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Papa John's founder apologizes for using N-word

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The founder of Papa John's, John Schnatter, reportedly used the N-word during a conference call in May, according to Forbes. A spokesperson for Papa John's said the company "condemns racism and any insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting."
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t0ny west (2 hours ago)
*nasty pizza*
JohnRomeroHD (3 hours ago)
Too lazy to get a green card, apparently.
SciFiArtMan (5 hours ago)
Now he can apologize for decades of hair dye phoniness while marketing himself to the American public! Phony is, as phony does!
DCtropical C (7 hours ago)
witch, please (8 hours ago)
Only apologizing because he got caught. His pizza always was trash.
Mike Romero (10 hours ago)
Odd world... he gets fired for using the "N" word and just about every form of entertainment with black people and all they say is the "N" word... Very odd world.. Don't use the "N" word and don't associate with people that do... Black people are so angry with Americans but then they do something like that and go around saying the "N" word left and right knowing it is 100% not acceptable...
Violet Deliriums (10 hours ago)
You really can't apologize for such things...We know how he thinks now, so we know he is a fucking asshole.
Zach McCarthy (13 hours ago)
I white as fuck and I say NIGGA all the damn time
Dr. Kablamo (14 hours ago)
Who fucking cares, their pizza is still the bomb
Steve Martin (20 hours ago)
He told the truth !! Love papa 👴
Katelyn Villegas (22 hours ago)
I still love that pizza tho
Thomas Simmons (23 hours ago)
Fuck your Apology Bastard
Happy Meal (1 day ago)
You know what? I'm about to go to my Papa John's, pay 12 dollars for a delicious ass pizza, and give a 50 dollar tip. Fuck y'all, PJ's *MY* N-Word
PanVids (1 day ago)
(Papa John's Has Been Permeantly Banned For Using Offensive Slurs)
Eliot M (1 day ago)
I'm not sure if this is just a publicity stunt or a cruel hoax!, but it's getting alot of attention, I'm not sure if this is the attention they wanted.
Teachable Moments (1 day ago)
It doesn't matter how you explain the situation, people have a one-track mind the moment they hear about these things. Nobody is willing to hear his side of the story, and if they do they still stick to their original statements. I'm not condoning the use of that word, but you need to at least view all sides and stop saying it's okay in one instance and not okay in another. I don't know any of you, and I don't know Mr. Schnatter. That being said, I am willing to hear his side of the story. For all of you saying he deserves all the hate and backlash, sorry to break it to you...that makes you just as bad as you're perceiving him to be. Whoever here is without sin..... please cast the first stone. People need to learn to extend grace and forgiveness to others, even when we don't think they deserve it. We're all sinners here and imperfect human beings. All I ask is that you think about that the next time you make a mistake. I willing to bet you'll expect forgiveness and understanding. This world needs Jesus rather than pushing him aside.
94iamaranger (1 day ago)
Like no one has ever said it before
Club Penguin (1 day ago)
I hence forth giveth SIR *PAPA JOHN* the *n*-word pass
Club Penguin (1 day ago)
“Regardless of the context (of the n-word), racism has no place in our society” that is such a bad statement to make, if people can use the word without proper context i would understand but denying that we should use the word under any context whatsoever is not functional to society and will just turn everyone into soft shelled morons. Im not saying we should use this word out of our asses i just think it should be ok to quote someone else ei: colonel sanders or a book without people getting upset. I think context is very important these days and the fact that john here is getting shot down for using the word in the context of colonel sanders saying it is not fair, i do think he shouldn’t have said the word if he could have done it again but i also think that other society should be more forgiving and give papa johns a n-word pass.
Spooky Haunter (1 day ago)
Pik Min (1 day ago)
"Ya'll niggas want some pizza?"
DiamondBackDan (1 day ago)
Ifs some good ass pizza
Armagedd0n (1 day ago)
*y'all niggas want some pizza?*
Jeremy A (1 day ago)
The thing is he never called anyone that!!! He just simply used it in a sentence. If its not ok for him to say it. It shouldn't be ok for anyone to use it but I can walk down the street and hear black people calling each other that all the time!!! That is just flat out fucking ridiculous!!!
L Wulf (1 day ago)
Dominoes is cheaper.
DANK WEINER (2 days ago)
Who cares
Deborah MacNaughtan (2 days ago)
Princes Ameera (2 days ago)
I don’t understand there’s racists everywhere we go to eat and shop so what the hell is different from him saying it when those racists have been making your pizzas for many years.
Ronaldino G (2 days ago)
Omg stfu everyone has said that word at least once in their lives shit grow some balls...tits. Damn.
