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President Obama plays soccer with a robot

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President Obama takes a moment to interact with ASIMO, a robot at Japan's Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit http://imagesource.cnn.com or e-mail cnn.imagesource@turner.com.
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Text Comments (407)
PAHADI DAGDYA (2 days ago)
Could you make dreaming robot
Sorry not dreaming doraemon
Anne (25 days ago)
Too bad the bot didnt kick the ball in his damn face
John C John (1 month ago)
What happened to Asimo? The only humanoid robots in the news right now are from Boston Dynamics. Did Honda kill it?
Vqn 4Dream (1 month ago)
its cringy how Obama dosnt react to the robot incredible movements,it looks so fluid
Dhansay Chandra (2 months ago)
Aapka whats app number
Dhansay Chandra (2 months ago)
Agar haa to aapka to kaise
Dhansay Chandra (2 months ago)
Kya hum ye robot aapse purchase kar sakte hai
Leah Selman (2 months ago)
they run even faster holding a foozeball. Some of em kneel
the gaming zone (4 months ago)
@0:41 secret service be like potus may go down so be ready lol
Peter Bird (5 months ago)
Obama looks good in white.
Jek Porkins (5 months ago)
Are you sure they didn't just put a child in robot clothing?
Duke Lewis (5 months ago)
if you want Americans to start buying this robot, just teach the dam robot how to fuck and lick. American women spend over 3 billion a year on fake plastic dicks and vibrators. some of them even buy electric tooth brush, not for oral use but for down town use. if this asimo robot can fuck, Amazon will be 100 times richer selling and shipping out this machine to this honey married American woman with Ed husbands
Rose Lee (5 months ago)
In 2014, I saw a few futures. One was the nearest. The second was the 10 years later. Then the far far future. I saw the self-parking technology before it happened. A few months after I saw it on the news. Also in this future, the robots park cars at Malls and restaurants. This future is bad. Because it is the beginning of the 10 years future ahead. Because of us being too busy racing against each other and too in denial of the reality of Global Warming problem, that human being was almost wiped out of existence. All lands became deep under water. And the weather was out of control that living on the water was not possible. Thus, those that had survived lived in the sky. A certain technology allowed us to be able to build the city in the sky. Many of those who survived became slaves to those who have the mean to live. It was as if God made the Earth fully flooded. I had thought that God had caused the great flood that was greater than the one in Biblical time. Then, I saw something that caused the problem. It wasn't just the rain. It was a combination of three things that happened at the same time. Something happened in space that had affect the Earth. It melted all the ice in the cold region to fill the land. And the overwhelming of pollutions caused the weather system to cause accessive rain and rain nonstop. There was another cause that I have long forgotten about it that also was the factors how all the land are flooded deep. This future was what saved humanity from going to extinct. Because soon before WWWIII came this happened. If WWWIII had not been stopped by the flood, we would have wiped out each other. Not even Earth would survive. I had thought some nasty Alien had controlled us to destroy each other. It was a shocking surprise to learned that it was us who destroys ourselves. Greed, hatreds, and jealousy. This was foretold in the Bible and this will end up destroying us. We ignored the signs that mother nature is in great dangers. On Earth exist a weather system that what made all life form possible to live on Earth. We messed this system up. We made it not working probably. When we were in primitive age, we do not have all that we have now. The weather pattern was normal. Then we started to progress. This is when pollution introduced and the weather pattern became changed. Then slowly the weather system began not to work regularly. It is reprogrammed to do like it was designed to do. We reprogrammed mother nature. The more pollution we put out into the air, the more severe Mother Nature will release her stuff that needed to cleans the Earth's Air and lands. More rain and longer period of rain. More wind strength to equal to the amount of pollutions in the Air and land. More frequent of the strong wind type. If we are to escape this future, each and everyone on this planet has to take part in doing to avoid this future. Do something now and do it quickly or be doom to face this future. Racing to be the most powerful at the cost of the Earth and the inhabitants. They never thought that once catastrophe happened, it will effects them too. All that wealth only to be destroyed.
Cloud Jmi (5 months ago)
Very dangerous!!
A (5 months ago)
Very impressive but these comments make it seem like their isn't a team behind all of the movement and speech.
Dr. Spectre (6 months ago)
ugh I am so glad this moron is not president anymore but so sad that trump is. Tip to future generations, dont elect a president because he is cool or makes stupid promises that you know he won't keep like trump, elect a president because of his or her accomplishments before they wanted to run for president. We should have a society were wealth isn't a measure of money, but a measure of knowledge, contributions and accomplishments to your fellow man and this world!
