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Scam The Scammer 182 " 'P' As In Pharmacy"

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Scam The Scammer Episode 182 - These scammers have Franklin squarely in their cross-hairs, apparently, and are determined to get his correct Medicare info. First up is Brian Mayer, Medicare Senior Officer who seems oblivious to everything going on. Then his BIGGER boss, who was coaching him in the background, gets on the phone only to fail also. Bottom line: Don't mess with WWI vets. They've been through much worse.
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Nigella Blum (5 months ago)
Utterly shameless Indian scammers prying on the elderly. Wish they go to *_Narak_* (hell) The Indian female scammer towards the end was from a southern Indian city like Chennai or Hyderabad. The way she says *Red white and blue card* tells me that she is from south India.
Nigella Blum (5 months ago)
I thank you for exposing these scammers. I just love your sense of humor. I mainly track tech and IRS scammers and report to county DA offices.
ScamJam (5 months ago)
Thank you for your insight, I would not have known that. There are many wonderful things about India and her people, but as with any country, there are also issues. It’s unfortunate that these scammers are so successful, although the responsibility is also shared with the victims who really should know better.

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