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Earthbound (SNES) Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 156

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This video has been in the works since last October (2017), when I first started the playing Earthbound on the mini SNES Classic. It wasn’t originally meant to be an AVGN episode. It was for myself. I never played much of Earthbound before, but it’s a game that always appealed to me. Yes, even when I saw the ads in Nintendo Power. The only reason I never played it much was because I was too busy with Final Fantasy 3 (6) and Chrono Trigger. SNES has so many amazing masterpieces, it’s almost impossible to play them all. But after more than 20 years, I owed it to myself to complete Earthbound. The gameplay took me 45 and a half hours. After recording it all, I decided to put all those hours to good use, and make a video. At first, I didn’t think it would be an AVGN episode, but more of a casual “James review”. But I realized there were plenty of wacky moments in the game that the Nerd could react to. If you’re wondering about the characters’ names such as “Milly” and “Lilly”, my 4 year old daughter named them. To write the script, I had to search through 45+ hours of game footage, to confirm and describe accurately all the moments that I wanted to comment on. Then came a bunch of researching facts, and developing my own personal theories. It turned out, I had a ton to say. It became the longest single-part AVGN episode, by total accident (running nearly 40 minutes). On top of that, I couldn’t resist adding a dream scene with laborious green screen effects. In total, counting gameplay, writing, shooting, editing, the entire video took 137.5 hours to finish, making it the 2nd most time-consuming AVGN episode to date. (Episode 139: Mega Man still barely holds the record at 138.5 hours). Ironically Earthbound was meant to be a break for myself, but it turned into a major task, as all my other projects screeched to a halt. I had fun with this video and am happy with it, but now that it’s finally done, I hope to get back to my personal long-term projects such as a film and a book I am trying to write. But I will always be jumping back and forth with AVGN episodes. I’m always trying to keep those coming. -James P.S. The AVGN theme cover was by Andreas Hedlund. http://www.komposition.se/ (Originally composed for the Mega Man episode) #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe #mikematei #atari #playthrough #gameplay #gamereview
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Text Comments (15894)
Earl Johnson (2 hours ago)
This feels like a rick and Monty episode
Earl Johnson (3 hours ago)
Haven't watched this guy in years expected to be disappointed. Was met with a big surprise shaped shit in my pants after witnessing some character consistent quality. My childhood sustains as I still hope to meet this guy some day.
Fabio Nogueira (4 hours ago)
Simply amazing and mind blowing!
peepsmith (6 hours ago)
that metallica reference was awesome
Jett Blacc (7 hours ago)
This whole game seems like one big mind fuck and the developers had to be on acid.
MASTER COMMENTARY (12 hours ago)
Very dark episode and creepy
IITECHxNiNEII (1 day ago)
I love you man. Always saying what we all feel deep within but are to fragile to speak of. Thumbs up for James! and I don't mean my comment. .
BlackEquinox (1 day ago)
25:25 "I shit all over it; wit' me glitches." Never fails to make me laugh uncontrollably.
I never thought that was a speed sign - I thought it was a state highway sign for OHIO 40. I'm sure no such road exists... but anyway when have you ever seen a "40 MPH" speed limit anyway? It's always 35, 45, 55, et cetera.
TheInfectedKitsune (2 days ago)
I never made the connection until now that you fight DD in Earthbound.
John cena boi (2 days ago)
Both undertale and earthbound are almost a like of course, and idc witch is better I like undertale more, and I know you people know this already a few theme songs in earthbound are in undertale but as a remix
Edward Giver (2 days ago)
Love that agonizing weep/laughter at 13:03. Brilliant. Why on earth would anyone have to buy items 1 at a time? ???
Westonator5000 (2 days ago)
every time i watch this I notice something new, and i've seen it like 5 times now
Chase Davidson (2 days ago)
AVGN reviewing a good game? THIS IS AWESOME!!
Claire Williams (2 days ago)
Its a bad RPG with stupid/kids graphics and horrible gameplay. Thats why it didnt get notoriety back in the 90's. After some potheads started going into retro gaming they revived this game when they saw psycodelic stuff on it. And that's why it has a cult behind it.
Dresden King (2 days ago)
YOUR MOM HAS AN OVERSIZED BOX! THAT shit just about killed me
DaSpoonyBard (3 days ago)
One of the few games I replay every other year. Great soundtrack, art direction, personality, everything.
captindo (3 days ago)
I was 10 when I beat this, my dad being a pastor watching me seen a prayer option so......he was right.