Map Led (2 days ago)
I’m still buying Papa johns. I actually like it.
ninjacheckmate (2 days ago)
Does ANYONE have a link to the conference call or the apology? All of these videos are of news reporters stating what was said and not videos of him. For example, try to get a Donald Trump interview. It actually takes some time because videos appear that show what other people say about him instead. Anyway, I believe he said it, which sucks.
Grim Reaper (2 days ago)
Ordering Papa Johns Tonight.😉😁
Joseph Atnip (2 days ago)
Word is he didn't actually use the n-word at anybody he used it in an HR meeting as a that's one of the words you're not supposed to say it's freaking ridiculous how far people twist things
another racist Trump supporter.....piece of shit shoot on site
eagletwo24 (2 days ago)
^lil bitch can't handle it😁
do you think i care? fuck off white trash
good for you, we'll always need laborers and maintenance people
eagletwo24 (2 days ago)
I support Trump.🇺🇸Hey look at that I'm still employed! 😁
Anyone who supports Trump must be fired from their jobs.....this will be called: Trump Cleansing.
eagletwo24 (2 days ago)
Blacks don't apologize for bashing whites, so Papa John doesn't need to apologize.
Grim Reaper (2 days ago)
eagletwo24 Agree.
The Concerned Citizen (2 days ago)
So he was pointing out that someone else used the N word and we don't do that here.....and people are insulted? Talk about over reacting. Meanwhile rappers say it 24/7. Makes no sense.
Nunya Dibness (2 days ago)
He's white, male and conservative. No context is acceptable. No apology will be accepted. He must be completely destroyed according to the left. Is this really about the use of the word on a conference call? I think not. His comments about Obama care and then the NFL were the real reason, the last issue was just the excuse.
swat22camden (2 days ago)
Nunya Dibness well said
LukeDaNinjaa (2 days ago)
Wow what a nigger
CASSO BLVCK (2 days ago)
Damn son I’d respect some of these industry racists more if after they’re exposed they just own up to how they feel and keep the fake apology
Klove The Lou (2 days ago)
Klove The Lou (2 days ago)
Robo Kitty (2 days ago)
All blacks are coons. It's Pappa I forgot to tell you you something. Bye Bye.
Robo Kitty (2 days ago)
Pappa John's apology letter. My niggas. My peeps in the house. The bitch set me up. I still have my fly Camaro for the skeezies. And I am billionaire. If you use N word at Papa John's you get $5 off any large pizza. Pizza out.
Be Quiet (2 days ago)
Apologize for the way your nasty too doughy undercooked pizza taste!
TeensierKitty42 (3 days ago)
Was it a hard r though
ABRAHAN RAMIREZ (3 days ago)
The press loves the chaos theory!!stop feeding it people!! We all humans and in every race we discriminate our own kind!! It's our nature! If you like to mix your race go ahead and do it! Build your own community!! If you wanna keep your race as one then do it!!
jabberwolf (3 days ago)
Then Don Lemon and nervous others who have used the word NIGGER should be held to the same standard but are not!!!
Kelly KitKat (3 days ago)
She's a nagger. Do this. Do that. Yes'ms. ... well, that's it. I'm having me an affair. Meet wife number 2. Wanna go for 3? .. Oddly enough, it was Sarah's idea for Abraham to go after wife number 2, Hagar, for in her old age, she had no desire to "have sex" with him, for 'it had seized to be with Sarah after the manner of women'. .. See, gen 18 : 11-12, kjv. But conception had been promised her who was already married to Abraham, and so the Lord visited her, in a manner not unlike when He visited the Virgin Mary : see, gen 21 : 1-2, kjv. That is why Isaac is called a child of promise, and Ishmael a child of flesh. And why one should not confuse correlation with causality. Is she with child because she "had sex" or because....
Golden Form (3 days ago)
0:25 anybody hear the cough?
Ris Moody (3 days ago)
So whites (some) started calling blacks "Nigger" , most blacks accepted it and now call themselves this word but yet wants to get mad when a white person says the word now. You accepted and now use it in everyday vocab, you call your friends, family and self a disrespectful word from a white man now all of a sudden you get mad cause they say it now. Please get some sense, a brain, and a life. I haven't ever used this word and won't ever use it. Nobody should use it period. Not just whites
rebelrocker113 (3 days ago)
Guess it wouldn't have been a big deal if he used it in a rap song
yo mama (3 days ago)
yo mama (3 days ago)
mev321 (3 days ago)
Schnatter, you still my nigger...oops! I mean nigga!
Roberto Acosta (3 days ago)
He’s had a target in his back for a long time. Par for the course. Liberals claim another scalp. Can we please split this country in two already? This is getting old. So he said nigger. Blacks say it every other word when they jive with each other.
