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Alissa Violet - VLOG Day 1

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This is my VERY FIRST VLOG EVER!!!!! Literally. Ever. Subscribe to see my life everyday(: oh and follow me Instagram - @AlissaViolet Twitter - @AlissaViolet Snapchat - AlissaViolet Facebook - ImAlissaViolet Myspace - lol what Musical.ly - @AlissaViolet I love you guys!!!!!!!
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Text Comments (6818)
d sar (9 hours ago)
You're so beautiful.
Qendrim Uka (13 hours ago)
Can you share your playlist?
mjkiller 020 (15 hours ago)
I wanna shove my dick in her ass
LJDUBZ (20 hours ago)
حلو حسين (21 hours ago)
Alissa you are really funny girl :) :)
Alia Sadek (22 hours ago)
OMG look at Erika she was tubby and Alissa was more fit that her
Must Watchdotcom (23 hours ago)
like suscribe comment i will do the same😑
Queen Lollipop (3 days ago)
I just realised this was posted on my birthday
Jia MoonWalker (3 days ago)
Alissa is the best 💘💘💘
Kehaulani Tarroza (3 days ago)
Karol Barajas (3 days ago)
When she was introducing erika you can see erika spill a little bit of her drink
Its fvcked up to see that alissa and erika waz bff lol
exploredbyus (4 days ago)
Dimitar The_Bulgarian (4 days ago)
Sexy girl burps like strong man
Gaibriel Borines (5 days ago)
team 10 without alissa is nothing. they're boring vloggers af. oh well, that's their loss
Mimi Dianda (5 days ago)
Brad has been replaced with banks😂
Aubrie Thimons (6 days ago)
Isnt that sketch hes touching her theigh and staring at her butt in her bathroom
Toeknee (6 days ago)
Hi from New Zealand hun. I'm starting my 1st ever blog also, exciting!!! I look forward to seeing your future vlogs xx Toni
Mante Cerneckyte (6 days ago)
Who’s watching the old vlogs in 2018 because miss Alissa, Tessa and Erika being friends?
Marko Topic (7 days ago)
Erika is a boy
Christal Davidson (7 days ago)
Aniya Hidalgo (7 days ago)
Does anyone else miss old Alissa? She’s just too boujee and gangster I guess. And she’s inappropriate. I feel like she’s changed allot and I don’t like it :(
Aniya Hidalgo (7 days ago)
Was someone watching the Miranda series lolol
ana kobulia (8 days ago)
ugh her laugh at 1:17 how can a person be so perfect
Shayna Williams (8 days ago)
Gail Edrada (8 days ago)
Who is watching this in 2018? Oh ok it's just me.
Megan Rotunno (8 days ago)
Music at 5:58
shugla Jamali (9 days ago)
who else is here after nick and chance left?
Reyyyn Qirstennn (9 days ago)
Ily alissaaaaaa😭😍💕💕💕
Cascade L (10 days ago)
And now Alissa calls Erika "snake bitch"
Ucuz teknoloji (10 days ago)
Bursatamem (10 days ago)
Süper ABONE ol bana
Ella O'Reilly (10 days ago)
I actually really liked when you edited your vlogs
Yailyn Morales (11 days ago)
does anyone know what camera she was using in this 💖💖
CUTE EDITZ (12 days ago)
What songs were u listening to
Dream music (12 days ago)
Whats the song at the end ??
MICHELLE HAMEL (13 days ago)
11:11 JUST KILLED ME😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😂😂😂😂😂
Jinte Willems (13 days ago)
I love how real she is
Field MarshaL (14 days ago)
crazy girl..hhahah
Daisy Diaz (14 days ago)
U know twan
rhi rhi (14 days ago)
Omg she say something about Harry Potter!!!
tania bidon (14 days ago)
Omg imagine them sleeping while they are screaming ahhabahahahahhaha
FabulousDoggay (15 days ago)
Alissa is sooo funny 😂
Zoey Cailin Marion (15 days ago)
She said suri not Siri
Xakiera Kael (16 days ago)
Rewatchinggg 💜💜
d b (16 days ago)
u just make my d hard
d b (9 days ago)
u can find it
Alissa Huynh (10 days ago)
d b *to find
Emma Wheeler (16 days ago)
*ooooh yaaaa that hit da spotttt* 😂
sarah robbins (17 days ago)
nick liked alissa the most and u can tell. he doesn’t like anybody else
Bethany Blagden (17 days ago)
what’s the first song ? when she was showering ?
