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Beans: Estrogen Rich Foods To Avoid

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If you’re concerned about consuming excess phytoestrogens, goitrogens (ie. compounds that disrupt your thyroid function), and mineral chelators that cause micronutrient deficiencies, then you may want to take legumes out of your diet. Beans of all types contain large amounts of phytoestrogens proven to promote estrogenic activity in the body, they contain goitrogenic compounds that block iodine and selenium uptake in the thyroid, and they contain similar amounts of the notorious mineral chelator phytic acid as whole grains. if you agree with me (Christopher Walker of Truth Nutra), that the body needs sufficient raw material from vitamins and minerals to operate properly without deficiencies, and that it should exist in a state of hormonal balance, then you’ll naturally follow my logic as to what is healthy for the body, and what is NOT. Under this definition, Beans are considered a food to avoid. Let’s take a look at the research: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1207/s15327914nc5402_5 (Shows that under soy legumes have the highest phytoestrogen content per 100 grams.) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0031942271850033 (shows there were four different estrogens present in a flowering bean plant.) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3074428/ (States these phytoestrogens have similar molecular structure to that of endocrone disruptors like BPA.) http://jmclachlan.tulane.edu/PDFs/boueetal2003.pdf (sho ws legume extracts have high levels of estrogenic activity.) They had significant competitive binding to estrogen receptor Beta (ER-B). Estrogenic activity was determined using an estrogen-dependent MCF-7 cancer cell proliferation assay. The extracts displayed increased cell proliferation above levels observed with estradiol. The pure estrogen antagonist, ICI 182,780, suppressed cell proliferation induced by the extracts, suggesting an ER-related signaling pathway was involved. All seven of the extracts exhibited preferential agonist activity toward ER-B. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= (This study on tropical legumes shows a significant effect on the impact of birth on multiple species of animals.) https://scholars.unh.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1787&context=dissertation (Dissertation looking at different plants and the effects that they have on the reproduction in several animals. Looks largely at the influence of legumes on estrogenic activity (uterine weights).) http://www.reproduction-online.org/content/6/1/115.full.pdf (Legumes produced infertility on female mice.) http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/abs/10.4141/cjas62-023#.WxavMVMvzMI Uterine enlargement was found when looking at phytoestrogen effect on thyroid.) http://docsdrive.com/pdfs/ansinet/pjn/2003/170-177.pdf (Goes over some anti nutritive factors of forage tree legumes.) https://academic.oup.com/endo/article-abstract/105/2/342/2591867 (Shows goitrogen effect of tropical legume on grazing animals.) And if all those endocrine disrupting properties of beans aren’t bad enough, we also find that beans have some of the highest content of a compound known as phytic acid of any types of foods. › Phytic acid is a strong chelator of minerals, meaning it easily binds to many essential minerals. This is helpful within that plant itself, since this is an evolutionary design meant to help the plant store lots of its own minerals. However, the plant stores its minerals in the indigestible part of the plant or grain - as a natural defense mechanism - such as the bran, so even during human consumption, the human gut typically cannot actually digest and get access to these stored minerals - for example, in brown rice. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10408399509527712 The phytic acid however, poses an issue to the human body since it still chelates minerals in humans when consumed, especially in large amounts. Some researchers have even gone so far as to assert that humans should not consume phytic acid and it’s consumption in the human body is responsible for the population scale micronutrient deficiencies of nearly every essential vitamin and mineral. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1046/j.1365-2621.2002.00618.x https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=KtzLBQAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PA211&dq=inhibitory+effects+of+phytate&ots=JiMJQL2rCF&sig=5pZpEW2wTIRy8cxD_fluUJLn_aQ#v=onepage&q=inhibitory%20effects%20of%20phytate&f=false (This book on page 212 states the fact of the strong chelating effect of phytic acid and shows that it forms insoluble compounds with many essential minerals. The list includes copper, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, and iron.) Of course this would also mean that vegans and vegetarians are vastly more susceptible to widescale vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to their high intake of phytic acid containing foods in the plant based diet nutrition. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12936958
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Text Comments (348)
Lloyd Naylor (23 hours ago)
Jon Venus tho
Vishal (2 days ago)
Estrogen in Dairy and Poultry is very high as compared to Beans. So why Beans are the only culprit?
Ben Smalley (2 days ago)
This guy really is starting to talk a whole lot of sh*t. Beans have been a staple of blue zones, while that doesnt suggest they are the best food ever it certainly suggests they arent something to worry about. Soak 'em and be happy.
