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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

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Text Comments (543783)
LiPi SaHa (3 minutes ago)
I mean fuck me in eyes ! God it's bad then porno guess
LiPi SaHa (7 minutes ago)
Why don't she joint strip
Look this (9 minutes ago)
i don t hear anything,but I see
vini margret (17 minutes ago)
I hate this only 1% music and rest of them are asses, why cant they ban this type of videos in youtube
Marcela Moraes (24 minutes ago)
X videos
Diana QR (26 minutes ago)
Mayo 2018
Martas Jasiulionis (47 minutes ago)
Memes brought me here
r r (1 hour ago)
Beng Beng (1 hour ago)
Fack you
Anonimni Anonimus (1 hour ago)
Pls make porn!
Prank Vampires (1 hour ago)
Hate this dirty video
Markus Antonov (2 hours ago)
You know that there is electricity in the jungle
Nikko Vasquez (2 hours ago)
Respect women. Hehe
Goddess Girl (2 hours ago)
Ima go bleach my eyes now...
Carrie Jayne (3 hours ago)
I love the song
Sandman (3 hours ago)
So sad that your entire worth is summarized by your ass. You're lucky you have one.
Sandman (3 hours ago)
I'm glad Black women don't get mad if you objectify them.
Sandman (3 hours ago)
Gotta admit. I kinda like jungle music. And those ASSETS!!!!!
Avril Chetri (4 hours ago)
Dirty video
Avril Chetri (4 hours ago)
Only asses😂😂😂😂
Ali Nazari (4 hours ago)
Who’s laugh is more annoying, nicki Minaj or spongebob?!?!
Arun Kumar (5 hours ago)
I love it
Adrien ZZ (6 hours ago)
Vlad Odintsev (6 hours ago)
Why did u call us fatties
killing my self die (6 hours ago)
She is need hospital crazy and she is have 4 othher personallty she is have marta royan barbie is sacary so much and ninja beyonce have too other personallty like. Nicki minaj beyonce have sasha is sacary
G KinG (6 hours ago)
Who replayed at 0:18
Lil Deer (7 hours ago)
I wanna reach the level of my self
Keyli Paredes (7 hours ago)
4:36 ya sólo queda la vieja confiable, manuela xdxd :v
Nerdy Games (7 hours ago)
So much ASS
DAVID ANATOR (7 hours ago)
Kao bi ti go stegaaaal
Lucy (7 hours ago)
Lesbian orgy goals
sadeem '-' (7 hours ago)
radom tuber (7 hours ago)
My Anaconda don't My Anaconda don't My Anaconda don't want none -- (Finish the lyrics)
10% song/rap 99% porn lol
Kitty Cat (8 hours ago)
The only person who can get away with working out in a thong
Блин, Страшная она
Girly Gamer YT Msp (8 hours ago)
why drake -_-
Girly Gamer YT Msp (8 hours ago)
Dr. Dog (9 hours ago)
3:24 lmao thank me later
Aún tengo pesadilla iii
Disha Mulchandani (9 hours ago)
Worst song......👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Sia Winthrope (9 hours ago)
I need this music even in my afterlife 100%
slimez Pro (9 hours ago)
Shrek WTF (9 hours ago)
The hell is drake doing here
Deborah (10 hours ago)
play this video at 2x speed
JusTFelix (10 hours ago)
Kriztoff Rubio (10 hours ago)
I was trying to install Anaconda in python... The hell i'm doing here?!
Syne Tedd (10 hours ago)
Kuyang Albert (10 hours ago)
i see your booty🍑🍑🍑
Ashley Devers (10 hours ago)
Matipa Leon (10 hours ago)
Eric Eychis (10 hours ago)
4 fuckin years later n i'm still shook from this shit
BrayanR521 (11 hours ago)
cuanto que la malloria que le dio like a este vídeo son hombres
BrayanR521 (11 hours ago)
yyy por ay iba el mio
cloé c (11 hours ago)
WM Productions (11 hours ago)
National anthem of T H O T S .
Aaron Csoka (11 hours ago)
*DRAKE IS WAY TOO CORNY* , heck even I'm blacker when I get a lapdance 😂
scorpio gamer 27 (11 hours ago)
He laugh tho
tania hernandez (12 hours ago)
This is so cringey!
Denueralizer (12 hours ago)
Naima Melendez (12 hours ago)
Her laughing is terrifying
Yaly Medina (12 hours ago)
Hunter Winchester (12 hours ago)
2018 ??
Lord Morgrath (12 hours ago)
Why, did this have to happen. God bless Tupac.
M. M. G. K. (13 hours ago)
warming up for pornhub
Seagull Seagull (14 hours ago)
That cackling in the bridge
a risada da Nick é muito dahora demais
esse clip é muito dahora amo Nick Minaj amo
Rashed Nasiri (15 hours ago)
Girl on Lin
Demas D (15 hours ago)
Yiieeee, I still come here to watch it bubble😍 t bubbles every time I watch 😃😃😃😃😃
Sumuy Kidane (15 hours ago)
she so pretty
Stefan Khoo (15 hours ago)
What we have come to today
KiNG CoBrA (15 hours ago)
cheap dogs. (Bitches)
Alexi Owens (16 hours ago)
*Wtf did I just watch four years later* after it was made
Sisi Sali (16 hours ago)
Sporty Zmech (16 hours ago)
2018, where's the *THOT* PATROL!😲
joy anderson (16 hours ago)
Who else saw Ellen in a red wig
Trevy _ (17 hours ago)
Che zoccola pensa che 3 anni fa per me questo era tanto
Laconya Midell (17 hours ago)
sexy as heck. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Flavie Lhm (17 hours ago)
La musique est bien mais qu'est ce que c'est sexiste !
Damien Snow (17 hours ago)
So why isn't this demonitized
Она весьма клёво читает рэп однако клипы порочных...
Park Sun Ju (18 hours ago)
Who the f*** is da anaconda
Jacke (18 hours ago)
essa é outra vadia americana. graças a Deus hoje já tá flopada.
reden lk (18 hours ago)
3:24 😐😐😐😐
Kevin Cajal (18 hours ago)
Nicki la mejor
Laura Sánchez García (19 hours ago)
3:27 WTF?
shreya dhar (19 hours ago)
Boy, this is hot
Laura Sánchez García (19 hours ago)
3 4 2 1 ? OK, no
Angel Heath (19 hours ago)
Me and my cousin were singing this song yesterday in the pool.OH MY GOSH LOOK ATE HER BUT.
Aldi Prayoga (19 hours ago)
may 2018
the Monster (20 hours ago)
I can't say think (No comment) :|
Chloe Mckay (20 hours ago)
Life if your still watching this and it's 2018! 😂
TheShovel- Minecraft (20 hours ago)
Anyone 2020?
yandere girl Cross (20 hours ago)
OMG look at her butt
Dani Sta (20 hours ago)
Nathan bakemo (21 hours ago)
FamI KiTeR (21 hours ago)
silikon ass
Gubi (21 hours ago)
You guys know what the coconut milk is😏😏
cc (21 hours ago)
Fernanda Maldonado (9 hours ago)
cc en
N̸Lunatic WolvesN̸ (21 hours ago)
Stop it.get some help

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