Ram Sopaul (17 days ago)
I see twan
HighPoint Productions (18 days ago)
I bet Alissa doesn't pin my post 😔
Zain Bhullar (18 days ago)
Michaela Craven (19 days ago)
I miss Erika and Alissa being friends
Justin Leng (19 days ago)
What was the name of the song that played first when she was in the shower
MyMy Games (19 days ago)
Binge watching your vloga for about the 6th time
Mitch Skyj (19 days ago)
Got titts, gonna run a vlog, success over night.yeah
Ry Ri (20 days ago)
Kendry Molina (20 days ago)
who else watches alissa's videos over and over again
Bartha Csenge (20 days ago)
When Erika was camera shy
sergo sergo (20 days ago)
Honest Cheese Videos (20 days ago)
Our vlog it has cheeses that skate XD!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X49qqoI5dd8
Vipul Satardekar (21 days ago)
Nice fucking Body you have
MARJAN (21 days ago)
Lmao ur funny
This when ericka start her plan a ruining alissa from team 10.
Manon (21 days ago)
What’s the name of the music at 8:50 pleaase
Delilah Elout (12 days ago)
Manon home - edward
Donald Trump (22 days ago)
Donald Trump (22 days ago)
What a bitch.
Saul :v (22 days ago)
1:49 que hermoso eructo <3 creo que me enamoré de ésta guapa chica
Alissa's right Ericka is a piece of shit
Looking through the past, I realized that Alissa is the one that makes Team 10 famous other than the fucking dickhead phsycho dipshit asshole dipshit dumb stupid fake Jake paul
true mah friend
Alissa Huynh (10 days ago)
XoxoAreanaXoxo Is Gaming funny how Jake rhymes with fake and snake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wan Ba (23 days ago)
I miss your videos with bred 😭❤️....
Anastasia Clementine (23 days ago)
Love u alissa 😘❤❤
Nilesh Rai (23 days ago)
R Weil (23 days ago)
There's 4 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
Wendy Benitez (23 days ago)
Snakes everywhere fuck Erika
Michael Murphy (23 days ago)
No offense but she seems like,an annoying,sister like I npught a camera and the screaming... The wow, all that, please just be quiet
abi sherry (24 days ago)
1:07 😂
Taylor (24 days ago)
Jerika is real so the beginning of this video makes me so uncomfortable
AllThingsJuicy (24 days ago)
what kind of camera did you buy?
Julianne Pojas (25 days ago)
alyssasterling (25 days ago)
These videos never get old
Miki Player (25 days ago)
You are so cute
games for ps3 and more (26 days ago)
I love your tits
Corin. aaa (26 days ago)
When they were bff’s then Erika stabbed her in her back and threw away a good friendship
the dani jov jon show (26 days ago)
i like Alissa Violet
Ahmad Khan (26 days ago)
Love your vlogs so much😘😘😘
CleoGames 2006 (26 days ago)
Ur first vlog is on my brothers birthday day and month
Nindze 51 (26 days ago)
Anyone 2018???
yuen segador (26 days ago)
alguien sabe algo sobre el rey lear??
Anika Sanders (27 days ago)
I wonder if Erica is stil friend's with Alissa right now
Amelia Mae Beaton (27 days ago)
At 11:09 is that the music from haters back off? Lol. And I wish Jake and Alissa were still really good friends
Angel Bella (27 days ago)
Sa ae lu ah
Ofit goals
Makayla Krajewski (27 days ago)
I just started vlogging...subscribe to my channel for adventures and fun videos, I uploading every week!
3v14 Mulheron (28 days ago)
Miss the old happy Alissa
mari balli (28 days ago)
“NICK AND RICK....YEAHHH!!” Little does she know that Jake will break her heart and she will date a man name Ricky
Shabba Dunk (28 days ago)
Shabba Dunk (28 days ago)
why do 3.3 million people watch this??
Shabba Dunk (28 days ago)
who watches this?
Dagmara Kamut (29 days ago)
Does anyone know, what lipstick is Alissa wearing in this vlog?

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