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Parents allow child to make life, death decision

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Is a five-year-old old enough to choose heaven over the hospital? CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has more.
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Gabriel Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Coyote Chaos (10 hours ago)
Fucking Christians! No, it isn't even just Christianity... I can't believe it, when will people realize that providing false hope to children is dangerous! The most sickening thing is not that this poor girl is making a choice which she nor her parents have any capability to make, but that she has truly given up hope. Because you have taught her a fantasy she now would rather die than be in a hospital? I understand the situation and that she is or rather was doomed to die no matter the choice, you have killed her when she may have had more time. The real decision was not "heaven or hospital" the decision was death now, or death later, now, what option is better people? Dying now or dying later? I know my choice.
GeronimoBrash JLC (14 hours ago)
I love the intimate screenshot of her brother alex giving her a kiss at the end of the vid
Gary Ko (14 hours ago)
Goodbye princess......
Jesus is the only way ,the truth and the life
Shelby Cantrell (16 hours ago)
Ooh Anderson Cooper tho. Ooh. I can't breathe when I see his face.
TheDark Angle (17 hours ago)
Ik this might be a little late but prayers for you juliana 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ka`ualani Cobb-Adams (20 hours ago)
I’m not crying your crying
Noob Does YouTube (1 day ago)
She is really brave
xX_DogLuver _Xx (1 day ago)
When she sang let it go it was the most adorable and best singing I've ever heard
Luis Castillo (1 day ago)
May she Rest In Peace 🙏🏽😥
Alissa and Steven (1 day ago)
Omg:(( my heart breaks for their family. I couldn't imagine the pain of watching your little one go through this. Prayers for your family. ❤
FlowerFell Sans (1 day ago)
*crying so much* this is so emotional😭😢 She a beautiful princess😌
Ayana Lewis (1 day ago)
this hurts my heart, they're parents out there who are blessed with children who are healthy and they refuse to take care of them sometimes even kill them, yet here we have these parents who have to live with the fact that their Princess is going to die. this world is not a fair place 😞
IamFortnite Lul (1 day ago)
Rest in peace take care on your journey in front of you
T- man (1 day ago)
how could someone dislike this video
Besties Life (1 day ago)
That’s so sad I can’t believe she is dieing???!!!??!??!??!??!?!!!!!!
Marigail Hensley (1 day ago)
That little girl knew where she'd be going. That's why she wasn't scared. I'm sure she'd already been visited by angels.
the animal queen (1 day ago)
I feel so sad for that little girl R.i.P hope you have a good time in heaven little girl.
sonyafly (2 days ago)
Amazingly UNselfish parents.
EdgeRunner (2 days ago)
I was watching the onion before this, about halfway into the video I realized that this was actually cnn. The oh shit game has never been stronger.
Mathew Aguilera (2 days ago)
Made a nigga wanna cry
Susie Valenzuela (2 days ago)
She definitely is in Heaven....
Christina Luna (2 days ago)
God's precious angel
Corsica (2 days ago)
I almost never cry, but that is one brave little girl. I don't really believe in Heaven, but I hope she's there. Rest in Peace little one.
Capronice (2 days ago)
A child is unable to to make that decision. Naso suctioning could be done from home under hospice care and you can be on hospice for a long time, It does not mean you are going to die right away. You just need to express what you want in terms of comfort. Naso suctioning is just suctioning out mucous that her body is too weak to expel on her own. The technique is very easy to learn. I know these parents are coping with a lot and it is not easy. You can't let a child make these decision. The parents owe it to their child to continue proper care. You basically asked the child if they wanted to take the nasty tasting medicine that will make them better or would you like to have some candy? Oh I wonder what a kid is going to say. The nurse's and doctors are trained to just do their jobs and let the family decide. Since I am not at work I thought I would give you my opinion. I just noticed this video is from three years ago, If anyone else is going through this please don't let a child decide and make sure you realize that many of the procedures may look more uncomfortable than they really are.
Sharle Chatmon (2 days ago)
Amen hope the family is ok
Kira (2 days ago)
Suddendox (2 days ago)
Bless her and her family.
What happens if there is no god or heaven
De'myZia Taylor (3 days ago)
So she Wanted To die in her room,Because apparently Some of u Cant Speak Right,i wasn't Looking at the video Sorry i still got on my Knees i prayed the Disease Killed her and Thats Basically Commiting Suicide and i love her
Trystin Nevin (3 days ago)
I'm a grown man and I cried
imat Roll (3 days ago)
This is kind of proof that there isn't a god, but if lying to her will make her feel better they should keep doing it. Btw way to her parents, sorry about your daughter but you know what they say: If at first you don't succeed try, try again.... Or adopt I guess...………………... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
EnTiTy UnKnOwN82 (3 days ago)
*Emotional* 😭😭😭😭😭
4LIENW4RE (3 days ago)
Jokes on her, there is no heaven... I'm sorry...
killer2.0 gameing (3 days ago)
Im just soso sad for real her family didnt like for here to die and wat Juliana said made me start c.rying
sad (3 days ago)
Why does this have 2.7 dislikes she chose her own fate which is better than live her life in pain and suffer
Jacquelynn Dwyer (3 days ago)
Be brave
CupheadFan 533 (3 days ago)
I shed a tear 😢
Nicole Thiboutot (3 days ago)
This is so sweet! She deserves more though, that beautiful girl :(
Maria Thex (3 days ago)
My actual name is juliana
Hey its Boba (3 days ago)
I hate when people say that it shouldn’t be a child’s choice. There are 5 year old that are smarter than 30 year old adults. They are capable of making choices and knowing right from wrong. I can never image the constant pain she or the family goes through on a daily basis. This is sad, but man is that one great family
Curlamus Asomus (3 days ago)
RIP little girl. You will be gravely missed, not by just your parents, but by anyone who watches this.
pres gaming pro (3 days ago)
Who forgets anna and elsa are sisters.
