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35 year old who lives in 1946 - BBC News

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Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews Ben Sansum is 35. But he lives in 1946. His clothes, his house, the music he listens to - all come from an era before he was even born. BBC News went to meet Ben at home in Cambridgeshire Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/bbcnews Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (11023)
barry graham (2 hours ago)
ennui blue (10 hours ago)
Reviewbrah's dad
mykido (10 hours ago)
Hey It’s the guy who knocks on your door, in fallout 4!
Cozy Afternoon (20 hours ago)
I think there is a lady in America who lives in a 50s style house. They'd both have loads to talk about.
Judas Wikus (21 hours ago)
He’s been playing too much Fallout 😂
Ryan Cross (22 hours ago)
I'd live in an 80's house.
Jack Marlow (23 hours ago)
Seems like a nice person honestly.
I wish I was born in 1980s my dream to live in 90s and 2000s I wish to have SNES, Atari 2600, PS1, PS2 and MSX I love listening to 2000s songs
Kony Stark (1 day ago)
i mean for a guy living like this i would think he'd be more insane and weird, but he seems pretty chill
Bad Goy (1 day ago)
What a happy life he lives...
Moist Turtle (1 day ago)
1946 so he is most likely racist
Prento (1 day ago)
imgamerful (1 day ago)
Does he mind blacks?
** khaled (1 day ago)
If only there was some Nazis to shoot, that will be perfect!
monkeh88 (1 day ago)
so he dont use the internet?
JR G (2 days ago)
I liked that era too, but no era is without problems and benefits. Including the current one. Movie of local people from 1937 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ihWSqgSLnM&t=595s
JR G (2 days ago)
More old movies of the older era. This is the US, but the look is the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJsF2e1AmFY&t=840s
JR G (2 days ago)
40s movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gl3h51oAtY&t=1293s
JR G (2 days ago)
This is the same mentality that reenactors have. They love and understand other eras better than their own.
justmadeit2 (2 days ago)
Im expectiing big thumbs up for this comment ! But the thing is.....if he was actually alive in the 1950s, hed probably be dressing and living like he was in the 1890s. Because people sometimes think that the past was so much better. Maybe in some ways it was and maybe in some ways it isnt. Cool guy though. But thats just my opinion
vann parris (2 days ago)
does he smoke 70 year old cigarettes though
Emperor Karl (2 days ago)
This is guys is cool. I wish I could live in a house like this. 😂😂😂😂👍😀😀😀😀👍
aardvarrock (2 days ago)
I would love to do mushrooms with this guy
GarbageVids (2 days ago)
Does he have a wife or something
Viggo Simonsen (2 days ago)
I understand you :-)
REZ (2 days ago)
Robert McMann (2 days ago)
Did anyone tell him the cold war is over.
Hatch (1 day ago)
No because the cold war started in 1947, not 1946.
Vinsent Soltero (2 days ago)
Genuinely Pink (2 days ago)
I wish I was his neighbor.
Alexandria46 (2 days ago)
I love this!
derpability249 (2 days ago)
mission started: old world blues
Kristy Burton (2 days ago)
Awesome 👏
New Cheese (2 days ago)
He sounds like Frank from Some Mothers do Ave'em
J MB (2 days ago)
You do what you enjoy bro, its not hurting anyone and if it makes you happy I don’t have anything bad to say. I’m happy this guy is happy
CAMZAB (2 days ago)
Any plans to catch up with Ben to see what he's up to? You could show a bit of this in "Back in time for tea" when they're in 1946 and have a 5 minute clip of how he does it? Anything just find out if he's still doing it please, I'm guessing he's got a full Star Trek bridge for his living room.
Khaalid idriys (2 days ago)
Pornhub has ruined Everytime I see BBC 😂😂😂
ɹǝpods uǝɯ (2 days ago)
keep this guy away from your grandma
OBS3RVED (2 days ago)
Good morning! Vault Tec calling!!
hatebagel (2 days ago)
He looks like a fallout character
Agent of Order (3 days ago)
I think this guy might be on to something.
Z Fu (3 days ago)
This guy is awesome.
Retr0 Prime_8 (3 days ago)
So he’s a hipster. Like the ones that like old stuff. I mean it’s great.
Joel Tunnah (3 days ago)
He needs more ducts.
Jamel Izayah (3 days ago)
Beautiful man
Luke_ Rena (3 days ago)
Lmao they made fallout a real thing
Stephen Bales (3 days ago)
Alright, this is pretty awesome
TheOwnerOfSeaWorld (3 days ago)
As cool as this is, I honestly couldn't stand to live like this for more than a week.
Mr. Goat (3 days ago)
(Looks at the fridge) what is that blasphemy?!?!
stripervince1 (3 days ago)
I love it. I would live in 1968
I'm obsessed with all time periods before 2000 but the time periods I ACTUALLY want to live in and think about daily are 1970s NYC idk why I'm just drawn to that, and number one American Revolutionary period living in New England. I would give up everything to live in either of those times.
