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Communism Exists in Nature (Attenborough Parody)

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Text Comments (149)
NuxVom (2 days ago)
Ryan B (2 months ago)
The real commies are the hyenas. They are the ones that let the lions kill the food and then show up with their whole family. They don't even let the lion hang around while they eat his food right in front of him. Bastards.
Eldrad Ulthran (4 months ago)
A comical video, even though I don't agree with your beliefs, still made me laugh. Continue on with your good work.
Zhen-Lin Wu (5 months ago)
This moron commentator completely missunderstood communism. How did an uneducated half brain moron get to become a commentator is beyond anyone's guess.
Orban Ferencz (5 months ago)
These days everyone loves socialism and communism, all but those who lived their lives in communism. Don't be stupid Western Europe and North America!!!!!!
cherubin7th (6 months ago)
colebarksdale72 (6 months ago)
Jeremiah Tothenations (7 months ago)
The same could be said for Socialism, not that they are all that different really.
amoscarmel (8 months ago)
Well done! I had a chuckle viewing it, bravo!
sledge hammer (8 months ago)
LOL! Got To Love It!
96fps_from_mars (8 months ago)
Do tax cuts for the rich and election hacking exist in the wild?
Däs Aptrgangr (8 months ago)
Oh god. I laughed so hard. More of this, Dave.
Ralph Sunico (8 months ago)
Animals kill... Communists kill... Therefore, Animals are Communists.... or Communists are Animals...
filida (9 months ago)
Brilliant! Subscribed!
Felis Extraterrestris (9 months ago)
those dead lions do not look like being starved to death... i guess they got the bullet then.
MRDRAXX (10 months ago)
LMAO! The best way to inform people is to make them laugh.
Youth TV (10 months ago)
lion = human. good job
Spooky Wizard (7 months ago)
darhem1 (10 months ago)
Actually, lions do share their kills. Look, you are a conservative, this means you don't understand humor, so just stop.
FoxxPix (10 months ago)
You should have a whole channel dedicated to this type of commentary.
Grahamhg (10 months ago)
All tribal societies are technically communist.
Renee Lanning (10 months ago)
If you received some extra dislikes on this recently it's probably my fault.  I shared this on my fakebook and I'm sure my commie "friends" didn't appreciate it.  I have watched it at least 5 times now and laugh every single time!  Make more Attenborough Parodies please!
Miguel Alvarez (10 months ago)
Ignatius Sower (10 months ago)
I just the humour in this, but like always problems arise when communism itself is not well defined. There is a balance between "Having free stuff" as you put it and working for shit yourself. Technically free primary and secondary school education is an investment into children to make them better at working for their own shit - So this left wing element works well today, let's not pretend there's no left wing elements that are good in moderation... After all I don't get why there's this idea that somehow left wing ideas are mainstream these days; The world was far more left wing in the 1960s than today. Today's "Liberalism" has actually very little to do with the classic left wing ideas like socialism.
toulouse666 (10 months ago)
~01:09 to ~01:13 = "...After all, meritocracy is bullshit." LOL!
Peter Hortensius (10 months ago)
1:02 I haven't actually seen lions eat Hyena's before.
Rhine Hard (10 months ago)
"After all meritocracy is bullshit" lmfao I am dying!
Brough Perkins (10 months ago)
Alex Nicholson (10 months ago)
Dave, is that you voice acting? If so, it's a 1-1 match! :D
Netser Ivry (11 months ago)
2:23 *animal commune
Michael Romigh (11 months ago)
Perfect! 😂😂
Pimp Doubt (11 months ago)
So now I'm wondering if you typed "pictures of dead lions" into (I assume duckduckgo?) before or after you had the idea for this video lmao
lavitzbass6666 (11 months ago)
you gotta make more of this type of videos they always bring a smile to my face .. spared the humour around you capitalistic pig lol
Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis (11 months ago)
"This wasn't real communism. Nature should probably give it one more try."
Eldrad Ulthran (4 months ago)
When people say "That wasn't real Communism" they're completely wrong in that Stalin, Mao and other such individuals *were* Communists, they just had their own view on it. This in of itself, however, does not exclude mean that Communism cannot work, it just means that one particular branch of it cannot, and those branches related to the failed branches of Communism are also unlikely to succeed.
Lewis Beckman (11 months ago)
This is absolutely perfect!
RDeathmark (11 months ago)
Kind of wish that you had pointed out the one of the best ways to get a free meal in the animal kingdom is that be an attractive female and that the males will eagerly provide you with food in exchange for sex
GPzSilentwalker (11 months ago)
Jesus said look at the communist flowers they don't buy clothes but get freebies off nature, and the communist goat eats everything nearby without paying for it.
