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My Thoughts on Stargate Atlantis

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Text Comments (548)
LordSpleach (1 day ago)
It was nice that they brought McKay to Atlantis cause he only showed up on SG-1 a handful of times beforehand.
Steve Warner (4 days ago)
Loved SG-1 but adored Atlantis. Quite liked the Genii episodes. Found them interesting in being a civilization whose tech and ideas were like the authoritarian states of the 1940s (albeit with better computers with dreadful monitors), but had to interact in the shadows through the galaxy. Would have been nice to see them develop a bit more, especially after the coup. Might read the novel continuations someday.
Mad Cinder (15 days ago)
"You're a really good friend, Arthur."
mattwho81 (15 days ago)
SGA deserved one more season, just to properly tie up the plotlines. Those last episodes felt so rushed.
Jeremiah Griffin (18 days ago)
I would like to hear your thoughts on stargate universe
DreadSire (22 days ago)
Having just watched both your Stargate recaps, time to dust off the old DVDs and binge watch 200+ hours of Stargate!
Kevin M. McNabb (26 days ago)
I loved Stargate SG-1 but I very much liked Stargate Atlantis and I thougth Rodney McKay was done very, very well. It did get better as the seasons progressed.
JohnnyNismo (1 month ago)
Atlantis is to SG1 what DS9 was to TNG.
kokos742 (1 month ago)
It is so much funnier if you actually understand Czech languague and you see that he is genuenly making goofs of american actors :D
Legion Forester (1 month ago)
I loved Atlantis but SG -1 was good too. Universe was shit
TheJadeFist (1 month ago)
I'll agree the Genai story archs, it just didn't seem to logically follow, they should have been allies, or maybe have a rough patch and end up as allies. IDK how to better explain it other than the animosity felt forced.
Super Cat (1 month ago)
They were going to do TV movies like they did with SG1 but I think there were some financial problems with MGM or something and they got cancelled.
Mike B (1 month ago)
The complete Atlantis series on blu-ray is frequently on sale at Amazon. It's a bargain.
Joel Hewitt (1 month ago)
McKay may be the strongest component, but Taela was definitely the sexiest and most beautiful.
CrackAlecIn (1 month ago)
Do Stargate Origins!
1 2 (1 month ago)
I was prepared to be outraged when you said you considered Atlantis to be superior to SG-1, since I consider Atlantis to be SG-1's slightly retarded cousin, but it makes more sense when 90% of your praise is focused on Rodney. Rodney was a really strong character, almost too strong. Atlantis was very much The Rodney McKay Show. The one episode I always think about is the one where the puddle jumper gets wedged in the Stargate and they have to find a solution for the situation before the gate disconnects and bisects the ship. It's brilliant.
ACRON verse (1 month ago)
I'd love to see a review of Universe and the god-awful Origins
Cartoon News (1 month ago)
I preferred SG1 but loved Jason Momma's character
darthchris19 (1 month ago)
God damn, was Richard Woolsey a great character! He proved himself interesting several times during SG-1, but Robert Picardo knocked it out of the park in Atlantis! For, the best expedition leader! Samantha was great, Woolsey was better!
CrackAlecIn (1 month ago)
Been re-watching the good series' (SG-1 and Atlantis), and I heavily dislike Dr. Weir. She gets really uppity whenever someone goes over her head or doesn't consult her. She really doesn't like not being in charge of someone.
Zapp3012 (1 month ago)
Hey Dave. When are we getting the SGU video? Interested to see your take on it.
MrGrownman455 (1 month ago)
OH dude. You're about to get me emotional. WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE SHOWS LIKE THIS AGAIN??? Instead of feeding us this SJW dumb down SCI FI movies. I miss Stargate SGI and SGA. I can watch the whole entire series of Star Gate SG1 and Atlantis a 100 times and still not get tired of watching it.
