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Tragic William Dunlop had fallen out of love with sport that claimed his life

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Tragic William Dunlop had fallen out of love with sport that claimed his life. Tragic William Dunlop had revealed he no longer got a buzz from the sport that yesterday claimed his... #Tragic #William #Dunlop #had #fallen #out #of #love #with #sport #that #claimed #his #life
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Text Comments (63)
led skies (2 days ago)
Jack Van Der Voort (4 days ago)
This video sucks
wally slowe (10 days ago)
KP (23 days ago)
Big fan of William's. But not of this particular sensationalist video.
Billy A (23 days ago)
this is a fukin bullshit vid fukin parasites
You're Right But (25 days ago)
Aye, you know like. That's it like, you know. Is right or so they say anyway but like I wouldn't know.
Five dots Dave (25 days ago)
Personally I think this video is a lot of nonsense and unfortunately William isn't here to defend himself, but if William wasn't enjoying road racing surely he would have taken a break or stopped. I have only ever raced cars and one of the golden rules was 'if you're not enjoying it park up' R.I.P. William and my best wishes to Michael.
Pual Simpson (29 days ago)
Just another sick bastard dunlop.
Mark Neaves (28 days ago)
Pual Simpson you're a nob
SATAN SOLDIER (30 days ago)
i love the sport, but the course should be made safer without changing its route!
Dewstepper (1 month ago)
This vid should be deleted.  Its not factual.. Its fake news.... and its soooooooo wrong
Dick Head (1 month ago)
Dave Bryant (1 month ago)
Stunned, another top man dies doing "what he loved" He quit in the IOM to go home to his wife after worries with his unborn baby then comes back to this, now his child will never know him. I wonder if you could speak to him now he would say "its ok I was doing what I loved" or would he have wished he hadn't left home that morning? Another Dunlop who couldn't stop. His dad Robert. his uncle Joey they just kept racing on these stupid back roads where one mistake, animal on the track or engine blow up can spell death. Its time for me to stop watching road racing and road race “Hero's” because they are not hero's, they are men being men and as men we accept the danger, the challenge to beat the risks, defy the odds. Michael Dunlop as sure as eggs are eggs will die on a race bike chasing down Joey's IOM wins records and setting new ones for some other man to chase. James Cowton just died at the southern 100, Ivan Lintin in critical condition. Enough, Guys go back to your families, your children need a dad, your wife needs a husband and your mum and dad need a son not a grave stone to visit. For fucks sake Michael retire, we dont want another Dunlop funeral or any other road race funeral. The odds are stacked. I know you wont stop because we/men have a “ it wont happen to me attitude “ but for me I've had enough. I will never attend another road race. RIP lads.
TAURUS MAIA (20 days ago)
Sorry but you're not men. A man is not moved by fear and affectation of superiority. Dont come back, you're not welcome. You represent nothing of this battle, in one lap these warriors have already lived everything you will never live. remain your insignificant and fearful shit. Thanks for bad advises.
Paul Savory (23 days ago)
Eanna H Eanna H you seem to be getting a little vexed here & missing the point. I've already mentioned I don't want a bike, but if I did, I could get one & enter races, or I could ride fast windy country roads, 7 days a week, because I have a choice & yes people can advise me, but no-one could stop me, it's my decision. Michael, his uncle & his Dad & all other competitors have a choice & if you're head or heart ain't in it, don't do it, it's like gambling, when the fun stops Stop, if you're a fighter, you don't get in the ring if you have flu, or you're not prepared mentally or physically. They all have a choice same as we have the choice to watch it or not & many people do dangerous things for kicks, without pay & without people watching.
Paul Savory (24 days ago)
Dave Bryant Hi David, I'm not sure why you found the "eh" bit, aggressive, it was more a little sarcasm. Yes it is a Free world David, that's how ir should stay, I rest my case. Btw, my name is Paul, but I'll forgive your ignorance.
Dave Bryant (25 days ago)
Hi Peter, I respect your views and you should respect mine. I'm sorry you feel the need to be aggressive putting the eh and telling us to keep our comments to ourselves because you have a different point of view. This is still a free country and this is a comments section so if I feel the need to comment I will do so. I like Emma H have not asked for a ban on road racing and like her just wish it would fade away. People go on about he was doing something he loved. I dont agree as he had "candidly admitted that he hadn't really enjoyed racing since his father died at the North West 200 in 2008." The pressure to race and live up to uncle Joey and his father must have been massive.
