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Male actor dresses as woman to experience sexual harassment

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A man dresses as a woman and goes undercover to expose sexual harassment in Egypt, CNN's Reza Sayah reports. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Text Comments (13475)
walao eh (30 minutes ago)
Damn a new punishment for sexual harassment criminals
valerie rodriguez (17 hours ago)
Hes one ugly woman
M CHS (2 days ago)
the proud penguin (2 days ago)
That's disgusting
anpanmaan (2 days ago)
fellas, that's gay
King Arturia (2 days ago)
This is actual sexual harassment, not just a person making dad jokes. People in first world countries should feel a bit better after seeing this and see that they're not that oppressed like in other countries.
ImetGodinperson (3 days ago)
that guy is one hideously ugly woman, he clearly looks male still
chi 5 (4 days ago)
Either you Arabs are blind or just don't have any standers everybody can look and see that a dude.
Lexi Senpai (4 days ago)
he shouldve responded to them XD imagine their reactions
Brookie8Cookie (4 days ago)
The actor looks like Brendon Urie.... Brendon would do that for women too
Rêveur (5 days ago)
CNN is Fake News.
Beth black (5 days ago)
LOL I would like to see Kim Kardashian walk down there in full makeup, hair and skimpy clothes. would be hilarious! just hilarious!!
lps shimmer101 (5 days ago)
If I were cat-called,I would reply with: “Why don’t you flirt with someone you know?Oh wait,you don’t know anyone cause u waste ur time talking to strangers.”
Christina Alt (6 days ago)
Uhh sorry but it’s not only a problem for Egyptian women thank you . I find it worse for us women in big cities - Toronto , New York
So bad peoples, Non of them have mothers or sisters may be,
yamaguchi kei (6 days ago)
boys can be harrased by women too right?
衛巴 (6 days ago)
Minh Nguyen (6 days ago)
That is discussing to see those sick men doing that!
Frenchie (7 days ago)
That happens to me all the time in america, many guys dont stop talking to me even after i say i have a boyfriend, american guys are disgusting and forceful (or maybe im just to pretty i dunno)
Parallaxis (7 days ago)
By allah I will give you a taste of my dick
박레아 (5 days ago)
Gross, for sure.
Luna Amore (7 days ago)
😆 Ha ha! Jokes on them twice! #1 There exposing disrespectful uncivilized Behavior towards women And what they think is a woman!😂. #2 this also proves these men would be willing to date a crossdresser😁... But they'll still deny it .
lena darling (8 days ago)
Just like America!
Blood BRS (8 days ago)
Great but he still looks like a man even in his female make-up.
Nunaya Bizniz (8 days ago)
Aside from the one guy at the end touching his/her arm at the end, being asked, complemented, and looked at for sexual purposes IS NOT sexual harassment. To be honest, EVEN the guy "touching" his/her arm at the end is not harassment. I will admit that IT DOES exist to a high degree outside of western society, but IN western society I PROMISE you women are fully aware of what they're doing when they go out wearing yoga pants, visible thongs, cleavage etc. Women want attention from all guys. Moreover, they only want the advancements of the "top" men ( men they deem "worthy"). However, since what most men consider "sexy/seductive" aligns with each other, ALL men will be prone to make advancements. Both in the workplace and the streets, sexual harassment only exist when the woman does not like the guy making the advancement. Much like Big Daddy Trump hinted at, if you are a man of mean's you are on a bitches radar and can literally grab em by the pussy - they will not say a word unless a monkey branching opportunity or defamation of THEIR character presents itself. Since the definition of rape/harassment changes to be soo far from the truth due to the gynocentrism , women simply do what they always do and game the system to their advantage. ACTUAL harassment is much more forceful and/or continuous, which includes things such as repeatedly making sexual advancements when the bitch has made it very clear the answer is no OR any act that simulates trapping/forcing her against her physical will. Women dress to attract ALL men visually, but ONLY want access to the "elite" (as they see). Since men don't know if they qualify until they try, well you see the results of the #MeToo movement. Get a sex doll my brothers. Women's unearned rights aren't being taken away anytime soon.
