumps 'you know i hadn't considered that' compilation" please that is what makes me laugh the hardest for some reason lol
Inamol (4 months ago)
Turbo dismount ain't shitty, that is an odd choice, Mr John Odd.
Keighen Snavely (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan, now Too Many Cooks is stuck in my head
Anakie (4 months ago)
its 7am and i havent slept when arin said "slee[ tight anaki" i fucking died
Chris Sikes (4 months ago)
Damn you O'Donavan.
TechnoBat (4 months ago)
Turbo dismount in not a bad game it the height of crashing gameplay
King Spades Vick (4 months ago)
You do not have past and future. You stupid cock.
Craig Young (4 months ago)
Turbo dismount is horse shit
Amalie Blucher (4 months ago)
For all of you complaining that Tungulus isn't in this, it is simply because Tungulus is a work of pure art. Tungulus is arguably the best steam game known to man. Fuck Tungulus
Orangelover18 (4 months ago)
How dare you slander Animal Racing //shot
Antho432 (5 months ago)
Make a best of racing games
Adam Block (5 months ago)
They really have picked up their shitty Steam game playlist in the last year or so xD
usefulmuse (5 months ago)
If you want a bad title for a horror movie try Midnight Meat Train Like. Who thought that title was a good idea
shogunblade (3 months ago)
usefulmuse well, Clive Barker, creator of Clive Barker's Clive Barker's Jericho, created by Clive Barker did.
usefulmuse (5 months ago)
I have a suggestion for a future video! How about a pet mentions video? Every time Jon's birds, Arin's cats, and Danny's dog (RIP Baron von Poopenstein) are brought up. Keep up the awesome videos my dude!
Lord Bootyquake (5 months ago)
Hayden Ose (5 months ago)
In what world is Turbo Dismount a shitty game?
Potato Fries (5 months ago)
Tom Shufeldt (5 months ago)
arins good at game that suck and he sucks at games that are good.... Or is it the other way around?... Idk I but that zebra side wheel action was the tits!
eins2001 (5 months ago)
How's it going, dood? GARBAGE DAY!!
sam mcburney (5 months ago)
Garbage day! :D *Bang*
Amy Daskilewicz (5 months ago)
I like that the clip from SNDN2 was included
Nella (5 months ago)
Tara Adams (5 months ago)
Why is Turbo Dismount on here? That game isn't shitty. They weren't even talking crap about it.
NotExplosive (5 months ago)
"here you want it back? I got you past the part" Dan is the sweetheart we don't deserve.
Michele Doyle (5 months ago)
Ibby (5 months ago)
No Tungulus. This video is invalid.
Nex_ (5 months ago)
I feel like you forgot last years ghoul grumps.
kumiko higurashi (5 months ago)
I hate unskippable ads man
David B Andrews (5 months ago)
Turbo Dismount is brilliant. It was Arin being typical Arin and not realising could edit tracks with boosts and stuff that made it hard to watch at times.
calska140 (3 months ago)
Nah it suck
GucciGinger (3 months ago)
+David B Andrews ok, good point :)
David B Andrews (3 months ago)
GucciGinger You can when you wonder why you can't complete courses (like that vertical ramp), or have enough speed to get to the crash junctions... And all the tools are right there for anyone to use... Who isn't blind or refuses to learn
GucciGinger (3 months ago)
+David B Andrews look i like turbo dismount but a toybox he was playing wrong? You cant play a toxbox weong thats the point
David B Andrews (5 months ago)
Shinu Yashami It's a toybox game he wasn't playing right, a more comical and interactive version of Burnout's Crash Party Mode
Mythik Beast (5 months ago)
How dare you insult turbo.
Dr Bob Media (5 months ago)
2112 2012 - A good Rush album and a bad John Cusack movie.
TheSpektrum (5 months ago)
is Turbo Dismount on here only for how Arin was playing it? cuz he wasn't exactly a Turbo Dismount pro.
FoxOf ADens (3 months ago)
How exactly is one a Turbo Dismount pro? I thought the point was to throw your ragdoll around and have a good time?
Kalib_Odiv (5 months ago)
TheSpektrum and I am on that section of the video and they arent even talking shit about it
TimeRIP (5 months ago)
Turbo Dismount isn't a shitty game though.
Jahlil the Lemon Robot (5 months ago)
TAL29000 (5 months ago)
Is anyone else having some infuriating slight lag in the audio and video? Edit: nevermind I cleared my cache and it's gonr
Marq 07 (3 months ago)
TAL29000 gonr i barely even know her
HeyitsTom (5 months ago)
I can't wait for Ched 2: Bed the Ched.
Flooffy Fluuffy Puppen (5 months ago)
Ched 3: camp ched
Nightzz Mixx (5 months ago)
And Ched 3: Infinite War
ProphetSong (5 months ago)
Turbo Dismount is by no means a shitty game. It doesn't really belong in this video, tbh. To even put it on par with things like tungulus is doing the game a disservice.
Seth Nelson (11 days ago)
@Wayne N. Guts and Glory is shit? Since when?
Wayne N. (28 days ago)
Happy Wheels was shit, so is 3D Happy Wheels.
calska140 (3 months ago)
Nah it suck
Captain Arcanine (4 months ago)
ProphetSong I agree, but it was still a funny steam game.
ChaosMiles07 (5 months ago)
Well, they bought too many games, and now they gotta play them all.
DrKlRd (1 month ago)
And we’re the game grumps
BuisnessAsUsual123 (4 months ago)
*throat clearing noises* SO ALL ABOARD THE STEAM TRAIN! (choo choo :) )
Diran Jirū (5 months ago)
Choo Choo!
Alex I. (5 months ago)
ChaosMiles07 So all aboard the $@#%& #+@$%!
Non Existant (5 months ago)
ChaosMiles07 god I miss the steam train.
David Remus (5 months ago)
how did dismount make it onto shitty steam games >.>
KittyDragonLove (5 months ago)
How dare you slander the name of turbo dismount
Professor JAJL (3 months ago)
The most civil YouTube comments section the world has ever known
i immediately went to the comments to write this
Daniel-san Dufrene-kun (5 months ago)
My dick is actually bleeding someone call 911
KittyDragonLove (5 months ago)
Rory Holmes no problem
Jake Harris (5 months ago)
Im a little upset that you put Turbo Dismount in the shitty steam games compilation :/
Alex Ramey (5 months ago)
"You do not have past and future. *You stupid cock.*
butlerkitties (5 months ago)
you *stupid* cock
Cameron Simonis (5 months ago)
Chris Sikes (4 months ago)
NO- christ, someone already did it.
Akaritomi (5 months ago)
SanguineCypress (5 months ago)
Can I request a Best of Smash Bros. pretty please :*
Scratchin’ Swami (5 months ago)
Hot STEAMy goodness
Dodo (5 months ago)
Oi fuck. Turbo dismount is a great game :c
Antho432 (5 months ago)
Right now there is no comments and 111 views, if there was 0-3 views it would be like my videos
Simon Blackwell (5 months ago)
Antho432 oh shit I didn’t realise how recent this video is so I wanted to see how many comments there were now, and it’s at a whopping 9

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