Eanna H (25 days ago)
Paul Savory I just think that road racing is too risky, If things go wrong on a track you have a some chance. I have huge respect for the Dunlop family, I met joey several times & have attended many road races that involved many deaths over the years. I had bikes for years myself & while I would not be in favour of imposing a ban this or any motorsport, I just hope people eventually turn their backs on road-racing and it fades away...
mr grumpy (1 month ago)
We've all heard this story many times, it is very sad especially for the family, once the spark fades that's the time to change track, I think he knew it but circumstance made it impossible to get out in time. Regrettably financial pressures are often the cause of bad things happening in people's lives, if his dad had been alive he would have had someone to talk it all through with, I feel for him and his family. Perhaps Michael can benefit from this tragedy and recognise the 'moment' to leave when it comes. In my book two of the greatest TT riders we have ever had the pleasure watch. An outstanding motorcycling family who will be linked with TT successes forever.
duncan wood (1 month ago)
Terribly Sad & Tragic, Especially Since William has Started a Family -With a young Baby & One on the Way, Its an Unforgiving Sport, These Guys Should all Earn 10x What they Get, They are Really Modern Day Gladiators! Look How much Footballers earn, & they aren't risking their lives everytime they Pull the Boots On! -But all the Men that Choose to Roadrace do so Because they are Passionate about Racing- & Do it for the Glory- Money isn't the Reason- Only the Very Top few % of Riders Get Paid At All! -Most are Privateers that Live out the Back of a Van- Spending all their Earnings -Just to get to the Next Race - New Tyres-Avgas & 2 minute Noodles to live off! These Guys are Superhero's- This is a Terrible Tragedy -Seems like Poor William wanted to Hang up the Leathers- But he had a Family to take Care of- & Needed the Money From Racing- But Unless you are up on the Podium -The Earnings are Pretty Slim- & To be the Older Brother of Michael Dunlop- Wouldn't have be an Easy Act to Follow- Condolenses to the Dunlop Clan R.i.p William😢 -Be at peace with your Dad Robert & Uncle Joey ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘
SuperOMARKO (1 month ago)
Absolutely agree 110% - also can i add it is an unrecognised addiction for riders. Then the sponsors think they own you! We treat all sorts of addictions but there will never be a cure for road racing - riders and fans included - R.I.P William
Matt Quay (1 month ago)
Unfortunately this endeavour is not about sentimentality, these guys stop fer nowin.
minisla (1 month ago)
Why is this video not banned. Let the family be and grieve the loss without the public portrayal. Rip William. It’s a risk each rider knows each time they get on a motorcycle. I personally have great respect for all racers. Mind boggling and one of the last remaining true sports. Long may road racing continue.
minisla (25 days ago)
Steve 58. I just think the families privacy is more important than posting stuff like this online. "What's done is done, what's won is won, What's lost is lost and gone forever..."
Steve 58 (26 days ago)
Why should it be banned? It shows why he decided not to race the TT and it shows the caring side of his nature and how he put his family above his sport. His family already know all of this and will grieve the same no matter what. This shows what an even greater tragedy his loss is and is not something that should be hidden. Road racing is not a game, it’s a contest between gladiators of the modern era and when one dies it shouldn’t be just a small headline and forgotten. This family have suffered more than most in the name of this sport and the fact that he was looking for a way out just makes his loss all the worse. So sad.
minisla (1 month ago)
Nothing more to say about it really.
Clark Kent (1 month ago)
Banned, really, that's a little harsh.
375GTB (1 month ago)
Bugger OFF!
Eisen Schmiede (1 month ago)
R.I.P 😔
Darrren Fisher (1 month ago)
So sad. RIP 👊
Intelligentlittlebat (1 month ago)
Ban road racing.
KP (23 days ago)
Hello, Clark. Given the content of your original post, I find you very difficult to believe. Why? Because you'd know William's accident had nothing to do with hesitation or fear. His engine splattered oil all over his back tyre. Not even Uncle Joey was blessed with enough skill to ride out an event like that. That's why William sustained such a nasty crash and sadly succumbed to his injuries. But if you were a racer and were related to him, you'd already know that. Incidentally, the Dunlops are a notoriously close knit, private family. And I highly doubt one of their own flesh and blood would be blabbering about William on YouTube. Thank you.
Five dots Dave (25 days ago)
That is not what Clark Kent meant moron
Five dots Dave (25 days ago)
You are talking out of your arse (stupid little bat is a very apt title you have) These men and women aren't being forced to go racing, they race on the roads because of the rush it gives them.
You're Right But (1 month ago)
Clark Kent...You are definitely lying, 100% lol
B W (1 month ago)
Clark Kent you’re not even irish lad
gorefest3000 (1 month ago)
Such chilling words coming from William. As if he felt the end was coming... May he rest in peace, such a brave man.

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