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Thanks for all your support throughout all of this everyone. I hope this decision comes as a pleasant one to you; enjoy the old Minecraft videos. CHECK OUT SAD SONG ON SOUNDCLOUD!!! ⁃http://soundcloud.com/netnobody/netnobody-watson-sad-song-prod-cashio Edited by Julio: http://Twitter.com/ThatOneTomahawk
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Adrian Roth (21 minutes ago)
I remember a time of my life where I would spend every day watchcing you, TruMu, and BajanCanadian for hours on end. Eventually I grew up, but I'll always remember it. Thank you.
UnknownGamer 57 (3 hours ago)
No longer skydoesminecraft it skydidminecraft
Claraz2551 AJ (4 hours ago)
I promise we all support you! Even if I have to watch old Minecraft videos. <3
ZzOMBI3Hunt3R Z (4 hours ago)
I got here at 999k views
Levi Patrick Kramer (6 hours ago)
No u have to do minecraft vids u dumb
Benjamin Knight (10 hours ago)
Adam, you honestly have been a huge art of my childhood, and some of me is sad that you're leaving the Minecraft Community, but I'm still proud that you want to branch into new things. Thank you for everything you've done for us, and I hope the future have good things in store for you.
Budder Sheep (11 hours ago)
I'm gonna miss the minecraft videos
BrandonFioretti (13 hours ago)
"If they erased dinosaur bones from existence, than humans wouldn't have figured out what was made of this world before "us". - just a reminder that everything has a place and nothing should be undone because the past is what molds us into the present.
adam decamp (19 hours ago)
Do Minecraft and other games and vlogs
I am a cuck (1 day ago)
muffin gaming (1 day ago)
ok i know adam is never going to answer this but, I do want to ask are you ever going back to minecraft like ever even if for a few videos? probably not gonna get answered but whatever, just wanted to say it. Not trying to be rude just saying something i get what you're going for so acheive your dreams man even if you never answer me i hope you see this comment...
Rose Don’t reply (1 day ago)
He really always made me happy🤗 I remember coming home going to my room and just watching him and he made me so happy😭💗♥️💗
SudTheGamer (1 day ago)
damn. its crazy that i watched your vid when i was 5 now 6 years later your here
Ashley Call (1 day ago)
Rip the squad
HeroNinja (1 day ago)
Saddest part I don’t like Minecraft any more but back than I started watching dis man when I was 6 or 7 and now I’m 12
richard robison (2 days ago)
I miss minecraft, I grew up with his minecraft videos.I really want him to go back to minecraft.But I support his decision.
Merk Fantasy (2 days ago)
I was watching since 100k
Nick Murphy (2 days ago)
Welp he’s still dead
Ly Le (2 days ago)
well Im not going back for a while
Lollipopgaming (2 days ago)
Adam or sky as long as it’s you
Lollipopgaming (2 days ago)
Adam or sky I don’t care as long as it’s the same heart
Kenji Caputolan (2 days ago)
Minecraft has a new great update. the aquatic update.
NorahAlpha07 (2 days ago)
Speed wolf (3 days ago)
Shout *skydoesminecarft SKYDOESMINECRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT ANGAIN IT BEEN TOO LONG
Hunter Gunn (3 days ago)
You still don't mention of the 2003 Disney Junior show
Brina Heart (3 days ago)
i hope things get better for you and people who hate back off. do what makes you happy and not what other people want you to do. whats most important is how you feel. your a great commentator and musical artist from what i have listened to so far. your a amazing person. everyone is perfectly imperfect so just be yourself and stay true to your heart.
Catscat111 (3 days ago)
Disclaimer: This is an actual idea not making fun of it be rude about, AT ALL Adam plays Minecraft BUT he complains/ roasts the game while playing it. Adam Rosts minecraft
Art_ _Anon (4 days ago)
Do your thing *Adam* live how you want, enjoy it and overall, just have fun and be happy because that's what your fans would want you be. Love you man, you made my childhood 👏👏❤ I swear I'm not late I just never decided to reply
Ethan Forral (4 days ago)
R.I.P butter you will be remembered :(
ONE G.O.A.T (4 days ago)
My child 7 year old me loved the heck out of sky
Samantha Boizo (4 days ago)
bro, I got into Minecraft cause of him & I stopped or whatever but I’m proud of him doing bigger things and doing him
SleepySlimers (4 days ago)
Sky does Minecraft Episode 1: Shelter If you remember. Please like.