JJ Parker (2 months ago)
I liked both Sg-1 and Atlantis but, I wished that character development was spread out more evenly between the actors with both series but, the writers seemed to have a problem writing for more than two actors for each series. When Atlantis came along Mckay had both the jobs of Jackson/Carter so characters like Teyla had zero development since the first few episodes. I kinda hoped they would kill her off towards the childbirth/Michael because her use seemed so lame by that time. I think in the end we find out she stays primitive and trades tava beans here and there. I also wished more info and stories should have revolved around discoveries within the city and by the time Janus's lab experiment and the Atterro device episode Mckay seemed annoyed by Jackson's idea that anything else about Atlantis was interesting. In the end Atlantis was little more than a giant warship with a Stargate that could dial earth. Going in I am not sure I would have paid as much attention to the series if I knew the city was going to end up being so pedestrian.
Austral (2 months ago)
Rodney is by far my favourite character in the entire StarGate franchise. Hewlett is magnificent!
A Friendly Bandit (2 months ago)
the best tv series! I still watch repeats now :D
dean counts (2 months ago)
I loved Atlantis a ton but still no match for original with O'Neill
OverlordMcGeek (2 months ago)
That painting of Rodney being a badass during the episode, "Harmony" is still my desktop background.
J Colin Mizia (2 months ago)
I would also add “Trinity” to the McKay list. Watching him face the consequences of his ego and learning that he isn’t infallible made for some great character growth.
alaster boneman (2 months ago)
you may or may not be happy to hear that star gate atlantis now has an on going comic book series (puplished by dark horse comics) which beings almost immediately  after the end of season five.
Kimbap Tempura (2 months ago)
In this world of Sanctimony Trek worship it's nice to see two of my fave SciFi series lauded. I always saw all SG1 iterations as really good and none of the changes ever threw me, and I see Atlantis as just another iteration...I truly enjoyed both series. It's sad that SG Universe was such a misfire.
Byron Graves (2 months ago)
Got to say you made a mistake with your analysis of Shepard. Its a pretty big point in the pilot that Shepard has a problem with the chain of command. The biggest difference is that Shepard is a much darker character, much like movie O'Niell, because he has mistakes that haunt him, where O'Niell has already dealt with the death of his son by the time the show starts and is a much more fun character.
Hiruye Afework (2 months ago)
I loved the show also
Jason Schlierman (2 months ago)
I agree, Atlantis is the better show, but I still enjoy SG-1. I don't like to speak about Universe. Yuck!
fujigerry (2 months ago)
Awesome evaluation. Atlantis and SG1 are amongst the best TV series ever created
Synergi Lund (2 months ago)
Post your Stargate Universe review. I'm curious what you thought. I loved SG1 and SGA but hated Universe. I didn't like the crew, I didn't like the ship. It was a cool concept but the stories were boring. The only show I really liked was when they stumbled onto another civilzation and I believe they hinted that someone or something had made a planet but we never got to find out who or what they were hinting at. I also thought communication stones cheapened them being out on their own. Eli was the only one I liked. The rest of the cast was just flawed, glommy and depressing, much like the shows set. Ever BSG had interesting things happening. I honestly didn't care if any of them got wiped out. They just weren't that likable(except Eli) at least to me. The black guy on the show, I don't know what it was about him but he was kind of annoying. I'm not signling him out, I honestly just didn't like any of them. He just sort of rubbed me the wrong way, not sure why. So did their top commander guy in charge as well as the senator's daughter. I liked Sun Francks on SGA more, but replacing him with Jason Momoa was the best thing they did for the show. Maybe this show needed an alien to help fill out the cast as the last two shows had. And no, not the Senators daughter and whatever it was they were trying to turn her into.
jsbrads1 (2 months ago)
John Shepard was the best character, tho I can't deny Rodney did have the best acting scenes, in Tao and Shrine, when he regresses to childlike memory loss. My fav episode? Childhood's End
Neil (2 months ago)
The problem with both SG-1 and Atlantis is there was no real sense of danger. The baddies were always cannon fodder. One wondered how the baddies ever managed to take over their respective galaxies. For Atlantis, the difference between the Wraith in the opening episode and subsequent episodes was dramatic. In the opening episode, the Wraith warriors could cloud the mind of the humans, but they seemed to lose this ability in subsequent episodes.