Allostasis (4 days ago)
First of all, small amounts of phytic acid is healthy and bone building. There is a reasons beans need to be properly cooked. Those studies means jack shit in the context of someone eating beans that is pressure cooked where 99% of phytic acid and other anti-nutrients is destroyed. Look at studies showing beans increase bone mineral density. I WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENS HUH? FUCKTARD.
Abed Sarsur (4 days ago)
Beans are one of the healthiest foods you can put in your body, look up the videos of NutritionFacts where Dr. Michael Greggor shows studies that conclude how latin people have the highest life expectency among all other races, because of the inclusion of beans into their daily diet. I don't think that if you follow a diet that provies you with all of the minerals and vitamins that your body needs, greens, fruits, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed meats, HIIT, weightlifting, low body fat%, intermittent fasting,etc... I don't think that all of that is going to be useless just because you added some beans into the mix. Cheers.
lurkzie (5 days ago)
Dude you need to work on your sound mixing..the music is drowning out your voice
SultanNify (5 days ago)
Lol. Rat studies.
SultanNify (5 days ago)
For The Light (6 days ago)
Plastic causes aids. Aka estrogen in men.
lol "aids"
Homer BeSharp (6 days ago)
Scam obviously. The longest living, most healthy folks in the world all eat beans - period. Click bait to make money.
Mr. Cast (7 days ago)
I'm following all your so called protocols and it's silently killing me...I'm gonna end it today...You have to be careful what you are doing bro.Good luck.
Arab Dude (7 days ago)
Yet a study has shown that vegans have 13% higher testosterone than meat eaters
Purely correlative. All vegan studies are.
Joe M (7 days ago)
Is there one pill you sell that I can take to replace eating all foods?
Diplamatik Juan (8 days ago)
Beans are assholes
Andrew Francois (8 days ago)
Dude this is literally crap. Beans are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and all of the longest living cultures consume beans almost daily. Not to mention the fiber content in beans which can work wonders for your gut health and overall vitality. Dude your shit used to be good and informative but this is garbage
"Dude your shit used to be good and informative but this is garbage" Translation: I only like your shit when I agree with you.
Laughed my ass off at "most nutrient dense"
Bindu Madhavan (8 days ago)
What' he says is true for me .suffering from high oestrogen, endometrial lining thickens,severe bleeding 2 times had D&C . Endometrial ablation, Vitamin and mineral ,deficiencies in spite of best foods , Want to work on this....
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
This is total b.s. I grew up in a Latin country where beans are eaten daily (and there's many others like it) and if anything the men had too much testosterone. Ditch dairy and beef as they're full of cow estrogen which are way more potent than phytoestrogens. Also look up xenoestrogens, they're in many products people use every day, even in tap water, and leave healthy foods like legumes alone. And goitrogens in beans??? First time I hear that and I've done a lot of research about the thyroid. In any case, goitrogens are deactivated by cooking and nobody eats beans raw, which is probably how they were fed to the mice (very likely finely ground). Oh, and beans interfere with reproductive health? Dude, it's hard to find people who can't have kids where beans are eaten daily, those are some bogus studies that ignore the evidence hundreds of years provide. A way to reduce phytic acid (and gas) is to soak the raw beans in water overnight and then discard the water. Adding a little vinegar, which I've always done along with several spices for the taste, also reduces phytic acid.
tom Meadows (8 days ago)
I live a plant based life style and I have been eating beans ever since. My testosterone has increased since I began eating beans. Beans are not as bad as Mr.Walker makes them out to be. Where is Mr.Walker's research facts and placebos?
darts16 (9 days ago)
what the hell is with your hair?
Deleen c (9 days ago)
I am going to miss my bean soup. That's ok!
hepcat 67 (9 days ago)
Is there any information that differentiates between whole beans and peeled beans? I've seen some videos of African cuisine, and they peel the beans. If there is an issue with beans, perhaps peeling them will eliminate the problem.
Desert Rose (9 days ago)
This is bullshit
Billy Myers (9 days ago)
Beans also contain magnesium potassium and iron
They're bound, you moron.
denisdrennan (9 days ago)
Really? The healthiest populations in the world war beans, and they live longer. Latinos live longer than white population in US. Guess what they eat? Guess what Japanese eat a lot of? Yup Soy.
