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STEAM WINTER SALE 2017 - 5 UNDERRATED 2017 Games You Should Play!

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So the Steam Winter Sale 2017 is currently under way and there are a ton of great games on sale. In this video, I go over 5 UNDERRATED 2017 Games. So what games have you bought so far during the Steam Winter Sale? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching! Pyre http://bit.ly/2uhs4oT Sniper Elite 4 http://bit.ly/2tyEsi3 Rez Infinite http://bit.ly/2vqoaL8 Sundered http://bit.ly/2uZbJWS Ys SEVEN http://bit.ly/2D3W09B Sign Up For the Best Deal in PC Gaming, Humble Monthly!- http://bit.ly/2tNFYNy Support Me Using my Amazon Link!- http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Follow Me On Twitter!- https://twitter.com/cultofmush1 Credit for Outro Music - Divider by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/divider/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Text Comments (118)
SorelyFrigid (4 months ago)
Sword of Stars: The Pit, Cloud Build, Victor Vran, Alice Madness Returns
Heathbar Ballin (9 months ago)
Please put respect on Grandia II for 9.99 in next video, greatest game for me
RZ410 (9 months ago)
SE4 is a REALLY good game
Moses K (9 months ago)
Interested in Comedy night..
krystian p (9 months ago)
mush i understand you like these games, they might be, i dont know, i havnt played them, and im sure a lot of people will buy the games because of this video, but most of us dont really care about most of these games, we want to see the really good prices on AAA titles and best options for higher budgets than $5. sorry if this seems like im hating but im just giving my opinion. thats does not mean dont upload these videos but upload more of the other content. i love most of your videos, keep up the good work.
Mat Dinsley (9 months ago)
Mush! Rez made its debut on the dreamcast!! Great game too btw
Cool Moo5e (9 months ago)
have yet to tuch SE4 and got it over the summer lol.
One Please (9 months ago)
Great video, great channel. Liked and subbed, keep it up.
Dimitar Manov (9 months ago)
I just realised something. Are you the creator/voice of GameCross?
Craig Anderson (9 months ago)
I played through Ys Seven earlier this year and absolutely loved it :) So where's Lacrimosa of Dana already Falcom/Xseed?? Might just grab the PS4 version. On PC and PS4 this has been an incredible year for JRPGs! GOTY Persona 5.
Rahul Khandelwal (9 months ago)
Unreal deal pack is just 2$! it includes 5 fantastic games!
tavian (9 months ago)
call of juarez: gunslinger. just picked it up today, and finished it. great game especially for it’s $3.74 price.
Shrawan Jaiswal (9 months ago)
In india it is selling at 6 dollars
Shrawan Jaiswal (9 months ago)
Sniper elite
The prodigy (9 months ago)
Pyre, sundered and rez are great, I've been wanting to play sniper elite 4 for awhile, just haven't gotten around to it, another couple games are hollow knight and dead cells, those are both amazing.
Commander Charmander (9 months ago)
can you do a video about some games that you can sink a lot of hours in? The games would be on sale and pretty long, like the Witcher 3, for example.
PirateZ (9 months ago)
you want to sink a lot of time?? then play dota 2, can play for years if you are somewhat good.
kingzazz (9 months ago)
Hollow knight... It is not on sale its just a good game
callum (9 months ago)
Does anyone know if mafia 2 is worth buying
callum (9 months ago)
Okay thank u guys
ItsArdy (9 months ago)
I definately enjoyed it alot the graphics are a little dated but the story is definately something to remember and at $7.50 theres not much to lose i reccommend it
Mark van Bommel (9 months ago)
callum yes it is
Na Son (9 months ago)
If anyone is looking to buy a rx 480 8gb for cheap leave your email asking for $110 for mine. Thanks
Bonfire (9 months ago)
I'd love to have Sniper Elite. Too bad I just spent all my bank on presents... Damn! Better luck next time.
CoyoteBongwater (9 months ago)
The entire advertising campaign for sniper elite games should consist of the one sentence: "You get to shoot Hitler in the Balls"
GounterMcSnounter (9 months ago)
Listen to someone who played Sniper Elite 4. I am a big fan of rebellion and the game is a bit on the expensive side bit had high marketing and developing cost. No microtransactions and stuff, a very solid multiplayer with still about 200 people online any time and an awesome campaign. The gane runs well and looks good. The story is well narrated but doesnt take it self thaaat seriously, still isnt silly though. And the ganeplay is amazing, the grind aspect of it (wich is free and just for getting achievements) is actually fun. Please buy!
GounterMcSnounter (9 months ago)
And if you are really poor at least buy SE3. Its worse than 4 but still really good of a game and also the multiplayer of it is still actively played.
ikorus1 (9 months ago)
I would say get melody's escape instead of rez since you can play your own music and its only for 3.05euro.
RicochetForce (9 months ago)
I strongly recommend Ys Seven it plays great, it's a really nice game. And yes, Ys Seven has great music.
