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Thanks for all your support throughout all of this everyone. I hope this decision comes as a pleasant one to you; enjoy the old Minecraft videos. CHECK OUT SAD SONG ON SOUNDCLOUD!!! ⁃http://soundcloud.com/netnobody/netnobody-watson-sad-song-prod-cashio Edited by Julio: http://Twitter.com/ThatOneTomahawk
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DONTPLAY TV (3 hours ago)
DeppressedSmolOlive (4 hours ago)
Hi Adam, you probably get alot of messages like this but I too have grown up watching your videos, I support you. No matter what you do in life be true to yourself, it dosent matter if others hate on you, becasue it's your choice. Don't let anyone get you down. I'll always support you and respect your desisions, no matter what you do I'll still always watch you!
the undertaker WWE (4 hours ago)
Adam have you seen baby mason
ChrisGaming YT, (8 hours ago)
See I loved your video's of minecraft but since your quitting and your happy me too I've been subscribed for A few years so I subscribed to nobody.net I just want you to Know I support you From your Oldest Subscriber
Lawrie Aslett (13 hours ago)
I like the new sky more himself
Doug Sebasio (19 hours ago)
U da best I watch your vids on other channels cause I missed you Thank u and best of luck
kenneth Montemayor (22 hours ago)
Lucas Genji (23 hours ago)
Please go back to Minecraft I watch all your Minecraft videos
Shadow The_hedgehog (1 day ago)
Sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky
Fairy Doe (1 day ago)
I'm glad your moving on but I will forever miss the Minecraft. You are an amazing musician and I love your music do what you do best and be you.
Jory Mortimer (1 day ago)
Haven’t seen him in so long!
Mr Funny (1 day ago)
Dat Boi (2 days ago)
ICantSing VEVO (2 days ago)
You were the biggest name in minecraft now you have 11mill your just gonna quit I feel like you played minecraft just for the subs smh btw you can still make music minecraft songs
JetKillz (2 days ago)
I got a fucking minecraft ad on this video
Joey Stubbs (2 days ago)
Plz do more vids
boman279 (3 days ago)
Who I really wanna see again is Ross. I miss him
thedudefree (3 days ago)
Plush Gamer (3 days ago)
Bring back mencraft please
#Skydidminecraft ;)
thank you for giving them back!
Been here since 200k and I promise to be here till the end no matter who you decide to be, sky, net, or Adam. We will all love your decision.
Codered08 (3 days ago)
Chase Henriksen (3 days ago)
Your Minecraft phase was my childhood and I loved it. When I heard team crafted fell apart I get really sad. But I am proud of how far you have came. I met you and Jerome at six flags years ago... everything I think of you guys it always hits home:)
- Dubstepoverload - (4 days ago)
How's DJ Mason?
Sergeant Detergent (4 days ago)
noticed minecraft vid maybe minimum .5M views non minecraft vid max .2M views
Cod Crew (4 days ago)
One last YouTubed hunger games? Jerome, benja, truemoo, etc
Cod Crew (4 days ago)
Dude I’ve watched Adam since the first upload and I grew up on this sucks we get old and grow different interests
Crysis LK (4 days ago)
SkydoesMinecraft 💪🏻💪🏻
Crysis LK (4 days ago)
One of the best
Unicorn Life (4 days ago)
I'm just glad your happy
Dash Ever (4 days ago)
JaZzY C.A.L.M (4 days ago)
you are not sky, you are not net nobody, you are adam. and yes i am mad that you stopped minecraft because thats what made me laugh on a depressing day, but as long as your happy with what you are doing, that will make me smile
*Watermelon massacre*
Availance (5 days ago)
I am glad you are following your dreams Adam. I along with other people was sad when the old videos were privated and thought I could never re-watch them. It makes me happy to see you this active again though.
DaRk_ShAdOw (5 days ago)
R.I.P Child hood, keep going
Luis B (5 days ago)
I feel old now
Mike Dewie (5 days ago)
3 channels equalling about 4.5 million subs
Fire Doge (5 days ago)
My childhood was skydoesminecraft and I am proud of you for moving on to what makes you happy. Cya later recruit bye
Darryl Goodgame (5 days ago)
That's not Adam, that was John that hit you That's not Adam, that was Shaun that beat you
Zac Ewart (5 days ago)
Who is this
I latterly started crying cause when I first started watching YouTube the first video I watched was skydoesminecraft he inspired me to try things out and inspired me to do alot of other things but I get it 😢
Koolkid99 oof (5 days ago)
I miss my childhood ;-;
Tillow Bish (5 days ago)
Hey Adam what happened to try not to laugh mincraft with aphmau rosssssss reddddd barnyyyyy
Limes Luqux (6 days ago)
SAnsyBoYa (6 days ago)
I'm honestly so proud of Adam for doing this. It's awesome that he's doing what he loves and I respect him for that
Razirwired (6 days ago)
I remember watching the gang when I was younger those where the good days
Yasu Bird (6 days ago)
But like . . . Are you coming back to minecraft? Asking for a friend.
Jane Doe (6 days ago)
Like d of sad cause the Minecraft team just fell apart but they lasted long
Jayce707 (6 days ago)
#SkydidMinecraft. #AdamMovedOn #NetNobodyisSomebody
Jayce707 (6 days ago)
Good job Adam. Im proud of you.