Christian Lake (9 days ago)
If you ate worried about selenium intake, simply eat a single Brazil nut a day. As far as iodine, eat 1/32 of a teaspoon of kelp daily and you will get plenty, it isn't hard. Phytates do not inhibit mineral absorption much at all, and are very beneficial for health, since people who consume more phytates have better bone mineral density and lower cancer risk. Beans contain phytoestrogens, which don't act at all like estrogen in the body, unlike meat and dairy, which contain actual estrogen identical to the estrogen in your body. Beans are continually associated with good health and longevity. It is fucking ridiculous that anyone is falling for this garbage.
Armani (9 days ago)
One ounce of cooked beans a day is associated with a 8% lower mortality death rate. Yeah...I don't think they are bad for you. Hmm...I wonder why Hispanics have the longest life expectancy in the US...
Purely correlative. It's genetics.
Braulin Disla (9 days ago)
beans are awsome
Yahusef Yahu (9 days ago)
What about Lentils which is defined as “Pulse” I’m only halfway through the video but I don’t wanna forget
Yahusef Yahu (7 days ago)
Testicular Respiration ok think whatever you like you don’t know why I know I’m a Israelite you’re just assuming you do... but the MOST HIGH will show you who I am and we are soon enough... I don’t need the validation of anyone but יהוה much less some gentile.
Just because they were enslaved once, doesn't mean they're you. You're not the only people that were enslaved in history. Can they all claim to be Jews? Embarrassing logic.
Yahusef Yahu (7 days ago)
Testicular Respiration a Pulse is essentially a Legume... and no matter how much you psych yourself that negros couldn’t be יהודים that doesn’t make it any less true... however I have nothing to prove to you... when it’s all said and don’t you will eat those words.
Lentils are legumes. PS negroes aren't Jews, thought I'd let you know.
Stephan Stefan (9 days ago)
Cooking destroys phytic acid...To create a hormonal imbalance you have to eat very large amounts and probably not cook.. But anyway,the way of preparation matters a lot, everything that's in the can should be avoided
Ramón Cisneros (9 days ago)
Hi Walker, the fundamental problem for your format for anyone who is awake and has experience with nutrition and health is that you sell stuff. You "target inform" You are presenting half of the story and the complex nature of research is omitted. Beans are complex and can be good. But you just dismissed them with incomplete research.
No. That's what vegans do. lol
truth is within (9 days ago)
Ramón Cisneros precisely
Kovenmx (10 days ago)
This is bro science
victorztw bro (10 days ago)
and another myth lets go, I was sure about another one like that
cole nordquist (10 days ago)
Lol beans are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Look up the blue zones, the one thing they all have in common is they all consume lots of legumes.
Purely correlative. There are other factors to be considered.
Generalu Stelaru (10 days ago)
Heck, nutrition got way too complicated. Avoid all of them, just eat animals, and you'll be fine. Go carnivore. Mammoths may be gone, but we still got beef.
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Generalu Stelaru Humans are NOT carnivores, our digestive system can't really handle that, not for long anyway. We should not even be eating any animal products as it is, they kill people, poetic justice if you ask me.
Finn Bell (10 days ago)
Another nut bag. Or marketing scam either way hes a duchbag
atSHADOWBAT (10 days ago)
I hear what you are saying and I know you want the best for us but go ask any bodybuilder about beans.
pranjal sharma (10 days ago)
With all due respect, after watching your video(s) I went to the thermo diet website and I'm sorry to say that 4 out of 5 questions didn't have adequate option so I had to select randomly. Thanks.
Paul nmn (10 days ago)
KINGBABA (10 days ago)
Does that mean coffee increases estrogen!! Since it’s in the bean family
Ella Kaplan (10 days ago)
If there organic still have phytoestrogens ?
Yes, it has little to do with how they were grown. It's naturally occurring.
Jerry K (10 days ago)
sorry buddy but i'm not quitting taco bell. it's all i can afford.
It's poverty meat after all.
Kyle Bird (10 days ago)
Phyto-estrogens are not androgenic, and are in fsxt good for you. You are a lier.
Kyle Bird (10 days ago)
What a fucking idiot. He is saying to avoid the flood most correlated to elderly longevity, and that they eat abundantly in the places we live longest. No credibility, make him a pariah.
