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"Scarlett O"hara" Called out the fake IRS

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That scammer was "Gone with the wind" !
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Marbev Leachorr (11 days ago)
Good luck finding Tara in 2018. Oh dear, we had an accountant do our taxes, now must I wait for the law enforcement?
west haven love you (17 days ago)
You told them you didnt file 2017 yankeee lmao
west haven love you (17 days ago)
Frankly bemchode i.dont give a shit lmao
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
Love your style Francine!!! Outstanding!!! Let em have it!!! Your like that ruthless Drill Instructor giving these scumbags exactly what they deserve!! Got a new word for ya... Kutta Chod (I think it’s pronounced Coota Chod).... means “Dog F*cker”... Lol
thank you Robert :) oh I love to give it to them, can't you tell lol. And thank you for the new word, cannot wait to use it. I already posted my video for the day. So I will use it tomorrow
jurgen bussche (1 month ago)
nice job
jurgen bussche thank you for watching glad you enjoyed it, check out the rest of my videos you will die watching "I call out the fake thr SSA"🤣🤣 the one with the police picture.
ScamJam (2 months ago)
OMG. 2:25 reaching down into their hole in the ground and dragging them out by the tail!
Scam The Scammer oh yeah when I call they run and hide now 😁so I have to abuse them a little to get them engaged 😂
ScamJam (2 months ago)
Frankly, Ms. Scarlett, I don't believe the scammers give a damn. :-)
Oh Rhett wait .....oh I will think about it tomorrow 😂
SoundBoard Anti-Scammer (2 months ago)
Scammers don't get an easy ride when you're on phone talking to them ! lol
SoundBoard Anti-Scammer hell no !
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Scarlet, your plantation is *_Tara_* & if you wanna save it, you're gonna have to find a way to get that tax money. Otherwise the damn Yankee carpetbaggers are gonna take it! 😁 Great video, Francine. I love when you go off on the low-life scammers and chew them to bits. 😍 The first rundi was so indignant. 😖 I wanted to smack her.
Each And Everything yeah I forget about Tara 😏oh yeah I live to chew up and spit out these pieces of shit ! I talk all kinds of stupid stuff with them and they still submit 😂
Mary Madkins (2 months ago)
2018 now
Mary Madkins (2 months ago)
Good job on and on talk talk running his mouth he his a ass hold
Mary Madkins thank you for watching 🤗
Mary Madkins (2 months ago)
I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mary Madkins thank you my dear and I hope you will watch the rest of my videos they are a hoot !
Brian Larkin (2 months ago)
SKOL! Yankee? He is a Cleveland Indian.
Brian Larkin lol 😂 Scarlett always call the union (the North ) people Yankees lol
Ismail Ali (2 months ago)
2 Start with polite way trolling at the end nice way abuse. Your tactics is hilarious.
Truth Rules (2 months ago)
I think people get hypnotized by these scammers that fall for this crap. They had been repeatedly mentioning 2017 taxes to all the Scam baiters since the beginning of this year. And when they get questioned like you did then they loose their poor English skills right away and run.
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Francine, the main reason why most scambaiters don't often "call them out", is because the scammers will usually just hang up if you back them into a corner &/or expose them. That usually makes for a short call. The scambaiters want to tie them up for as long as possible. You seem to use a different approach. You expose them & sometimes some of your calls are short, but you just keep calling them back. 😂 I like you method. Personally I love it when you call them out. 👌👍
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Using a certified tax attorney, accountant or preparer like H&R Block, is "illegal". 😂 That's a whole new level of stupidity. I don't understand how people fall for such idiotic & obvious scams, but they do. The only explanation is gullibility, ignorance, inability to think rationally, lack of logic & common sense, fear, etc.
Truth Rules (2 months ago)
Francine VS Scammers. Everyone’s doing a great job. At least you guys are keeping some victims away from these scumbags
Truth Rules I know what you mean and other baiters don't seem to call them out on that. I will tell those pieces of shit scammers on everything, I'm not there to just waste their time! I'm leaving them know, I know and I despise them, as you can tell 😎
MURFMAN04 (2 months ago)
hehee i watched your calling out CRA scammers video again before i went to work, then came home to this :) I hope that bitch and the rest of them rats are getting harassed all day :)
MURFMAN04 thank you for watching and coming back 😉beside leaving them pieces of shit scammers know I'm smarter then them, I'm trying to make it enjoyable for you 😁
Nigella Blum (2 months ago)
The scammer was _Rundee-Kaa-Baccha ... Kutie-Kaa-Baccha ... Suvar-Kaa-Baccha!_ (Son of a whore, SOB, Son of a pig) Pig in Hindi is *Suvar (Soover)*
They sure are lol
DavyBoy007 (2 months ago)
This is a wonderful video exposing the lying scammers. I love when you challenge these nutcases, Francine.
Each And Everything thanks for watching 🤗
Ismail Ali (2 months ago)
In another word 2nd hand scammer.
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
I still can't believe the idiot tried to claim it's illegal to use a 3rd party/certified tax accountant, attorney or preparer. Suuuure it is. All those entities have been operating illegally & in plain view, for decades, & the government has done nothing to stop them. Using H&R Block is illegal. 😂 🤣 Total idiots!!! 😖
Ismail Ali (2 months ago)
Yeah lol.
DavyBoy007 thank you for watching and I am just doing my duty , to demean and leave them know I'm smarter than them!!!

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