Hl A (11 months ago)
Then gets eaten by a Lion.
Birch Williams (11 months ago)
Too funny. *TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!*
dee mond (11 months ago)
very good indeed :)
Eastern Shitlord (11 months ago)
Lazy lions matter, too.
Simon Seurat (11 months ago)
This is brilliant!
TheYgeth (11 months ago)
Buahahahaha :D
Genadij Smradztoiek (11 months ago)
I know these guys - that's Vladimir Ilyich Leonin and Leo Trotsky.
Miki Flokster (11 months ago)
Communism is jeewsih ideology, from the heart of the judaism and talmudism, Karl Marx jeew so just stay away. With jeews you lose.
Mark Gaudet (11 months ago)
Brilliant Dave, we have been waiting for Attenborough content for too long. Love it
hamster in the machine (11 months ago)
wow, how did you get Attenborough to voice this video? Dave Cullen has quite the connections... ;-)
Sebi99p (11 months ago)
Omg, this was hilarious. Make this Attenborough thing a series!
Free Saxon (11 months ago)
Excellent stuff, your voice over was very good ,bet you enjoyed making that, and it releieved some tension lol
English Heart (11 months ago)
Laughing like a hyena.
icthulu (11 months ago)
Fascist piranha next? Excellent video.
Cromwell the Conqueror (11 months ago)
Ants and bees get free helicopter rides
Hermann (11 months ago)
"This wasn't real communism" - And helicpter don't pay for themselves.
i7fan (11 months ago)
Let the leftists go out into nature and play communism. Preferably among the big cats, LEL. :D
Richy Rich (11 months ago)
Liberals get the bloat too.
uK8cvPAq (11 months ago)
/NEET life/
Grape Culture (11 months ago)
Love it
Spidey Sense (11 months ago)
That is superb Dave! XD
NeedMorePuppies (11 months ago)
That intro was much better Nice and short, cute animation
RazorDiamond (11 months ago)
Natsoc is basically following classic Christian ideas and following the laws of nature tho.. While commuism implies you say fuck you to every logical thing.
christopher snedeker (6 months ago)
RazorDiamond you don't know comminism from stalinism
Matthew Grann (11 months ago)
Lmao. God Damn it that voice you do. Gold, pure gold.
i7fan (11 months ago)
Its Attenborough's voice! :D
Chrisfragger1 (11 months ago)
If this was a democrat video, and I was a Democrat, I would be able to upvote this a few dozen more times... Oh well.
joistein (11 months ago)
Haha this is so funny. LOL
Alex Everyman (11 months ago)
my cat brings me dead mice is he a Commie than?
Felis Extraterrestris (9 months ago)
no, he thinks you're too dumb to hunt yourself and exchanges food for strokes and funtime with you.
Justin Keys (11 months ago)
How many times did you have to try and read that out? Id be laughing too much.
Customer B (11 months ago)
"So, as you can see, this wasn't real communism..."You made me laugh at dead lions.
The Eh Team (11 months ago)
I wait for healthcare to come to me.
Jesser1975 (11 months ago)
They all died because those who went to hunt were too greedy to share. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ilovenh1 (11 months ago)
I can't wait for Dave to get letters from students saying this video is being used in class as if it's real... 🙄
BahamutDKing (11 months ago)
Would all communist kindly beat them self's to death with a golf club, would you kindly.
vitamindubya (11 months ago)
:26 neither are correct. It's who can work in a group best to have babies.
Laura Jokinen (11 months ago)
This is hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂
XfStef (11 months ago)
The communist animal state! Comrade!
Shawn M (11 months ago)
XfStef 2 legs bad, 4 legs good!
Oh, hello thee .Been subscribed to you for some time, love your Pharaoh tutorials.
Mads Sune Hanelius (11 months ago)
As much as I disagree with Attenborough, and Communism, you still misrepresent Communism.
ShortbusMooner (11 months ago)
Ha! Brilliant!!
Social Commentary Channel (11 months ago)
But if we keep trying it might finally work. Thats what CNN told me!
Me Too (11 months ago)
Laci Lyons
Jamie Chamberlain (11 months ago)
hahaha Good job Dave!
Largezo (11 months ago)
Simply princess!
polyhistor (11 months ago)
Well spiders sit all day on their asses and the food just comes to them. Why shouldn't it work for humans?!
Elder Millennial (11 months ago)
polyhistor Fishing with a net is like that, yet is it still hard work. Is their no sustainable leisure to be had in this world?!😭 😂🤣😆🤡
Elder Millennial (11 months ago)
Royston Yinkore They do occasionally steal one another's webs.
