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Five things Saudi women still can't do - BBC News

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So Saudi women will soon be able to drive when the ban is lifted on 24 June. But what about the rest? The BBC's Megha Mohan reports. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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Not true
Guy Fieri (4 days ago)
The feminists are taking over!
What if you are a tourist in Saudia arabia
ROZE LOVES C (8 days ago)
OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY 😂because I live in Saudi Arabia and everything is wonderful here stopped spreading lies
Not Bad (9 days ago)
What if she doesn't have a male guardian??
nord menn (11 days ago)
Driving has been legalized you donkey
Yaamin Mohmmed (14 days ago)
suck634 (14 days ago)
So to sum it all up, Saudi Arabia is the real version of Gilead (Handaids Tale).
Shaima Niyaz (15 days ago)
I seriously don’t know what good does a woman feel in going out in bikinis and showing her body to all men. A women is precious and should be covered and preserved. If u read more about the teachings of the Quran u will understand the wisdom behind everything what is said by the Almighty!
Shaima Niyaz (15 days ago)
I was born and raised in KSA for about 17 years. I feel it’s a safe place for women. We can practice Islam here safely unlike other countries who puts ban on religious practices and call themselves a secular country. KSA follows rules based on the teachings of Islam and in Islam women have many rights. It’s just that the outsiders interpret it wrong and instead of reading the Quran, just blindly listen to the media and get a very very wrong idea about Islam.
Carl Johnson (15 days ago)
I feel for every women who lives there
Lia Callan (17 days ago)
45 degrees!!? does the uk use Celsius or something??
Mohmmed Syed (17 days ago)
Dirty girl you are not able to talk about Muslim women
Saud (17 days ago)
Fuck the UK with it's people
Flores rosadas (17 days ago)
Instead of showing that others are backwards and dont have rights, talk about countries that are still occupied by western countries and how racist people are to muslim people in the western countries and that muslims woman do not have the right to wear a hijab and practice there religion in frensh schools. I do not deny that there are problems with the law in Saudi but focus on your mistakes before you give this bad image about others. As you have the right to wear a bikini, you have a right to wear modestly, so in saudi women are forbidden to wear bikini and in western countries you are forbidding muslim woman to wear their hijabs, then do not try to show yourselves as developed and liberal because you are not.
Geography Today (20 days ago)
Entire saudi system is complete and absolute bidah of the political islam ...muslims ignorance is the biggest cause of attacks on muslim no one else is responsible except muslims themselves
tomas becher (23 days ago)
Fuck all these Middle Eastern counties. They should be abolished. Feminazis should fight for women’s rights there, not in the west where everyone has the same rights. But no, moronic politicians and SJWs rather focus on things that don’t matter like people getting offended (boooohoooo) rather than actually caring about people’s rights. The fact that these countries are allowed to exist is a disgrace.
is butter a carb (23 days ago)
800 people who watch feminism sjw compilations disliked this
Fatima Badawi (23 days ago)
1:28 haha you’ll probably be asked to exit the place but you won’t get arrested maybe some people have but it’s unlikely
Zubida Ghzali (23 days ago)
educate your self before making a video. Instead of making such a video, it would be great if you just share the joy of us ladies of saudi arabia about driving. you can open a bank account without a permission from anyone and work without a permission. As for the travel permission, it is to be removed soon. For the dress code, this is a part of our culture that we like to keep alive even without covering the hair. I mean UAE locals still wear the same as saudi but no one point that out!!! the UAE society is exactly like the saudi society in the culture and traditions. if you want to wear a bikini, like life is dependent on it, we do have lots of beaches that you can wear whatever you like there ( A lot in Jeddah), and you do not have to be rich to go there, you can pay an entry fee. i know we have a long way to go but we are proud of who we are and we are proud of the progress that happened. we are taking our time and no need to rush. The way you portrayed our country is not true. I have studied in the United Kingdom and traveled the world and most people here are like this. what your talking about is a minority of people who do not let their daughters do what they want. About 51% of the population is under the age of 25!!!! the young generation is highly educated and is moving foreword. our crown prince , MBS, is 32 and is doing so much for our generation. It would be nice to support and share the happiness and joy of people.
sameer jan (24 days ago)
Leave muslims alone let them be more protect u just want them to be disrespectful like u wear skirt wear yoga pants omg ur guys life is litterally fucked up?