SleepySlimers (4 days ago)
Lumberjack be back?
Team 6 (4 days ago)
😭this is your thing
Liz Does Videos (4 days ago)
Who like minecraf? Who like minecraf?
Lino 06 (4 days ago)
If you don't mention things like butter or the squids again I think we might as well forget you m8
Gianluca Soletto (5 days ago)
It's kinda like filthy frank hes went to make music
Jonathan Noland (5 days ago)
Are you still friends with red, barny, Ross, max, etc
Jerry 42 (5 days ago)
Man thanks for the videos coming back but I'm so happy that you've found something you really love doing. Good luck!
Ilanah-the-killer XD (5 days ago)
Jupiter Mint (5 days ago)
I miss videos with the other dudes ya know ya friends
Epic Budder (6 days ago)
Thank you Adam you were my child hood, my first username was based off Budder(it was EpicBudder) but i will support you every step of the way. 😀
Epic Budder (6 days ago)
Thank you Adam you were my child hood, my first username was based off Budder(it was EpicBudder) but i will support you every step of the way. 😀
Patricia Herdez (6 days ago)
Did he noticed that he actually did showed so munch about him by just doing Minecraft videos
Zach Schultz (6 days ago)
I miss his Minecraft vids
Kai ume (6 days ago)
He sealed his fate now he is dead not our fault #RemeberthebutterKing
Hannah Beggs (6 days ago)
So ssunde is the last minecraft youtuber that gaining subscriber..
Rasyid's life (6 days ago)
Don't subscribe adam is not playing minecraft
Rasyid's life tf
Shannelle He (7 days ago)
Please go back to minecraft
Damian Lopez (7 days ago)
Mincraft plz
alice nguyen (7 days ago)
Wow Adam lost over a million subscribers
AmeliaWindkeep (7 days ago)
Adam I accept you moving on
Hunter Williams (7 days ago)
More like sky DID minecraft😂🤣😳 bet you can’t comment yeet with your nose letter by letter🤘😂😂😎😳
Kmsci Kmsci (8 days ago)
Atleast you made our childhood great
Kenny Feero (8 days ago)
when you go to see a minecraft video but only get to hear about someones shitty music career-
Raptor Gaming (8 days ago)
Rawr XD
Jann Mann (8 days ago)
J Ortega (8 days ago)
I watched your Minecraft vids when I was like 6 now I’m 10!
Gwen Boles (8 days ago)
i’m extremely proud of you adam i did grow up watching you but i’m happy to see you trying to be more like yourself love you
Eeveemaster (8 days ago)
You go adam! I support you! You made me and my friend's lives great. You inspired many of us in this world!! Hurray for adam! Sincerely, One of your fans, Eevee
Slender Guy (8 days ago)
I got an ad for mine craft got really excited realised it was only a ad
My insta and number is here g_right_youknow 13213478416
Hey if you want you can give me the account plz I wanna make my mom proud
Sky Fantasy World (9 days ago)
okay so, we all know that, Sky/Adam was part of our life, like me for example, i nicknamed myself as Sky and i no longer call myself as Michi, hell all of my accounts and Oc's are named Sky, and also we made our little version of Teamcrafted !, -i was Adam obviously-, and he was my first ever youtuber that i subscribed to, so thats to show how fuckin' dedicated i am when i was a child 😂, but now snice im a pre-teen now (12 years old for ya information-) i learned alot from him, so i looked up to him with all my life, but hey we got to let go sometimes, but to keep a piece of my childhood with him, im gonna still keep my name as Sky, so I'll support him to thick and thin, even if he doesn't play Minecraft anymore, im okay with it, i learned to let go, and i also learned to respect other people's opinions and decisions, so yeah, hope ya have a great life Adam. -From a loyal fan that you might remember as SkyTheGirlDoesMinecraft from your old Minecraft days 😂
Lucky Wolf 623 (9 days ago)
I support u
Minecraft is a stupid 10 year old kids block game grow up assholes
NIbb Nibb (10 days ago)
If he quits being part of team crafted, then jerome and mitch r left. Ssundee, mitch, jerome, and kinda adam are the only successful ones from team crafted. I looked. Everyone one hasnt uploaded in like years. Or they have like no views. I loved the old vids and want you to make more. Like the OLD cops and robber. And the OLD hunger games. Have more spirit. Yes, the world sucks, but when you keep acknowledging it, we dont want to listen anymore. I used to love you SKY. But now he's gone. And i guess things are changing.
