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Text Comments (3104)
Runiktv (2 months ago)
FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @Runiktv Follow hali on instagram @Baditudeeee BUY MERCH LINK IN BIO !! THANX 4 WATCHING
Treyxthegamer (1 day ago)
Runiktv what up
Shirley Means (4 days ago)
what's your gamer tag on ps4
Jaden Caples (5 days ago)
Runiktv lit
Justin Boyd (9 days ago)
Runiktv shout out pleas e
Shavalle Minter (13 days ago)
Tell funny mike to come over my house
NiyaSlayss BTS (2 hours ago)
Weird Ren (3 hours ago)
oh no the brother done tasted it 😭😭😭
Sabra Richards (8 hours ago)
It’s That.girl.Khyrie (15 hours ago)
Now all of us know that he got some after😂😂💀
Chiquita Reed (16 hours ago)
I bet she like runikso dine I just wanna kiss him
Gianni Williams (16 hours ago)
He said he had lmao
Tyquashia Wesson (17 hours ago)
Okay So Like Ima Pretend Ion See That At 7:24 👀🍆
Jermaine Edwards (21 hours ago)
Did y’all see how big runik THANG is!!!!!
XxDat Kawaii life xX (23 hours ago)
The intro had me dead doe
Dorian Lott (1 day ago)
No homo bro gotta whole boner
La Babyzings (1 day ago)
He ignorant. Even when she let him know he said "how"😂😂😑I'm pretty sure if it was switched up and she made a racist joke type comment toward his ethnicity, and he let her know it was racist, she'd be sorry. He should respect that.
Daddys lil princess (1 day ago)
those fruit snakes are the best
In and out Of love (2 days ago)
His print was showing n everything 😂😂💀💀
BEYOND LIYAAH (2 days ago)
“I’m just tryna take a nap” “ AND I JUST TRYNA KNOCK THE DUST OFF YA CAT” 😭😭😭😭😭😭HOLERINGGG
Rashads Life (2 days ago)
10:48 sorry
maile candy (2 days ago)
Her laugh is funny ass shit and it's cute
The Dyslexic Gamer (2 days ago)
why is u bald under your red wig lol
Zuleika Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Looking like Rihanna cousin I am done with him 😂 💀
Slay Shonti (2 days ago)
I don’t like your girlfriend she does the fucking most
Aaliyah Davis (2 days ago)
Hali is so pretty 😍
Micha Bonnet (2 days ago)
haylee & jaliyah look alike .💕
ISsa Pineapple (3 days ago)
“Wait what”💀💀
😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 “Ima tryna knock you down”
Hali kinda look like Tae from Jazz and Tae #Halithelittest
Drake B. (3 days ago)
Jess is just 😍
Raven H (3 days ago)
He said you fine looking like Rihannas cousin💀
Adrian Miranda (3 days ago)
8:45 he said "wait what"
M B (4 days ago)
Loved your prank. Made my day. Thanks for sharing.
Linda Smith (4 days ago)
Na uk u took care of that
deedy moore (4 days ago)
They gotta be from New Orleans 😂😂
Hey it's Dina (4 days ago)
Show me that bad atitude 😂😂😂😂😂
Breasia Shields (4 days ago)
“Looking like Rihanna cousin”🤣🤣🤣😭
Breasia Shields (4 days ago)
“You looking like a fine wine bottle with no hair on yo head” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭 I’m screaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂
qkgang18 Hands (4 days ago)
Otis Blockmon (4 days ago)
I'm on my step dad phone my sister called runik rental I was laughing so hard that was so funny
Jenecies Mesa (4 days ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $2516_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?zBiRWk Try once.
Julissa Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Do y’all not see his Bonner lmao
Ritta Lozano (4 days ago)
It always sounds like hes saying main 😂😂
Sweet Street Cakery (4 days ago)
He sd u out here looking like a snack
Aysia Nash (4 days ago)
She drunk some so is she ...