Dana Alrashid (25 days ago)
This is soooooooo fake Iam a saudi. Women.
Morium Rahman (25 days ago)
1st 3things is false....dont make people fool
Reality Truth (25 days ago)
Damn they couldn't go the movies or a damn soccer game. So basically being born a women means being born a slave. Smh that's messed up
Lora Levy (25 days ago)
And u talk about israel...
dilworth6113 (26 days ago)
American liberals need to visit this country!
Jayden Muthaiah (26 days ago)
Borode Adewumi (26 days ago)
Stop the presses! More groundbreaking news from the BBC, purveyors of FAKE NEWS!
Adil khan (26 days ago)
shut up okk
Pokémon Forever (26 days ago)
Wdym no bank account we do have a bank acc And you can get a divorce only if you have a excuse! And you can have a passport without a male!😤 This video is a lie please do not believe it
The Sun (26 days ago)
Liar :|
No Va (26 days ago)
Please for the love of god turn the music down I can’t hear a word she’s saying
Bayan Kharbatia (27 days ago)
I can not believe this! This women is just referring to stereotypes that aren't true. I live in Saudi Arabia, and I am telling you this is not true.
Azhrdcnt R (27 days ago)
Women can't go out with male friends.. Also mean men can't go out with female friends.. The guardianship system shouldn't be simply criticised.. You need data to show women are not allowed to go out or open bank accounts by their guardian.. Permission of 5 year old brother to get divorce.. Sounds like a blatant lie.. If true it is against Islamic law.. Women don't have to get permission from anyone to get divorce according to sharia
Blackhammer13r (27 days ago)
90 % of this video is false
mohammed alfurayh (27 days ago)
All what you say is totally wrong, I believe you should update your information
Lessa Lord (27 days ago)
Women in saudia arabia do have their own bank accounts without the "male gurdians"
Irhan Belyaev (27 days ago)
Lol woman of SA can’t into bank
Irhan Belyaev (27 days ago)
Fuck wahhabism
BatekhaLord (28 days ago)
I've lived in Saudi for 9 years and when women wanted to go out they'd just call their driver and go shopping with their friends. In almost all cases, this "guardianship" rule rarely applies and even if it does, it seems to be ignored.
ponter CR7 (27 days ago)
BatekhaLord Can you tell me please what else happen there
in Smerica you must get permission to from ypur wife to good to the bar
I thought she meant 45 degrees Fahrenheit but then I realized she meant celsius 😅
diesel92kj1 (29 days ago)
How it should be in every Country.
Marcel Huchwajda (29 days ago)
They can drive now? Woo hoo
Najam Ul Abideen Tariq (29 days ago)
Here is your freedom guys https://tribune.com.pk/story/1739207/9-watch-female-journalist-groped-kissed-air-covering-fifa-world-cup/
Najam Ul Abideen Tariq (27 days ago)
That was not my point. In fact the video you shared just proved my point. The video I shared had no Muslim refugees and its does not matter if a Muslim does this or a Non-Muslim. If you read my other comments, I am against this act altogether AND the source of the problem i.e women marketing themselves as an object.
Rakesh Kumar (27 days ago)
Najam Ul Abideen Tariq This is what Moslem refugees fucks do when they get freedom: https://youtu.be/uyxnuidOyHE
butterfflyess (29 days ago)
Sick people
ahmed juh (29 days ago)
All these information are wrong 😱
emerald warrior (29 days ago)
All humans are equal. Men and women should have equal rights in Saudia Arabia even the quran says men and women are equal and u can't even do that then why are u calling Urself a Muslim country
Najam Ul Abideen Tariq (29 days ago)
1- Cant say much. But why are human rights campaigners against this? I even as a male am against keeping money in banks altogether. 2- Its not only about permission. A male guardian would have to travel with you. This is for your own safety stupid. 3- That's part of shariah law. But by the looks of it, I don't think you really believe in that. And about permission for divorce, they have courts who decide in the end. 4- For privacy. And to protect you from other males. But no, you want to flirt around and when approached by any male, whine about sexual harassment. 5- And then it end with a bikini....... This is dumb, you want to market your assets and then cry about rape and being treated as a sexual object. Who are you?