Mamadu Sambu (3 days ago)
She sadly this time she could pass away
Jacob Claro (3 days ago)
I'm just thinking about the ass holes who disliked!
//Hope// (3 days ago)
Why😭Why do bad things always happen to good people. And not always the bad people...Rest in piece little angel you'll always be in our hearts.💔💘💓💕💖💞💗💟💙💚💛💜🖤🧡❤💓💜🖤💛💜💝💞💟
I can’t believe the hate stay strong
Iza Stec (4 days ago)
Everyone know she will be in a better place
mason phillips (4 days ago)
RIP lil bby May you rest in glitter
Peyton Repar (4 days ago)
I’m crying from such a brave girl
Leah Owen (4 days ago)
C Lee (4 days ago)
Truly great parents! I admire their love and respect for their daughter, as well as her courageous and brave spirit! She's a little angel!👼❤👏
P H (4 days ago)
Lay Lay On the Real (4 days ago)
This is sad😪 I started crying😪
Typically Lola (4 days ago)
God Bless Her And Her Family <3
Viviana Gutierrez (4 days ago)
Aww such a sweet good heart 😌
Viviana Gutierrez (4 days ago)
They should make a movie (2018)
Danny Hrnndz (4 days ago)
Brave girl. God please bless her. I would do the same as her. I was born if a disability and if I had that choice I would done the same.
CVS Pharmacy (4 days ago)
Thanks god!
JJ Jones (4 days ago)
Poor baby . . . and that her parents have to even have that discussion with her at 4 or 5 yrs old is just awful. My prayers go out to Juliana and to her parents and older brother. Blessings on you all.
XXX TENTACLES (4 days ago)
Whos here from the onion?
jaicee Lucas (4 days ago)
Did anyone else cry??
April Michelle (4 days ago)
What a fantastic family.
Elij Haz (4 days ago)
Is sha ded yet?😘
Kaden Beaulieu (4 days ago)
wait yes because im in2018
Kaden Beaulieu (4 days ago)
did she die?
Belen Clemente (4 days ago)
Will sorry 🖕
Jetzii Ophelia (4 days ago)
This breaks my heart. Rest.In.Paradise Beautiful Girl. ♡
Haley Castro (5 days ago)
You're such a beautiful girl
Proud Dominican (5 days ago)
Does she even know what does heaven means?does she know she is gon sleep n never wake up?
Dub Tzar (5 days ago)
Poor little mite. Feel so bad for michelle & steve as well. I'm in tears right now!😢
Lazari {Creepypasta} (5 days ago)
I started crying such a heart touching story stay strong
C.squad 4L (5 days ago)
This so sad😭😭
Rena Brooks (5 days ago)
Jehovah God please help this family 😢😢😢😢
hi Foxy (5 days ago)
When I grow up one of my children r like that I'll ask heaven or hospital?
danny awesome2011 (5 days ago)
She's a beautiful brave Young girl 😊
Vanessa Paz (5 days ago)
This is so sad! I wish she could live longer, it seems like all of the great people have some kind of disease while idiots just have anger issues and stupidity.
lovely AMARA (5 days ago)
I’m sad😭
Pixelz 88 (5 days ago)
The people who disliked have no life
mulugeta kebede (5 days ago)
It’s so hard to see her family’s face crying, I just felt their pain. Omg
She's so precious and innocent.
Jason (5 days ago)
brakes my heart watching this she will make a perfect angel
Joseline Tlapaya (5 days ago)
Omer Omer (5 days ago)
:c Brave little girl well miss you all, All the ones that pass will miss you by step and step :c Good luck Little Girl. Well pray for you no matter what till i very end.
Jenna Bain (5 days ago)
Awww bless her x
Sadie Whisner (5 days ago)
And whoever disliked are stupid very stupid
I couldn’t watch this
Caro chu (6 days ago)
Bless her, I'm sure God will look after her very well.
Samii Shah (6 days ago)
My heart broke when the father was crying. I can't even imagine the pain he must've gone through. I hope God gives them strength.
Rowley Jefferson (6 days ago)
It kills me because god doesn't exist. It really hurts.
Daniel Williams (6 days ago)
Omg pray for this little girl. I cried 😭
Cheeky Pepi (6 days ago)
Omg 😢
Tineh Hooman (6 days ago)
This poor brave hopeful girl does not deserve this horrible disease
Isn’t this gods fault though.......
drearydancer (6 days ago)
How to be happy with all the suffering in the world.....
That Guy (6 days ago)
I'm an athiest so if I were given this choice I'd be fucked

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