Manos Vr (10 days ago)
Only 2 things to health? micronutrients and hormones.. Are you alright dude? Theres cholesterol , antioxidant balance , immune health , macronutrient balance, fiber intake , gut health and many others. If hormones and micronutrients where all there is then every disease would be cured with a multivitamin and a testosterone injection. Unfortunately thats not the case... What the fuck
Draziw Drow (10 days ago)
i jus like beans cus they make me fart
Don't know... Vegans on youtube seems to have a good hormone balance. Simmnet nutrition is fucking huge.
jay chilichild (10 days ago)
I trust the advice of Joel Fuhrman MD who is in favor of eating beans . I avoid them because they are sprayed with Round Up before harvesting with a combine . Round Up is a horrible thing to have in food .
rasiel ykaru (10 days ago)
I am originally from mexico where most people eat all caind of beans and rice and leguns every day i can not live with out i prefer beans over meat any time
bisztro (10 days ago)
Cristofer the content is great as always! You have improved a lot also in terms of presenting the information, the audio is good, the animation slides are great!!! But: you should face the camera in a well lit room. You are sitting in a dark room reading from the laptop. You can record sentence by sentence. I know its more editing but this way you don't radiate these key words: rapport, enthusiasm, expert. I know you are all of these but to grow your channel you still need to work on tonality and presentation. Keep up the awesome work and good luck!!:)
A1 Vegan-HealthMadeEZ (10 days ago)
Oh jeez... yet there’s people drinking milk and eating female cows worrying about estrogen just get outta here
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
A1 Vegan-HealthMadeEZ Exactly! Selective ignorance at its best!
matthewlawless1 (10 days ago)
Hi Chris is your hair growth stack a 1 month supply on all the supplements that are included in the stack?
Lorenzo Potrich (10 days ago)
Ugh! Let’s just live with vitamin supplements then, like The Jetsons.
Joel Pallares (10 days ago)
Whiskey Pancakes (10 days ago)
Great intro👊🏻
Squares (10 days ago)
People are mad cause they like Beans :) I just started eating beans recently actually, I'm preparing them myself with soaking cooking then salting then vinegar tomato bacon onion's. I like the potassium content, that's mainly it, and they're not very insulinogenic apparently.
Arish Rizvi (10 days ago)
Whey protein causes me breakout and hair loss. What should i do?
RBR89 (10 days ago)
Arish Rizvi you pretty much answered your self with your own question...
Matthew McHenry (10 days ago)
Done with this channel. Your studies here don't line up with studies referenced in your last phytoestrogen video. You have a really dogmatic approach to research yourself for how much you talk about how dogmatic principles prohibit research.
clayton Winterbourne (10 days ago)
Matthew McHenry can you elaborate a little? I agree with you, id just like to hear your opinion
AlteroFit (10 days ago)
Don't tell me that peanuts (as legumes) are bad for us too! This info would kill me!
Polo (8 days ago)
True everything comes to moderation at the end.
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Just don't eat other things with similar fats, it's not all or nothing but about BALANCE. And don't believe this crap about beans, just think of all the Latin American countries where beans are eaten daily and none of that "research" stuff is true.
Polo (10 days ago)
AlteroFit Yea + it contains lots of PUFA”s
Dylan T (10 days ago)
the longest live people on earth have beans as the staple of their diet. how?
Ana Leite (8 days ago)
because correlation doesn't imply causation? and who are these people?
SGT ROCK (10 days ago)
What? B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!
Edward Cornish (10 days ago)
Beans beans they're good for your heart the more you eat the more you die of prostate cancer
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Edward Cornish Nonsense! Show me higher rates of prostate cancer in countries that eat beans every day. Never mind, I did a search and the top 3 countries with highest incidence of prostate cancer do not eat beans, at least not regularly (Martinique, Norway & France).
aliamr nourmokhtar (10 days ago)
Awesome video, man I have bean (pun intended) eating beans since childhood thanks for the great info and just a question , what happened to anabolicmen.com ?
Exocomp (10 days ago)
Chris, you need rest, you look disheveled
Davon Johnson (10 days ago)
Christopher Walker: Before you make all of these conclusions based on research, do you check to see how beans effect your own bod’s testosterone levels and other blood health markers? Research as you probably already know if flawed so to base everything conclusion purely on research would make your claims not very conclusive. If you have done blood work to see how beans effect your testosterone and other blood values please share them with your viewers. I’m sure everyone would like to hear about your own experience on the matter and it could also strengthen your conclusion about beans. Thank you!
Beans affect my rectum making it feel like it's about to explode 24/7. I can't live like that again. Now I fart once a week and shit everyday.
Janis B (10 days ago)
Beans need to be soaked overnight and even sprouted first.
