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EdenPure Heater Follow Up

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This is a 3 year follow up concerning our EdenPure Heaters and I'm replying to those who disagree with me.
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sotxbob (3 years ago)
Bahahahahaha !! Thumbs up for the heat the house with the iron comment !   It never ceases to amaze me the shear quantity of know-it-alls that will dispute absolutely anything  on here if they feel like .. "blowing some hot air your way."  Do they use the item? hell no. Have they ever even touched one? another hell no.  When folks manage to make a better mouse trap, there will be those same folks doing the same critique and still poo-pooing whatever strikes their fancy. 
e2sguy (4 years ago)
If all that mattered was the wattage and they all had same btu you could just keep your toaster plugged in and heat your house on your toaster or as you mentioned the wife's hair dryer . Everyone is an expert these days it seems and they'll be quick to point out the science of heat yet they never tried the product from personal experience. .
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
BINGO! I actually hold a Texas State Masters Electrical License and these heaters make no sense to me but THEY DO WORK just as I've said. Thank you for writing...
TheCinderella29 (4 years ago)
My friend has Eden Pure and turned it on. I could not believe how warm the home was in just 10 minutes. It heated the whole house. She has had it for years and said her electric bill is never over $59.00....... My cousin has one too and she said when they run it the furnace doesn't turn on. They turned the furnace down. I think they need to turn down the Eden Pure too.... It works.
JJ P (4 months ago)
Yes they work awesome! But you have to be smart enough to understand the concept. Most people have no clue about anything but turn on turn off. Then complain my bill's to high! I have been using the Eden Pure for over 4 years now the recover of the room is quick and comfortable.
MiamiCOIndiana (6 years ago)
EdenPure heaters like you say do work. I was shocked in fact on how good they really do work. Heats my entire house which no other electric heater has ever been able to do. Glad you enjoy yours like I do! I'm also on my 3rd heating season with the same EdenPure heater. They rock!

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