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Veterans open up about experiencing D-Day

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Veterans share their memories of D-Day. It has been 70 years since the critical invasion of Normandy during WWII. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit http://imagesource.cnn.com or e-mail cnn.imagesource@turner.com.
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Text Comments (165)
Your Boy Skiiny (1 month ago)
R.I.P All of the soliders who died in D-Day. 😔
Clandestine Comments (1 month ago)
Brave worriers of last century. You stand in the halls of kings now.
FlexFam Fitness (1 month ago)
Much respect for you gentlemen! Thank you for what we have today!
JuanCarlos Reyna (1 month ago)
I have the outmost respect for ww2 veterans. Everything you did to liberate the world from hatred and bloodshed, god will have the pearly gates wide open for you guys, I SALUTE.
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
I'm sorry for the condition of our nation,this is not what you fought and died for!!!
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Greatest generation,that says it all!!!!
Eloh Ttub (2 months ago)
D-day veterans play d-day in cod ww2
UNDE4D GAMING (2 months ago)
UNDE4D GAMING (2 months ago)
Thats all gods plan Lol. #BlameGod
UNDE4D GAMING (2 months ago)
Me: What happened to your friends?? WWII VET: They died😢 Me: Blame it to the Germany or Blame Hitler
UNDE4D GAMING (1 month ago)
Lol he tried to capture other countries city then america found hes evil plan and the D-Day started
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Hitler was an asshole!Thank you for ridding the world of his evil!!!!
Dead Meme (1 month ago)
Undead Heart Wehrmacht is the standart german army just like any allied army
UNDE4D GAMING (1 month ago)
Dead Meme What??? What do u mean?
Dead Meme (1 month ago)
Undead Heart Blame it on Hitler not in the Wermacht
Jacob Melchior (2 months ago)
Noob IsTreasure (3 months ago)
God bless them
juicyaverage12 - (5 months ago)
Thank you for you’re service
Lucky Chase (6 months ago)
Im literally the only one that thinks that the us in 1944 is better than now
Cash Gaudio (4 months ago)
Sky High I really wasn’t in some ways
Gmoney Records (6 months ago)
How the fuck do you not get shot. All those guns and people shooting at you with little to no cover on the beach.
Dr P (6 months ago)
They don't seem it now. But to survive that. These are the hardest men in the world
Eurwin Roberts (6 months ago)
The Greatest Generation..
Chris p (7 months ago)
who the hell disliked this!
Conner RK800 (2 months ago)
Chris p Nazis
Cash Gaudio (4 months ago)
mclovin. get on my level scrubs commies
anme Serebryakov (7 months ago)
Give them the worlds thanks. Even though it will not be enough
Twix Stitch (7 months ago)
Couldn't imagine living in a time where there was somebody that evil existed. How terrifying. How fucking terrifying.
James Boswell (7 months ago)
kim jong un (7 months ago)
*18 year olds then* going into battle, hard as steel. Battling Dday knowing their fate would be to die. *18 year olds now* need a safe place because the world hurt them
ma dudeee (1 month ago)
kim jong un whats your point?
kim jong un (6 months ago)
Danksy Arts i see you took time out of your day to write me a paragraph thanks, i bet your an 18yo "bitching"
Danksy Arts (6 months ago)
kim jong un Nae Naed I assume you like your cancer steak with a large glass of man juice containing deep insecurity with a hint of defensive aggression as you attempt to live within your facade
kim jong un (7 months ago)
jamie bond wish you luck mate
jamie bond (7 months ago)
kim jong un idiots like you piss me off, what about all the young people in the forces today????? And I'm 17 joining the British army
Raymond Wu (8 months ago)
The real question is did Saving Private Ryan do a good job of reenacting D-Day?
Aiden Lovekamp (3 months ago)
It did a pretty good job. My great uncle was a sniper in d day and he said that was the closest thing he’s seen like the actual event. He did get a little teary eyed too. He died around 3 months ago.