Marcos Mercedes Nuñez (10 days ago)
Basically we can eat nothing dammit
Don't watch Fartman on beans, they will get you indoctrinated into NWO agenda.
Beans aka fart grains are not everything.
Inphiknit fractal (9 days ago)
Marcos Mercedes Nuñez watch Fuhrman on beans..way better ;)
McIlwain Solutions (10 days ago)
Love it Chris. Keep grinding. Thanks brother
McIlwain Solutions (8 days ago)
Boooooo Lemme show support in peace
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
McIlwain Solutions You are so gullible...
Dankapotamus918 (10 days ago)
Phytoestrogens sit on the receptor and doesn’t allow mammalian estrogen to sit on the receptor. This is bad why????? That’s exactly what you want!!!
Dankapotamus918 (10 days ago)
Don’t listen to this fucking garbage. Beans are vastly superior to meat, dairy , and eggs which do raise estrogen. Beans have fiber which will help you eliminate estrogen in your waste. Unreal to condemn beans 🙄
Dankapotamus918 (7 days ago)
Testicular Respiration phytoestrogens is a much better alternative to mammalian and xenoestrogen you block head.
"Beans have fiber which will help you eliminate estrogen in your waste" Whilst they increase it in your blood.
Jim Demski (10 days ago)
Chris, what about chick peas/garbanzo beans & black eyed peas?
tdc720 (10 days ago)
Meat, dairy, and eggs are the high estrogen foods to avoid.
tdc720 (2 days ago)
Uh....I don't know.....Steroids? Typical ignorant comment bashing the vegan diet. I've eaten meat all my life. Been vegan for a year. My body composition is as good if not better than when I ate eggs and bacon everyday. And I just turned 60. You just have to consume enough calories on a plant based diet. You don't need meat to build muscle. Or to be an alpha male. Meat is just more calorie dense than plants. There are so many skinny fat meat eating gym bro's. What would you call them? You also see a lot of meat eating bodybuilders eventually develop health problems.
Chris Lore (2 days ago)
Then how come vegan bodybuilders look like effeminate soy boy betas and the bodybuilders who eat meat and eggs look like Greek gods?
tdc720 (4 days ago)
Testicular Respiration Soooo...what do you look like? A jacked athletic physical specimen? Or just another gym bro wannabe. That's what sucks about fucking screwtube. Way too many keyboard warriors.
It's a fact that Greger is a premature aging fruit.
Testicular Respiration nutritionfacts my brother
Meg Sarna (10 days ago)
shut up !! for thousands of years humans ate watever they cud get as food was scarce. u r a result of watever your ancestors ate, we hv too much food to eat in this century anyway. who eats beans everday?? its maybe once a week maybe or once in 2 weeks
"Stop trusting this prick." Stop trusting every roleplaying degenerate pencil neck off the internet, with nothing but his own skewed perception of reality as evidence. This is why we don't rely on anecdotal evidence.
Mahtiah Hildrilae (8 days ago)
I eat beans everyday as the staple of my diet and it's healthy as fuck. Stop trusting this prick.
Ravenous Turtle (10 days ago)
Just pressure cook them
Peer Bermutstein (10 days ago)
But Christopher, my beauty magazine said soy is healthy - and the media is always right! Jkin, good video!
Red Pill Vegan (10 days ago)
👍 *Eat beans and you won't need the probiotics Christopher Walker sells.*
Astral Purpose (10 days ago)
Testicular Respiration Beans produce gas for you because your gut bacteria are not adjusted to them. If you eat them regularly like I do they cause no gas and are beneficial.
Testicular Respiration (10 days ago)
Pathogenic bacteria makes you fart. Probiotics do the opposite. Don't pay attention to this greenhouse gas emitting fanatic.
Nolo Kobo (10 days ago)
Red Pill Vegan still good to use probiotics on occasion but preferably in natural form such as milk kefir or kombucha or sauerkraut
Red Pill Vegan (11 days ago)
Another Banger from the internet's Premier _estrogen_ concern troll. Already handled your flapping asstalk on beans in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfG1lo0WSoY
Red Pill Vegan (11 days ago)
Mahtiah Hildrilae (8 days ago)
you are an oxy-moron.
Testicular Respiration (10 days ago)
'red pill vegan' is an oxymoron.
Mah Zag (10 days ago)
Please do something in front of this Either demolish it for good, or let it be hanging there
jake glenn (11 days ago)
Chris, Your posts are interesting but please limit all videos to 5 minutes max. and redo all of the ones you have done to 5 minutes or less. thanks
John Furlong (11 days ago)
I’ve been eating beans for 28 years, and I still have way more testosterone than this guy.
vegancarblifter (8 days ago)
+Henry Furlong how do you know?
