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The TRUTH About The Pregnancy.. (very emotional)

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Text Comments (1045)
DJ & DeJha Lei (16 days ago)
Thank you guys for being so supportive.. didnt mean to get emotional on u but were just too excited about this blessing all around and truly thankful for all of TEAM DDL ❤️
Tera 4lit (7 days ago)
DJ & DeJha Lei I think y'all are awesome 🔥💪🏼❤️
La'Quaid Jones (11 days ago)
DJ & DeJha Lei me and my girlfriend have our baby August 18th and it’s a girl!!!!!!
ShaiKeema Griffin (13 days ago)
You guys are gonna be great parents ❤️❤️
Jordyn Burgan (14 days ago)
DJ & DeJha Lei omg when DJ started crying i started balling im prayin 4 u guys and the baby congrats again the baby will be beautiful 💜💜
Tajze Williams (14 days ago)
DJ & DeJha Lei love you guys so much it’s okay don’t cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Natasja Larson (2 hours ago)
Im proud of you guys. Im a mom and me and my husband are still getting used to being parents. Im here for you guys
dinahado jane (11 hours ago)
Awe when they were crying I love how they were holding each other 😭😭😍😘😘😘 I want my RELATIONSHIP to be like thisssss
Thams .M (13 hours ago)
Amazing couples ! Not putting a mask on and jus expressing whatever u guys feel to say! I love the originality in u both ❤️❤️
Natalee Espinoza (1 day ago)
Luv you guys 💛💛
Britney Carey (1 day ago)
Ik I’m hella late watching this but when they cried I cried too😭 like literal tears I never knew my love for u guys was that strong❤️
anisa dlamini (1 day ago)
like how when Dj crys Dejah cries, i feel like you will do a great job
Jhonny James (1 day ago)
I love u guys so fuckin much😍😍😍😚
Letty Christine (2 days ago)
Omggg my tears just came down sooooo quick soon I seen him teared up , it takes a real man to get emotional
alix&cleo world (3 days ago)
You guys will be great parents . my boyfriend n i became parents at age 23 and its a good jorney thus far . we will definetly do a story time about our experience n the jorney on our channel
VALENTINE NJERI (3 days ago)
Her hands are lighter than any other part or is it the lighting
Quani So Devine (3 days ago)
Am a new youtuber please like my first video and comment please.. love you guys💋❤💯 when my boyfriend cry he always make me cry too😭💍
lala blaire (3 days ago)
You guys were blessed by God with your baby boy and God wouldn't give y'all anything you couldn't handle❤❤ God is with y'all through it all🙏❤❤
Zoilly Melville (5 days ago)
Exactly babies r blessings to our lives cuz am pregnant also n den my dad was like y I get pregnant now but say wat its for a reason n no one can't stop tht💯💯💯🔐😍😘but congrats to y'all again n keep on fighting no matter wat God is wit u every step of d way❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sheek & Cici (5 days ago)
So beautiful! God bless you guys <3
ramiah Davis (5 days ago)
i got so scared because i thought they lost the baby :( my heart jumped out of my chest
Bianca Mirz (6 days ago)
you are both extremely strong, praying for you guys <3 Love you!
Karina Perez (6 days ago)
we got pregnant the same month and we have the same due month and I'm having a baby boy as well ! 😭💙💙
Nicka Oliver (6 days ago)
Dejha keep cutting him off from talkn
Makayla Reid (6 days ago)
I cant wait for the baby to come. I am so emotional right now but I love you guys and remember always keep your head up.
Georgia Lee (6 days ago)
DeJha glowing 😍
Jasmine Uzzell (7 days ago)
I'm so happy for you I just had my wonderful baby girl Antoinette Angelia Wrisk and she was my first I can tell u it's the most wonderful experience. It's the best thing that ever happened to me being a mom is do amazing I'm so happy for you congratulation
marie komax (7 days ago)
I feel like y’all are gonna be like jlo squad lol their so clueless about the baby’s but hey never know! Just take advices if ppl tell y’all
why am I crying .... I cried every time I told someone I was pregnant
Sky Blue Infinity (7 days ago)
Awsome Videos by DJ (7 days ago)
My name is Dejah
Diamond G (7 days ago)
Ik I'm late on watching this video but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm so blessed just to have this type of Yt family. I can't wait til Laiden is born, Imma feel like a sister all over again. You two are gonna make great parents and if y'all ever feel differently, come to us. We are most definitely here for you guys. Y'all are like parents to me and i love y'all so much. Keep up the great work❤🔐🌎😊
Birta Birgis (7 days ago)
blasting fire4 (7 days ago)
i cannot , i cried so hard omg i cant wait for me and my boyfriend to be like this....we are so close , waiting till he comes back from south korea because he's in the army - Kayla
Lisa Madison (7 days ago)
Being scared is completely normal I’m a first time mom of a little girl and I’m so scared but I’m also excited for her future. Also way to make me emotional when Dj started crying! 😭 Y’all are going to be good parents!
