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Best Free Steam Games Episode 2! (Only 1 FPS and 1 MOBA this Time)

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Episode 2 of our best free steam games list! Out of our list of 60 best free steam games, we are now looking over number 6 to 15 on the list! Last time we looked at the top 5 free steam games, which most of you knew already. Hopefully this list provides some new best free steam games to try out! This list was developed based on a algorithm that takes into account the games steam rating, total players, and it's current popularity. This doesn't make for a perfect list but it does give us a good starting point when looking at the top free steam games and then we can argue the rest! As always take some time to comment below about your favorite steam games, what you thought about the games on the list, and anything else you want to talk about in life :D __ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jechmate Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jechmate/?h... Discord - https://discord.gg/Yg8sVcC Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (21)
TheCookieCriminal (15 days ago)
you do realise that doki doki has suicidal scenes in it, right
JechMate Gaming (14 days ago)
TheCookieCriminal no I didn't! Thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention as I'm sure that could be triggering to some!
Ryan TheIrishMan (20 days ago)
Loved the video ^_^ they just keep getting better and better! Paladins is on the phone now too :P I feel like that makes the game even more popular
JechMate Gaming (20 days ago)
Thanks Ryan! How have you been lately? And really paladins on the phone? That seems odd haha
exotic_ sk11s (22 days ago)
haha I love your hair man
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
exotic_ sk11s haha thanks! I think that was my after nap hair 😂
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (22 days ago)
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (20 days ago)
JechMate Gaming yes
JechMate Gaming (20 days ago)
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io nice! Do you like overwatch better than I'm assuming?
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (21 days ago)
JechMate Gaming 50hr then I got overwatch
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io yeahhhh! How much paladins have you played?
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (22 days ago)
Brawlhalla and battlerite are good for new pc gamers
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io That's true. I don't play platformer fighters too much so I enjoy the fact that I can get one for free instead of buying the other ones on steam
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (22 days ago)
Adventure capitalist is terrible imo
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
Yeah it's just how ya feel about Clicker games. I get that they can be addicting because of their achiements based nature but they also get repetitive!
Meheezy Plays -Agar.io (22 days ago)
Also clicker heroes, they are bad
Peanut Butter (22 days ago)
Thanks for making this.
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
pink cat boy you're welcome! How has your week been pink cat?
Hidden (22 days ago)
Man, I really liked War Thunder. It is indeed pay-to-win and you have to put in WEEKS of play to get the planes you want. Still very fun, but they changed the control scheme and I uninstalled. I also liked Alien Swarm. Very hard if you don't have a mic and some skill.
Hidden (21 days ago)
They took the simplified controls of WSAD and mouse steering and made it more complex. You can still use the simple controls....but only if you can navigate the menus and the new wording to find out how to return the settings to normal. They made it more friendly to people who know what they are doing and are using joysticks and such.
JechMate Gaming (22 days ago)
Hidden gotcha! What did they change the control scheme to? And yes, it actually does take some serious coordination on the harder levels!

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