Craig Jervis (10 days ago)
Didn't seem to make the Cowboys less manly.
Henry Young (10 days ago)
John Furlong genetics
Testicular Respiration (11 days ago)
Fart Food To Avoid
n (11 days ago)
Hi my sir. You changed my mind, always though beans as a last resource to full my cravings of those essential amino acids. You've left me hopeless now because what should beans be replaced with in my diet that fulfills my cravings for the essential proteins and amino acids? Could you be my nutritionist here? Thank you N
Arman Nadim (5 days ago)
basmati rice, organic potatoes, organic fruit, organic non factory farmed meat should be the bulk of ur diet; very simple and effective
n (7 days ago)
That did not directly answer my question, but anyways would not mind. Bump.
Asschested Muthafuqa (11 days ago)
By now you recognize that veganism is a cult. Welcome back, brother.
aquame (11 days ago)
Awesome channel good info,,, don’t eat a lot of beans but mom will make some black beans on white rice with steak&onions from time to time ,, Thx
Iluv Merengue (7 days ago)
Anyone can be right on some things and wrong on others, just remember that nobody's perfect. That is the reason why wise people do not follow anyone unconditionally, you have to do your own thinking instead of allowing someone to do it for you. I took a look at one of the studies and the mice had been eating leaves of the legume plants, not the beans themselves which humans eat COOKED, big difference there. So I can't imagine how those researches (the study was conducted either in the late 50s or early 60s) could even remotely think it was the same. I'm still scratching my head about that one.
aquame (8 days ago)
Iluv Merengue yeah I’ve always thought beans to healthy but Chris has been right on before and I rarely eat beans ,,,
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
aquame No, it's crap info, most of the studies he cited involve animals eating the RAW bean plants! Cooking deactivates or minimizes the substances mentioned. Those researchers are really stupid IMHO, nobody eats raw beans. Just think about the MANY countries where beans are eaten daily who have no major issue with the problems he mentioned, especially not reduced testosterone or fertility.
Vardas pavarde (11 days ago)
So what about women if the false eastrogen is good for females
Asschested Muthafuqa (11 days ago)
False estrogen is not good for females. Breast cancer.
Ram Jameson (11 days ago)
Yo bro! Does this also apply to string beans?
eric yam (11 days ago)
next thing you know he is going to say vegetables are bad for yo... oh wait
Asura (10 days ago)
Testicular Respiration Did you know your balls are moving constantly and it actually looks like they're breathing?
Asura (10 days ago)
y'know its "THE TRUTH" as he likes to call his bullshit
Testicular Respiration (10 days ago)
Rice Master That's why he wrote "oh wait" learn how to read you pharting phanatic.
eric yam (10 days ago)
Rice Master r/wooosh
Sirena petite (10 days ago)
Even yams are bad too....>_<
Newsman (11 days ago)
Interesting, Pythagoras forbade his students from eating beans and according to legend died while being chased by bandits because he refused to run through a bean field
laz foot (11 days ago)
now it's don't eat beans? before it was chicken, beef, pork, fish, dairy, sugar, lectin, glutin, vegetables, or fruit especially bananas!). I don't care for beans anyway. When it is hot and humid, I drank gatarade because it has essential electrolytes. Looked at the ingredients, true it has potassium. It has 2% of the rda! Next, I bought some potassium pills. Guess what the rda is per pill? 2% !!! And why is my doctor warning me about my high body mass index, when he is a fat slob?