Blitzkrieg Toast (6 months ago)
It’s did a really good job, the only thing wrong with the D-Day scene is the accent of the person driving the landing craft and that sniper shot through the scope as he would’ve had to aim a bit higher.
Memento Mori (6 months ago)
kevin Wu it was okay, a little iffy here and there. Personally I think The Longest Day did it best but that's my opinion.
That Guy (8 months ago)
My grandpa saved was a medic and saved the lives of many men during that operation, then 2 ears ago he died from stomach cancer. He deserved better.
victor lopez (3 months ago)
That Guy I'm sorry about your loss, I saulte your grandfather
Leonard Wong (8 months ago)
Hope the world never has to go through this again. Always respect the real soldiers.
nineballing1 (8 months ago)
Whenever you wake up in a nation with freedom and opportunity to reach your fullest potential... be humbled by heros like these.
Eustace Bagge (8 months ago)
1:13 guy on the left gets shot and killed
electric-robot (8 months ago)
War isn’t over , ww3 is among us because no matter what humanity is the worst thing to come in this planet. Good luck to all and god bless you.
FarKrits (6 months ago)
damn you're a positive thinker
Miles Nunez (8 months ago)
My grandfather was a serghent on dday on usa
claudiadiaz74 (1 year ago)
The picture on 2:47 makes me smile
Midnight Rider (1 year ago)
my dad was amongst these men when they landed on omaha beach. he told me stories very similar to the men in this video. my dad passed 4-1-13 at 90 yrs.
UNDE4D GAMING (1 month ago)
Butch Pfaf 😡 He doesnt show any respect at people died in the great great war!!
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
These people died ensuring you as a guy could put a cock down your throat,queer!Show some respect!!
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
midnight rider God bless him!!
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Diswar Avanenn Ship this cocksucker to Afghanistan!
Al (1 month ago)
Thank you to your dad for his service. May God bless him and he RIP.
Yoda Troll ಠ_ಠ (1 year ago)
1:04 Dude gets shot when running out. That's brutal
William Henley (1 month ago)
+SolitaryAuto Yes you can
SolitaryAuto (3 months ago)
JohnJohnTheLeprechaun you can’t get shot through water
Arctic Borkism (7 months ago)
Twix Stitch no that actually happened it was brutal
DetroitDaveGaming (7 months ago)
plenty drowned. Their thick clothes and heavy gear made it a real threat
Twix Stitch (7 months ago)
Didn't some drown due to the carrier being opened up in the water? Or is that just a Saving Private Ryan thing
Clayton Hightower (1 year ago)
God bless all of you. The last generation of tough men. Thank you.
Stjepan Maric (4 months ago)
He probably didnt mean it that way...At least I dont...Back in WW1 to WW2 everyone was tough but now and during the Vietnam and other wars only a selected few were...What I am trying to say is in WW1 and WW2 everyone was a part of the war...In thr Vietnam and other later wars only soldiers were fighting, it wasnt such a big scaled war...And now even less soldiers fight in Afghanistan if you get me...And the other people divide in normal people, gays, trans, feminists...There was no such things back then fortunately...If it were who knows how would WW2 and WW1 end...I dont like gay people but I dont care about them either if they dont bother me but dude imagine a gay or trans dude in the army...
Sean Harris (4 months ago)
Rc-355/04 Afghanistan was a joke huh? You talk like you were there. Please enlighten us with your in depth personal experience of the “joke” war in Afghanistan.
Catdog 737194 (5 months ago)
RC-355/04 please tell me you have respect for Vietnam vets
Catdog 737194 (5 months ago)
the one wtf we only lost the Vietnam war
RC-355/04 (5 months ago)
jamie bond fuck off retard. Iraq was a walk in the park compared with france in WW2. The Iraqi’s were sand monkeys with old sovjet equipment. Ther jerries were battle hardened troops of the eastern front (the ones that survived it) well-trained, very disciplined men with ahead of it’s time equipment. Like the StG 44 or the MG42. The Panzerfaust? Like the LAW nowadays.