NIbb Nibb (10 days ago)
Also i still love you adam. Ill support u no matter what. I just really miss the old u. Thats the sky i used to watch. It was super cool. Just do what u got to do tho. Love ya ❤
Mizzy Weekly (10 days ago)
Thankyou 😭😭❤️❤️
Jonny Rigdon (10 days ago)
Don't become ricegum!
Lisa tobin (10 days ago)
Ur choose but im still sad bout ur chose
Lisa tobin (10 days ago)
I respect
pasta_and_butter (10 days ago)
It's like Pink Guy transitioning into Joji.
Hunter (10 days ago)
KSI destroyed you
Eclipsethewolf Taco (11 days ago)
I miss minecraft but it’s your choice 😊
Eclipsethewolf Taco (11 days ago)
Vampiric Kai (11 days ago)
I missed you so much adam!
perrybutter jelly (11 days ago)
your new name could be skydoesgames and u just do whatever u want anything u like just have fun with what your doing
Mr. Freakshow (11 days ago)
At first when you removed the videos I was angry, because it was like you were deleting a part of my childhood. But over time I came to respect your decision as all things come to an end. But, I think I respect you more for bringing them back, because you did it for us. And, to pay you back, it's only right that we support you and everything you do, you're awesome and you should feel awesome!
But the one thing I want answered is... Did he win the war against the squids
Andrew Kueterman (12 days ago)
HopeOrDespair? (12 days ago)
SkyDoesMinecraft hAH DespairDissaproves mOrE lIEk SkyDidMinecraft I am not proud of stealing that. I am very sad now. Does someone have an AR15? More because of Americans because in Australia.. AT LEAST WE DON'T HAVE AR15S, AND AT LEAST THEY CANT END UP IN THE HANDS OF SUICIDAL TEENS.
Connor Kirk (13 days ago)
Your not known for Minecraft your known for making all of our childhoods Adam and I’m happy to see you move one
Flavius Ibrahimius (13 days ago)
This is so sad! Can we establish a new seleucid empire?
Vrixxy (13 days ago)
did you delete your instagram?
Eclipse (13 days ago)
I honestly don't care what you do. You may not be SkyDoesMinecraft anymore, but that does not change the fact that you... ARE... Sky. Because, even if Sky no longer does Minecraft, that is a name that strikes happiness into the hearts of teenagers and children all over the world. So, to me... Even if you don't play Minecraft... You are always Sky.
Eclipse (13 days ago)
Actually, you may not recognise the username because it was a new and minor server, but I met SkyDoesMinecraft once. You were on a server, and I'm sorry for this, but I spawned squids all over you. Notch was there too. It was quite the honor. My username is red_bug16.
Mark Solis (13 days ago)
Mark Solis (13 days ago)
Bro please just come back
C9 Autimatic (14 days ago)
Thing is when I saw your old newest minecraft videos you looked empty and your videos didn't have that spark that it did back in the beginning where I first started watching you, back in 2013 I believe. You made me happy, and I'm happy that you're finally being yourself again. Keep it up!
SkyArmy can't go on without a leader
Thebosstj (15 days ago)
I'm just I'm happy for you but you were what got me into minecraft it's just sad
Ffeferii (15 days ago)
Hell yeah dude
jb 2387 (15 days ago)
ADAM NO sky Is a part of you you made kids laugh and now your moving channels
Oussama Khalfoun (16 days ago)
Where can I download this texture pack?
The Kill Switch (16 days ago)
Please....help.... Need mor mincreft contant. -falls into Earl's kitchen| Earl: HEY THERE!

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