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6 Games Worth Getting A PC For

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Console VS PC. It's a war that has been raging since the dawn of time (well, any time worth discussing anyway). BUT should you break free of your console shackles and ride the PC master race train? Here are 6 games that may convince you to do just that... Subscribe to Alltime Gaming here: http://bit.ly/1L3KT0X Join Alltime Gaming on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1W3KIKc Follow Us on Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/alltimegaming1 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/alltimegamingtv
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Text Comments (2185)
Drezzy Chezz (13 hours ago)
Civilization not civilisation
Intellectualize (2 days ago)
A gaming console _is_ a PC... A just means a personal computer...
Charlie Solow (4 days ago)
Console doesn't have what I want: Strategy Games that work (fuck joysticks) Nice Graphics Free Online Play Portability (Laptops) Sales out the ass (HumbleBundle, Steam Sales etc...) MODS!!!!
KB Gaming (5 days ago)
Nice info. I just started pc gaming and uploading to youtube. I might have to check out some of these games though. Thanks!
AlltimeGaming (5 days ago)
Nice! Welcome to the PC Master Race!
DrH5N1 (7 days ago)
PC master race
Henry R. Haggard (9 days ago)
Once a PC gamer, always a PC gamer!
Trollin Charlie (9 days ago)
Why not pc and console? I have a pc and ps4. I use pc for coding, youtube, homework, games, testing, music. I use ps4 for games, netflix, hulu, crunchyroll.
ChrisBreezy (10 days ago)
I really don’t like dota 2 like I think it’s more of the camera set up you have to move the camera instead of it moving with you just seems extra to me I guess...
Tony Bowyer (10 days ago)
This list has just reminded me why I haven't played my pc much lately lol.
Tony Bowyer (10 days ago)
Skyrim is boring with pointless exploration and looks plenty good enough on Xbox one X.
Tony Bowyer (10 days ago)
CS go is Meh
Tony Bowyer (10 days ago)
I have a 1070gtx and a i7 6700k and 32gb of ddr4 ram and an Xbox one X. As good as Witcher 3 looks on pc, it looks plenty good enough on Xbox one X at 4k.
Love Innz (11 days ago)
I spent so much hours in overwatch trying to imrove myself I kept finding myself complaing about the amazing stick .. So I figurered if ima invest ask much time into a game might as well spend that time playing where it really matters ... PC! And I love it !
Tom (11 days ago)
PC gaming? That shit still exists? Ooh right World of Warcraft.
Zuhair S (12 days ago)
what a shitty list, PC is dead in 2018 dont waste your money. mine is stored with a dust cover on top.
B_StangF150 (12 days ago)
PC master race!
Tyler Lucas (20 days ago)
xbox has failed im going for a pc so i can enjoy gaming again
SwaagKid69 (22 days ago)
Dota 2.. shows league xD
Paul Atherton (25 days ago)
i built a pc for gta mods and skyrim.. so yes skyrim worth it
Dominik Paul (1 month ago)
#PcMouseRace LOL
Samit Paudel (1 month ago)
What the fuck do you mean by doesn't have a life? He'll do whatever he likes. If he enjoys 52 days of civilization in his life then be it. Who are you to judge?
championofgods (1 month ago)
wait, dota is still a thing?
MEK'N'ISM BEATZ (1 month ago)
i dont consider mods on console mods. they are more like free DLCs that the game developers allowed in their game.
DomedSky (1 month ago)
is this a serious question...nobody would prefer console over pc. u only justify having a console if u cant afford a good pc
nyanayn nyanayn (1 month ago)
Hands down the game most worth for getting a pc is Gmod
King's (1 month ago)
M a PC guy!
