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Alissa Violet - VLOG Day 1

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This is my VERY FIRST VLOG EVER!!!!! Literally. Ever. Subscribe to see my life everyday(: oh and follow me Instagram - @AlissaViolet Twitter - @AlissaViolet Snapchat - AlissaViolet Facebook - ImAlissaViolet Myspace - lol what Musical.ly - @AlissaViolet I love you guys!!!!!!!
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Text Comments (7063)
Joe Agrela (6 hours ago)
Ravi Yadav (7 hours ago)
Beautiful plzzzzzz bk me hot girl
Mischa Abigail (13 hours ago)
Can I get a hooyaa?
Hannah Walls (1 day ago)
and then you just randomly stopped 😫
Jessica James (1 day ago)
im erika costelle
Marbe Cruz (2 days ago)
I miss this alerika
مصطفى فالح (2 days ago)
HeerNe (2 days ago)
Joey Noyes (2 days ago)
god damn, i couldnt deal with that voice in the morning. did you take adderrall as soon as you woke up or something? phew...give me a headache
lil Eminem (2 days ago)
she mostly got the subs from jake
MS (3 days ago)
Poor alissa her,she liked her bff both erika and jake used to be her besties, then she was done with them after jake throws her out becuz she didn't date him and wanted another guy becuz she waited too long and just gave up i mean he is a cheater then both got salty cuz they don't wanna seem they care for her leaving at all and there they are now dating each other erkia and jake but honestly they have only sexual chemistry no character ...in all honesty she was the light and realest of that team,jake made poor choice let his feeling get to him.
clorox bleach (4 days ago)
Why does snake bitch look like a chunky bitch
It's Ya Girl YT (5 days ago)
5:29 awww😂❤️
Zuhra 0607 (5 days ago)
Are u crazy????
unknown NDN (6 days ago)
Amazing how many subscribers subscribe because shes pretty.
Urg (6 days ago)
2018 binge watch wussuppppp
Sheshja Pw (6 days ago)
It Hurts me everytime i see alissa Treats Erika so Nice Like a friendship Goal But who Knew Erika is Not A Real friend
Skye Solis (7 days ago)
Omg I’m a future Vlogger, you inspired me and the ace Family. I love you so much queen. And I love your personality...please give me a shoutout and I’ll return(: omg I just freaking love the crap out of you gurl! Keep doing your thang I love you more than anyone else does!! (:
wwejaelynn .miaaa (7 days ago)
Alissa I may be a little Bit in the Logang and a Jake Pauler but honestly you and The Dobre Twins and Martinez Twins were the best part of Team 10
Kensie Haralson (7 days ago)
Erika.is a snake.bitch
h0t meattt (7 days ago)
Ava Laguardia (8 days ago)
What song was it when she was brushing her teeth
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Im so annoying I know .-.
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Oiiiii Hallooo
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Issa alissaaaa
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
I luv her so much
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Im just literally commenting and reviewing her vids
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
CanI get a hoyaaah??
Iris For Life (8 days ago)
Makenzi Shipley (8 days ago)
Lol I heard haters back off in the back round who did
므흣 (8 days ago)
Evie Sturley (8 days ago)
0:59- when u open the fridge and ur leftovers are gone
eden berhanu (9 days ago)
August 2018?? ....anyone....well just me😭😭
CICI'S WORLD (9 days ago)
Just watching every Alissa video aka me being me
Ayee Itz kiara (9 days ago)
Twan and Alissa would look like a good couple
Chinh Nguyen (10 days ago)
2018? HOYAAA
Black Saiyan (10 days ago)
drink me (11 days ago)
You can hear in the background that there watching Haters back off
Allie Castro (11 days ago)
2018 anyone????