Cha Style (7 days ago)
I didn't cry you cried! <3
Nayha Mills (8 days ago)
Love this❤️🙏🏽
Randell Duhe (8 days ago)
Don't cry you got this 😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I need to stop crying
Queen_Sabirindahir 1 (8 days ago)
Queen_Sabirindahir 1 (8 days ago)
we love y
queenilla Heywood (8 days ago)
Awwwww this is so adorable now I can't wait to get second n im 23 my daughter is 4
Miss Lioness (8 days ago)
My sincere congratulations! 🎉 but I do notice a difference in energy between DJ and Dehja she has a way better energy than he....Im just praying he stays with her and stays loyal, treats her with respect! As their child... wish you all the best
Princess DaNiya (8 days ago)
you guys are two good people this child will be health and good btw ily and i'm praying
Edelmira Wigen (8 days ago)
and Qatari
Edelmira Wigen (8 days ago)
and Qatari
K Renee (9 days ago)
Is someone cutting onions ?? I teared up the whole time. Like regardless of what anyone says I'm VERY proud of you both. Doing what needs to be done as young adults. Keep up the GREAT work . I'm sooooo EXCITED for the baby !!! I know you guys are going to be GREAT parents
TDBee09 (9 days ago)
Aww ...dj I believe that's wifey material right there bra
A'mani Dun (9 days ago)
The thumbnail had me confused😂
jocelyn martinez (9 days ago)
i love you guys so much omg ❤️❤️
makayla hudson (10 days ago)
I hope everything goes well
Destiny Edwards (10 days ago)
God bless y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Audra Smith (10 days ago)
I’m so happpppyy for y’all , stay blessed and encouraged 🙏🙏🙏
kaylee s. (10 days ago)
I honestly almost cried...u guys always make me smile....congratulations to u guys and the new baby.....remember to smile all the time.....and i think yall will be GREAT parents love you guys so much...#teamddl #teambaby
vecky keeja (10 days ago)
Can't wait 4 him to join team ddl
Kenisha Isaacs (10 days ago)
I'm happy for you guy's.. Keep slaying with each other no matter 😉💖😇
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love over everything
joanna cintron (10 days ago)
When he cried awwwwwwwe that's so cute and 6 years wow😍😍
joanna cintron (10 days ago)
Just subscribed and clicked the bell and like the video as soon as I seen It I love u guys so much😍. Please like this comment👀.
Lyric Brown (11 days ago)
They are the only couple I have faith in I swear 😂 everybody else are so damn fake now, you can tell they're genuine though... Dont ever let the fame break up this beautiful relationship. 💙
Kelly Kelly (11 days ago)
I love when u guys get emotions and show the real you and your true feelings
Leeric Stephen (11 days ago)
Y'All are going be good parent no matter what nobody say bout y'all parenting love you dd4l
Ryan Joe (11 days ago)
Love how you can show your emotions. Happy, sad, excited, scared! #Real 💯
Shyanne Sterns (11 days ago)
we love you guys so much team ddl for life
Senne-gay Slagveer (11 days ago)
Who went to the comments
Yvonne Antonio (11 days ago)
That yellow t-shirt looks good on you 😊
It's Baby Racquel (11 days ago)
I just Love y’all and when y’all cried I got sad but I love y’all both u guys came a long way Nd I’m so proud to the Baby Boy much Love for u two y’all grown so much I’m just so happy I wanna baby sit lol 😂 u guys are the best I’ve seen a lot of couple but u guys are coming a long way been together since 14 and many years to come ❤️❤️
avalonsalina21 (11 days ago)
I like you guys.. mature love..
Fardowsa Abdiweli (11 days ago)
Best couple ever! Can't wait for you to reach 2million. That was emotional.