Miguel Oh (1 month ago)
Civilasation? Mispell XD
Alejandro Aguilar (1 month ago)
I already abandoned my console for PC
Gaming Zone (1 month ago)
Dota best
Arif Wijaya (1 month ago)
bottomline. Money. Ok? Done
Killershadow520 (1 month ago)
Is it wrong to feel guilty for abandoning consule 😄
Primal (1 month ago)
There isn't really anything on this list that's good enough to give an incentive to buy a PC, other than hardware benefits. Witcher 3 is multi-platform and Skyrim, with all due respect is too recent and I have already invested too many hours into it, to appreciate it as much anymore. Oblivion and Morrowind are fantastic with mods, but unfortunately Modding games is a fad that wears of quickly if you have already invested hundreds of hours into a game. If the leading examples are CSGO and Mobas, then PC really needs some definitive exclusives for once. PC hasn't had its Bloodborne equivalent yet. Until then, I think it's safe to say that PS4 still seems to be leading in terms of exclusives. If PC gets PS4's exclusive titles, then PC is the obvious choice, but it doesn't, and won't any time soon. Truth be told, unless you are into MMOs, or early access games, PC is a good, but unnecessary platform.
Guntars ;p (1 month ago)
only consule had is sega genesis, ps1 ps2, then pc all way long
Dark.Moor (1 month ago)
Just got my first gaming PC so far I don't see what the fuss is about cant be arsed to play games I've already played and sank many hours into just because its slightly better graphics,(fair play to skyrim the mods are great a addition but still not enough to make me wanna play it again just give us the next installment already Bethesda) Gonna give Civilization a go that's the only game here that has taken my interest I've played and completed the witcher 3 (PS4), Skyrim(PS3 and replayed it gain on PS4 didn't enjoy it as much as the PS3 strangely enough) and have no desire in replaying it despite them being some of my favourite games where's Red dead redemption by far one of the best games ever made. Personally Love my PS4 and cant wait for the amazing exclusives coming you have to be naive to think consoles don't have better exclusives yes PC is more powerful but consoles have better games and at the end of the day a gaming system comes down to the games not the graphics. Personally own every systems there is out atm and anyone who is a true gamer will appreciate a good game regardless of the system its on or graphics.
Dom Ex (1 month ago)
My last console was a sega megadrive 2 (genesis console for you Americans ). That was in 1990. Been pc ever since
TheLastofElves (1 month ago)
Console gamer my whole life, builds a $6000 PC, WTF is a console again?
Wilson Low (1 month ago)
Hmmm.... CSGO Oh no no no... Hitboxes
nineinchnailzPSN (1 month ago)
way to spell civilization
AlltimeGaming (1 month ago)
Yes, that is a way to spell civilization. It's the non American way of spelling it. Magic, I know.
Crazy Me (1 month ago)
Yep, I have a rockin PC and I use an Xbox 360 controller on it for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAH HAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAH HAHAHAHA
krustyy (1 month ago)
Selling my Kidney for better Graphics Card
Peregrine Knight (1 month ago)
comparing pc and consoles is like comparing a lamborghini with a mini the pc can do everything a console can do just better
Alfie (2 months ago)
The only reason I keep PS4 and Xbox one is to play exclusives, can’t wait for Spider-Man.
Daniel (2 months ago)
Having fun in moba games? Phah, there is no such thing.
Wes Hughes (2 months ago)
Plus I bought an xbox for gears of war and halo and don't regret it
Wes Hughes (2 months ago)
I really like xbox but that's just me I guess
Jordan Pettigrew (2 months ago)
daniel riberio (2 months ago)
warcraft 3 or even wow
Emil Aslan (2 months ago)
Ssriously, dota 2? 😂😂
tahna dana (2 months ago)
console gaming doesn't make sense
Odbarc (2 months ago)
Skyrim on PC is kind of iffy 'cuz if you got a monitor that goes over 30 FPS (or is it 60?), the game spazzes out. I hate it. There's work arounds and such but it should be the developers side that does that for us with a patch. I like my 144hz
J Li (2 months ago)
Thanks! Was thinking switching from the console to the master race. Well have to try these games.
cfcreative (2 months ago)
Steam is kind of in a shitty slump right now. I checked out Origin and got Crysis 3, Deadspace 3 and Titanfall 2 for under $40 for all three.
MrBroxMan (2 months ago)
Actually, Civilization V or VI made me interested.
frank belmont (2 months ago)
what a crap list and waste of my time
John Garza (2 months ago)
Lost me at counterstrike...
Morgan Freeman's Voice (2 months ago)
dont get csgo. It is full of hackers now its a waste of money
RoyalTee (2 months ago)
PC is a life changer. A gaming PC that is.