AlisUnicornFarm (9 days ago)
I dunno whats scarier, a man dressing up as a women being harassed, or men realizing he's cross dressing.
Knox (9 days ago)
Couldn't a woman have done it?
The real Slim Shady. (11 days ago)
Yes, and western feminists will use this. THIS ISN'T FUCKING AMERICA, OR ENGLAND. Feminism is needed in these countries, in the middle-east, but NOT in western countries where women are complaining about fucking 'mansplaining'.
Loki Friggason (9 days ago)
You don't think it needs to change. Fortunately though, you don't ge to decide that. You have no idea whether it needs to change or not when you will never go through what women go through. "But you don't know that the amount that talk about it is more than the amount that don't" - that's very true! When I ask women I know if they've ever been catcalled, touched inappropiately, etc, they tell me they have. But they never talk about it unless I ask. It's so normal there's no reason to be loud about it
The real Slim Shady. (9 days ago)
Loki Friggason But you don't know that the amount that talk about it is more than the amount that don't. You also dont know that it occurs as often as it does in the middle-east. As I said, I'm making an assumption because that's all I can do. And if it does happen as often, then fine, that needs to change. But I don't think it does.
Loki Friggason (9 days ago)
it's definitely not less common when so many women and girls have experienced it and talked about it.
The real Slim Shady. (10 days ago)
I know, and I said that. However you also cannot speak for all the women in the west saying that they do experience these things, have you? To the degree shown in the video? Most likely not, so it can go both ways. All I'm saying is that I think it is less common than people are led to believe in the west, I'm not stating a fact, I'm making a logical assumption, I don't have loads of data, so I can't say, and neither can you.
Loki Friggason (10 days ago)
the experiences your friends have had, with and without you by their side, do not speak for all the women in the west. don't be delusional.
I am a Nigga (11 days ago)
I am 15 I lived in Eagpt over 7 Years with my sisters nothing happend to us but now I am shocked AF
Hajar Gasser (12 days ago)
Welcome to Egypt
0h. scar (12 days ago)
Men who sexually harass are pieces of shit. Women are physically weaker, so men harass knowing there’s little risk to do so.
Chad Olson (12 days ago)
Send bobs and vengine
박레아 (5 days ago)
Chad Olson (5 days ago)
박레아 uwu nuuu i didn't mean to be hatefuww :'3 i rove nimjoon and bwack pink 0w0 sowwy mister for disrespecting da inhabitants of da Kowean Peninsuwa :'3
박레아 (5 days ago)
chingaching? are you mocking the Korean language? wow, you're showing how much of an asshole you are and being the disrespectful racist person you are! just great but if you did not mean Korean you are still disrespectful.
Chad Olson (5 days ago)
Yes. It hurt my butt good 😩 a chingaching👌
박레아 (5 days ago)
first of all, I'm not even white, why do you think that I might be even white lmao but aren't you white, fuck boy? and what my fandom has to do with your comment ??? did my 'cringey ass kpop fandom' hurt your butt?
latonya ingram (12 days ago)
Indian Matt Smith
Sarcasm (12 days ago)
Truely fucked up how some men act... I personally think we're just in a bit having an epidemic of idiocy and men who aren't that intelligent are prone to aggression and through that, behavior that's more like of a neanderthal than what men these days should be.
Lauren Pinkie Pie (12 days ago)
He does look pretty good tho like he's a perfect uke XD
박레아 (5 days ago)
damn fujoshi but same
SuperCal (13 days ago)
This is just another day in Islamic majority countries.
Deanoss Last (13 days ago)
And the sjws want to bring these types to the west?
Deanoss Last (13 days ago)
English subtitles ya cunts
Guy Manson (13 days ago)
HAH! gayyyyyyyy!!
GalaxyPlayz (13 days ago)
I feel bad for those poor women and girls I just wish I can help those in need
Sky C (13 days ago)
How is this not popular? Everyone everywhere can learn from this. This is incredibly important. The world needs more young men like him because there are not enough.
