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10 Best VR Shooter Games That Will Take You To Another World

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Video games have always been a means of entertainment intended to be extraordinarily immersive with the intention of perfectly rendering a sense of reality. Now, with the new Virtual Reality technologies at hand, this ideal has become much easier to accomplish, more and more gaming titles starting to be developed especially for this new medium. With this idea in mind, let’s explore 10 of the best Virtual Reality Shooters that really make us feel like we’re in the middle of the battleground! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Michael Stenlund (1 month ago)
I would like to add that EVE Valkyrie, my favorite VR game in the world so far, is available for PC too, not just Playstation 4.
Lincoln Yeo (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video! Very informative, succinct and well edited:) looking forward to future videos
tcam1028 (10 months ago)
super hot is on psvr.
Saul Goodman (1 year ago)
METROID PRIME!!!!! prime is one of the best experiences on vr right now, and all you need to download is the Dolphin(Gamecube/wii) VR emulator and Metroid prime ROM. if you download the Metroid prime trilogy ROM for the wii you can even use the vive controllers AND IT WORKS SO FUCKING WELL
Eduardo Rivera (1 year ago)
seriously? no "hot dogs, horseshoes & hand grenades"?
Fordee Ho (1 year ago)
that is sick, is there any game can support 4~6 player interactive at the same playground?
Goku Proツ (1 year ago)
is cool the game!
ATLaS (1 year ago)
If Robo Recall isn't on here ima flip. EDIT: thank god
The Great Gambino (1 year ago)
Definitely interested in farpoint VR. Unfortunately I still don't have a PlayStation VR :(
Raider176 (1 year ago)
Where is Onward?
Raider176 (1 year ago)
LOL great meme Andrew
Andrew Beswick (1 year ago)
summer hot (1 year ago)
Is it true VR headsets only support 720P?
ZappyBros (1 year ago)
summer hot no they support a slightly higher resouloution than 1080p edit:the resouloution is 1200p
ZeroSuitSamo (1 year ago)
after playing H3VR, some of the gun animations and mechanics in some of those games were just terrible. also surprised Onward didn't make the list, even though I've never played it.
Kalkulus (1 year ago)
Art of fight?
KUTE (1 year ago)
So nice video :)
Willive21 (1 year ago)
what's the point on getting these games when you don't have a HTC vr headset. they cost like 800 dollars
Cryptic Animations (1 year ago)
I'm gonna make a joke #1 Should be Destiny
Oscar Lennox Gaunt (1 year ago)
Frag hero where is hotdogs,horseshoes and handgrenades
Effan Shakeel (1 year ago)
All PS VR games.No fun at all.
rubenter 24 (1 year ago)
frag hero what about a video called (top 10 glitches in videogames) I really think it would be a good video
BlackSky Tech (1 year ago)
REAJNXULTRA (1 year ago)
selb e (2 months ago)
Taryn Prince (1 year ago)
Hey guys.I was wondering if you could give my channel a look,Because we do try to upload good content regularly.Thank you
illuminati_Bob (1 year ago)
Hey fraghero.. please take this off
Shadowier (1 year ago)
I'm new here, FragHero, can I ask u, if u have any split/shared screen game top lists?
August Lützen (1 year ago)
Out of ammo is also a good game
Drezz 245 (1 year ago)
illuminati_Bob (1 year ago)
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Supa Bambam (1 year ago)
seventh view!
King Striker (1 year ago)
frag hero sempi notice me!
Riley Parry (1 year ago)
this is the best thing in the universe xD haha
King Striker (1 year ago)
FragHero (1 year ago)
Vanguard Panda (1 year ago)
tabergg (1 year ago)
their gay what? Gay uncle? Gay dog?
illuminati_Bob (1 year ago)
to say their gay

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