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Stem cell therapy........Buyer beware.

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Mark Shields (8 days ago)
Is the placenta stem cells and amniotic sac stem cells the same as umbilical stem cells, I'd like to try stem cells for Parkinson's I've had 5 years now? Oh is bone marrow the same as adult stem cells? Thank you for a great video.
Dixita Pandya (8 days ago)
Is it work on AVN stage 2???
Light in the Piazza (1 month ago)
Hi doc, can I email you? A endocrine doctor gave me desiccated thyroid, when I had optimal t4 and t3 and and was never on medication before, I have now been in the hospital 4 times since July 4th and I want to tell you some specifics and about the med itsself. I understand you might not be able to answer but at least its something that you might research and do a video. Thank you.
ilmas ashraf (1 month ago)
Wat da fuck are u iffering all u care about is moneyyy
Jessica Villanueva (1 month ago)
Knowledgeable as always
Mark Shields (7 days ago)
So true...

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