Gaming Grounds (9 months ago)
Are you sure that sniper elite 4 is open world?
Gaming Grounds (9 months ago)
so its same as sniper elite 3?
banana cucumber (9 months ago)
its levels are pretty open, not like gta open tho
M4TT YN (9 months ago)
Yo mush any chance you will make a Discord any time soon!?
Fire Thief (9 months ago)
It's pronounced EASE. 😑😑😑
Sean Taylor (9 months ago)
Nier Automata is on sale on greenmangaming... It's 18% off.
Jack Karlsson (9 months ago)
Sean Taylor Yeah there's always a lot of sales on sites like that but a lot of people prefer to pick up there games directly on Steam
MrJuggler (9 months ago)
Jodeth (9 months ago)
The dev of Sundered added my friend's head somewhere in the game. :D
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
Nier Automata has been free to you people since it was released. Get with Google people. EVERYTHING is free at the search of a few buttons.
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
Sir Ninja You can Google ANY game and download it for free right from the internet.
Sir Ninja Raiden (9 months ago)
TheSameDunce Wait what?
Burat Dragon (9 months ago)
I really recommend Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, it is a really underrated game with a vast open world full of content, a great story with RPG mechanics and it is only at $3 on the Steam Winter Sale. It is sad that the company went bankrupt since they gave so much for the game but it did not sell very well
PirateZ (9 months ago)
Its an ok game at best. It has extremely good combat mechanics but very boring story and repetitive missions. Now that there are so many games with good combat, it's not even anyway near as it used to be.
RicochetForce (9 months ago)
Yeah, it's a really fun midtier RPG. I love the combat in the game and the strong celtic feeling to the world. FOR THE MOUNTAIN GOD!
I want to get a PC with 1050 ti but I'm not sure if I should bother if it's too weak? I want to play the division borderlands 2 WoW and destiny 2
Mike Steel (9 months ago)
it maxes out BL2 at 1080p idk about the others XD
benette johnson (9 months ago)
destiny 2 is trash
Liem Solow (9 months ago)
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler The Division will run at 60 FPS on Medium/High settings. Borderlands will run well over 60 FPS on Max settings. WoW could run on a Potato. And Destiny 2 will run at 60-80 FPS on High/Max settings
Sir Ninja Raiden (9 months ago)
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler I have a 1050TI. Got it 1wk ago. I Run GTAV on high no probs and FO4 on high 60FPS no probs. And it's a laptop. You will be just fine my friend.
Snory // Ninjo (9 months ago)
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler a 1050 ti will have no problems running those games at max settings on 1080p.
The Real Fake (9 months ago)
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOK Mush, your brothers, lol.
White Wolf (9 months ago)
which is better, batman arkham knight or just cause 3?
GounterMcSnounter (9 months ago)
White Wolf I personally liked Just Cause 3 wayyyyy more.
White Wolf (9 months ago)
Thanks, settled on batman.
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
Depends on which one you are into more. Just Cause 3 gets old pretty quick. Batman games are easier to stay interested in. It's a tough decision when you're paying money though. I say buy JC3 if you were REALLY into JC2 or Mercenaries 1/2. Buy Arkham Knight if you are really into Batman in general. ALL Batman games are the best when you're a fan of Batman in general.
Jodeth (9 months ago)
Both are good and very different from each other.
Daniel Garcia (9 months ago)
Sniper elite 4 is really good so far way better than the 3rd entry. Has huge maps and Would def recommend it on sale.
Daniel Garcia (9 months ago)
So to answer your question, two games sounds real appealing
Daniel Garcia (9 months ago)
John Zoidberg I have the deluxe but so far I've only noticed the extra skins or rifles. Idk about any new missions or objectives in only about 40% done
John Zoidberg (9 months ago)
Daniel Garcia Would you buy the standard w/ another game or deluxe Sniper Elite 4?
Reaper (9 months ago)
The whole Neptunia series is underrated imo. Best JRPG series I've played in a while, and the games are on offer most of the time from somewhere on the internet. Give them some love, Mush!
Cpt MudcrabIII (9 months ago)
Shovel Knight and Death Road to Canada are good, fun to play with friends locally on a controller
Jodeth (9 months ago)
<3 Shovel Knight
pixelshock (9 months ago)
Mr Butt Stabber tf2 (9 months ago)
TheSameDunce ikr, its full of pro players, 99℅ of the time you don't even know what killed you , boring and highly overrated piece of junk
Jack Karlsson (9 months ago)
pixelshock I think it's one of the easiest Fps i have ever played on PC coming from a Xbox player because you don't need really good Aim it's more about knowledge and strategy
pixelshock (9 months ago)
Indeed, I could see that happen. Took me a lot of time to get good enough to be actually useful to my team. After that, it was really good fun.
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
That shit sucks after a half hour. Mainly due to how INSANE players are online.