Daishawn Greene (13 days ago)
I wanna see a woman sexual harass a man
I Glitter Memes (13 days ago)
Daishawn Greene it happens
Jelly Fanjanhong (13 days ago)
Traps are gay
Soap ? (14 days ago)
simple trap
septillion2501 (14 days ago)
And THAT'S why the burka was invented.
AquaDronix (14 days ago)
It gets worse in alleyways at night 😙
Left Nut (14 days ago)
Should have went with them and then whipped out the dick and scared them away
Slapping Goofies (14 days ago)
I would love to be sexually harassed
Danielle Mawson (15 days ago)
The other day when my mom picked me up at the airport, this one guy kept asking me if I was over 18 in front of my mom even though we were ignoring him. We just pretended we didn't know english haha. I'm sure this problem is worse in other countries though. I think here, if someone grabs you, you can do whatever you need to do to protect yourself. Even though I might not win the fight, they definitely won't get away intact.
sibertooth (15 days ago)
Conclusion : Europe needs more migrants form Islamic countries .
James pringle (15 days ago)
Its a cultural problem not a male problem, don't lump us together.
Mother Russia (15 days ago)
Most people see sexual harassment, I see cat fishing. THIS HAS TO STOP.
Arnab Choudhury (15 days ago)
Have some sharia.. 😂😂
Nexus6 (15 days ago)
I wouldn't be able to handle that. Good job.
Elliott Burris (15 days ago)
You see, this is real sexual harassment, not a fucking air conditioner, or bitching about video games. Nowadays people are so out of it thinking all these little things are sexual harassment that they have become blind to real sexual harassment.
Loki Friggason (10 days ago)
nobody thinks air conditioner or video games is sexual harassment
Mauri QHD - Try (15 days ago)
if you harass a dude with that nose, thinking is a woman, you deserve to be in jail, even if the law is on your side lmao
Brandy Broadus (15 days ago)
They thirsty my goodness
elferny420 (15 days ago)
I'm not sure if this counts as sexual harassment,but I was at a school dance once.(I'm a guy)I was minding my business and looking for one of my friends and I felt a hand grab my ass.I expected one of my friends to be messing around with me,since us guys grab each other's asses as a joke.But no.This girl grabbed my ass,smiled at me,and walked off.I was confused and scared.
elferny420 (8 days ago)
Nunaya Bizniz ? Youre confusing me
Nunaya Bizniz (8 days ago)
That means you didn't mind it. Therefore, no sexual "harassment" took place. Your scenario was a basic sexual "advance".
elferny420 (8 days ago)
Nunaya Bizniz she didnt hurt my "fee fees".
elferny420 (8 days ago)
Nunaya Bizniz ?
Nunaya Bizniz (8 days ago)
Just cause something hurt your fee fees that doesn't make it harassment. Until the person with the hurt fee fees says NO or something, how is the girl/guy supposed to know it is unwanted or appreciated?
Rey Solo (15 days ago)
Us women just need to start reversing the roles and catcalling men and making them feel uncomfortable. lol
richard Turk (15 days ago)
Beta male cuck.What do you expect when you walk in the worst part of town?
Floridian Mapper (15 days ago)
He still looks like a man.
RetroSupporter93 (15 days ago)
Let's just put all women into burqars so they won't attract unwanted attention anymore. Problem solved.
Jeremy Rivers (16 days ago)
Anyone else reminded of the movie Tootsie?
It's a trap
L.L. Mozi (16 days ago)
He definitely looks like a man, though. Is there some kind of unspoken code between gay men, in a place where being gay is illegal? Perhaps they thought he was down.
Cherry Cola (15 days ago)
L.L. Mozi nope! why do you try to come up with other ideas of why men are being assholes before believing women on this. plus gay or straight it’s still harassment.