Sarina Etienne (5 days ago)
We all know what happened after this 😉
Terriell Mark (5 days ago)
you need to get her back
SJ Vlogs (5 days ago)
Lmao 😂 I’m dying
Adriel Brown (5 days ago)
"where ur glasses at , go get ur glasses"😂😂😂😂😂😂lol
He said let me put my hands in yo pants
Brooklynn Thomas (5 days ago)
I think y'all baby will be cute asf
Brooklynn Thomas (5 days ago)
Y'all such a cute couple on god
Jourdyn Jay (5 days ago)
This is the funniest one 😂😂💀
J nation (5 days ago)
She is to pretty
trint rivera (5 days ago)
The ending had me scared
SHATORIA HURD (5 days ago)
he fine asf she pretty asf NO LIES TF
Maria Ortiz (5 days ago)
Yeoooo im out hea dying😂😂😂 this nigg runik im trynna knock u down like the twin towers😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Queen Sosa Gang (6 days ago)
10:49 👀
Brandy Radcliff (6 days ago)
Y'all are so cute together
Chanel Miller (6 days ago)
when you got to remember it's a camera running.
Em Babes (6 days ago)
That nigga said let’s just have a baby 😂😂😂😂😂
Em Babes (6 days ago)
That nigga said no parachute😂😂😂
johnn (6 days ago)
12:35 that reaction lmao
Callmeyollie (7 days ago)
Y’all too funny 😂😂😂
Hayley Womack (7 days ago)
“ a fine wine bottle with no hair on your head” 💀💀😂 I’m crying
Hayley Womack (7 days ago)
We have the same name but mines is spelled Hayley ❤️
leila robinson (7 days ago)
He funny asf😂😂
Oh July (7 days ago)
8:45 - 8:50 that whole little part had me dying
Youlanda Sanders (7 days ago)
I just want a nap And I just want to nap the dust off yo cat
Youlanda Sanders (7 days ago)
Runik does not know how to sweet talk
Garry Munro (7 days ago)
I’m bouta make a hot dog out deez bunz
asia k (8 days ago)
"Looking like Rihanna cousin" noooooooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chache Winters (8 days ago)
We all know what happened after this video
Lauren O. (8 days ago)
“ you looking to fine today looking like Rihanna’s cousin “💀🤣🤣🤣💀😭
Tiara Brown (8 days ago)
Anybody Think She Look Like Jania With Her Hair ⁉️
C Johnson (8 days ago)
I’m still stuck on the no parachute part
Alyssa Cordova (8 days ago)
Like real talk
TwoLitforyou (8 days ago)
12:48 deceased 💀💀💀
Leah Meeks (8 days ago)
"Knock it down babyyy" 😂😂
ITL_CraZy (8 days ago)
Damn Runik I’ve been subscribed since 19K
yaya slay everyday (8 days ago)
I need a bf like him😂😂😭😭
shy tubes (9 days ago)
shy tubes (9 days ago)
The ending funny asf
shy tubes (9 days ago)
He looking like Rihanna cuzzin😂😂
yanna (9 days ago)
"im bout to make a hot dog out these buns" WILLLLDDDDDDD 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Neenee Barksdale (9 days ago)
Is this before funnymike or after
Destanie Mccready (9 days ago)
“I’m turnt up ya heard me...& u lookin like a SNACK!”
Andrea Balogova (9 days ago)
"you lookin like Rihanna's cousin" 💀
Jada Schmidt (9 days ago)
He was big mad 😭
Jada Schmidt (9 days ago)
“You gon’ bark like a chihuahua” 💀
Jada Schmidt (9 days ago)
“Lemme come in your storm” 😭
JMB ONLY (9 days ago)
She took a sip 🤦
Natalya Topova (9 days ago)
do it on haley
Hannah Hedrick (9 days ago)
Is it just me or does he have a hicky on his neck
shanika brown (9 days ago)
Damn he standing at attention 👀🍆🙊
Justin Boyd (9 days ago)
But i live in london im coming to baton rouge
bee honest (9 days ago)
Who in the hell cooks chicken with kool aid😂😂😂😂
shanika brown (9 days ago)
He said what you gone be doing when I'm gone She said Crying too cute 😍
Teenage Wasteland (9 days ago)
Is everyone gonna act like the don't see his hard on!??
"I'm ready to suck the toes off yo feet" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Baritu Gebre (10 days ago)
Where are they from in the US? Their accent is so interesting..
Dipwo Pona (10 days ago)
Shyah go brazy (10 days ago)
Runik don't know what he be taking about half of the time
Micha Smooth (10 days ago)
who else spotted that fall

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