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10 Best Pirate Games That Let You Captain a Ship

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Filled with tales of battle and glory, the world of pirates has inspired many motion pictures, novels and video games. The exotic islands of the Caribbean, the emerald sea and the golden treasures are some of the main elements that come to mind when thinking about a life of piracy, but besides these beauties, there is also war, blood and plunder. If you find this combination suiting, then you might also like our list with 10 of the best pirate games that let you feel like the most daring ship captain that ever lived! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com
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Text Comments (292)
Julian Moller (1 day ago)
half shoe discuss igncdt protest ownership endless exist proud fish mystery artist history
Jonny B (10 days ago)
Seriously? You didn't include even one of the Sea Dogs games?
*RedEyeXL* (20 days ago)
Pirates Creed 4:Black Flag i mean jeesh we spend most da time on boats, ac4 was still good but ac is going to shit in my opinion, people say origins is the savior, havent tried it yet im on unity atm
Sethei (22 days ago)
War Thunder ))))
Jimmy (28 days ago)
Pirates of the carribean was my shit for so many years. why dont they make games like that anymore ...
iLL (1 month ago)
krew.io??? it's beat game better this man xd
Arne Timmer (1 month ago)
What version of Sid Meier's Pirates! is this you showed?
Huggleston (1 month ago)
Top 10 *Best* Pirate Games That Let You Captain a Ship "First Place is Taken Away By....." "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean"
Basicyapper6 (1 month ago)
Can’t believe you didn’t add pirates of the Caribbean online to the list!
Steam Funk (1 month ago)
Tempest is an open world rpg
Mr.Angry (1 month ago)
SNES Uncharted Waters was amazing for it's time
Benno De Bruyn (1 month ago)
no naval action? xD
boris armeni (1 month ago)
You forgot many important details about Windward, like ability to create your own factions, ability to trade between cities, be it yours that were already established or in a region that YOU colonised. Beside that there is plenty of conquest be it against enemy factions or Pirates themselves also you can change your allegiance whenever you see fit. Also the ability to customise your ship with a wide array of different colors is a nice feature. There is also a wide array of tools that for instance let you terraform the land using explosive barrels of gunpowder or to build watch towers and lighthouses. And also you should mention that Pirates! you were showing is the Wii version. It's not that I don't like it I love it but some people may be disssapointed to see that there is no ability to customise your Captain or your ship, that conquering city requires you to bombard it, but rather that you can't customise your ships except for flag and the banner of the country, that capturing a city requires you to fight a turn-based land battle with troops and that in Wii version you can only have 5 ships in fleet while on PC you can have a much larger fleet. I can tell you I played both of them !
Hellfire 661 (1 month ago)
It's incredible that for all of the games that are being pumped out - especially these futuristic FPS games that very few people like, that not one developer has though to make a modern, functional and (PLEASE) realistic pirate game where you take to the seas and shape the Golden Age of Piracy for yourself, plundering the high seas, the fight for Nassau and much more, with ports that you can interact with - not just UIs, and a range of ships that you can command - perhaps building your own fleet...and the ability to search the land in an open world style too, as well as the sea, with your crew (with an intelligent AI) and fight land battles, sieges, and of course, naval battles (with the option to go in first person around the ship and use the guns yourself, and to take the wheel when your crews are doing a good enough job). It just seems like a lack of common sense that this game has not already been made. It would make so much money. It would be great if there were side activities like taverns, hunting, diplomacy perhaps (if you become a 'pirate king'), consequences for your actions etc etc, and the option to play single, or multiplayer, because the best looking pirate games seem to be multiplayer only and that bothers me too. Obviously a game like this would be big, and would take some PC power to run, and would probably cost a bit...but if they did this well it is honestly a game that they would have a RIGHT to demand £50 for compared with all the utter trash they keep releasing now. And let's be honest, yes, it's a big project, but we're more than capable of it now. It just seems like common sense that a developer after lots of money (and which one of them isn't) would make one of these. People seem to love pirates, a lot more than they liked that recent FPS title that was set in the future, I forget its name. And please, break the pattern...NO SEA MONSTERS! Or at least have that as an optional setting! Nothing would annoy me more than wanting to forcefully remove Governor Woodes Rogers from Nassau and having to fight monsters with tentacles wrapped around my ship...NOT REALISTIC!
Han Lockhart (2 months ago)
3:23 Wait-a-minute! The game never let me change my hair or skin colour in Sid meier`s pirates. And I played it a lot. I can`t have missed that.
‫‫TracerHD 曳光彈 (2 months ago)
who remembers age of pirates?
Dylan Stein (2 months ago)
Where is the 2007 Pirates of The Caribbean Online i know it was shut down but it’s still a great game that fits the criteria of the list.
Adam Wimmer (2 months ago)
I don't remember being able to customize my avatar or ship appearance like that in Sid Meiers Pirates
Belacan (2 months ago)
A very great game! If you guys have a time, please check out my full gameplay of Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean and other games without commentary on my channel too. Thank you and you guys are awesome :) click here for watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG4Yf8mbLaQ&list=PLx3rf2O5XtoTXMUoqRc5V9ZW6yU70dbAc
Azlan (2 months ago)
Skulls & bones is another 2018 upcoming pirate game btw
Val 31 (2 months ago)
Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas???