Arjumand Banu (29 days ago)
Idiot lady
Wam (29 days ago)
Ahhh the leader of the women’s rights council
Gary O'Donovan (1 month ago)
This is the religion then our politicians in Europe want to import on us against our will.......this religion is not a religion of peace......it's a religion that is a political ideology! That has it's own laws, customs and way of life.....by underline it's about control which as you can see here is all about control.......we Europeans must not allow or tolerate this religion and it's people in our homeland Europe.....we cannot allow it in our FREE society!
thunder king gaming (1 month ago)
iam fine with bikini rule but others are shit
ZAEEM TAHIR (1 month ago)
It's their culture. It's not America or England.you people will never understand. You guys think saudiarab that it's America and England where child raped everyday. Their is no issue in saudiarab like Manworld it's their culture. People live happily. There are not issue like your country has like feminism, rape, sex, wine,drugs etc etc
Mad Oryx (1 month ago)
Honestly you made it sound ever worse.... I also live in saudi and I REALLY love it....Alhamdulilah
Artemis I (1 month ago)
Who the fuck would even wear a bikini in saudi arabia?
Sameeha Adil (1 month ago)
0:15 that’s Qatar not Saudi Arabia
Tiha shool (1 month ago)
Ex Muslim
Dareen Far (1 month ago)
I don't like Saudi Arabia laws but all those facts are fake , i don't understand how much white Americans can get stupid yo guys need to open to life and understand others cultures not everyone has to be like you
geoo zeii (1 month ago)
At least they don't have lgbt shit feminazi shit Welp wouldn't go to neither the usa nor saudi arabia But at least countries like katar russia japan lebanon ... are conservative without exagerating like saudi arabia and while still being free of lgbt and feminazi cancer +their educational systeme is good
JBcaptian (1 month ago)
Yet the BBC praise this Islam
Jay (1 month ago)
Fuck the BBC!
Sunflower Sunnydays (1 month ago)
I hate the way she says this shit. 'FiNaLly ThE wOmEn HaVe *SoMeThiNg* To CeLebRaTe.' Like, really? -____-
SamIsOG (1 month ago)
This is England with sharia law. Now you see why you protest against islam because we're doing it for your sake (the British people). #FreeTommyRobinson
Speaking honestly (1 month ago)
The benchmark of liberalism is a subjective matter....
Shaikh Anas (1 month ago)
Most of it is not legit
Marwa alnu (1 month ago)
Wow i feel bad for myself at the moment, this video sounded cruel, and yet it’s right. All i got to do is pray to marry a nice guy to make my life easy #LiveOfDependentAnimals
Daley Wilk (1 month ago)
Why can't we Import these rules here in the UK .
Colourful Mistakes (1 month ago)
Im sorry but im disliking because she's annoying lol
Saud Badawi (1 month ago)
Thats all lies If it was true then for whom is the credit card that my mom gave to me so i can buy groceries?
BBC fuck you
Fuck you bbc
Ali kazmi (1 month ago)
Feminists cant do anything about saudi arabia. The Saudis Are pro Alpha Male/patriarch society.
Kumail Zaidi (1 month ago)
Sheily Castillo (1 month ago)
WHOS the girl driving on the thumbnail
JoJo Al Shehri (1 month ago)
Guys I’ll give the name of a YouTube channel she’s a Saudi Female she blogs and talks about her life there she’ll show you the real Saudi Arabia not the lies your hear from media it’s called “Sukkari Life”
Rebekah Walker (1 month ago)
Yet Saudi Arabia slags off Israel not meeting human rights.
All type of VIDEOS (1 month ago)
What is issue with you people ? We all are muslims and it's our religious and cultural thing. Why don't you mind your own business and tell that rape rate in Saudia Arabia is 0% and its penalty is stoning till death. Let us follow our religion in which we find peace and tranquility. And you peeps can go fuck yourself.
