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10 Most Controversial Video Games

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Farscape (1 day ago)
I'll play whatever I damn well please!
Pek Dewei (7 days ago)
orestesdd (10 days ago)
Where do I buy these games?
Marcel H (11 days ago)
sorry, but all of them looks chaste compared to postal 2 ;)
Cynthia L. Johnson (14 days ago)
GTA Online is just a bunch of immature people living in a their fantasy of killing other online players, you can't do your missions half the time, people want to cheat their way by modding accounts and having access to your profile to bother you with silly tricks. There is NO sense of team play because you are shot after a mission and robbed of your earned money. I would rather go back to control of my own stats instead I have to worry about strangers coming in my garage stealing my cars, trying to get in to my safe house. The list goes on and on Rockstar needs to place more control on online playing and stop these foolish hackers that have ruined the enjoyment of gameplay. I don't want to be online just for some other idiots enjoyment that can't seem to realize I would rather do missions with competent people. Those who want to kill the whole entire game go to the deathmatch lobby and stop interfering, it has just got way out of hand. GTA is fun, the online people who make it a useless killing field makes the game BORING.
akib imtiyaj mullick (16 days ago)
.vree Bad piccher
Michael Garcia (17 days ago)
I just can't believe how rediculous these people. Waste their lives on this crap... Amazing Government distraction toys work.
There's a reason why it's called rated M for Mature. Not rated P for pussies.
Crimson The Hedgehog (26 days ago)
Maniac742 (27 days ago)
Manhunt 2 is a fucking legend. The most banned game of all time came out in the golden age of blood and gore games. This was before blood and gore became a lot more realistic with strides in computer graphics and large developer giants controlled the industry.
Devajit Borah (1 month ago)
Where is the download links ?? 😣
U can't stop me from playing GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas
Gladiator The Turtle (1 month ago)
This list is retarded besides rapelay and Custer lmao
Gladiator The Turtle (1 month ago)
And guy game
Maryanne Connell (1 month ago)
Just play the games you love. And bs to everything else.
Mike Maloney (1 month ago)
BMXXX should be on here
Reyes Zamarripa (1 month ago)
Tigers. Nortr ,
Dronkon Fool (1 month ago)
Meriaton (1 month ago)
Hate these clickbaiters.
Mike Bell (1 month ago)
What Larry the Lounge Lizard didn't make the list?
miguel ramirez (2 months ago)
i knew manhunt 2 was going to be number 1 on the list. that game was crazy violent as fuck but it was fucking awesome.
Jeff Martin.S (2 months ago)
State of emergency- google that shit
Robert Deffenbaugh (2 months ago)
Why are Feminists playing video games and why do they give a shit about what's in the video game?
Mason Baker (2 months ago)
How is doom not on this list?
Michael Steward (2 months ago)
There so E D G Y
horror sides (2 months ago)
Very very very very very very bad video
Julian Burns (2 months ago)
Do you even know the difference between first and third person?
Neha sikho (2 months ago)
Sodobean (2 months ago)
Rapelay was not even released outside japan... How did it got baned?
mercyCGI Mercy (2 months ago)
Easily one of the most horrible videos made by one dear millenial Youtube Whore™ ®
wali marjan bangash (2 months ago)
The purpose of  life to  test  who deserves HEAVEN and who’s to be thrown into HELL FIRE  .There is  LIFE after death  and   ISLAM  is the only true religion DESCRIBING   success for  both lives  . There is no 2nd chance ,life is too short  brothers and sisters avail this opportunity,read, understand and and follow  QURAN AND HADITH fully
7GjoKe (2 months ago)
Damn, if a game gets banned in Germany, you know it crosses some boundaries.
Mitch Tones Band (2 months ago)
What about Outlast series??? I gotta look up some of thattt
chevyengine307 (2 months ago)
Man hunt 2 sucks. First one was better
Okay. Gold (3 months ago)
I saw a kid that say free robux
Mike B (3 months ago)
Leftists have become the Puritans they condemned 20 years ago.
MrVidification (3 months ago)
Guy Game banned in states, Rapelay allowed. OK. I suppose year of release has a lot to do with it. No mention of sexual GTA content - I thought you could visit brothels or strip clubs? To be fair all of these games are tame when it comes to the content that may be released if VR headset games become far more popular
Terry Witzu (3 months ago)
LMAO! Someone should make a game about getting that stick removed from your ass.
Nick Marsden (3 months ago)
You missed BMX XXX. :)
Uryel99 (3 months ago)
I guess Carmageddon and Postal are totally ok and non-controversial, then.