The Man (6 months ago)
theoldrblxfan (7 months ago)
Asimo kinda sounds like a boy :3
Everything Cool (5 months ago)
itsameMario203 I didn't think it has an official voice
Everything Cool (5 months ago)
itsameMario203 yes
sandun pg (7 months ago)
0:58 so many secret agents!
4D_X (8 months ago)
i love japan
Min H. OO (8 months ago)
US is late in this robotic field.
Sorab Das (8 months ago)
Alex K. (8 months ago)
"I also come with a gatling gun that is mounted in my forearm. Let me show you." Everyone: "Oh shhhhhhh..."
20 02 (1 year ago)
Cody Smith (1 year ago)
That girl is cute
Héctor Pérez López (1 year ago)
pero que buena pierna papa!!
I've seen everything
Samuel Preston (1 year ago)
Donald Trump would never do this! I & most of Britain wish Obama could stay present forever! 🇬🇧
AngrySmurf (1 year ago)
In a few decades, these things are going to be fighting our wars for us. Then us.
elber xxx (1 year ago)
I miss obama, he was a good president.
Last chance (1 year ago)
japan should invent a spaceship that can go trillion times faster than a speed of light..so we can know how far the universe stretch
hankscorpiouk (1 year ago)
Asimo plays soccer with a robot :>
OhStylo (1 year ago)
A puppet isn't a robot :D
Ahmed Shaikh (1 year ago)
I like how everyone is saying that obama was looking for a way to weaponize it even though hes not the type to.
Bedrock Studios (1 year ago)
Right footed but left handed. Interesting
i think the future is coming
James Moore (1 year ago)
LUTCHMAN Nicolas (1 year ago)
americans don't get too excited this is made by honda
David Teale Jr (1 year ago)
if elon musk was smart he should invest in this.
Pro Whaler (1 year ago)
Under Affirmative Action, Asians have to score 450 points higher than African-Americans to get into Harvard, which Asians still outnumber African-Americans anyway, so I guess that means Asians are intellectually superior? GM bankrupted, Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep bought out by Italy's Fiat, Nissan just surpassed Ford world wide sales. Toyota bigger than GM and Ford combined. Honda developing advanced robotics that the government funded U.S. military has a hard time developing.
Terry King (8 months ago)
Samsung is the world's largest corporation in Korea, and then LG
Ryan Phelan (1 year ago)
if i met him i would be his best friend
Weeaboos Hunter (1 year ago)
he would kick you in the nuts
Jonathan Mella (1 year ago)
Really awesome!!! 😱
YangSing1 (1 year ago)
"It walks like it shit itself" - Karl Pilkington
Caleb (1 year ago)
The Institute is among us
Ivan The Communist (1 year ago)
Let's slay them. For The Brotherhood of Steel!
Zak Ras (1 year ago)
0:29 We're dead.
EnzoTheBaker (1 year ago)
Rise of the Planet of the Asimos.
Roosseno Alfathan (1 year ago)
in the future,i believe that honda develop their asimo to have pussy for us to fuck with...
Mochii Moonns (2 years ago)
The robot I just like a little kid showing off
Yerovi Torres Robles (2 years ago)
juega mejor al futbol que los mexicanos xD
Cnn broadcasting this on the home of anime and saying it that its porn
Space (2 years ago)
Robot play with Obomba.
Samuel Colunga (2 years ago)
0:58 imagine if he kicked it and send him flying to outside the window.
RC Powerlifting (2 years ago)
GhettoMist (2 years ago)
Americans are sooooo jealous. I'm American and I am.
Terry King (8 months ago)
me too ~I'm jealous of Asians,
b pavilion (1 year ago)
I dunno if I would call it jealous... Fear? Concern? The beginning of the movie "I robot" coming to life... But jealous? Nah not feelin' that right now...
Marvin H (2 years ago)
obama gave asimo a shit bow
Ken Adams (2 years ago)
Obama thinking, why isnt Asimo painted black?
Sagamba Muhira (2 years ago)
Actually the faces is black the are no White with out black
Aeternus (2 years ago)
White is the most basic and easiest colour to make anything out of. Plus it's boring. But hey I think Obama is thinking why isn't a simon painted yellow instead because of the Jap connection.
Spencer Dalling (2 years ago)
+Ken Adams Well i imagine once it's finally released it will come in an array of colours. Black, white, red, orange, magenta. Plus this is just the prototype.
Phreshnis (2 years ago)
+Ken Adams ...Everyone already knows what Asimo looks like, so that would have been kind of condescending, and offensive maybe.
Zora 41 (2 years ago)
cuz white is the new black
Uranium 235 (2 years ago)
It starts at kicking balls and it ends at kicking people from the window. It's sad that people don't understand that all humanoid robots are same as Blinky TM.
