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Arson Expert Court Qualified Fire Origin Cause Expert Witness

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http://www.themcmullencompany.com/arson-investigation.html - Expert Arson Court Qualified Fire Origin Cause Expert Witness phone (530) 757-1291 The McMullen Company was founded in 1993 by our President, former Chief and California State Fire Marshal James F. McMullen. With his unique balance and range of experience the McMullen Company is able cater to clients needs both nationally and internationally. The McMullen Company is one of the nations leading national fire consulting firms. Arson Expert James McMullen is a fire origin, fire cause, arson investigation court qualified expert witness with over 40 years experience. The Fire Investigation Expert James McMullen has testified over 125 times in depositions or trials - fire department fire fighter consulting service administration and operations, including strategic fire planning and evaluating public fire fighting, fire safety and fire prevention consulting services. The McMullen Company is one of the nations leading national fire consulting firms. There consulting services include but not limited too: Arson expert witness. Building construction code consulting. Fire prevention expert witness. Fire and building code expert witness. Fire cause and origin arson investigation witness. Fire and Building Code Development / Analysis. Fire department management & operations consultants Fire & life safety code consultant. Fire Protection Equipment. Fire cause investigator consultant. Fire department operations expert consultant. Fire Protection Construction. Forensic arson investigation expert witness. Forensic fire investigation expert witness. Life safety expert witness Consulting Services. Wildfire and Wildland Urban Interface. Window fall prevention Consulting. Window safety code consultant. James McMullen Fire and Life Safety Accomplishments: Over the course of his career he had hands-on Fire and Life Safety experience and Expert Witness testimony, He has built a solid reputation for delivering accurate, impartial results with proven experience you can trust. Company Brochure: http://www.themcmullencompany.com/brochure-tmc-2012.pdf For more information we invite you to phone us at (530) 757-1291 or Fax us at (530) 757-1293
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Text Comments (5)
LAND SEA AIR CANADA (5 years ago)
Thanks for your service.
Kevin Gallagher (5 years ago)
Knowing an arson expert that is court qualified is very important and McMullen's knowledge about fire origin is admirable. Thank you for sharing this video.
Ray Turner (5 years ago)
James McMullen is an amazing court qualified expert witness. He is great to work with and presents the information in a way that anyone can understand. His knowledge on arson, fire origin cause, and fire codes is truly astounding.
Don Tietz (5 years ago)
It is amazing what an arson expert will uncover about a fires origin.
Dean Emerick (5 years ago)
I have heard that having a court qualified arson expert to uncover the fire origin and cause is essential.

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