Angel Diaz (3 days ago)
The Hungry HP Sucker is actually pretty damn effective against Diamond Dog
NezumiVA (3 days ago)
You know, I haven't watched AVGN in years, and for some reason I was drawn to start rewatching some older episodes the other day. Eventually, I decided to give this video a watch, being a big fan of Earthbound - and this reminds me of why I admire James and his work so much. There's so much effort here, so much genuine heart behind all the exaggerated swearing and shit jokes. I'm glad you got to experience this game, James, the passion you felt about it really shows through your video. Here's to many more years of the Nerd.
Bady89 (3 days ago)
OMG it´s an Odyssey,
Lee’s Videos (3 days ago)
would earthbound suit being adapted into an anime TV series?
omm0000 (3 days ago)
Jacob Van Ness (4 days ago)
I’ve always heard this game was a masterpiece and now I’m convinced I need to play it
I don't get it. Do people even see my comments?
MrWildcard531 (4 days ago)
9:51 The nerd trying to sing Marilyn Manson is the greatest thing ever.
Joseph flores (4 days ago)
My favourite episode
IgnizNova (4 days ago)
Caitlin The Insomniac (4 days ago)
Most powerful moment in the game to me was during the final fight. After you keep praying it says there was no one left to hear your prayer. It makes you think that it's hopeless to keep praying. And then you do it one more time. And then you, the player, want them to win. You, the player, pray for their safety. You, the player, give them the strength to win.
Rock Balancer (4 days ago)
6:35 you trying to piss me off?
WeirdCityCitizen (4 days ago)
1:33 - hahaha you mentalist!
Phobos Deimos (4 days ago)
I'm Bimmmmmmy
Sam Fisher (5 days ago)
Screwattack founder reference 8:42
Sam Fisher (5 days ago)
4:17 Not a problem in pokemon
Sam Fisher (5 days ago)
Chuggas technically in an AVGN video now 2:15
Game God (5 days ago)
0:40 except for sakurai... and chugga
I_Is_Salty_Boi YT (5 days ago)
You can press the D-Pad to get out of the way of objects
Stoney GAMES (5 days ago)
This games like a big LSD trip
The fan of Kirby (5 days ago)
17:30 Use teleport beta, and you can also move different ways with normal teleport
Puremindgames (5 days ago)
I kind of wish they'd have fixed the game for emulation and taken the calls from dad out, it's not our fault we can't tell the game we did turn it off.
DogeisloveY X (6 days ago)
Oh gosh sans is dat weird ness
Antonio Quiroz (6 days ago)
Brayan Camargo (6 days ago)
It would be cool if made a video of you playing mother 3 pls
Mantis Toboggan (6 days ago)
LMAO when he appeares behind that waterfall, he doesn't get enough credit for all the jokes he writes into these vids.
somanymods (6 days ago)
That bimmy thing made me cry and almost shit my pants
fyrestorme123 (6 days ago)
12:14 - the inventory clearly has multiple pages available via the left<- ->right arrows in the top right of the window....
Alexander Harrison (6 days ago)
This came out on my birthday Wow, that's cool
James Garlick (6 days ago)
AVGN plays D&D with a pen... That's hardcore
FeedbackRokker227 (6 days ago)
Chuggaaconroy in a nerd episode
Alexander s. (6 days ago)
CJ Lang (6 days ago)
nerd spirit bomb
Milex 2932 (6 days ago)
You get a Yellow Submarine...
Mr Leok (6 days ago)
37:55 ColoniaContraAtaca
Bam 432226 (6 days ago)
If iam correct skyrim is a rpg and you can see the enemy's health and I think fallout 4 might but those are my favorite RPGs well them and mount and blade warband but I know mount and blade warband does not show enemies health
erin morgan (6 days ago)
josephreak (6 days ago)
Holly poop....this was...transcendent...Cthulhu Christ...I cant believe its only episode 156, that travel to the past felt like this was 400 episodes like the nostalgia critic. But the nerd hasn't change at all. Wow it was sincerely beautifull in a way. This episode had fun, adventures, shit, nostalgia, bizarre originality and evena creepypasta climax. Geez it seems like its a massive cosmic easter egg made of little easter eggs....Mother of Yog-Sothtoth...I need to roadkill some hoes at san andreas to get this strange feeling away. Awesome viedo Mr Rolfe!
uku moomoo (7 days ago)
Mareepu (7 days ago)
I always thought the game was a child trying to process through his trauma, whatever it was.
Poxl rod (7 days ago)
This guy is great
Mrjguy15 (7 days ago)
The best part was seeing ShitPickle again
Will Wilson (7 days ago)
How old is that pizza you sniffed? No surprise it smelled like shit.