Moontrimmer (2 months ago)
Now roast Stargate Universe please.
Master Junta Jasra (2 months ago)
Loved these shows (SG1 and Atlantis) and you went through them really well, any chance of an analysis of Stargate Universe? (it is a clear loser to me but would love to hear your take) Also, I would love a Rodney McKay episode, he is my favorite of Atlantis.
yutube jode (2 months ago)
not as good as SG-1
Blutteufel (2 months ago)
That episode where McKay got roofied with Wraith jizz and Hulked out on Ford's butt buddies was pretty damned funny.
Don't forget Stargate Universe can't wait to hear your review of that ;)
MadSilence (2 months ago)
We need more Atlantis!!! Sheppaaaaaaard
Lari Kipe (2 months ago)
I am so glad all three Stargate series were made before the insanity of the radical left hijacked our country and culture. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING that comes out of Hollywood now is contaminated by the in-your-face racism, bigotry, sexism, and intolerance of the far left. You can't watch anything today that isn't saturated with race bating, conservative attacking, gender reassigning, female dominating, gay advocating, anti-white straight male discriminating agenda, and the intolerance and bashing of anyone with dissenting opinions. And I say this a gay man who disavows the arrogance and insanity of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community.
dat noob (2 months ago)
the second to last episode was the best fkn episode ever
Beskar Armor (2 months ago)
Universe ended up being my favorite. It was one of those I didn't like at first but if you gave it a chance the characters really grew on you. So sad it was only given 2 seasons.
Alex Kairis (2 months ago)
DAVE! What about Red Dwarf???
Chiriac Puiu (2 months ago)
Will you do a Babylon 5 video too? :D
Malisman77 (2 months ago)
I was incredibly disapointed by the ending of Atlantis. The last episode felt like it droped from someones nose and was stretched to fill 45 minutes. Lost City was amazing, I wanted something similar. BTW: Ending of Battlestar Galactica, that was trully epic. Full of memorable quotes, personal goodbyes, excellent fight scenes, just perfect. Atlantis was really disappointing in that regard.
PiLambdaOd (2 months ago)
We don't talk about Stargate Universe or Stargate Infinity.
mintydog06 (2 months ago)
Not sure which I like more, this or SG1, but it might be SG1. Atlantis is still a great show, I love the way the two shows cross over and you see characters in both. Of course, Rodney is the best, especially when he's such a wimp when hes in trouble, but then so full of himself afterwards. One of my favourite episodes is 38 minutes, also the one where Rodney is hallucinating and he sees Major Carter, brilliant. I love the space battles and the Daedalus ship, commanded by Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi) It's great every time he shows up.
Peter Huang (2 months ago)
Still looking for something to fill SG Atlantis hole in my heart.
squattingheads (2 months ago)
Also they overpowered characters more and more from episode to episode. Mamoa killing 1000wraith by himself or a goauld with mot even blinking. Mackey could juswt land on a ship and take control in seconds. And then they even dumbed carter down for him. It was developed that she was smarter over 10seasons sg1
squattingheads (2 months ago)
In SG1 weir (orwhatshername) was portrayed by another actress that was waaaay more likeable.
Guardias (2 months ago)
I like how you just glossed over the existence of the worst Atlantis character, Teyla.
khatack (2 months ago)
Are you trying your best to be a stupid hipster? I mean if you are, it's working.
tomzicare (2 months ago)
Sheppard was so much better than Mitchell
Chriscom28 (2 months ago)
You forgot when McKay met his double from an alternative universe. He was quite jealous of someone being more intelligent than him and seemingly be more likeable than him. Though later when he left he realised his co-workers petered the original McKay. It was a great way to show his insecurity about what people thought about him.