Alexzandria Penn (12 days ago)
Propose DJ
Alexzandria Penn (12 days ago)
Y'all will be fine u guys will be great parents
Petredia Watkins (12 days ago)
I pray that you all will grow stronger in the Lord. May you both continue to pray for one another individually and collectively. Always pray for that beautiful baby and the that you share with one another. You both will be an amazing team and loving parents throughout this journey. May God continue to keep your family in his perfect will.
TheRealMochaLuv (12 days ago)
"Scared for future preferences about the baby."
Imani Bullock (12 days ago)
I hate the fact that she always cut him off like can he finish first !, This made me tear up 😂, congrats on your bundle of joy and I hope you guys continue to grow your family💞💞
Jessikah C (12 days ago)
Oh guys! Love this! I had the exact same fears as you guys! I had my baby girl a week ago and it’s everything 😍😍 you will smash it as parents. All these tiny humans need is love and you’ve got plenty of it! So happy for you and don’t let people talk about your age and that you should have waited! I’m 24 in a week and got the same thing! People will always doubt you but that’s because they don’t know you! As you said, you’re doing the best you can ❤️❤️
Stacyann Foster (12 days ago)
I cried ,love you guys
kyra king (12 days ago)
London Parker (12 days ago)
Can yah have a meet and greet
Angel Dawson (12 days ago)
Google is my go to for everything.! #GoogleIsTheTruth👍
sparklegirl YT (12 days ago)
Michelle Apkarian (12 days ago)
Baby CD (12 days ago)
This was a cute story and that when the lady kept saying boi and its a boy now I was like is she a fortune teller😁
Brianna Matheny (12 days ago)
he started crying and then she started crying 😭 y’all are so cute 😍❤️❤️
Renee Joseph (12 days ago)
You guys are gonna do great. Dont even worry about it.
T Hunter (12 days ago)
Before I knew what you were having I knew it was a boy. You both just look like you would have a boy. Especially Dejha in this video she just looks like she would have a boy lol.
Achana Campbell (12 days ago)
You guys are gonna be great parents.... it may be scary but you guys will be ok just pray about it and give it god. 😊😊😊😊😊
Love Lopez (12 days ago)
I’m so happy for y’all! I know you guys will be such great parents
Love Lopez (12 days ago)
I started crying when y’all started crying omg:,)
Kevin Barnes (12 days ago)
I looove you guys so so so so much💖💖. I'm very happy to be apart of this wonderful wonderful family.
childnumbah 5 (13 days ago)
So I didn't get to watch the video buh cam some one tell me all what happened
Príncéss Po'Vìancè (13 days ago)
Everyone Needs A Dj♥. I Love Your Guys And Any Bumps You Guys Hit Will Get Smooth Out ♥❤. It Always Works Out
NothingLike Ivana (13 days ago)
You guys are so real keep up the awesome work!
NothingLike Ivana (13 days ago)
I love y’all so much❤️
kayla greer (13 days ago)
😱😱😱i remember that
courtnie donaldson (13 days ago)
Yes the last month is gonna feel like its never gonna be over. It's gonna feel like you've been pregnant forever lol
courtnie donaldson (13 days ago)
I love how much y'all trust us and treat us like family to let us in to the emotional side of y'all. Congratulations again Laiden Jacy Lei Davis. He is gonna be well love.
Donielle Mateen (13 days ago)
You guy are so exited about this baby yoll make me want cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and feel sad at the same time 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 god is to good to yoll so happy for the borth of yoll god is good all the time 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Jahbrianna White (13 days ago)
Aww ily guys
Ny gang (13 days ago)
#teamDDL - stay strong
Harrieth Barnabas (13 days ago)
I love you guys , ur a goal I cried with you
Minuet888 (13 days ago)
I want that wrap around pillow
Kamilah Blake (13 days ago)
I love you guys You are so funny
DIYs and More Fun (13 days ago)
I love you guys but that crying was fake DJ looked at her and just put his down SMILING
Tatyana James (13 days ago)
I LOVE YOU GUY'S SO BAD.... The relationship that Y'all have is so amazing and i adore the two of you... DAMM IT!! see...now Y'all got me crying.....
Brenia Adoré (13 days ago)
There is no rule book to being a parent as soon as you think you have everything figured out life shows you that you don’t enjoy the roller coaster ride and enjoy being a parent and enjoy y’all blessing. Love y’all team DDL 💞😍
LEA IZI TU CONNAI (13 days ago)
I’m french and i did not understand somebody can explain me please

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