Tim G (11 days ago)
Dude... I've been following you since some of your earlier work concerning hair loss and testerone vs estrogen hairloss theory. With that being said, I implore all here to check out his material as I can tell you first hand thaty follicles have gotten thicker and though my hairline isn't an overnight success, I AM HAPPY with the slow but sure results that came with changing my diet. And no, I don't eat me like that, in fact, I've reduced it in favor of sea creatures and boy have my nuts been the happiest. Erections reminiscent of high school, though with way more control. Anyway, I digress... What I'm saying is that, I'm very much convinced that you are losing sight of what made you you originally in favor of... Whatever your new outlook is. My diet consists of beans as well and I can tell you now that my T levels are elevated and it has been noticed by many women. I'm not lacking for sex, stamina, or energy to get me through my day. I'm not sure if you are focusing on selling now or if you have gotten to the point of a "if anything smells like estrogen kill it" mentality, but so far your videos are starting to consist of DO NOT EATS without any of the complete source work that you used to include in your earlier material. Granted, you could be on to something with this, but you have to acknowledge that our bodies are intune with balance. No I'm not saying 50/50 testerone/estrogen balance, but more of a position that favors testerone more than estrogen. Yet even with that system, we men, still have a measure of estrogen levels that help keep us in that healthy balanced state. The same and reversal goes for women. I'm just imploring you to take a second and see what made you great in the beginning vs now. Yes, a lot of folk could just be posting because you spoke against beans, but still, this has been trending for awhile now, and it has been to be considered that perhaps, the disgruntled are correct in their reasoning. It is possible to have both, proper research and sells, but I just don't think that this cuts it's, from personal experience.
Tim G (10 days ago)
Mah Zag That's just it for me, his earlier work had MAJOR backing via research that coincided with common since (imo) and backing from real life cultures (multi from african to asian to indegenous populations to even simple self sustained farm life that we sterotypically think of). For me, he would bring up a point, back it up, then you could see it clearly through those real life examples.What happened to that? I posted a link to a hair loss topic. In it, he spoke of how the hair loss meds started booming $$$ wise and that it started off of a theory and half done research paper, if I remember correctly. The point is, that boom, still was backed up by "research". I just don't want to hear, well here is the research without checking the research concretely myself or seeing it in real life. You have to keep in mind that ALL research can be manipulated in some form just to point to an outcome. For instance, 3 out 4 dentist prefer Colgate. Well in school, we found out that variables can be manipulated. So the results are true and untrue. Basically what I'm saying is that I hope Chris isn't becoming what he set out to debunk originally. Regarding the bean research, someone in earlier comments pointed out that we have no idea if these people suffering adverse effects ate beans exclusively (there is a dude on the internet who does this and no, this isn't a good thing), how often, type? Etc. Yet, cultures who DO eat beans more than meat, live generally a healthier lifestyle than many in the west. Like I said earlier, I enjoy what he set out to do, but 3 out of 4 viewers of the last couple of weeks seem to feel that the atmosphere is changing. This is despite the fact that I know PERSONALLY that his earlier research works for many aspects (hair, sex, energy etc) despite the fact that although I DO eat meat occasionally.
Mah Zag (10 days ago)
I completely agree with you, and I used to follow Chris's videos religiously but lately its getting a bit scary and invalid to me, I dont really know where to go from here, he's supporting his words with researchs, is there anything that might be against his theories?
Tim G (10 days ago)
BlueRam347 Here's a really good one: https://youtu.be/taMu2UOYQmY
BlueRam347 (10 days ago)
Tim G Kindly, link the video about hairloss
scotty collins (11 days ago)
These clowns going crazy over beans really...Haha
Landon Parmer (11 days ago)
You do realize that there is a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen right? It shouldn’t be a goal to lower estrogen as much as possible.
Mr. Cast (7 days ago)
I think you are right ! Do you know more about this ?
RAT TERRIER LIFE (11 days ago)
Landon Parmer very true and he seems to focus on only increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen as low as possible
ABHIINAV SINGH (11 days ago)
choose the Ayurvedic lifestyle not allopathic
Asschested Muthafuqa (11 days ago)
Ayurvedic lifestyle means being a tiny starved primordial vegetarian with a dot on your head.
Anthony 1987 (11 days ago)
My protein (powder) source is PEA protein powder. 100%, without any artificials. Christopher is it harmful to consume PEA protein powder for that matter?
Asschested Muthafuqa (11 days ago)
This applies to all legumes.
Anthony 1987 (11 days ago)
Superegular Bob M I avoid dairy/milk. So I bought PEA powder. Back than the internet suggested to use PEA powder since they contain great amino acids as well....
Bob M (11 days ago)
Why protein powder? Do collagen supplements instead
Superegular (11 days ago)
Train Eat Sleep 365 Days Peas are a legume, as are beans. They're essentially the same shit.
gary smallwood (11 days ago)
There is a bunch of mad vegans in here.
Philip J Fry (7 days ago)
Iluv Merengue First of all most Latin countries are rampant with malnourishment and starvation and I'm sick & tired of vegans lying about how healthy Africans and South Americans are. That is bullshit! Second any food that is healthy can be eaten raw and that includes all animal foods and eggs. I used to eat 6 or 8 raw eggs every day before going off to work as a hardwood floor installer for 10 yrs. Cooking converts indigestible starch in to easily absorbed starch so carbohydrate content is increased.