Marko Lomovic (2 months ago)
I really love Atlantis but damn its lore is not in line with SG-1.They went off the rails so much with Wraith and Ancients. It broke continuity and overall doesn't make any sense.
Sipseyhiker (2 months ago)
Ug. SG1 was amazing. Atlantis was mediocre.
Mikey B (2 months ago)
Wow, this really slmost was the Rodney Mckay show :')
Mikey B (2 months ago)
The episode when Rodney has an Alzheimer like disease broke my heart.
Mathieu Leader (2 months ago)
did you know their was brief Stargate cartoon
Netan MalDoran (2 months ago)
You going to do one on Universe too?
E Davies (3 months ago)
Joe Flanagan has tried to bring the show back. There are really too many Stargate fans to not get some new show from the IP.
Sid'istic Atheist (3 months ago)
OMG!!! have you seen STARGATE ORIGINS.. AArrghh!!!
Bella Dea (3 months ago)
I'm not gonna lie... I watched for Jason Momoa. The show was good too.
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
There is one and only one reason to watch Stargate Atlantis. And that reason is Dr. McKay. Just like Urkel is the only reason to watch Family Matters. In general, Family Matters is the 2nd most racist TV show of all time, after Amos and Andy. Any time a white person was ever on that show, it was only to show how racist, evil, lazy and irresponsible they supposedly are. There's nothing good about Family Matters.... except Urkel! And there's nothing good about Stargate Atlantis.... except Dr. McKay! The Wraith, the enemies in Stargate Atlantis, are a complete ripoff of the Atavus, the enemies of the last season of Earth Final Conflict. The continuation of their stupid invention of "ascension" from stargate sg1 goes full retard, and boy does it not belong on a science fiction show since it's pure garbage new age metaphysics bullshit. But Dr. McKay, he's the life of the show. He's the only reason to watch. Sure, he's not the only prototypical genius mad scientist, there's Rick in Rick and Morty, there's Dr. Farnsworth from Futurama, so he's not COMPLETELY something you haven't seen before, but the thing that's great about Dr. McKay is how familiar his daily concerns are in addition to that. He's like.... if Homer Simpson was a hypergenius.... and alternated petty simpleminded, self-centered, petty motivations like racing to take the last slice of pie when you've already had 2 slices and everyone else has only had one, with building a better hyperdrive or saving the universe from being collapsed by a piece of alien technology, and his flaws often came back to him with consequences. And I can tell that the actor himself is not a complete moron like Amanda Tapping, and that really shows through in the character he portrays.
Brandon G (3 months ago)
Maybe because I never watched Firefly I didn't get that attached to Jewel Staite, I thought she was brought in near the end of the show. Nothing wrong with her or the character but not very memorable.
George D. Marsack (3 months ago)
The Shrine is my all-time favorite SGA episode. It gives me the feels. :) SGA is also my favorite Stargate series. I miss you Stargate! Hope to see you on TV again someday...
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (3 months ago)
SGU is sucks ! Too dark, too gloomy, too much crew conflicts and hostilities ... The Long-range communication stones are the cheapest plot device in Sci-Fi history. They also used it way too much !
TooLegit ToQuit (3 months ago)
Very nice. Let me guess, you can really relate to McKay ?
joe52496 (3 months ago)
love the review, but since you have gone this far down the rabbit hole you must do Stargate Universe :D
Bujio (3 months ago)
I'd like to hear your thoughts on Red Dwarf. =)
Franken Castle (3 months ago)
I completely agree with your takes on these wonderful series :D be interested to hear your thoughts on the abomination that is origins xD Here is how we bring back Stargate Awesomeness "StarGate Ronon's" we form a black ops team of Tealc, Ronon, Todd the Wraith and Vala who go around doing "off the book" missions
tweech2000000 (3 months ago)
I grew to LOVE McKay! He made that damn show
The illusive man (3 months ago)
Do Stargate Universe Video Next !