Skadeero Skadae (2 months ago)
Minecraft is good on pc
Cody Fetter (2 months ago)
there are so many free games on pc plus emulators lol
Cody Fetter (2 months ago)
civilisation? lol wtf
Moshe Schreiber (2 months ago)
You wrote civilization wrong
FrequencyOo (2 months ago)
I need to upgrade my graphics card.
[GAMING on AMD] (2 months ago)
Abandon console for a pc? But u dont have a console..
Fire (2 months ago)
Just sold my shitstation and getting a i7 8700k with gtx 1080 ti build, it's on the way! #pcmasterrace!
Rocket Radium (2 months ago)
so is nobody gonna point out that they used league of legends videos on the DOTA commentary?
Diunerite na Osman Baba (3 months ago)
Not a single RTS and you put all that Civilization and Atila bullshit on the list? AlltimeGaming? More like EveryNowAndThenGaming
Diunerite na Osman Baba (3 months ago)
Edit Not to mention putting Skyrim in.. a game that is not only on the console but a game that the WHOLE MENU CONSEPTION is made WITH CONSOLES IN MIND... and you are all like "YE BABY WE GOT A FEW MODS MORE THAN YOU!"
REIO (3 months ago)
Anyone else came here to find a good game to buy?
Toby (3 months ago)
It’s not pc mouse race....console peasant, its pc master race
AlltimeGaming (3 months ago)
Turn on your sarcasm meter, good sir
Adam Quinn (3 months ago)
@7:12 Joking about "stomping a box of kittens for fun".... NOT funny, just tasteless humor. Why is that funny?
Marcus Liles (3 months ago)
I'm actually starting my first PC build mainly for Skyrim. So yes, I think it's worth getting a PC for lol.
shagadelic3000 (3 months ago)
Skyrim is worth selling your kidney for.
Henry Stewart III (3 months ago)
No game is worth getting a PC.
videakias3000 (3 months ago)
1)hmm....i don't know. 2)according to the internet this game can run on my toaster laptop.also there are too many of them to chose from,wich makes me even less willing to try them. 3)didn't this game age badly?any way i would rather play it on the switch either way. 4)i just checked someone playing it.go a play a real game. 5)same with the number 3 6)dota 2?hmmm....some people on the internet say that it is basically the same game with league of legends. and i hate league of legends.lol is a bad game. i might check it out in the internet cafe of my neighborhood(my laptop from 2015 can not handle it.)
Reece Sims (3 months ago)
I recently became a pc gamer from a 16yrs console owner. Oh have I seen the light!
MofoHolic (3 months ago)
Dota haHAA
oCryptix (3 months ago)
Reasons not to get a PC: 1. Dota 2 2. Nothing else
Adrian Almási (3 months ago)
with dota 2 u ruined the whole video, it should be called "How much i would like to have sex with Dota 2, if it was a person/animal" i mean c'mon
Zoltán Nagy (3 months ago)
Civilisation... Nice
i have a dig bick (3 months ago)
i chossed pc because the pc games are ultimate cheap than ps4 games in my country like 3$vs80$
i have a dig bick (3 months ago)
i chossed pc because the pc games are ultimate cheap than ps4 games like 3$vs80$
cj wars (3 months ago)
don't bring up esports its for country that cant afford real sports its all rigged
R McMaster (3 months ago)
Skyrim: PC way or the highway
Real_Hitta (4 months ago)
If you're into multiplayer games then you MUST buy a PC. However, if you're more into fighting games, great RPGs and action adventures? Get a PS4. Also, a decent PC is expensive as fuck while a PS4 costs nothing compared. Tbh, right now I wish I didnt buy my gamer PC. So many great PS4 exclusives man.
Basil (4 months ago)
csgo fucking csgo 300$ pistol kills someone instantly with a headshot m4a4 doesnt skins are overpriced you cant aim down your sights isntead of your gun having recoil your bullets go fucking everywhere like not even kidding its retarded
Adam Cliett (4 months ago)
Maybe I'm alone here but I put 1,200 hours in Dark souls III and 1,100 in The Witcher 3. Not to mention 700 in Fallout 4 and 300+ in several other games. I guess you could say it's my hobby.
