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CNN's World's Untold Stories: Dementia Village

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CNN's Dr. Gupta travels to Hogewey, a small village in Weesp, the Netherlands, where every resident has severe dementia.
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Claudia Carrasco (7 hours ago)
que bonito, !,
Claudia Carrasco (7 hours ago)
good life !!!.
CherryzLove (1 day ago)
When that guy started singing, I started bawling
Janice Bowman (7 days ago)
Ok how much does it cost to live there.
Hilary C (7 days ago)
This is logic. This is about taking care of our frail and most vulnerable in the most compassionate and understanding way possible. It promotes dignity. That other countries aren't doing this is ridiculous. My mother went through Alzheimers and whilst we ensured she had the best of care, she lost her freedom early on because she had to be monitored. Eventually she had to go into a facility, and while we were fortunate enough to be able to choose a great one, it was still a facility and looked like one. This place is about normalcy for day to day living and I wish we had them here in Canada. The hair salon was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. I would take my mom to the hair salon to have her hair done. She loved it and it made her happy. She wouldn't remember it later that night or the next day, but in the moment, she was having fun. People with dementia/alzheimers live in the moment so we have to give them wonderful moments.
Ian Doherty (9 days ago)
Wow this place is amazing. I worked in the kitchen of a nursing home in Maine (USA) for 2 years in high school. They had a dementia floor that this place in the Netherlands makes look like a f*cking prison
Ananda Edirimannage (11 days ago)
This is far better system and I think there is always room for improvement.
Anna Rubalcaba (13 days ago)
Marian Taylor (13 days ago)
This is much better than a nursing home! I worked on a dementia/Alzheimer's unit, the quality of life was horrible. This should be everywhere...
Trin vas Qwib Qwib (18 days ago)
I took a nurse assistant class which mostly involved caring for elders..I didn't accept it as a job because it was so demanding physically and emotionally. I love my elders and would love for something like this to be in my area. Dementia is a reality of old age, and no one should be discriminated against for it. There should be adaptations for the elderly.
Black Hatter (21 days ago)
Is this still ongoing? I hope it is..
arlrmr (25 days ago)
How much does this senior-heaven cost per person per month and what fraction is paid by insurance and/or government. She simply said as much as every nursing home. OK, but how much?
Niharika Nema (27 days ago)
please introduce this culture in India
Maureen Ferriter (1 month ago)
€3€€3. 332
Mr. C (1 month ago)
Everyone in Youngstown Ohio has mental illness
Mr. C (1 month ago)
Fiona Long (1 month ago)
Awwww so beautiful :)
Cal Gal (1 month ago)
This is such a great idea!
Jen Morrison's (1 month ago)
People are living too long. I think this is insane. Spend the money on cleaning up the planet and education.
MrBobberino01 (1 month ago)
OK, I want to make a place like this in Central Texas, whose with me?
Stu Mack (1 month ago)
wish i could remember what i just saw.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
This has me in tears. Dementia is such a sad illness. A lot of dementia patients, especially in the early stages, still want to go to the places they used to. This allows them to feel social and independent while still being totally safe. Often times while working with my clients I need to “trick” them so they get distracted by the desire to go outside (because they literally can’t) and end up doing something else. I’d love to work in a place like this.
aleksander suur (1 month ago)
That's pretty awesome, pricey tho. 2 caregivers per patient, average 3 years plus facilities and other expenses. That's probably hundreds of thousands spent per patient at an optimistic estimate. No wonder that even in Netherlands it's reserved for last stage cases only. If money is just a number for you, then think 6+ working years to manage one patient and there are lots and lots of people who get like that in the end and that's not even counting elderly who require care homes for other reasons.
KMF (1 month ago)
There are similar places in the USA.
KMF (1 month ago)
Sorry I don't remember but just remember seeing a video about it.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
KMF I work with dementia clients. Please inform me where there is such a location in the US.
Lashondra Venable (1 month ago)
This is so sweet
Amanda HugAndKiss (1 month ago)
The US will never have this, sadly. Or if so, only for the rich. 😔
duduoshunn (1 month ago)
What person on earth disliked this video? About 156 fool's that don't appreciate life nor have good moral judgement.
Sherine Wicker (1 month ago)
This is amazing, in the US only if you’re rich or poor can you get help for your ailing parents.
Dollar Diva (1 month ago)
That couple got me choked up so beautiful to see the wife visiting her husband
TeacherTeacher (1 month ago)
Very nice.