KnoelisBest (2 years ago)
WOAH! Did you see his first touch! :o
Offloyd Domain (2 years ago)
+Lionel Messi Robots will finally beat Barcelona in the champions league final!
geirtwo (2 years ago)
Robot technology is evolving way too slow. ASIMO was the most advance robot in 2000 and in 2015 nothing have changed.
fleeky (1 year ago)
for real i thought obama was the first president to meet with the robot race. thats cool. also i cant wait for robot girlfriend because women are too preoccupied being better than man and doing shit that will eventually make them unhappy and miserable. or maybe they are waiting to marry someone they work with and have already lost their best years. sad because im still 22 and ive lost hope for humanity.
Velociman 204 (1 year ago)
Why don't you make a robot then if you think robot technology is going way too slow then you could certainly do it faster. We still have no such computer power to be able to simulate the human brain or even map the neurons of the brain. Power is a huge problem. In order for robots to move more fluently and more quicker, a robot needs more power. Humans don't have that kind of technology to fit a ton of power into a small battery. Motors still need improvement and scientists still debate over how cautiousness really works. We are still infants when it comes to robotics. We really only started on this technology about 30 years ago. There isn't even much a demand for humanoid robots at the moment. Humanoid robots are one of those things that would be cool to have and could make work easier, but we don't really need them.
Basic (2 years ago)
+geirtwo True... But Asimo is cotinuing to advance EG in 2000 it didn't individually articulated finger joints, so it could only do rough grasping actions. Now it can handle delicate objects. In addition, there have been massive advances in the way it interacts, from [mostly] a human-controlled puppet to an autonomous device capable of making decisions based on complex circumstances. Just because it's the same shape doesn't mean it isn't evolving fast.
geirtwo (2 years ago)
+Queen Elizabeth II Sure Boston Dynamics have made some great innovations in robot technology. But ASIMO is still the overall best and most advanced *humanoid* *robot* . The Atlas robot is impressive and have better balance, but it doesn't have much intelligence.
Queen Elizabeth II (2 years ago)
+geirtwo Boston Dynamics would disagree.
Mind Space Apocalypse (2 years ago)
We had a good run, but ever since WW2 the whole fuckin world went bat-shit crazy and it's the beginning of the end. Humans are disgusting violent and greedy, we failed as a species and it is now on the eve of oblivion. Technology is just another form of "nothing's ever good enough" attitude and a little child-like mentality that can't deal with shit.
no hassle (2 years ago)
Obama is thinking to himself, damn If I could use them on the battlefield to kill civillians.... eh, I mean terrorists then this tech would be amazing.
Lie Detector (2 years ago)
Jarane, koja ofiražaaa :D
bsstyle123 (2 years ago)
terminator incoming
luizbiel (2 years ago)
when is it gonna say "there are no strings on me"?
Tho Athome (2 years ago)
+KanonGamer BR the day you and everyone become slaves like in the matrix.
Saphira Luxray (2 years ago)
All we need now is a life size Transformer and I'll be happy. Not the ones at Universal Studios either, the REAL ones. 20ft-50ft tall! :D
xDinox (2 years ago)
Asimo can kick a ball quite hard. The next step I would have to say is that he should take rest :) Ya know, sit down or sit on a chair or something.
mr always (2 years ago)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! japan is somthing else..
Laurence Gagliardi (3 years ago)
That thing is awesome!!!
Let's Get Rational (3 years ago)
80 dislikes? Wtf? This is amazing!
Why can't anyone help me? I'm in an armor real body suit in agony. SOS Christy invented time travel bama roll tide! That's where I am. Don't listen to the robots around me the security the men flying are all robots.
steve d. (3 years ago)
Is mexican mu friendd jaja
Mission Geronimo (3 years ago)
Did anyone else die laughing when the robot hit that dance at the end😂😂😂😂
hk18810186 (3 years ago)
the girl next to obama is so fking cute
Claribel Espinoza (3 years ago)
Cutest robot ever!!!
YourComputerExpert (2 years ago)
+ElfKingthe1st Bullshit. It took 2 decades of engineering, they aren't going to sell that for a shitty 2.5 million dollars. It's parts alone would probably cost 2.5 million dollars, but if you take into account the amount of time and money it took to develop it you would get something 500 times that price.