Asia Scott (4 months ago)
All these super powerful rigs and now you got the Xbox One X and I still haven't seen the game that looks better than Horizon zero Dawn or Uncharted 4 Sony is truly the king of game development!!!!!
Basil (4 months ago)
youre fucking retarded, pc looks so much better and runs way smoother
Hitman Barnes (4 months ago)
After been on console from 6 till bout 28 i had enough, paying for online when i pay for internet and getting games that are overpriced. i sold my xbox toward my pc and only have a ps4 for bloodborne. many years on console and wish i had got a pc sooner.
Blah Blahs (4 months ago)
If its on console its pointless to buy it for a PC. I don’t mind graphics.
Basil (4 months ago)
Eclipso gaming (4 months ago)
Pc will allways be better you can always upgrade your motherboard, cpu, gpu and much more which on console you cant !!
zikapk hound (4 months ago)
Why is queen of pain from Dota in thumbnail hehe
Fernando Dórame (4 months ago)
Yeah cause just getting into pc is so much easy... let’s see which GPU has the best price-performance and then let’s see which CPU fits my GPU best so the CPU doesn’t bottleneck, now... how much RAM do I need? 8gb? Ok let’s go 8... do I go with a HDD or a Solid one? Okay... let’s buy a headset or speakers? Or I connect this to my tv which already has speakers? That would probably need a better GPU... okay. Now I have everything, let me get into this! What? It does not run? Let’s get into this forums to see what’s the matter, okay let’s update drivers oh yeah that’s it, hmm an Xbox one for 299/399? Nah man this $600 pc is so much powerful!... don’t get me wrong guys, I love having my pc but you are foolish if you think the only reason console gamers don’t get into pc is because they like shitty graphics and some console exclusives, they just want to sit and play and pc gamers should go and do instead of worrying so much where anyone else is having their fun.
Basil (4 months ago)
a 600$ pc is much more powerfull than a xbox one or ps4
Spawn Cap (4 months ago)
For me, who games on everything not just PC, would be Skyrim, Shadows of Mordor (I don't mention War because I haven't played it on PC), Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and Mad Max. These look substantially better on PC, but most titles on console that have HDR look substantially better on console (but it is hard to compare exclusives), at least until those titles also get HDR support on PC. I run all these at 4K (not 60 FPS on all but that doesn't bother me). One thing I don't understand on my PC. FO4 with HD DLC at 4K runs better than No Man's Sky at 1080p on my system. In fact on my PS4 pro (and even my PS4) No Man's Sky runs smoother than it does on my PC. All other 250+ titles on my PC, 80% AAA titles, run just fine except NMS and JC3 no matter what resolution I set or options I disable. My PC has i5 2500, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM. AND before you say YOU PLAY NMS! First it's much more boring to watch someone play than actually play, and second I find it a very relaxing game. I also play Hatred when I'm mad and want to get anger out of my system. In fact the only games I could bring myself to play after my wife died, at a time I found interest in absolutely NO games or anything else in life, were No Man's Sky and Hatred. NMS and Hatred were very therapeutic during that time.
INS1977 (4 months ago)
Mad Jack (4 months ago)
lol he could only find 6
Mad Jack (4 months ago)
it was sarcasm idiot.......duh there's more than six games on pc
Basil (4 months ago)
no he couldnt retard, he just didnt want to talk an hour about how much better pc is
Sean Wickham (4 months ago)
Played Witcher 3 and DLCs all the way through, and I didn't see half of the clips shown in this video. Were these just promotional clips or did I just make all the uncool choices in the game?
shery (4 months ago)
I like this your talking about. will I love to play pc games . it feels good and nice control to handle it. 2nd you can buy 4k led 60 inch and ps4 to enjoy which is less cost compere to 10k pc gaming .I go for both.
Emperor Wu (4 months ago)
Need buy a good pc for csgo in 2k18 lol.
i,m rocky (4 months ago)
I love the control on pc. Especialy for shooting game
Jukebox Cowboy (4 months ago)
league more casual? C'moooooon!!!!!!!
This sick fucker (4 months ago)
Cs is the worst game.
Basil (4 months ago)
i love you

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