Picky Doe (1 month ago)
My gramma had Alzheimer's. The nursing home in 1990 was a terrible place. Even though we went every day they would take her glasses away so she wouldn't leave her bed.. they left her soiled. She was sad and her last words were too help her die. It tears at my heart to know that this could have been her end of life.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
Picky Doe That’s horrific. I am so sorry.
Poemi10304 (1 month ago)
Really wonderful. They should have this everywhere. It’s safe and still provides a large degree of freedom. I used to work at a day program for seniors, and we had a few people with moderate to severe dementia of different varieties. It was difficult to accommodate them in a meaningful and active way. Though it was better for them than at home, there is much less opportunity for stimulation than a place like this. Except with our seniors, they’re all from overseas and we have 4 different ethnicities from up to 8 different countries/territories, so it probably wouldn’t work as well because they don’t necessarily share the same culture and standards of living. You’d have to build an Epcot center for them, lol.
Gweynn5 (1 month ago)
Wow !!!
Sherry Dee (1 month ago)
At least these people won't be found dead from wandering out into the road. It happens a lot in California. It's on on news every week. I like this idea. If I get major dementia, I'd like to be locked in with the freedom to roam the grounds without fear of forgetting where I'm at!
SeekTruthinLight (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it be something if doctors made the connection that dementia is cause by an underlying fungal condition and finally began treating it...
K.A. GORDON (1 month ago)
Who the hell gave this a thumbs down....what the hell is wrong with some people?????????
K.A. GORDON (1 month ago)
What a wonderful place...Oh how I wish I could end up in a place like this. Ive seen many nursing homes and I had to quit because the depression was so bad I would cry all night long. I doubt American has anything close. I would think it would be so expensive but they said its not...oh what a wonderful place. My grandma died in a shithole..in the same nursing home in the movie Batteries not Included. She had her wedding ring and clothes stolen and when we visited she was wandering the hall naked. She was removed immediately to a better one closer to home. My father went there as well. I still didnt like that place..people ate napkins at dinner and grabbed each others food. Such a sad place. Alzheimers is so horrible. I read nitrates may cause it...so I just eat primarily fruits and veggies no processed foods, dairy or animals. Im hoping I can avoid this horrible ending.
james (1 month ago)
dementia patents need to be monitored closely some have violent or angry tendency and if they go monitored they could attack another resident.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
james They get angry when they get confused. I feel like this place has a lot of proper caregivers to handle such situations.
leerainyang (1 month ago)
Awsome, how much does it cost to live the?
Ubet (1 month ago)
Please check the power of vitamine C...how we don't know...and some don't want us to know... verify this..
AMDSVVVICTORY (1 month ago)
Shut up stupid monho twit!!! Go back to India you ain't white and not even European you blurry Indian shit!!! That's why many cancelled TV programs it's only these dark shit races all the time....😤
I also find the idea inovative. Especially with the ageing challenge on the rise.
Bob Boob (1 month ago)
I want to live there now! It seems nice.
Antonina MacNeish (1 month ago)
I believe that dementia is due to a brain infection, my elderly aunt took care of her mother handling bodily fluids and a few years later she also came down with severe dementia. No studies have been done to check out the possibility of an infectious cause for dementia and I really believe it is because these patients are cash cows, that keep nursing homes a d hospices in business, if a cure was found for this or cancer I can imagine how the whole industry would collapse
Antonina MacNeish (1 month ago)
These individuals are high functional , unfortunately they keep declining, they forget how to speak, talk, walk, they need diapers, my grandmother was reduced to almost a vegetable before she died, and she was fortunate to have two daughter who were nurses and took care of her in her home until she died
Paula Bradley (1 month ago)
such a great idea, i love this!
Jesse420 (1 month ago)
We need a place like this in the United States Washington
Believe in Yourself (1 month ago)
You know villages are great. But,they come with a really high price. In America it cost $3,000-$5,000 a month for Assisted Living.
Tina Marie Farmer (1 month ago)
i have huntingtons. i pray from my soul.. understand not everyone with mental problems is lost in here. my mom.. 60 something..she takes a minute to gather her thought and voice it but she still scream- laffs .some for reason some dementia steals our loved ones. other times people teaching shutting dementia out. we don't lose our ability to think.. it just takes a minute more to explain and get it out
Lorraine Whitlock (1 month ago)
Great idea. It is refreshing to see that these patients or residence are living longer happier lives.
Connie Bollibon (1 month ago)
What a wonderful place for a person with dematcha.
