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"Relentless Redial All Morning"

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Fake IRS-Relentless Redial All Morning by, Ilona Tepes, ZaZa Gabor, Marie Rossi . If you are going to listen to my Video's please hit the like button As I do to support Everyone's Channel
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Text Comments (17)
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (1 month ago)
My goodness that guy likes the word "okay"
Yasmine al Habbibi (2 months ago)
"Helen F. Troy" Brilliant!!!
Yasmine al Habbibi if you find that funny look at my other videos I'm all kinds of Queens 👸 😂
Tarri Mount (3 months ago)
You are great I have another video on Lucy ven pelt was taken to cvs to buy I tunes cards then he had melt down watch it pretty good for 2nd one. Please watch
KevInChester0 (4 months ago)
You can't share this with a turd purty.
Survivor_Man (4 months ago)
I love the limo twist...
if you like that twist watch my Queen Catherine of Aragon-Tudor LOL funny
Burgermeister And Frees (4 months ago)
Yes. That time of year. Please ignore these bakrichods.
j Jammer (4 months ago)
Great video
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
Take a sip of wine every time the first scammers says "ok?" Lol
DeRock Scambait Vidz I would be stoned drunk 😵 real quickly lol 😂
SoundBoard Anti-Scammer (4 months ago)
Wow you had a busy morning !
Little Peace (4 months ago)
This is a good time, Francine 😁👏 (48:09) Nice name, kind of has a ring to it. 😊
I used so many names that morning, I didn't know what to say so i was looking at my desktop screen and just used two of the words right there lol than I realized in live stream of Joe Scambait that Jetta was in there ! LOL was not done on purpose I assure you
KAREN BaitsScammers (4 months ago)
Hi there awesome job with these fools ..Nagaland scammers ugh worst ever LOL
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
916, thats my area code lol
DeRock Scambait Vidz I'm watch you DeRock 😉lol no I'm joking 🙃 I was on with them from about 8am till 1:30 pm .

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