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Slang in English - SCREW

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http://www.engvid.com "You really SCREWED this up!" To sound like a native speaker, you have to use the language of a native speaker. This lesson is designed to help you learn everyday slang you can start using right now. I'll teach you eight different ways we use the word "screw" informally in English. Then test yourself with a quiz at http://www.engvid.com/english-slang-screw/ .
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Text Comments (101)
Nicolas Palomares (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the way jyou teach. It makes me keep on studying. I love your style!
Ruby Huang (9 months ago)
the wonderful teacher
weeDoggie (2 years ago)
7. the word сходу
TheUltimateDab 1 (2 years ago)
i finally know what it means now
NibiruLives (2 years ago)
And what is a "screw off," the noun?
Stefano Antognoli (2 years ago)
best teacher ever hahahah
Allahu Akbar (2 years ago)
It's pretty difficult to understand all these meanings of screw.
Radyslav Rudenko (2 years ago)
I got a good lesson. Thank you for you didn't screw me up! Like many other students I couldn' help laughing )))
藍虹凱 (1 year ago)
Radyslav Rudenko
Farah Kazamasa (2 years ago)
Yerson Valencia (2 years ago)
+Farah Kazamasa Jaja that's true
Finally I've understood what means this word))) Thank you very much))
jakovben (3 years ago)
It's great. Thanks!
venera venera (3 years ago)
I really love the way you introduce a topic. It's inspiring! I get so much motivated and inspired! Thank you!
Mohammed el hannaoui (2 years ago)
+venera venera Hi there, Id like to practise my Eng with you by sending me ur Skype s request so that i can enhance my Eng speaking I m about to pass an Eng Interview. SKYPE, Britisher 98. Hope hearing from ya soon
ga d (4 years ago)
your lessons are very enjoyable , time flays . 
Tomasz Skaba (4 years ago)
Great and interesting lesson on slang in English.English is still the transformation. This is what we now include the slang will be an integral part of the informal Angielski. Moving on. Huge impact on the transformation of the English language are accretions of language, so called black English and Ebonics.
Evagelia Stamatiadou (4 years ago)
I absolutely adore your work... I have certainly 'stolen' so much... my students will love it !!!
Anairam Zerep (4 years ago)
hahahaa amazing video!
Write down  the example how use screw in the eighth meaning.
Huiyu Shen (4 years ago)
hey James, when i first saw your video in the begining, i thought you were just like any other english teacher, but it turned out you are not, and totally out of my expectations! i really like your way of teaching, very characteristic,and i bet you have an amazing personality: P anyway, hope you will have more quality videos coming out, and you got my attention :)
QV Jessica (4 years ago)
Screw off...no one says that anymore. They use F off. and or you just tell someone very rudely " get out of my face ". Also dude and man , there at the beginning. Oh and plz no one say whaaaaasssup. People will think your from the 80/90 when that expression died. Oh and screw u, now only means f you. So becarful, no one thinks about the literal screw anymore. American english slang changes alot.
Mohammed el hannaoui (2 years ago)
+QV Jessica Hi there, Id like to practise my Eng with you by sending me ur Skype request so that i can enhance my Eng speaking I m about to pass an Eng Interview. SKYPE, Britisher 98. Hope hearing from ya soon
Bouchra Bouchra (4 years ago)
Mr James !! you are a FABULOUS TEACHER...............!!!! Unique and very smooth personality !!  Congratulations !! 
alaBAMA (4 years ago)
"screw off" is also a part of "the f word" part. "screw off!!!" means "f*** of!!!" it depends on context and the tone of your voice to tell what you intend
Agatha Akello (4 years ago)
You are messing with me right!!!
Tien Nguyen Manh (4 years ago)
555555555555555555555 ห้าาๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅๅ
George H. (5 years ago)
Screw You too
UNKNOWN (5 years ago)
just rofl !
UNKNOWN (5 years ago)
just rofl !
UNKNOWN (5 years ago)
just rofl !
Yousef Ali (5 years ago)
Thank you James
Rhen Ska (5 years ago)
6 people didn't get screwed last night.
Nada Ayman (5 years ago)
you are an amazing teacher & nice lesson thank you
kkc1918 (5 years ago)
таки конечно
Alexander Black (5 years ago)
7. я прочел по-русски СРАЗУ
mylifemeinleben (5 years ago)
mr. nice guy.....thanks!
David Egea (5 years ago)
Lucas Oliveira (5 years ago)
his laughs is just awesome
elismanuel castro (5 years ago)
Take the Phone Take The Phone... Wazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
YGayane1983 (5 years ago)
Thank you, you are the best teacher
MsMipule (5 years ago)
I love it! This is what we need! Thank you. :-)
Daniel Small (5 years ago)
granmistico (5 years ago)
what fell out of his ¨pocket¨?
Tenth Doctor....great!!