No, I've never lived in a Latin country, I'm just being an asshole because vegans deserve it. Cholesterol doesn't clog up arteries, it's calcification due to inflammation.
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
gary smallwood I'm unsure about what you mean by that, many other foods need to be cooked in order for them to be safe or for us to be able to get any or most of the benefits. When I was still an omnivore I NEVER ate any raw animal foods because it's unsafe and our digestive system can't really handle them, but anyway, to me the thought was repugnant to say the least.
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Testicular Respiration Well, time for you to start changing your picture, perhaps you've never lived in a Latin country...? Latin men have had a great reputation for ages of being great lovers and the "macho" attitude they're known for comes from excess testosterone if you ask me ( I'm a woman, btw). The meat myth needs to be laid to rest, I can show you how vegans come out better in tests, plus cholesterol clogs up arteries, including those that go to the penis which explains why so many American men start having problems with their "manhood" even in their early 30s.
Iluv Merengue *"Just think of ALL the Latin countries where beans are eaten daily and the men have plenty of testosterone"* When I think of "plenty of testosterone" I tend to picture meat-eating Caucasians and Africans in America.
wayne eligur (11 days ago)
I think yeah it's OK in moderation. As I think baldness in many cases can be corrected and easily reversed utilizing modified personal hygiene and re-education concerning the mechanics of skin and hair which are largely ignored or unknown. Supplements sure are a lucrative business yet simple steps can be better implemented much more to the point. Greater results with knowledge and education.
Robb's Homemade Life (11 days ago)
First generation Hispanics in the USA who eat a lot of beans have a longer lifespan than whites and blacks.
MRaZra (11 days ago)
In your previous videos you have already mentioned about how bad phytoestrogens are. I am sure it was an eye opener for some people. I was wondering whether you can come up with phytoestrogen index like glycemic index. So up to 55 is low phytoestrogen, between 55-70 is averaged, over 70 high phytoestrogen. Many products are phytoestrogenic but till what extent are they bad. This index might be helphul for everyone and also less confusion about what to eat!
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Xenoestrogens and the estrogens contained in dairy products and meat from cows should be of more concern than weak phytoestrogens that have bean consumed for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years all over the world with no evidence of harm.
I need foods that induce the liver enzymes that help eliminate long term anti-psychotic depot injections. Enzymes like CYP3A4, CYP2D6... Now I'm unsure of which liver enzymes eliminate these drugs, so it would really help is someone can tell what I can do. Specifically, the drug in question is paliperidone, and I need to know which foods will help. I know that smoking and weed can increase the time it takes for eliminating this drug because they lower cyp3a4, then again due to not having experience with this, or the know how to research I'm unsure of how I should adjust my diet to help eliminate this drug.
KarimBilal1 (11 days ago)
I think everyone want's you to scrap this and start teaching the government assigned food pyramid.
KarimBilal1 (10 days ago)
Necropants Yes lol. Milk gives you strong bones xD
Necropants (10 days ago)
KarimBilal1 That one designed by agricultural companies not nutritionists?
Andrew Williamson (11 days ago)
That is why beans are baked. It is to destroy the phyto-estrogens he's talking about. Vinegar will also break down the phytic acid and not only stop chelation, but also release the minerals the phytic acid was chelated to in the beans. This is how cultures have been able to thrive on beans for millenia.
eric yam (7 days ago)
Philip J Fry cool story bro
Philip J Fry (7 days ago)
eric yam Beans don't just need to be cooked to be non toxic, they need to be soaked for long time and the water thrown away and then cooked at high temp in a pressure cooker or an oven all day long. They are still toxic to many people regardless of what you put on them and they often taste & digest like shit. They will send you to the hospital if you fail to process them properly.
eric yam (7 days ago)
testicular respiration, you are so full of shit. that is why we cook food.
Iluv Merengue What is this, some sort of vegan elitism? Get the fuck out of here.
Iluv Merengue (8 days ago)
Testicular Respiration Are you a raw vegan? Otherwise you can't claim that.
jason jason (11 days ago)
Are peas on this list? I use a lot of pea protein powder
Asschested Muthafuqa (11 days ago)
All legumes.
Superegular (11 days ago)
jason jason Peas are a legume, as are beans. They're essentially the same shit.
eric yam (11 days ago)
jason jason peas are great for you. Very high in valine.

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