Icreaka (9 months ago)
Underrated hidden gem..........well....that must be Witcher 3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jellal Fernandes (9 months ago)
William Larsson (9 months ago)
Mush has inspired me to buy a lot of underated gamed like Jotun, Outland, Shadow Warrior and so on but I never end up playing them. They just seem less exciting siting next to titles like Skyrim, DOOM, The Witcher 3 and all those other AAA games in my library. Someday I'll get around to them I guess. Maybe. Hopefully.
William Larsson (9 months ago)
TheSameDunce Well.. I guess first of all I love RPG's. Second of all I didn't buy it when it came out so it hasn't been six years for me, but I've played it on and off for maybe three years now. Also mods. There are several DLC sized quest mods which to me is a big factor for jumping back in. But it was just an example as well, I could have named quite a few other AAA games instead of Skyrim but Skyrim just came to mind when I was writing the comment. I guess Dark Souls series, XCOM 1/2, various Obsidian games, and some fps games like Metro, Wolfenstein etc. Could have replaced Skyrim in the original comment because I play quite a lot of other titles and genres as well
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
Shadow Warrior 2 is a VERY good game. Everything about it keeps you playing it. What has kept you playing Skyrim all these years? To this day I have never known what makes it so good.
GamesGamma (9 months ago)
903rd viewer
Olivier Bergua Truong (9 months ago)
Should I get Soma for like 7$ ?
Steve Clock (9 months ago)
I've bought Soma twice, one on PS4 a second time on PC. Hands down an awesome game. Buy it on GOG support the dev
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
ALWAYS buy when you can easily get a refund.
Jodeth (9 months ago)
Soma is a true work of art. Loved it.
Joe Rodgers (9 months ago)
Pigeon-sama I personally enjoyed the hell out of that game! Great deal
Playtime (9 months ago)
what about "New world collection games Insurgency& day of infamy bundle Only for 3.31$😲
Liam Moore (9 months ago)
Have you played hollownight
Wessel games (9 months ago)
Hey, Did you play Lethal League by Team Reptile?
Aidan mccullar (9 months ago)
What about vanquish mang?
cosmicpixel (9 months ago)
thanks for the uploads man. this really helps
Dillon Carpenter (9 months ago)
I guess you could say this list is Sunderated.
Jellal Fernandes (9 months ago)
fiven (9 months ago)
Sleeping Dogs Defenitive Edition is 3$ for steam on square enix site!
TomZeBomb (9 months ago)
One game that I play the piss out of but never hear anyone talk about is Planet Coaster, which is on sale for 75% off at $11, insane deal. For anyone who played any theme park simulators like Roller Coaster Tycoon this will fit right in, made by same people who made the third RCT game and PC is a blast and just fun to sink time into. Highly recommend it.
TheSameDufus (9 months ago)
I second this. It's been the most tempting to buy during this Steam sale. Not much else is worth it because I already own all the other good deals like Fallout 3 and NV.
Dexter Pena (9 months ago)
Hollow Knight?
Cuz I'm a wanderer (9 months ago)
Sniper elite 4 hasn't gotten any traction because it's still a WW2 game. You can buy sniper elite 3 and still get a decent game
Andrew Just (9 months ago)
Sometimes square enix puts their deals on their website and not steam.
GounterMcSnounter (9 months ago)
Andrew Just Thx for telling!
Daniel Wilson (9 months ago)
I like that you are covering games that not a lot of people of played, but do you think you could make just 1 video covering the deals on more popular, newer, games?
CultOfMush (9 months ago)
If you check out my video covering the thanksgiving sale, a lot of it is repeated from that, I may make another video since some prices have changed, but we'll see.
Sir Ninja Raiden (9 months ago)
I knew Nier Automata wouldn't be on sale. Fcking JRPGS are always so damn expensive. Same goes for Persona 5. Whenever the steam deals drop the cool jap RPGs that everyone wants almost never abide by this. Pisses me tf off I REALLY want Nier and Persona 5. Even G2A doesn't have em cheaper
ShehzaanA Abdulla (9 months ago)
It was literally on sale last month, wasn't it?
Rahil Jogani (9 months ago)
Guys quick question do I have to play the older ys titles to play the one mentioned in the video
Triads (9 months ago)
Yeah steam
ZombieBarioth (9 months ago)
Meanwhile pretty much every other JRPG series is on sale, its not a JRPG thing, its a dev/publisher thing. Persona is on sale though, PSN has it for $40 while Gamestop has it for $30. I take it its either not discounted enough for you, or its just your neck of the woods.
Hawes (9 months ago)
Sir Ninja Raiden just pirate it
Marin Lopez (9 months ago)
Rip where the fuck do I put in coupons for green man gaming
IceFTW (9 months ago)
Notification Squad; always a great video, Mush.
M4TT YN (9 months ago)
IceFTW yup mush going on a roll lately back to back uploads!!
J4DEE GAMING (9 months ago)

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