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EdenPURE Update

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This is a follow up on the video I did last year. These little heaters are nothing short of amazing...
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Hollis Greene (3 days ago)
The only thing I';d ask you to remember.....Made in China. We had one like this guy...My Mother in law gave it to us after using it part of the winter....Either she gave it to us because it stopped working for her or driving it to outhouse caused it to stop working... I reconciled the problem...I cut the plug wire off and put it in the Dumpster and bought a knock off at Sams Club for $179. It ran & heated beautifully for 3 winters before the fan began to rattle slightly.... All are "Made in China" I think...you will have to decide which one you want to risk your money on.....
Thomas Engstrom (3 years ago)
We bought an Edenpur back in the March of 2011, Last winter it just quit putting out heat...So either I pay to have it shipped and replaced, or I do it myself, I am a mechanic so the latter is more my style! I have NOT found them to heat as good as ws proclaimed and it does make noise, actually quite a bit...Anyway thats my two cents worth!
bigandthick9952 (3 years ago)
Hi.  After reading these reviews, I felt I needed to add mine...  5 years ago I bought two GEN3 EdenPure heaters.  I heat a 3,000 sq ft house with propane.  Prior to buying the heaters, I was using 1,600 gallons of propane per winter.  It was costing me about $4,000.  My temp was always set at 67 degrees.  My electric bill was running about $120 a month.  I put both heaters on the main floor - far apart from each other, but in a way that they would help each other circulate the air (open floor plan).  Here is the TRUTH:  For the past 5 years, my propane usage is only 600 gallons saving me almost $2,900/year.  My electric goes up and extra $140/mo. for the 5 winter months that I run the heaters.  I run them both on HIGH 24/7 when it drops below 32 degrees.  I am saving about $1,500/year with the heaters.   I have never had a problem with my heaters - even with all the use.  The heat is still very warm in both of them.  This year I plan to get rid of them (give to family) and buy two new GEN8 models as I am sure the two GEN3 models are ready to die.  They are great and I fully believe in them.  Columbus, Ohio.
Shelia Slate (3 years ago)
Bought a Edenpure heater abkout 3 yr ago about half through the winter only a little heat coming out only side still under warranty I called they payed for shipping and repair the same thing happened again and they took care of it. Now 3rd time after warranty again they wanted me to pay shipping to and from repair shop and 96.00 plus labor for heat bulbs . I bought a different one same size half the price of edenpure it has been doing fine for 2 yr now it is even quieter puts out as good as edenpure. Some of you out there might have had good luck with yours .
Travis Bull (6 months ago)
Shelia Slate sounds like you weren't keeping the filters clean and probably shocked or dropped it on a hard surface
NibiruLives (2 years ago)
Don't be shy! What's the brand name of your replacement heater?
darlene muscoe (3 years ago)
I Got A Gen 4. Has Never Worked 1 Day!! Turn It On, It Blows The Fuse. Called Eden Pure & Was Told To Reset It. How Do You Reset It, When It Blows The Fuse?? 347.00 Down The Drain!!!!!
John Zoellner (3 years ago)
Did your electric bill go up?
ritewayguy (4 years ago)
Your check is in the mail.......... signed EdenPure
giounds (4 years ago)
EdenPure heaters are much worse than the competition.  Although the heat outputs is similar, it costs 10-15 times as much as the competition.  If you want to save money, you won't invest in an EdenPure heater.
metalmoto (4 years ago)
Yeah, it's great if you spend the whole day in one room. But it's no good if you live in a multi-story house. Enjoy your heater... 
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
Thank you for writing again. Honestly I ain't got a clue why or how it works so well but if you'll read what many others have written you'll see that it's not just me saying. I told a guy once that if all that math was correct then he should be able to heat the same area with his wife's hair dryer. These 2 heaters cut our electric bill in half and our home is 3900'. Weird but true. Good luck and have a great day. Also I do not have any affiliation with the company in any way.
freespeachrulez (4 years ago)
I am going to try repairing my XL and put it to the test, someone said it is because it uses a heat exchanger layout unlike the smaller ones that the fan is directly behind the coils. His theory is that a toaster is also around 1000 watts, but you can't heat a room with a toaster. I said good point.. Even with a fan behind it why? Watts is Watts, but I guess it is how it is thrown out into a room and the surface area that is key.. So for now I will do more research on it. Hope your right. :)
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
Dude until retiring at 55 I was in the electrical business in Dallas TX from age 18. I still have my masters and I have always said "watts is watts". That is why these heaters MAKE NO SENSE to me. But they do exactly what I said. I know this from having used 2 of them for years. We have a large (single phase) home in northern WI and our winters are bitter. With these 2 heaters our central heat rarely turns on. I stand by my statements and unless you try one you won't understand. Cool...
freespeachrulez (4 years ago)
I too studied residential electrical.. 1500 watts in just one heater is like leaving on 15-100watt light bulbs, and you said you got 2 of these? And your bills went down?? Were you running a 3 phase central heat system or something?
freespeachrulez (4 years ago)
Simplecommentary.. Is this video a joke? You claim to still hold a master electricians license.. Well then surely you know these units are 1350 to 1500 watts.. Now then you must also know that you get 5100 BTU's out of 1500 watts for 110v .. Mr. Electrician lets do some math.. I can go to walmart and get a 1500 watt $30.00 special and put out the exact same BTU's as the Eden Pure.. But OHHHH its Infared, its QUARTZ!! Noo... no it is not. I took 5 apart, its just a heating element like the rest.
chicawa01 (4 years ago)
Check out my comments on Edenpure!