Royston Yinkore (11 months ago)
Now if only I could get another spider to spin this freaking web
polyhistor (11 months ago)
Yes it does, they pull it out thier ass like you did with your reply, and you wouldn't claim that was work, would you now?
Lonly Wanderer (11 months ago)
Yes but they have to build a web first, so it doesn't count
steve d (11 months ago)
You should make these attenborough parodies a "thing"....
steve d (10 months ago)
in answer to your redundant question, it is quite simply because you wrote _"Unsubscribed not listening to a communist"_ in reply to my comment, hence the reason i had cause to ask you _"what are you telling me for?"_... .... clearly the pertinent question is _"what are you telling me for?"_ given the fact that you wrote _"unsubscribed not listening to a communist"_ in reply to me in the first instance. As i have answered your query, good sir, it would be most gentlemanly if you would conduct the courtesy of answering my enquiry.
Disco Keith (10 months ago)
steve d didn't sub to you or unsubscribe from you so what you telling me that for?
steve d (10 months ago)
what are you telling me for? i'm not dave and i don't have any content, so there's little point in subscribing to me anyway...
Disco Keith (10 months ago)
unsubscribed not listening to a communist.
Dave "How is this (not) a thing"?
Graham McTaggart (11 months ago)
Coming soon: Disney's Comrade Lion. The breadline of life.
Felis Extraterrestris (9 months ago)
how did the commie animals manage to bake stuff?
hamster in the machine (11 months ago)
lol, instead of baby simba , chief comerade ape will hold up the one single bread left in the whole country
ken moll (11 months ago)
Unnecessary negative comment!
Jen B (11 months ago)
Communism works on a small scale. Most people have a communistic family where some work and provide for the others. The wealth is shared among the family. Communism does not work on a large scale. Children need someone to support them but adults should not unless there is something wrong. A Communist or even Socialist society makes children out of men and dictators out of leaders.
EgoEroTergum (9 months ago)
It's not communism. The children provide zip for the parents, the parents do all of the work and when the children leave the parents get nothing. Have you paid your mum and dad back the thousands of dollars they spent on you for food, clothing, entertainment, education, etc? No. The answer is no. They gave you years of their working lives for no financial benefit. The expectation is that you will pay it forward. It's not communism, the kids have no meaningful say: what it is is benevolent (temporary) dictatorship.
Angryenderman (11 months ago)
I want to put in a comment, but I have nothing clever to say.
ShamockParticle (9 months ago)
Angryenderman Nah, you're just working on real things instead of meme narratives
toulouse666 (10 months ago)
Aleksander Mortensen And our fair share of top Keks.
Aleksander Mortensen (11 months ago)
People who have nothing clever to say! Join together! Vote our brother to the top! We with nothing of value to contribute deserve our fair share of top comments!
PhazonSouffle (11 months ago)
Angryenderman lurk more
Hit'em with humor😁 Logic doesn't work
JoJeck (11 months ago)
This was good, made me chuckle out loud. Lazy Lions deserves to be a meme.
Felis Extraterrestris (9 months ago)
lions are like every other mammal inhabitant in africa... lazy bums that wait for free shit... it's african nature.
JoJeck (11 months ago)
So let's combine those two great ideas and add Margret's greatest insight : "The Beauty of communism in Nature is Lazy Lions get free shit, until other peoples' money runs out"
Midwest Mage (11 months ago)
"beauty of communism in nature, it insures, all animals get free shit" I want that on a button like Shoe's wage gap.
Bob Cunningflaps (11 months ago)
please do an attenborough series, also, do a fake sargon vid, your sargon voice is spot on
PatchCornAdams723 (11 months ago)
When did he do a Sargoy impression?
Phasement Official (11 months ago)
When did he do a sargon impression?
Mark Serv (11 months ago)
I always thought bees and ants were comunist, one queen and the rest are all drones working for her.
Whipped Breen (4 days ago)
No ants are more Anarcho-communist the queen isn't in control of the ants she just layes eggs the ants have no center of command.
Lorenzo Benito (1 month ago)
+NickD25 The Queen doesn't rule anything, though. She is kept by her drones, who collectively decide what to do. There aren't really any good analogues between ants and bees, and human political systems. We're too different from them.
Felis Extraterrestris (9 months ago)
+tactical droid... so ants are national socialists? =D and well... if ants and bees are commies, let's call their "queens" "most equal comradettes" from now on, to reduce confusion.
ShamockParticle (9 months ago)
Billy Nunez And, yes, we're far from lions and other animals too.
ShamockParticle (9 months ago)
Mark Serv Shh, don't destroy the liberal narrative
everyone gets free shit! I actually lol'ed
Non White-Knight (11 months ago)

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