Epic Gamer (11 days ago)
Pach (11 days ago)
dafuq so awkward watching alissa being with erika 😹😹
For me it's wired to Erika and alissa together.... I mean Erika did something bad to her that's why I pick jalissa
Julieah Mantee (12 days ago)
October 15 is my BIRTHDAY😁😁
Douaa Kheloufi (12 days ago)
Please help me to reach 100 subscribe it's my only dream i've 😟😟😭😭 make it true please 😐
Nice vlog
stephan walsh vlog (13 days ago)
Haha u 1 funny girl.
Shanada Schwiers (13 days ago)
brooo what month was she born??
Elsa NG (14 days ago)
erica the replacement of alisa
Brian The Rhinoceros (14 days ago)
lowkey missing Alissa and Erika :/
Cristina Ortega (14 days ago)
2018 anyone
Louisa Parker (14 days ago)
Wait Erika and allisa where bff's before Erika started dating jake
operator 117 (15 days ago)
Hi allissa I'm from the future in the future you break up with jake because he cheated on you then you join cloutgang and date faze banks
Rajab Ali Naizam (15 days ago)
pandas 1 (15 days ago)
When the cameras were off she was in so much pain
Isabella Rendon (15 days ago)
Hey there was twan in the vlog
cahya Net (16 days ago)
sub back please
heartxhalo (16 days ago)
Alyanna Daquil (16 days ago)
I miss alissa so gonna go through all her vlogs : ((
Alyanna Daquil (16 days ago)
again, for like, the nth time
Em mardini (16 days ago)
She looks so different without makeup....
Em mardini (16 days ago)
Her room is disgusting
DenisDaily No.1Fan (17 days ago)
I want erika and Allissa to be friends again😫😢😭
Gerardo Zendejas (17 days ago)
Hey Alyssa
SoleToaster 5826 (17 days ago)
SoleToaster 5826 (17 days ago)
Wait ur from team ten
SoleToaster 5826 (17 days ago)
Hi I'm new
Finding Sofia (17 days ago)
Just uploaded my very first blog :)
Manonn Am (17 days ago)
She can’t stop crying 😂😂
douja ab (17 days ago)
This girl is crazy
Angie Ramirez (18 days ago)
Twan ❤️ 2018 ?
Alice Wachubby (18 days ago)
JULY 2018
Rikhav Sanjeev (18 days ago)
I understand you were excited about your first blog, but you didn't need to get SO dramatic.
Irish Anthony (18 days ago)
I hate jake but I love her like if you agree
RJ and Charlene (20 days ago)
OMG our exact camera setup lol including the Manfrotto tripod haha
Zachary Brandt (20 days ago)
Little did she know she was going to get kicked out
Ray Xx (20 days ago)
Love you so much!
Stylie Draws (21 days ago)
I MISS OLD TEAM 10! RIP Alissa, Lucas, Marcus, Ivan, Emilio, Tessa, Tristan. Wow he kicked out a lot of people
Chanel Villanueva (21 days ago)
Bro your funny
Ariana Grande is life (22 days ago)
Throwbacks to when they were #bffgoals!!😫😫😫
Ann Stephaniea (22 days ago)
Alissa and erika are cutest bff sad it ende
Simsky (22 days ago)
Beauty hacks (23 days ago)
Angelina Hernandez (23 days ago)
U no Erica is with jake Paul now
Acaicia Hogan (23 days ago)
If you search "egirl youtubers who are famous for no reason" she's on the first page
Sofia Gracia Mengod (24 days ago)
I miss this blogs in team 10 ...❤️
Ben Jamir (24 days ago)
Alissa needs to post like every dayyyyyy!!!😭😭
trvp (24 days ago)
I miss old TEAM 10
Sergey Bratenev (24 days ago)
2021 anyone??????
Zoe Kalalo (25 days ago)
i miss uuuu 💞❣️😩
R V (25 days ago)
wistones jagger (26 days ago)
Please fucked me baby😚😘😙
M E L O D Y (27 days ago)
Why do people miss Alissa being in team 10? Did you not see 'the what you have been waiting for'!? Remember how Jake treated her? Can you guys just respect that she has better friends and a better boyfriend!? She is happy now. Do you not want that???

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