A. T. (1 month ago)
My ma passed away a week ago. She had mixed dementia. She needed looking after, as I realised for virtually 24 hours a day. So I made the choice to give up my life for the 4 and a half years past. The one thing my mother lacked in the last year especially -was social interaction. Because she didn't communicate much verbally...if at all, except to protest. So if someone did visit her, she simply sat there not uttering a word. Now that person isn't going to revisit in a hurry :) I watched this and it made me cry as I recognised so much.... I'm absolutely sure she would have enjoyed the environment they have created. And there is so much dignity in what they offer!
Linda Khadenje (1 month ago)
Love the Netherlands its the best country in the world for me
TheClassicalSymphony (1 month ago)
How is it that the Dutch speak such good English? They must teach them English as little kids to be that good.
Holly von Dross (2 months ago)
Cannot believe America cannot have public care and insurance. Poorer countries care.
Holly von Dross (2 months ago)
I wish there was something like this for our family.
Kiki (2 months ago)
America is a place where people hates,for any nstion to be able to be successful in this ,thry have to learn to love and care for one another,accepting that that person has a right to live and be treatef the same way.In nethetlands even neighbours look out for each other ,people don't call police easily on one snother,infact they see calling police on a neighbour as a sign of bad neighbourhood, and they don't carry or point guns on one another ,so if this system will work for example in the u.s ,they have to firdt recognise the fact thst irrespective of where you come from ,your ,colour ,yourfaith,thst you are first a humanbeing.
Deia Draper (2 months ago)
I want to go there is there a program give you the literature on how you can get there from another country
Bon Chance (2 months ago)
isn't that interesting the massive increase in dementia is on the same timeline as the Globalists plan for the New World Order which includes encouraging Abortion No Borders No Families No Nations No Gender No Freedom of Speech No Rights just work to keep the Elite in the style to which they have become accustomed.
S Solomn (2 months ago)
Heem Lo (2 months ago)
Wow. Just think about all the taxes people have to pay for this.
Himself Lee (2 months ago)
What is the cost?
Marjorie Tillman (2 months ago)
My God, this is so wonderful. That’s why I visit my mother every other day, because I don’t trust her being totally in others care. My mother has 6 adult children, but I’m the only one who visits her 3 or 4 days a week. My mother’s mind has stopped going down, because I keep her engaged verbally for hours when I visit her. I don’t understand how my brothers don’t visit much at all, maybe 1 or 2 hours every 3months. My sisters can go weeks without visiting also. Anyway, I would love to bring her home, but the residents on this program seem to be highly blessed to be in such a program. I wish the nursing homes in the US was like this.
Farmwife (2 months ago)
All they need is an onsite daycare for employees, where residents can interact with little folks and this would be perfect. Oh, a resident cat would be nice too.
SynergyCeleste (2 months ago)
I wouldn't mind having a place like this for regular people!
Jean Taylor (2 months ago)
That village is considerably cleaner, streets and walkways, than Amsterdam. We were shocked to see how dirty Amsterdam was.
bass13mary (2 months ago)
I’m going to end up like this. My mother had Lewy Body dementia. I have awful memory problems and had to quit working. I’m 63.
Nita Wealand (2 months ago)
It's what you greedy money hungry ppl are putting in our food
Kay 32 (2 months ago)
I wish that this could be possible here in the US, but were to dam busy trying to take care of lazy hoodlums then taking care of the people that paved the way for our country!
Lukelucas Lui (2 months ago)
How I wish people with disabilities have this kind of village so they will feel safe and peaceful away from cruel and judgemental humans.
Stacey Calder (2 months ago)
I think there should be more places like this
Moe Wilson (2 months ago)
Majority of us do not know what our future holds. Supporting facilities like this is ensuring a better ending to our lives and those of our future generations. God bless these people.
Rachel Hagen (2 months ago)
I think this is amazing and every country should have places like this, I live in Canada and nursing homes here are like jail.
See There (2 months ago)
I would live to work there
Ann Black (2 months ago)
Beautiful idea! We need this in USA!
Derrick Sims (2 months ago)
This is a wonderful place. I wish we had this in the United States. Alzheimer's and Dimentia is the worse disease I've ever seen. I've worked in the medical field now for 25 plus years now, and I always get emotional when things like this comes up. I wouldn't even wish these diseases on my worst enemy... God bless them all..
Nonaka Byrd (2 months ago)
It's unfortunate that US federal and State regulations would not be compatible with this village plan. I hope that will change. Moving away from a medical model to a social model. Treating people with dementia with compassion and learning the joy their lives still provide for the loved ones and caregivers.