ElfKingthe1st (2 years ago)
+Donald Dalpian He is for sale for only 2.5 million US Dollars. :)
Donald Dalpian (3 years ago)
+Claribel Espinoza ikr?? I want an ASIMO! <3
Donald Dalpian (3 years ago)
+Claribel Espinoza ikr?? I want an ASIMO! <3
Expandable-Chan (3 years ago)
yall leave the poor robot alone! It's adorable and useful for non dangerous things and leave Japan alone too they're going advanced little by little
Hibbgibbi MC (2 years ago)
+AlmightyPanda-Chan its not poor it costs 1 million per robot, you can rent one for $150.000 per month.
commonman80 (3 years ago)
Believe it or not? This is why Humans need to be careful when they decide to donate their bodies to science. Because in 100 years or so? After you have passed away? They may use YOUR BRAINS to power the cognitive aspects of a Robot. So, even after you "Think" you've lived a full "life" and have "Passed Away" Peacefully? Your Brains may be "Reanimated" in a FAR MORE ADVANCED ROBOT like ASIMO... You have to think, Do you really want that.... Yep...
commonman80 (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Jung It's NOT Paranoia... It's Fact... Science is ALREADY Reanimating/Stimulating The Human Brain of those who are Deceased... The plan is to use Human Brains operate Machines like ASIMO... I think you can find Videos on The Subject Here on YouTube...
xGnaks (2 years ago)
Omg that would be awesome
SuperCardFan (3 years ago)
Japan don't show the robot to the Americas they will make a weapon out of it.
Donald Dalpian (3 years ago)
+rasboten2 ASIMO was already on Kelly & Michael, Ellen, and on a Disneyland show attraction.
Donald Dalpian (3 years ago)
+rasboten2 ASIMO was already on Kelly & Michael, Ellen, and on a Disneyland show attraction.
ka hi (3 years ago)
grand kaiser (3 years ago)
the fuck? this dumbass robot just kicked the ball once and then hopped around like a retard. i was expecting it to be doin some crazy ass scissor kicks or some shit
G7 (2 years ago)
It was doing that to show how it good on one foot to show how its balance has been made better.
grand kaiser (2 years ago)
+Diana Soto yeah but titling a YouTube video correctly is very easy.
Diana Soto (2 years ago)
+grand kaiser Creating a robot is not as simple as it seems.
Finalhour10 (2 years ago)
Bruh I don't know if you noticed but it jumped on one leg and it's really smart.
grand kaiser (2 years ago)
+. nah of course not but I do know how to appropriately title a video
†邪YOKOSHIMA (3 years ago)
MJ's Glove (3 years ago)
POW POW robot had a gun and runs away with that scary run of his lmao
Mago Lam Kundalini (3 years ago)
Franck Ribery (3 years ago)
phoenix feilix (3 years ago)
its the last think i can think off we made cars beacuz were too lazy to move around we made phonescuz were too lazy to visit our naghbers and now we made robots to clean our home and take out our garbage not cool [excuse my language inglish is not my first language and my nonsense]
Samantha Belfiore (3 years ago)
Asimo is a fucking show off. I CAN HOP ON ONE FOOT TOO. CAN I MEET THE PRESIDENT?
Samantha Belfiore (3 years ago)
I wish Obama would've punched Asimo in his fucking face
DAVID4GAMER (3 years ago)
asimo, first prototype, next step, win some friendship with out archinemesis president, final step, hope that the robots dont rebel and screw us all.
Dr Said EL Ashker (3 years ago)
I doubt it!
Owen Dunn (3 years ago)
That thing is scary
itscork (3 years ago)
+Oliver Otcasek They'd have to take my guns first. And that's not happening.
TheCrazedDog (3 years ago)
toxic_teaaa (3 years ago)
ASIMO kind of sounds like Crona from Soul Eater in the English dubbed.
Jayjay ayade (4 years ago)
I hate this robot
benatmane boudjmaa (6 months ago)
fuck you nigga monkey
StreamVid7 (3 years ago)
+Jayjay ayade That's because ASIMO has more supporters than you! People like you who live in the ghetto just don't get it
ninos112 (4 years ago)
Does it use the same shitty 5sp auto transmission honda uses on their cars
StreamVid7 (3 years ago)
+ninos112 Is you life shitty?
k3wlk1d (4 years ago)
at 1 minute it gets autism
ハンター (4 years ago)
 manchester united need asimo!
D5quared91 (4 years ago)
The voice for the asimo droid is pretty terrible. I was expecting something more like HAL.
david stevenson (4 years ago)
It's looks like China invited America over to come see there new Xbox.
TheHorizonlime001 (4 years ago)
il y a 45 millions d'américain qui vivent avec des coupons alimentaires , MAIS que fait OBAMA ?  il joue au football avec un putain de robot japonais ........retourne travailler , espèce de saloperie de démocrate ....
be3ho7nm (4 years ago)
They would better learn how to make robots to clean nuclear shit that they have made.
NFAfilms (4 years ago)
Robot:whats up my nigga? Obama:WTF??!!!

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