Cyber Rat (3 months ago)
I'd love to see your thoughts on Battlestar Galactica: 2004.
farleycz (3 months ago)
Now imagine this. Damn, it's 10 years ago. Life-long SG1 fan, Atlantis is like in it's third season or something. TVs here in Czech Republic almost given up on the franchise, so we had to VPN and torrent our ways to the show. (Remember, way before Netflix and stuff...) Yet, there was this annual nerd convention every year and that year I went because David Nykl (Zelenka, Czech character) was a guest there. Damn I still have his signature somewhere. <3 ... during his talk, he dropped the bomb that Carter would be leading Atlantis. Maaaaan. I don't think I've ever written so many text messages to so many nerdy friends so quickly. :D :D :D ... aahhh. Good times.
Evelyn Ace (3 months ago)
Mckay dispite how much you hate him he grows on you over time
sharpshiell (3 months ago)
@ 4:40 yup.. Mcay. ASOM
perkin127 (3 months ago)
My only problem with Atlantis was the ending, it needed at least a film or extra series.....I just miss it
EveryPixelCounts (3 months ago)
SG:A should have at least got a movie.....
Benjamin Antman (3 months ago)
Stargate Atlantis - now we're talking... one of my favs as well compared to SG1
Justin Widle (3 months ago)
Amanda Tapping? More like Amanda I can't stop fapping.
Aluzcz (3 months ago)
Atlantis was shit show
Hirsch (3 months ago)
I love to finally hear someone who also prefers Atlantis to Sg-1, I agree with you on all points but one, I actually really liked Fords' storyline, even if it wasn't all to well fitted into the first two seasons. I was wondering if you had the time to read the Legacy Books? I find at least the first six books to be a nice continuation of the show, most of all Rodneys' and Todds' storylines,. While Rodney was developed very well in the show, I thought the Wraith were a wee bit too 2- dimensional. If you haven't read the books, I implore you to read at least the first one, it's worth it. Anyways, one last question, will you be watching the new Stargate Origins show? I think the first three episodes look a bit fishy, since they are only 10 minutes long. I don't feel the invoke the Stargate feel very well. I would be curious what you think of the new show! (Also, thanks for making me cry by showing the clip from Tao of Rodney, one of the saddest episodes in the series)
1MrErling (3 months ago)
Love Stargate, but not Genii stories an Dr. Weird
Hype Ninja (3 months ago)
Hey... the EMH is in this...
Andrea Woodvine (3 months ago)
Loved SG-1, SG-A was great, I'm looking forward to your upcoming SG-U analysis as I really loved that show and felt it was so killed off for all the wrong reasons. But please, don't do one for SG-I!! That cartoon doesn't really deserve the time of day, let alone the SG branding!!
Vidar Jensen (3 months ago)
I agree with you and all points, love this series as well as SG1
E12k4lt (3 months ago)
I´m really interrestet in the SG-U version of this, because in my eyes it was really good (althoug the first few episodes were really "soapy").
SciFi Source (3 months ago)
You hit the nail on the head with this one, i agree with you on pretty much everything you said.
jessica butler (3 months ago)
❤️ SGA
MamboJambo (3 months ago)
I felt this show had more freedom, than StarGate had. I felt that Stargate had this cage it cannot step out of. Later in some of the Orai episodes it opened up a bit. Maybe other characters being just "escorts"/fillers?
Rogan621 (3 months ago)
Col. Sheppard with much more respect for the chain of command? really? all he does is going against the chain of command
Gustav Adolf (3 months ago)
How could you not mention *TODD*
Gary Adams (3 months ago)
Atlantis's last season was absolutely its best. Can't believe it was cancelled after that.
Gary Adams (3 months ago)
We liked Jason Momoa before he was cool. :P
dan b (3 months ago)
Can you do a video on Rodney McKay’s character please, I like his character a lot

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