SonataFanatica (2 months ago)
So you're starting out with the best and ending with the worst? A daring move! ;)
Eyeslayer (3 months ago)
The only truly good game on there was Black flag. is that the only game that does pirates that has been made in recent history or are all the newer navel pirate games based out of a basement using graphics from the 90's? i'm just curious because i'm looking for something up to date and a lot of fun. i've played black flag till i can sing along with every song and know ever inch of the map that is at first large but quickly becomes way too small as you play more and more.
Random Jedi (3 months ago)
thanks for the helpful video!!
ARNO VIKTOR DORIAN (3 months ago)
are there any games like this on android
Orpheo Semele (3 months ago)
"Sword fighting, and even dancing!" Such enthusiasm!
Renee Wilson (3 months ago)
the pirate caribbean hunt plus the pirate plauge of the dead
Isaiah Garret (3 months ago)
Obama is a nigger
ِhamada Mohamad (3 months ago)
There were an old one that you could install a getling gun anyone one knows the name
the Moguntian (3 months ago)
Blackwake is absolutly worth it to buy! 13$ at Steam atm
James MustPlay (3 months ago)
Age of Bowtey!
CasperNL (3 months ago)
where da F**K is Naval Action its the most realistic game
Stanley Sims (4 months ago)
Port royal
Josh Engel (4 months ago)
You should review Pirates off the Burning Sea
Craig Murphy (4 months ago)
Where can i get Number one !!!! looking for a playable version of this game is like trying to find treasure
niko bitan (4 months ago)
When I was 6 I played a pirate game. You have tower and cannon on it. You have to. . shoot pirate. .ships around the tower.you have specilal abilities for cannon.For exp.shark(crushes down pirate ships), mines,more ammo for cannon etc. Now I have 16 and I cannot remember it's name.please help.
SAK (1 month ago)
Mid seir pirates
David G (5 months ago)
you forgot sid meiers pirates
Atrus MystESP (5 months ago)
Monkey island 1 and 2 are masterpieces xd
Todd Jenkins (5 months ago)
I have had a great time with "The pirate: Plague of the Dead" and "The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt" recently.
GAMEFAQ Moses (5 months ago)
i love playing these kind of games it makes you feel like how exciting and horrific a pirates life on the sea
Shadow (5 months ago)
games are cool plus my computer and a calculator
Deven Pucci (5 months ago)
"Best pirate games"..... Yet you name a game that hasn't come out and no ones ever played.....
Radicrash (5 months ago)
Be a good YouTuber and post all the video games in the description so i don't have to click through your video just trying to catch the names.
Mr. Rootstack (5 months ago)
Wish there'd be some new RPG-like titles, because the last good game in this branch was "Pirates of The Caribbean".
Reaper of souls102 (5 months ago)
damn i did not get his soul
Zugsta (6 months ago)
Blah, what a rubbish list. A lot of those are multiplayer garbage, mods, or cheap iphone style games like Windward. Also as much as I love the assassins creed game, it had a very shallow pirate aspect. Most of the game was you running around a modern day office ( sooooo fun) or doing standard asscreed ground missions. Talk about a genre that desperately needs more attention by devs.
iplaymages (6 months ago)
top pirate games list and there's no age of pirates and risen franchises?! - fck it, i'm outta here
WarMask (6 months ago)
This is the most retarded vidéo on pirate's games ever... Blackwake is all about combat. Sid Meir's Pirates is a small game with no deep mechanics... Etc... You just suck. Wasted my time.
Hyper Ships (6 months ago)
my best ship ive ever played is World of Warships hands Down???
Alexander W. (6 months ago)
You forgot pirates of the carribean online
manyfails (6 months ago)
the gameplay of sid meiers pirates is actualy not the real one its more or less of it actualy (its hard to explain you should yarr it to see what i mean)
unusual hat (6 months ago)
actually, Sea of Thieves is a upcoming 2018 game
oFFicial Defcon (6 months ago)
Potco now tlopo a recreation of potco stand for pirates of the Caribbean online or the recreation version is the legend of pirates online
oFFicial Defcon (6 months ago)
Skull and bones? Another great upcoming pirate game
Zakari Handsman (6 months ago)
what about the mother of all pirate games and core of these engines Sea Dogs?:D
The Xand (7 months ago)
Guns of Icarus might not technically be a pirate game as it's about steampunk airships but nails the general vibe, and worth a look if you're into that kind of thing.
William Pendleton (7 months ago)
That Sid Meier's Pirates! doesn't look like the vanilla game. If it's a mod, what is it? Normally you can't customize much.
OakTree Gaming (7 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean Online... :(
cosma 202 (7 months ago)
Can you do a top 10 games when you can be a admiral of a space fleet
Bradley Davidson (7 months ago)
do a segment on Assassins Creed Pirates or Pirates Caribbean : Hunt
Perry Bain (7 months ago)
If you liked the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' game then you might be interested in the other pirate games from that same developer with the most recent being Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships
VivaToddVegas (8 months ago)
Awesome list!!