This is women disadvantages not sexist but this can also happen to both genders
Then they find out you're a "he" then puke
Aaron David (16 days ago)
3rd world not a surprise
Kinky Bartender (16 days ago)
Those poor, oppressed hodgies didn't notice a tranny when they saw one. Lol, that dude wanted the booty baaaaaaaaad.
greekgodlamb (16 days ago)
In these areas, maybe the women should wear some type of sack with no holes, because the men might peep through the hole and they would blame the women because the women placed a hole on the sack for the men to peep through.
pow_wow (17 days ago)
and this is why many people look on middle easterns ar primitive. apes do this.
Hantu Raya (17 days ago)
syiah people like this.
Stephanie Radohn (17 days ago)
This man is more beautiful than me
Austin Huber (17 days ago)
Is this the Onion?
PoetLG (18 days ago)
well at least he didn't need therapy afterwards like the woman who dressed as a man
MilesBellas (18 days ago)
slimy behaviour
Ivana Humpalot (18 days ago)
maybe the guys were deciding whether they wanted to fucking murder him because it's in EGYPT and oh, you know.. he looks like a man in a drag? it's a suicide wish. this was dangerous stupid and exploitative. since this video proves nothing i at least hope he received a pay rise for the therapy sessions he's going to need 20 years from now when he realises he sold his dignity for 47k likes.
that's scary...
Chicken (18 days ago)
I don't believe one would give up their reputation that easily, like the guy in the brown jacket at 1:28 must be an actual idiot. Probably this was all set up by feminists tbh
Chicken (15 days ago)
Cherry Cola of course I won't... unless you explain
Cherry Cola (15 days ago)
Chicken none of what you just stated correlates. step off.
M P (18 days ago)
Damn those towel heads must really be blind,been in prison a long long long time to want that
Mr. Fish the frog (18 days ago)
Wow is Egypt really like that?
edoardo fedrighi (18 days ago)
if being a victim was a profession liberals would be billionaires
Leonard Clark (18 days ago)
Let’s open US borders for these men amirite
whois wat (18 days ago)
for me its unbelievable that people think that the type of man who are harassing woman do give a fuck about such experiments of seeing this on TV. Its the same old story of "teach man not to rape". Man who rape will rape, teach them or otherwise, same here. The only solution is either tough laws that are enforced or teaching children from a very young age how to behave.
Martin Molina (18 days ago)
Well of course they're going to do that, in Egypt. Any 3rd world craphole or Western City with 3rd world immigrants, is gonna be like that. Westerners commit sexual harassment too but far less, then our 3rd World counterparts. Women's Rights is a Western Concept. Go try that same experiment in an upscale Western neighborhood. Epidemic my a**.
Crylines Gaming (19 days ago)
absolutely normal in the muslim lands, sry bout that
talentedmangina (19 days ago)
I know my name may not say it, but I am a gentleman and do not, absolutely do not understand how a man can think this is cool. The boys in the opening scene should get their asses beat.
RunEM (19 days ago)
Traps in anime but in real life basically
Gerardo Ramos (19 days ago)
Seriously?! Why didn't you let a real woman do this?
Ultra Delete (19 days ago)
It the religion that put men into such way of perspective, they treat the woman as a lower being than men. Just like a boy and a farm chicken as the boy can pick up and do whatever he likes to.
Tata Guy (19 days ago)
why not just have a woman do it.
Cora Gamboa (19 days ago)
I love when the tables get turned on the men! I once had a older guy ( I was 13 on my daily run ) aproach me and I had to run away from him!
Demon Flower (19 days ago)
Well how else are men supposed to get women? Smh and then women get mad when they can't get dates...
Javier Canizal (20 days ago)
Was his adams apple invisible? Cairo men like drag queens. Bruce Jenner might like this idea.
Banana Child (20 days ago)
He looks like a guy cross dressing as a woman
John Doe (20 days ago)
1:22 miss me with that gay shit
Goldyn One (20 days ago)
Look like a woman? CNN showing their intolerance, anyone can look like a woman if they just feel they are one.
joek money (21 days ago)
Develop Prumbo (21 days ago)
For a man to dress as a woman or vice versa is a sin. SHAME ON YOU!
Catherine Rose (21 days ago)
When feminists latch onto this to say “See I told you so!” Just point out this is in Egypt not America......

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