Leematoad Gaming (6 days ago)
im am still happy he put minecraft back up because i cannot find what i want to watch and i get angry so i can watch adam yay
lileoking 2005 (6 days ago)
R.I.P butter Army
The Bookworm (6 days ago)
"The past is back, but I'm going to focus on the future." Deep.
Konstah (6 days ago)
Konstah (6 days ago)
Lmao your my living childhood so keep on living cuz if u dead then so is part of my life
DubTap OFFICIAL (6 days ago)
I'm just happy i met sky when i was a kid, RIP MY CHILDHOOD thanks so much sky for your entertainment
Julius Villapando (6 days ago)
its nice to see youre doin okay man, ive been with you right from your teamcrafted days all the way to your music days. What i want to say is you do you adam and also thanks for the good memories 😂😊
DatBoi Morgen (7 days ago)
Lol Minecraft es gay
Nefarious (7 days ago)
Its so sad to think about how long ago I watched his Minecraft videos, deadlox, antivenom, jeromeasf, bajancanadian, and all of his butter jokes about gold. Its wierd to think about the nostalgia and I really miss your videos but I’m glad your moving on
RJAYs (7 days ago)
Hey Adam! How about play Roblox...
Dezzerck (7 days ago)
Knahlej_ Waipahu (7 days ago)
Suck my dick
Scorpion Gameer998 (7 days ago)
I miss Do Not Laugh😢😢
Gboi2001 (7 days ago)
Haven't watched you since 6th now in 11th.. bruh.. you've come so far.
Subterror227 (7 days ago)
nice hotel
johnster719 (7 days ago)
Do you fam ! 👍🏼
Adams a real one
That ONE youtuber (8 days ago)
Aye good for you Adam even though i was one of those commenters who felt bad since it was my childhood but im glad you brought it back man. You don't have to hide your emotions behind a minecraft skin. We'll love you for who you are. Hope you're reading this. Love - Random Person
xochi (8 days ago)
What’s Minecraft
Poppy Gaming (8 days ago)
This or he came back here because his other channels didn’t have as many subs
SaiyanGameplays _SJJ (8 days ago)
You were my favorite youtuber since that i was 7 years old now i am 13 and i very sad that you ended but i fan always stays with his youtuber never let go :)
MataX HD (8 days ago)
I remember him watching him as a kid, he was my fav YouTuber. Even tho I grew up, I miss him. I liked prison escape the most.
Gaming Forward (8 days ago)
keep doing what you are doing Adam and don't worry about anyone who hates on you for this they are probably not used to this type of change. you deserve more man and i hope you continue going after this dream of yours. P.S. I cant wait to see these skits
Dvärgen (8 days ago)
*B U D D E R*
Blueberry Person (8 days ago)
Kevin Tepoxteco (8 days ago)
Yo it’s back and yessssss I grow up with u t
Bryan Lane (9 days ago)
iBagel (9 days ago)
Rivers (9 days ago)
Hmm. I miss that voice. (I listen to your music but your speaking voice is over the heavens)
Dogo (9 days ago)
FreshFrendosYT 2 (9 days ago)
Should make a playlist of the videos that were never released
Fox Gaming (9 days ago)
Rest in peace skydoesminecraft we'll miss you lots you gave hate against squids and lots and lots of butter
Fox Gaming (9 days ago)
We sang we wrote it we buttered 😢😁
MadamWolfGaming BO (9 days ago)
Yo sky or Adam you came out of your shell by and doing what you want. I will remember Sky in heart I will keep watching Adam now
MARTEL WEBBER (9 days ago)
Lul fucking retard is making trash music now
SomeoneOnTheInternet (7 days ago)
MARTEL WEBBER Shouldn’t you be on YouTube kids?
LUPEDI Roblox (9 days ago)
Only fucking subed to watch the minecraft vids. THAT ALL THAT I SUBBED FOR NOTHING ELSE(my option)
규호 (9 days ago)
thankyou!!!thankyouthankyouthankyou THANK YOU!
Ghaith alokta (9 days ago)
Ok so first i watched u 7 years ago and i left Minecraft around 1 year ago so i heard that u were in a fight with ksi so i came here
anyways adam i do believe in you so u do what you need or want your life and i support you and if you support adam like or comment you do
Nathaniel Proctor (10 days ago)
a lot of minecraft youtubers are just stopping with minecraft
Finn 199 (10 days ago)
Zach Reedy (10 days ago)
I grew up watching you since I was like 6 love u bro
gabriel martinez (10 days ago)
Sky I’ve Been here for a bit and seeing you move on makes me happy hope you achieve your dreams 👍
Mega shark King (10 days ago)
ive got a suggestion for adam, if he's quits playing minecraft then how about SkydoesGmod
NataMacka (10 days ago)
Adam, I feel that you should have said this a while ago. You having felt this way for so long is very sad. I feel so bad for you. I too have a want to play music. I participated in the 2018 FMEA All-State Elementary Chorus in Florida. I genuinely think that people can move on. I grew up with Courage the Cowardly Dog and that stopped airing a long while ago. I moved on. So can they. I will continue to be a loyal viewer forever through. Long live the SkyArmy. Best wishes, ~ Natalie
GTShadowWolf (10 days ago)
You changed the name, why
Trevor Driscoll (10 days ago)
You are just a cool guy you don’t need Minecraft just have fun
Get out, hacker (10 days ago)
I miss the old adam, turn back to the old Adam with Minecraft. As skydoesminecraft
Ok but also to many big words...
Spidereast218 1 (11 days ago)
Yay jakee paulee v logz

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