Ifleshandsteel #IG (1 year ago)
I admit I expected stories of perseverance and life lessons, as the same of many of the World War Two interviews, but I think CNN may have only kept and displayed the dramatic parts and action stories of the interview, for view count?
The_ _Ch!3f (6 months ago)
Leinad Ivanov I'd believe it. Its CNN after all
Jens (4 years ago)
If there was ever a hellish chaotic feeling on earth, it was certainly experienced by these men on D-Day. Salutes to you all...........
Ulmo (4 years ago)
True heroes! I wish I could see William Guarnere speak here but he passed away on the 8 of March... :( rest in peace you great heroes!
kraftuber (4 years ago)
Thank you all for your service. Thank you for ending fascism and authoritarianism. Thank you for liberating the whole world from tyranny, oppression and dictatorship! GODSPEED to all of you and may you all prosper until your finals days... I have the highest respects for all of you sirs... SALUTE!!!
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
kraftuber You are right!These communist and nazi idiots in this nation are idiots!!
Comrade Сука (6 months ago)
xx Reaper xx sniper Glad our people raped your kind
xx Reaper xx sniper (6 months ago)
I hate Russia communist Pig
Comrade Сука (6 months ago)
xx Reaper xx sniper Me?
xx Reaper xx sniper (6 months ago)
Fuck you I'm German
playerjoe (4 years ago)
Holy shit, for the love of god d day was a waste of fucking time. Nazi forces were getting there asses handed to them in the east and were only a 100,000 in France. Stop making Normandy a big deal as if it mattered. Talk about Stalingrad and battle of Kursk.
Andrew Wirtz (7 months ago)
well normandy was pretty much one of the only places we could’ve went to in Europe.
Comrade Сука (7 months ago)
aiden arnold no nazis were in full retreat the soviets were in Berlin they delayed further invasion so they could be well equiped mean while on the west German soldiers were poorly armed with most only wearing a stalhelm and maybe a nazi badge
aiden arnold (7 months ago)
playerjoe D-day was one of the final pushes to be sure the nazis were defeated. If not for d_day, the nazis may have won
Comrade Сука (8 months ago)
Dogmeat1950 germany ww1 they had around 4 million in the west and 1.5 mil in the east
Soviet Doggo (8 months ago)
JinKazama92 True. The battle of Stalingrad loss so many casualties, its just embarrassing.
Ash Almond (4 years ago)
Does D-Day stand for Defeat Day?
O-DOG GAMES (8 days ago)
StayEarthly (26 days ago)
Ash Almond designated day
jugs554433 (28 days ago)
ive always known it as deliverance day lol
Luc Verhoeven (1 month ago)
EnkiJosh nope, desicion day
The WacoKid (1 month ago)
Monkey D. Day
Ann TwoShoes (4 years ago)
I have heard many testimonies about D day in the past couple of days.  All so moving and so brave, I cannot imagine what these guys have gone through.  So  brave  and it seems that the Americans got the most difficult beach to secure.  Respect to all of the allies.
Batman (4 years ago)
Evil American Terrorists. And Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an Evil (American) Terrorist Attack.
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Anthony123 You sir can go join your unreal terrorist friends ISIS.Establish your caliphate unprovocted.AFTER PEARL HARBOR WE SHOULD HAVE FORMED A BIG CIRCLE AND SANG KUM BY YA?It's people like you that would have had us conqured after WW2.Go play in traffic snowflake!
Anthony123 (1 month ago)
The Americans are the real terrorists
Butch Pfaf (1 month ago)
Saved American lives!!!!It was the right call!!!
Anthony DeLuca (1 year ago)
meggawatt muffin How was Truman evil? He made a decision to save more American lives by using nuclear weapons, than by risking a land invasion. I don't think you grasp the concept of war too well

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