Ross TheNinja (7 days ago)
Got a meditation app ad at the mediation bit. Nice work, YouTube
Christopher Mata (7 days ago)
ruan felipe (7 days ago)
Sr Sr Wilson?
Fishy Dids (7 days ago)
I'm surprised you never mentioned the twisting and warping battle backgrounds. There's something about them that makes them amazing in my opinion.
Ya Boi Yoshi (7 days ago)
Its Final Fantasy 6 not 3 Yes i know on the SNES it was called 3 but it is technically still the 6th game
Nick Cervenka (7 days ago)
Police officers are trying to beat up a child Clansman that worship the color blue Game takes place in 2018 S. Carolina?
C H S (7 days ago)
my gygis theroy is that he is evil incarnate the fetus is the origin of all evil so ness goes to the begining of time
thelocustemperor (7 days ago)
Giygas sounds just like Giger from alien, the machine even looks like an alien or something he would come up with...Mother is also an Alien reference.
C H S (7 days ago)
he thought it was shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ness 122 (7 days ago)
25:12 Where is that airplane crash from? :)
bin7827 (7 days ago)
Reminds me of my childhood when my friend was trying to defeat Giygas(Japanese name is Geeg, not sure how to spell it) and accidentally found the way to defeat with him. I didn't own my SNES and has not completed by myself yet. But that red psychedelic screen is still unforgettable...
bbyy100 (7 days ago)
i feel like undertale was really inspired by this game, it looks amazing
Poop Looser64 (7 days ago)
Ayden Callison (7 days ago)
🇮 🇹🇭🇴🇺🇬🇭🇹 🇮🇹 🇼🇦🇸 🇸🇭🇮🇹!!!!
El Hadji Diop (7 days ago)
That Marilyn Manson impression needs to be my ringtone
furydeath (8 days ago)
That's a nice NES guide book you have there! :)
Denis Grozavul (8 days ago)
Vexelpops (8 days ago)
your mom has an oversized box
Christopher Adams II (8 days ago)
Love your review of earthbound and i do agree about some of its downfalls but as far as the waterfall to grapeseed hills. You are told about the three minute wait in saturn valley when you are speaking to one of those head things in the caves they live in.
The End (8 days ago)
1:49 his sarcasm is palpable as I was scratching my head till this point saying wait earthbound is a legendary RPG with a rabid fan base.
VioletTheGeek (8 days ago)
Side note: It's not a speed limit sign, it's a highway sign (Ohio highway 40, apparently).
brandon love (8 days ago)
Your mom has a giant box -AVGN 2018
Nytronik (8 days ago)
Why didn't you just put text speed on "Fast
Pokemaster Charlie (8 days ago)
*P R E C I S I O N M I N D F U C K*
fallingbed (8 days ago)
Anyone got lore on that creature in the vegetable soup?
nodonny8 (8 days ago)
EdouardPicard0224 (8 days ago)
A skunk that choked to death on dog shit. LMAO
xIsxAlive (8 days ago)
20:51 You know sometimes I get pretty existential and think about stuff like this. The fact that it's in a game being presented in a colorful fun way is just disturbing
BEN DROWNED (8 days ago)
37:55 Sr Sr Wilson?
Turn text speed up to fast it helps a lot.
ScorpioRahl (8 days ago)
Helping beat a game ... NieR Automata did something like this :-)
Alex Bryson (9 days ago)
Just asking, could the baby mean that Giygas (as the embodiment of evil) puts his evil in everything, including unborn children? I haven't played the game so I don't really know.
Shinora (9 days ago)
I appreciate and understand your criticism about how the game wastes a lot of time. Stuff like the inventory management and shops, the way hospitals don't fully revitalize people, the constant "one at a time" issue is indeed major. I do however feel like cutting out the fuzzy pickles picture guy, or the phone calls from dad and conversation misses the major appeal of this game. it's not just a journey in a game, it's a kid going on an adventure he's not ready for. Homesickness is a literal mechanic after all, and that's part of how this game makes up for underwhelming combat and the like- by actively keeping you engaged in this journey of four kids who are doing what they shouldn't have to.
Ben Walker II (9 days ago)
Caleb Donaldson (9 days ago)
You forgot to tap your red ruby shoes, James!
Dalton Wilbur (9 days ago)
32:49 What am I suppose to see other than the fetus? What's scary about this "magic image?"
Cynthia Erune (9 days ago)
giygas is the best villan/ boss of all time
Jules Dupont (10 days ago)
actually you can move while you use teleport

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