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Snowing in Times Square New York City February 9th 2017

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#Snowing in #TimesSquare #NewYorkCity #NWS #WinterStormWarning #NewYork #snow #weathervideo by #RyanJanekWolowski #February 9th 2017 Snowfall in Time Square New York City Five days before Valentine's Day the #NWS #NationalWeatherService issued a issued a #WinterStormWarning for New York City. Up to 14 inches of snow fell across the New York area, with nine inches blanketing Central Park NYC, the biggest snowfall of the winter. Schools were closed in the city and many of its suburbs. In New England, up to 18 inches of snow fell, and strong winds led to blizzard conditions and power failures. This nor'easter thundersnow blizzard snow storm lasted in NYC from Thursday morning 4am till approximately 2pm Here are the places around the New York region that got the most snow: • North Haven, Conn.: 14 inches • Queens, N.Y.: 12 inches • Farmingville, on Long Island: 14 inches • Mamaroneck, N.Y.: 11 inches • West Milford, N.J.: 10 inches 2017 Elected officials in office: Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo stated "the storm should not be taken lightly. Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio described the snowstorm as “unusually fast and intense” Images taken in the Times Square area on Manhattan Island NYC at approximately 8am. New Year’s Eve Ball History The first New Year’s Eve Ball lowering celebration atop One Times Square was in 1907. This proud tradition is now a universal symbol of the New Year. The New Year’s Eve Ball is the property of the building owners of One Times Square. The first Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration was held in 1904. The Ball is covered with a total of 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles. The House of Waterford Crystal factory is located in Waterford, The Republic of Ireland Hashtag metadata: #wintersnow #snow #snowing #snowstorm #snowday #winter #weather #winterweather #Imbolc #Midwinter #Valentines #ValentinesDay #TimesSquare #TimesSquareNYC #TimesSquareNY #TimesSquareNewYorkCity #TimesSquareNewYork #TSNYC #TSNYE #NY #NYC #NewYork #NewYorkCity #US #USA #NewYearsRockinEve #FortySecondStreet #2017 #2018 @NewYearsRockinEve @timessquarenyc HD Video Time Square Theater District, Manhattan Island, New York City, New York State, The United States of America USA, North America continent February 9th 2017
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Andrei Alin (5 months ago)
End o america is coming :((((((
Jake Goykia (5 months ago)
comfy af
scarlet poppyfield (6 months ago)
All the electricity used for advertising..............not good for the planet. We don't need to light up ad signs, do we?
Sara James (9 months ago)
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Arina Retel (10 months ago)
Geweldig jo dat heb je alvaast te pakken😅
Shubh Mishra (9 months ago)
long live new yorkers
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marioriospinot (1 year ago)
Alvaro Bernardo (1 year ago)
Sherry the uitii iopery
Farhan Haider (1 year ago)
Hey, Ill be there in april this year What type of clothes shall i bring along at that time? What is the weather like in april at NY?

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