Cliffe FC (1 month ago)
Oh look the BBC once again focusing on women's rights, time to focus on mens problem's for a change they suffer a lot more
David Jarman (1 month ago)
Whats with the wacky music though???
sheckler hodgdon (1 month ago)
keep trying
Seeba Riaz (1 month ago)
Probably a good man will tell her women(sis, mom, wife, daughter) to cover themselves cuz they r men and they know about the fault in men's mind. This is what Christianity and islam says. Past women of Christian also covered themselves
Seeba Riaz (1 month ago)
I support feminism so its better for women to cover themselves to be protected from evil eyes. This world is dangerous for women.😢 People will see a women with respectfull eyes if she covers herself. Why should women expose their bodies and men get a chance to think dirty about her. Men are also human being. Everyone gets attracted by beauty. Women can wear anything at home for husband.
Seeba Riaz (1 month ago)
daddy's talking. It would be your pleasure if u get lost. I have right to give my opinion What is wrong in just a permission or hijab. What's disgrace in that?
daddy's talking (1 month ago)
evil Arab. can't have a passport without permission. ur a disgrace to women
PATUNIA POTATO (1 month ago)
I find this dumb and I am a Muslim female. It's not the niqab tho. Its everything with the "male stuff"
Kaashif Zaidi (1 month ago)
Yay women rocking the skinny jeans and licenses.... Just make sure to not look at all the carpet bombing in Yemen and human rights violations.. then again.. skinny jeans!
Blue Pearl (1 month ago)
Just remember, Saudi Arabis does not represent Islam or the whole Muslim community ~A Peaceful Muslim
saquibshaikh148 (1 month ago)
There are certain reason behind these rules, to know about it , you must read what islam is and what it forbids you must reward you
kathrine dsilva (1 month ago)
what about a women whose husband dies and she is alone with her daughter what about them then ..if they dont have male guardian
Maui Caui (1 month ago)
As a woman, I would rather kill myself than live in Saudi Arabia or a place like it.
Maui Caui (1 month ago)
Preach sister!
Khalid Abdulghani (1 month ago)
It makes sense to why they want to make sense but they are are doing NO ONE a favour, not even Islam has implemented rules of such so they need to crack on and make a big change, now.
SANUR (1 month ago)
Absolutely not true
AIDS Official (1 month ago)
This is shit
Conner B. (1 month ago)
Yet Saudi Arabia is on the U.N. Human Rights council
Kata The Ripper (1 month ago)
The sixth thing is: THEY CANNOT TAKE THEIR HAT OFF (the thing they always wear on their head)
Arzoo Imran (1 month ago)
im a muslim but im against this
Itz_Me _joan (1 month ago)
This is disgusting 😑
GAMESupporter Gaming (1 month ago)
Prince Mohammed is ruining the country Seriously, I swear he is like a puppet of the U.S The Yemen war was unnecessary as well as the Qatar issue All of you westerns commenting here, this is our country, you don't need to complain as you don't even live here!! We follow Islam strictly and many of you may not like it, but it's our country so Jeez, You don't see us complaining about your peasantish tiny states Human rights activists need to shut up, seriously, THESE ARE THE LAWS OF ISLAM, WE CAN'T JUST, CHANGE THEM And I just cringe at what this woman says Doesn't even look like she is from Saudi Arabia, Doesn't even look Muslim to me
Google Plus Sucks (1 month ago)
The west has become a home for gays lesbians feminists neutered beta males and even now confusing kids about their gender. This is disgusting and shameful but you people must be shameless. Please stop trying to turn everyone in the world into you. Your all just a bunch of products of social engineering who are going along with the status quo simply because it is the path of least resistance. In other words you like toys that have been put together on an assembly line and most of you are carbon copies of each other. We don’t want to be like you. To hell with your human rights. We have our own values and ways, please fuck off and confuse your own kids about their gender. Oh and in case anyone is wondering why I’m brining up this gay kids stuff for well it’s because feminists have teamed up with the gays to push the gay agenda. They start by asking you for equality but in the end they will try and force you to become a gay.
Manoj Thomas (1 month ago)
I was living in riyadh

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