Anna Che (5 years ago)
Haha)) The Doctor and his magic screwdriver is everywhere)))
CESAR GARCIA (5 years ago)
I'm gonna translate: Screwdriver = destornillador. Screw = Tornillo Screw You = Jodete 1.- Mistake = Error 2.- Sex = Sexo 3.- Politter Form Of (F Word) = Forma mas amable de (la palabra con F) 4.- To Leave = Irse = Dejar algun lugar. 5.- To be in trouble = Estar en problemas. 6.- To Cheat = Engañar. 7.- Crazy = Te Falta un tornillo = Estas Loco. 8.- To cause trouble for someone = Causar problemas por alguien mas.
obsessive cyber (5 years ago)
I found this word a in many American movies. Thanks for lesson, teacher James. :D
Kimo (6 years ago)
powerfull and usefull slang lessons thank you sir !! greetings from morocco
backwardsmarathon1 (6 years ago)
it's a cursive "z"
hegemoniuspiper (6 years ago)
doctor james and mister slang
Raz Nir (6 years ago)
Hey James, You write the word "crazy" funny... What happened to the letter "Z" Man ???
MrEbliiS (6 years ago)
James don't give up on slang lessons..you are great and save us from misunderstanding man
fifidomalaga (6 years ago)
i think mr james has a big problem with WORMS , almost every video we can see it ....hhhhh mr james YOU ARE MY BEST
Mythic Pilot (6 years ago)
screw --- thanx
shellsel (6 years ago)
@1:40 Its the doctor from Doctor Who! James does have a hint of a British accent....Hmm
rcsnakez77 (6 years ago)
OMG! I think I fall inlove w/yah JAMES.can't stop F*****g smilling while Im watching You.OH crap! Screw You Guy's I'm Going HOME!!!
rcsnakez77 (6 years ago)
what the heck is that guy picture for?..>/<..
rcsnakez77 (6 years ago)
Screw You James!!! I'm going home..whahahahahha.
Faraz Sharif (6 years ago)
U are awesome.
DontFuckMyBrain111 (6 years ago)
very useful ;) thanks!
Poon Wannasri (6 years ago)
Hahaha you're so cool!!
silversnow2008 (6 years ago)
I thought slang meant street language.
awesome (6 years ago)
What's your nationality?
cubicle (6 years ago)
wonderful lesson XD
FilleBlack24 (6 years ago)
When you was saying about screw: "to push thing and join things together" at 1:52 I`ve seen your smile, as you wanted to say something mean lol.. later on about sex, I get you ! =)
Mr68810 (6 years ago)
yeah. James was definitely screwed up during this video shooting :-)
karinanaum (6 years ago)
You're the best ;]
Sanyukta Bholay (6 years ago)
You & Ronnie r d best!
Waqas Inayat (6 years ago)
That guy is very fluent. Really Cool!
EMINƎM (6 years ago)
Hello i'm from thailand i like all clips i'm learning English to Grammar i'm not understand >> Was,is,be was = It is the past. is = It is present. ฺbe = "i don't know this word"
jazz guzzmiez (6 years ago)
I was smiling through out the lesson Dude...U so funny and Greats Teacher!!...hahah I was screwed up!!..I guess..
Ahmed Uddin (6 years ago)
My computer is screwed up !!
Ahmed Uddin (6 years ago)
Where is the teacher in the ESL video ?? He is screwed off ..Hahahaha
Rudney Dantas (6 years ago)
you´re really the best ....
Ariel (6 years ago)
lho;ivougsDZH:VSBppvGUS sonic screwdriver!!!
Warden (6 years ago)
@julia18mqn Good
learnenglishabc (6 years ago)
Politer form of (FUCK) word.
mitsubishi777 (6 years ago)
I hadn't known the fact that 'screw' is polite F word until I watched the video. Thanks! (^~^)b
julia18mqn (6 years ago)
screw you bitch:D look! i'm learning
carlosdaperez (6 years ago)
GREEN MAN (6 years ago)
Warden (6 years ago)
Screw you foreigners!lolzjaja笑
Vitek530 (6 years ago)
Screw you guys!))))))))))))))))))
Akadi100 (6 years ago)
Number 3 politer from of (f word) sorry teacher I can't understand and thank you so much
everlayt (6 years ago)
You are the best teacher I've ever "met"! xoxo
hatim mohd (6 years ago)
شكرا جزيلا > thank you so much
Xrayez (6 years ago)
I think it is means to hurt s/b.
ula58 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the lesson. Could you explain the slang word - tripping as in: "You're tripping." I have some idea, but can't figure out if this is an offensive statement.
chingis tsidendambaev (6 years ago)
ништяк! я уже полный инглиш выучил благодаря этому чуваку =)
kamkaj19 (6 years ago)
What about to screw sb over? Doest it mean to cheat too??
MasterBott01 (6 years ago)
Screw you, buddy! Haha j/k. What an interesting lesson!
lucreciaxb (6 years ago)
You're so funny!!! I've learned many things today :) Thanks a lot!!!!
Łukasz Tur (6 years ago)
fantastic lesson
yasinozkan (6 years ago)
James, when are you gonna upload the second part of how to write an effective essay ???
mashkook (6 years ago)
that's wussup james
David Egea (6 years ago)
I will check it out later, thanks !!
Mohsin Albraki (6 years ago)
wow I really love all your lessons
proudstudent (6 years ago)
love your videos
Farab F. (6 years ago)

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