Texas Mann (5 years ago)
A hair dryer is more efficient...lol now only a complete idiot would say something so stupid! Its a simple genius idea, it has to do with a smooth air flow & constant prolonged contract with heating elements... A hair dryer is a joke in this regard. not to mention how "hair dryer" type heaters are burning the air causing sickness!!! I hate when people use their common sense, with zero research or experience & then have the nerve to speed their ignorance around! Gain some knowledge 1st
shade38211 (5 years ago)
Well I replace bulbs in 3 of these units already. A bulb cost 20 to 40 dollars x 4 and taking apart the 40 screws is a nightmare. Try returning it after the 6 month warranty and you will find bying the bulbs is cheaper than paying for shipping. Or ship it and wait a month or 3 for the return.Either you have the most unefficient hot air furnace or you a an electric bill that is estimated over 12 months and the cost hasn't been realized.
shade38211 (5 years ago)
Your wife's hair dryer is 1500 watts. Same thing.Actually the hair dryer is more efficient because doesn't waste any energy on producing light. You could also put heat lamp bulbs in your lamp and have the same principle. Keep in mind electricity cost twice the price as gas.Do yourself a favor and just ask an electrician that is not paid by one of these companies.
Ed Dorazio (5 years ago)
Two Video's to watch! I purchased a EdenPure Heater at BJ's to heat the living room. So I went to youtube for reviews. Video 1 was good. So I decided to watch a second one and LMFAO
14705cd (5 years ago)
I'm very skeptical of these types of heaters. When you look at the specs. the math just isn't there. But you seem to be very satisfied with them. Could you answer some questions for me? 1. What type of central heat does your home currently have? 2. What are your utility rates (electric and whatever your central heat uses)? 3. Do you heat your entire house? 4. Do you keep your entire house the same temperature with the EdenPure as you did with your central heat?
buttmanroad (5 years ago)
I had two and they are Crapp. Did not last over a Year. The Bulbs Blow out and are too expensive. Junk Junk Junk!!
MiamiCOIndiana (6 years ago)
They work like you say and I save a lot on heating cost and stay warmer than ever. I don't even know exactly how they work, and really don't care as long as they do. So all those stuck on "all electric heaters are 100% efficient and all heat exactly the same" will miss out on knowing what the EdenPURE can really do. Heaters don't all work the same I know I've tried over 10 others before using the EdenPURE none of them heated the whole house and all of them were 1500 watt heaters.
MiamiCOIndiana (6 years ago)
Looks good on paper, but not practical for most users. Most users don't blast a 1500 watt heater on the highest setting. Most electric heaters are run using much less (as you hear in this video "turn it WAY down". I run mine on energy saving mode which is aprox 950 watts, PLUS using the built in thermostat it only runs on heat mode around 50% of the time. So subtract 550 watts from your formula and cut that by 1/2 and you'll be more in the ballpark of what these cost to run.
jayjames5 (6 years ago)
If you use one of these types of heaters, I "Highly" recommend you set it one place and don't move it. These types of heaters use Quartz Infra Red bulbs to heat a copper heat defusier, if you move it especially if the bulbs are hot, they will blow and heater will not work. I learned the hard way. My EdenPure Series 1, one month after 1 year waranty, EdenPure customer service terrible, no help. Offered to fix for as much as originally paid. No thanks.
TheGreenwyvern (6 years ago)
Folks do a few minutes of research and you will discover that these heaters don't work any better than a $15 space heater from Wally world. Your first tip off should be the fact they use infomercials to sell these. See the consumer reports review here on Youtube. Look...1500 watts is 1500 watts whether you paid $200 for it or $15 for it. Both produce the exact same amount of heat. The Edenpure is better looking and safer around kids. That's all. Heats the same.
limolimbo (6 years ago)
Quit drinking the 200 proof shine and ill bet the heater don't works as good anymore. You must be a Republican, another paid off buy corporate Republican America BS
lastchip (6 years ago)
@simplecommentary Well, I'll let ya know how this heater works for me. I picked one up at lunch and will power it up this evening. If it doesn't earn its keep by saturday, back to Lowes its goes.
lastchip (6 years ago)
Thanks for the videos, fine reviews. I've a question for you, if you'd please take the time to try to answer. Do these heaters warm an area some what quickly? I'm looking for a heat source for my basement den. An unheated area about 700 sqft, and is usually about 58 deg in the winter could I turn this heater on in the morning and by noon expect the den to be somewhat warm? Or do you think these heaters are meant to be turned on and left on for long periods of time only?
walock69 (7 years ago)
How much did your electric bill go up?
Victor Poulin (7 years ago)
That's great. I have pretty much the same weather and same size house. I live near the upper tip of New Hampshire. I'm still contemplating buying due to the fact I have forced hot water for my main source of heat. This is why I asked what you had for a main source of heat. This must have been a huge savings for you. My wife and I take care of mentally disabled patience out of our home. We also have 3 children. All the rooms in our home need to be heated. totaling 6 bedrooms. May not benefit me.
Victor Poulin (7 years ago)
Great video. I have a couple ?'s What do you use to heat with when your not using the Edenpure? How much did your electric go up a month? I live where temps can get down to -25 brrrrrrrrrrrr. Also our winter's last about 7-8 months. Thanks for any reply.

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