So, in assassins creed 4 black flag, I have the game for ps3 but I have no space to put it in any other TV. IT'S TAUNTING ME..
Isac Jonsson (8 months ago)
Sea Dogs 2 for the win. To Each His Own was like a shitty mod for it.
WorldOfKnives XDXD (8 months ago)
The pirate caribbean hunt
Ze Medicine mann (8 months ago)
Where is the pirate: caribbean hunt? It's so succesfull there's already a sequel. Altough the main story of the first sucks cannonballs, the second one has a more interesting premise. The battles are challenging, you have open world and can acces many different ships
Lord Rahman (8 months ago)
Skull and bones is awesome up coming piret game
Hans VonHelmet (8 months ago)
What about pirates of the burning sea?
Aung Sithu (8 months ago)
Voyage Century is one of the best game i ever played, but in game currency kill it.
oc_prankster_ gangster (8 months ago)
also Assassin creeds pirates
Niels van Blitterswijk (9 months ago)
Pirates of the Burning Sea? anyone?
Buccaneer's Reef (9 months ago)
The best is actually the free mega pirate simulation Gentlemen of Fortune: ERAS2 - Privateers and Profit which can be had from Buccaneers Reef dot com nothing is needed but the download. Download, unzip, push start and play...
Mitchell Shaw (9 months ago)
There was no character development on any one in the crew on black flag
GenQ (9 months ago)
Pirates of the burning sea is one great game!
Max Kemna (9 months ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I clicked for the title since i love that game, So did you
purplealienjez (9 months ago)
the best porate games are sea of theives and asassins creed 4
Styrish Lewis (9 months ago)
Skull and Bones !
Peyton Nash (9 months ago)
Skull and bones if anybody hasn't seen it, will most definitely be on this list when it's realeased
TheDutchGuy110 (9 months ago)
0:44 Buy ships? what do you think? that a pirate buys a ship? hahahahaha
ExploringAndMe (9 months ago)
sea dogs 2 is indeed the best of that series i agree played them all
alexisaddicted (9 months ago)
Do you guys know any good like Pirates of the Caribbean ? I have played that game and is just amazing the way it was built and I am not able to find a similar. Well warband mod is kinda but is very very buggy. Any suggestions ? The amazing part about the game is that the inland and sea combats are all amazing, you can trade, go into taverns, take quests and leading a fleet.
Blindave (9 months ago)
Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry ;) best, tho very expensive
Kyle Sharks (9 months ago)
"Do or do not, there is no try" Yoda
Sufi (10 months ago)
and be didnt show a gameplay of Assassins Creed Black flag, bitch please
Patrik Exner (10 months ago)
Port royal guys... i expected it to be on the top
Mr.Man The best man. (10 months ago)
Tempest wasn't even worth to be mentioned.
Thisqra (10 months ago)
One piece burning bloody or one piece pirate warriors 3 nice pirate games
just a guy (10 months ago)
the pirate caribbean hunt ???
Todd Jenkins (5 months ago)
I like the undead version better, jmho.
Isac Jonsson (8 months ago)
Its just a mobile game, isnt really that great. If Sea Dogs 2 is 10 on the list, Caribbean Hunt has no way to compete.
Golden Fantasy (10 months ago)
Salt the game is a pretty good pirate game
Paradoxal (10 months ago)
The Original Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMO based on the movie was the shit! Damn so much nostalgia from that one.
[HOONIGAN] Toshihiro (9 months ago)
The_Honey_Badger they remade it just look up tlopo or the legend of pirates online
The_Honey_Badger (10 months ago)
Paradoxal I wish it was still working I would still be playing that shit
Alejandro Searider (10 months ago)
The pirate carribean hunt is a pretty good one its on steam for free
J br (2 months ago)
That's a mobile game
Dayta (10 months ago)
i have no idea about the games no idea what you were talking about but i like looking at pirate ships so thanks for the video :D
Scoutingtn (10 months ago)
The series (Pirate101/Wizard101) is trash you cant even get anything decent unless you pay
Abdullah Khan (10 months ago)
i remember one pirate game which i know now only by cheat i searched in computer but couldn't find please can you help me to find that game or give me name of that game the cheat of that game is EXITON
DarthGorim (10 months ago)
yy why there is no Pirates of the Burning Sea?
JACOPO MORGILLO (10 months ago)
somebody Know where i can find Pirates of the Carribean so i can download it?
jpm1 (10 months ago)
nice video but AC black flag is NOT an open world game
jpm1 (9 months ago)
nope sry, for me a game that has invisible walls all around is not and will never be an open world game. 85% of the game forests can't be explored for example
4eka (9 months ago)
it is
boruto sahamedaku (10 months ago)
this android ot pc?
Kaleb Merchant (10 months ago)
Sly 3 anyone?
Prince Sky (10 months ago)
Man I really want sea of thieves! Hopefully it comes out on steam by any luck atleast next weak.. I have a spare 70$ to spend and hopefully the game is lowend.

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