Lady Baek (2 months ago)
"Do you remember that, Ben?" Criiiiiiinge. What NOT to say to someone with Alzheimer's/dementia
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
Lady Baek Not always. I have a client who is unable to go outside but he always wants to. There is a cat outside so I tell him, “Remember that cat? She’s sleeping. If we go outside we will wake her up”. And then I have him draw me pictures “until she wakes up”. He gets distracted and forgets he wanted to go outside. Sometimes it’s a good thing to try to have people remember things.
Fems Ff (1 month ago)
True. However, the wife translated and Ben said he remembered them playing cards at the cafe.
Honeysuckle Blossom (2 months ago)
Amazing! Someone can get up and go for a walk in the middle of night of they choose , they're safe to do that. No panicked call to the police, in my town police also call the taxi companies to watch for them. Excellent idea, there should be more of them in other places too. If we can create prisons why shouldn't law abiding people get the care they need too
Jeffrey Widmann (2 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic. While the profit motive is always what gets things going... I wish we had the political force to create such a thing here in the U.S.
gorilla glue (2 months ago)
It's pretty cool that lady is bilingual and remembers how to speak her non native language.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
gorilla glue My thoughts exactly! Linguistics and music are very powerful tools. Both help to slow down the progression of dementia/ Alzheimer’s in people.
Jonathan Sullivan (2 months ago)
This is nice ..most home around here they abuse them
Eva H (2 months ago)
Aka is known as a assist living
Bryan Lint (2 months ago)
What a wonderful idea! It is the land of new ideas.
Danae (2 months ago)
i've been around a lot of people with dementia and some of them scream and scream and scream. i wonder how this village treats screaming.
Danae (1 month ago)
i don't know. dementia in its various forms isn't well understood. screaming doesn't appear to be related to the stage of the disease or the person's proximity to death. some scream and some don't. either way it's a terrible terrible disease.
Shaima El Mabsouta (1 month ago)
Danae Why are they screaming?
Sasvoc19 (2 months ago)
This is horrible.... that's just made to make money off those people, they can't even live with there loved ones.... it's all a front
AdoptABlackCat (2 months ago)
18:00 Not funny, but I broke out in laughter when she said that she saw her parents yesterday.
Carol Benson (2 months ago)
What love she has for him!
Theresa Kleinfelder (2 months ago)
Amazing! ❤️❤️❤️
Lauro Silvestre Jr. (2 months ago)
*Is there some sort of genetic predisposition for Dementia? Is it something that just comes with age? Are there any research studies done between generational age and healthy diet, such as diets high in omega 3s?*
Allison taylor (2 months ago)
We can do so much better and they deserve it!!!
Mel Flo (2 months ago)
Can I move to Holland now?
Carolyn Young (2 months ago)
Unfortunately I could only give this one thumb up, I would love to give it an infinite number if thumb ups!! And what is wrong with you (126 at the time if this post) that gave it a thumbs down?! I'm sure all of you would rather be in a traditional nursing home? I pray for your loved ones! I think it would be great if America had such facilities as the one in the video, as well as more compassionate people to care for those who can't care for themselves.
Karen Cruse (2 months ago)
I wanna live there😁
K A (2 months ago)
Beautiful concept! I wish I had the money would the same thing for elderly people in the USA
saltnlightblondie1 (2 months ago)
This is such a neat story but this journalist is horrible! I wish they had a decent one cover the story! We need this worldwide.
Shelley Rambles on (2 months ago)
Can you ever imagine a U.S. nursing home with 2 to 1 staffing? This is a beautiful place to go to for those with dementia. Such a common sense solution!
Kathy K (2 months ago)
Wish, we had something like this in the U.S.
shirley arizaga (2 months ago)
She said 3-4 years my Mom lived 8 years with it longer with me in my house.
Fems Ff (1 month ago)
They live in this "dementia village" for 3-4 years, *after* they have already been given an indication of severe dementia. That indication is given when a person can no longer live on their own (with support from professional carers) or with their spouse/children because they need help/support 24/7 and cannot be left home alone, which is usually the case when they've already been living with dementia for 2-5 years, depending on the kind (or cause) of dementia they suffer from. That is why the manager refers to the Dutch system when he asks her about this: there are several requirements before an indication of severe dementia is given. Children or spouses are no longer able to fully care for them at that point.
tommyloika (2 months ago)
The brain fascinates me. God help the helpless🙏

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