Braken (3 days ago)
"One of my favorite parts is the location." his view is a graveyard...
DeadlyBiscuit13 (3 days ago)
He's not special we all play fall out
Cali Curmudgeon (3 days ago)
Post ww2 victory, pre 1960s and 1970s decay. I get it, sadly.
Doka Saku (3 days ago)
Stop!!! u r wasting ur life! we only live once
Toyvo Tree (3 days ago)
The 40yr old virgin.
Tyler Mosebach (3 days ago)
marmalat (3 days ago)
Sorry but this is disgusting.
Kevin Wilcox (3 days ago)
We are a very isolated culture thanks to social media!
Lan Astaslem (3 days ago)
im tryna do this except 1990
Mark Hayes (3 days ago)
Odd but you wana live like this go ahead its your life
DOLGOV (3 days ago)
The man got too far waiting for nuclear fallout.
The Notorious Sheep (3 days ago)
1:41 I was expecting a lovely view, maybe a mountain or an old church and then while typing this i seen the grave stones so I’m not suprised as much now
Steve- oh (3 days ago)
Last time I checked, they had indoor plumbing and refrigerators in the 1940s. Other than style and decor, you still had all the modern conveniences that we have now...
DrCrazyAzz (3 days ago)
More power too you buddy, love it
JAG (3 days ago)
Actually this guy super duper like vintage that’s the only reason
Jeffery Barmann (3 days ago)
Ok. This may sounds a little strange to some people. But what has happened, most likely, is that the gentleman lived a good, happy, enjoyable life in that period; but left (died) too soon. Now living again in this period there is a strong desire to complete that lifetime and remain enjoying the life he missed. If he is placed under hypnosis and regressed I believe that will be the case. (Disclaimer) Humans never incarnate as animals. Humans have individual souls and animals have group souls. That's why you see things like flocks of birds turning all at once. They're connected. So, humans' always come to earth as a human being. Last, Reincarnation and Transmigration are two separate doctrines that have gotten confused by people. God is Love, and love does not judge or condemn. We get every chance we need to make it back to Heaven. Not just one chance. That is part of the Great Apostasy in the Church that supposedly Jesus wanted. (He didn't even want a church.)
Will (3 days ago)
this is some fallout shit
Jake Smith (3 days ago)
I get he what he's trying to do, but c'mon- do yourself a favor and get some slim fit trousers.
mrenaep (3 days ago)
Honestly clicked on the video because I thought it was a young Christopher Eccleston.
The Flaming Pike (3 days ago)
That's the kind of guy I'd like to drink a Nuka Cola with.
Malcolm_ Flex69 (3 days ago)
This man needs some pussy
alphadog708 (3 days ago)
over a graveyard? hahahahah ive heard it all now
alphadog708 (3 days ago)
so no social media for this chap lol Bliss!
KING RUHUL (3 days ago)
where does he get this staff from
Sam Roberts (3 days ago)
brother you need to move to cuba. you would truly belong there. just learn spanish. its ok. its just like french.
Rick Lax (3 days ago)
Plautus (4 days ago)
he looks old for his age
The picture of an eye (4 days ago)
He's definately gonna murder a bunch of people in a few years!
Ray Vega (4 days ago)
14sacred words88 (4 days ago)
I wonder, why not 1945????
honeybeebadger (4 days ago)
he loved the cars the history the fashion the rationing!
Josh Newton (4 days ago)
wait, so he wouldn't complain if someone bombed his house?
sean H (4 days ago)
"ive got a fridge, sorry" LOL
Cleo (4 days ago)
I like this guy 👍😊
J-WeB (4 days ago)
I feel the same, 1946 seems very relaxing. But I wouldn't abandon this to live there.
That's cool that man I've always been interested in the 40s and 50s
william nicholas (4 days ago)
I love this, you go! I understand this dude completely, I hate todays world(apart from modern medicine) =)
OhThatWasBs -.- (4 days ago)
Loves his window view, * looks out at a grave yard
Sheeds (4 days ago)
Just play bioshock.
Yeet Yeet (4 days ago)
willboy4u (4 days ago)
Just wonderful -- thank you for sharing -- I enjoy all history -- this IS VERY interesting.
Maks Mir (4 days ago)
As a gay guy he should be lucky he is born in this era... Unless he wants chemical castrations and all that cool stuff...
Lee Gilbey (4 days ago)
He lives in 1950 now.
Gotta agree with him, we may be more connected with the world but we're more isolated than ever at the same time
"This is a Masturbate room"
RYO HAZUKI (4 days ago)
I admire this bloke , this brilliant
Demas Mireles (4 days ago)
To bad most people cant be like this
George Vreeland Hill (4 days ago)
I will take 1946 over 2018. This man is living better than us.
Matt Nigro (4 days ago)
Where's the old car ?
Hulk Brogan (4 days ago)
this fuckin guy is mental..
RReal (4 days ago)
He must get so much pussy

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