J S (3 months ago)
Make games great again! Nudity
David Martinez (3 months ago)
You said kiuwdad, its ciudad, as in city but in spanish😂
raju kurup (3 months ago)
evolved monkey (3 months ago)
Postal? Postal 2? Carmaggedon? Postal might be a lot more gruesome than GTA, the main character is a sociopath that burns people with Molotovs and shoots them, when he's surrounded by police he says "I regret nothing" and shoots himself with a shotgun or puts a grenade on his mouth, Carmaggedon you are another sociopath that run over people to get points.
alishanmao (4 months ago)
i have played few of these :D
Bart Fransen (4 months ago)
Lucas Moss (4 months ago)
Does anyone know that on mass Effect trilogy you don't have to enter a romantic relationship with the crew members
Micheal Myers (4 months ago)
Boy DG (4 months ago)
AntheranIndustries (4 months ago)
LMFAO whi snitched that the girl was only 17
orbdoesstuff official (4 months ago)
oH gOd
Lil Johnny (5 months ago)
Grand theft can be corny sometimes
Sprite Zero (5 months ago)
- Duke Nukem 3D - Omikron the Nomad Soul - God of War - The Sims
Jevon Jackson (5 months ago)
To the people that are 😭🍼 over video games really video games? What's next gta5 gave some people nightmares. Come on man get ovet it and enjoy life. Video games help people deal with stress. So please use common sense or wear a shirt that said i am the poster boy for 😭🍼 anonymous plus I'm scared of my own shadow just saying.
Diana Lizcano (5 months ago)
Me gusta pero no puedo descargarlas
raian free (5 months ago)
you forget to put on your top narcos adult game : check a short video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7J-bztYgsI
stormking989 (5 months ago)
Girl's tongue in video of 10 things people can't do with their body. That's weird.
ULGMX (5 months ago)
Government should not ban just make it more difficult to watch or play. We're allowing these government to commit crime. Bring em Down
DismalProd (5 months ago)
What about hatred??
Rick FlyFish (5 months ago)
This is basically christian nut bags trying to screw people over again
cristian baer (5 months ago)
Ace Miller (5 months ago)
I'd love to know why people get so butt hurt over a game... Are you that insecure about everything or just a douchebag? One of the big points of gaming, is that it allows you to take action in a virtual reality of things that you could NEVER do in the real world! So doesn't it make sense to make some games as messed up as your mind can comprehend if there's a big enough client base for whatever is being done in the game?
Hanzla Rajput (5 months ago)
Good Game Well Yas (5 months ago)
Izaak Fewton (5 months ago)
Custer was a coward...
Jason Lurf (5 months ago)
I'm surprised Fallout didn't make the cut.
Shek King (5 months ago)
anyone missed god of war ?
Hanzo Low (5 months ago)
ouch. TC Ghost Recon : FPS ? ouch ouch ouch
Erin A. (5 months ago)
I HATE RapeLay, I HATE Custer's Revenge, and I HATE The Guy Game!!
James Deslongchamps (6 months ago)
That's El Paso, not Juarez at 2:30.
Allen Nnaji (6 months ago)
Gonna go play GTA 5 now...
Jonathan Hall (6 months ago)
Mexico's governor? WTF? Countries doesn't have a governors. Where did you learn geography?
Beer Bryan (6 months ago)
Assasin of kings*
Tulsatom Bob (6 months ago)
No mention of Postal2???
maxsKi Moose (6 months ago)
"First person??"
Seneo Pernille Letang (6 months ago)
Are you crazy you'll never stop me from playing GTA
theflashgamer 85 (6 months ago)
Gta5 released in 2013 The man killed the taxi driver in 2008.
jublywubly (6 months ago)
Some people are overly sensitive. Command & Conquer Generals is a war game. Destroying other countries is what the game is about. That's what happens in war.
Amazing great we loved and liked 💖💖💖🌼🌼🌼🍌🍎🍏🍊🍋🍄🍅 Welcome to my channel
Ayan Rudra (6 months ago)
i have played ghost recon and of course gta 5
dedan douglas (7 months ago)
Who would make these ignorant game's
Raquel Perez (7 months ago)
Grand theft auto is the best Vedo gaem and the best way to spend time.
Anguirus86 (7 months ago)
Everybody who us offended by all these games with the exception of rapeplay are pussies flat out
Delirious Falcon (7 months ago)
I new gta5 had to show up somewhere Also is Trevor gay
Michele Ferro (7 months ago)
Videogames induce violent in mentally hill subjects
Erick Estrella (7 months ago)
What about call of duty mw2
Yes mass effect 3 was totally a controversy for the lesbian
Sky Saming (10 months ago)
Using XIBTER v22lv headset will perfect for playing thus game
MrStonecold69 (11 months ago)
AMAZED TETRIS is not on this list.....
Ranjit Kumar (11 months ago)
Westchester x xxjvdjucj
Spej Gamer (1 year ago)
Nice video!
I BOUGHT GTA 5 ON THAILAND (did they unban it?)
H. Art (1 year ago)
LOL Witcher?
rDk2048 (1 year ago)
Wtf is "OurMine"? Is it a joke or they are really hacking YouTube channels?
Rapeplay ? WTF JAPAN?!
soumyabha chakraborty (1 year ago)
They forgot postal series
carlos emmANUEL (1 year ago)
I play gta5
Pathetic Emotions (1 year ago)
Ive played GTA
Abdulah Ali (1 year ago)
Gta is banned in ksa in bahrain and lot of middle east countries
cOOli9 (1 year ago)
And I have medal of honour
cOOli9 (1 year ago)
lol I have command and conquer generals

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