Jesse Stratford (3 days ago)
It's like that Meet the Parents episode where Ben Stiller is on the plane and says it's not like I have a bomb. sorry you can't say that word on the plane sir! but I said it's not like I have a bomb I don't have a bomb! Proceeds to get arrested. It is so horrible that people used to call black people n1gg3rs! Omg i should be fired and shamed from society!
gil flores (3 days ago)
Haha that's for not hiring me papa racism piece of shits ,ur pizza is racist ,,what happened when ur hiring manager said ur not because I was Mexican ,in San Antonio TX these papa John pizza places are racist because they said they couldn't hire me as a driver because I was Mex,,what goes around comes around
mattvo2 (3 days ago)
No apology required or needed. Our society is far too "politically correct", I have never frequented Papa John's , but I will now. Good for John, calling a spade a spade. When Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and black Nationalist Louis Farrakhan apologize for slandering whites I will gladly share a 12piece and a gallon of Kool-Aid with then. Until then it's Papa Johns for all!
Death Disco (3 days ago)
He did not use dreaded n word, he made reference to it's use. This is ridiculous. We have to start defending ourselves from this garbage.
Trent Jones (3 days ago)
It's over and I'm glad
Derek Morris (3 days ago)
No place for white ppl to be racist everyone else carry on huh? Foh
Derek Morris (3 days ago)
And why the fuck was he being recorded?? Freedom of speech
All trades (3 days ago)
What about all these rap songs talking about killing white people, that's not racist is it. It goes both ways so f*** you all
Thaddeus Stevens (3 days ago)
We will never buy anything else from Papa John's Pizza. I hope they lose a lot of business over this!
Alan Morris (3 days ago)
We will never buy anything else from Papa John's Pizza & Delivery Stores ever again!
DRS8TAN 0911 (3 days ago)
Yes, only niggas can call each other niggas....duh!
Chad G (3 days ago)
CNN is garbage. Bunch of faggot lying libtards.
You guessed right, a typical Trump supporter. He’s the one who sided with Trump about the kneeling during the anthem and then started losing business when people stopped going to Papa Johns.
Timothy Brentwood (4 days ago)
Papa John is innocent! He was quoting someone, and later referred to blacks as African-Americans! Everyone is getting so offended for no reason! It’s just Papa. The pizza is still good and Papa is an icon! Now Papa isn’t in the house anymore. Papa John’s can’t be Papa John’s without Papa John
RexyLife (4 days ago)
I’m black and I could care less about the N word and there pizza was shit anyway lmfao. It’s just a word made by stupid people get over it
Dean Contino (4 days ago)
the crybaby society.the new generation of name calling.You hurt my feelings.blacks calling blacks the N word is okay ?Your answer would be ."we do not use it in the same way"well the definition says different since we changed it in the dictionary.Stop degrading each other with it and maybe others will respect the word as it should be respected.
Rob Bob The Corn Cob (4 days ago)
Why the fuck is THIS the last straw but not giving workers fair wages and benefits just gets a shrug from society. Our society is straight up fucked priority-wise
It’s 2018 and people still get offended over a noise that we make with our mouths
“All my niggas love Papa John’s”
O.G. Simpson (4 days ago)
We’re getting outraged over the god damn n word when there’s bigger fish to fry foh with this petty shit
aj (4 days ago)
That's all he said? I thought he called someone the "N" word...
Velvet Elvis (4 days ago)
Ruin everybody who says cracker! It's only fair to destroy there lives too. It's also race discrimination.nothing's fixed its just reversed
My Two Cents (4 days ago)
Who cares, when people over react over a word it just gives that word it's power. That's why racism is so powerful and will never go away. You people give it it's power by getting upset over it.
B (4 days ago)
Im Aliyah (4 days ago)
I hate their commercials because IT'S JUST SO BORING
MarfMagic (4 days ago)
He apologized for quoting another person and said how "racism has no place in our society" (which he is right about). This language policing is going so far that you can't quote racist people in a negative context. Anyone offended by this really needs to rethink quite a bit of their lives. In the meantime, I'm getting Papa John's for dinner solely because of this.
Tornado1994 (16 hours ago)
I looked it up. Col. Sanders NEVER used the N word. EVER. It turns out, John is a Lying Son and Bitch.
Justin Potts (4 days ago)
[To Papa] "How would you distance yourself from racist groups online?" [Papa] "Well Col. Sanders called blacks nigg---, but he never recieved any public backlash." Not sure what point he was trying to make here. Anyone know? So far I'm leaning 'yeah fuck that cunt' Edit: Spelling P.s. *SHOUT OUT TO THIS CHANNEL FOR HAVING A DIRECT QUOTE* it took me forever to finally track it down, many thanks
beautifulwhitecat (4 days ago)
Never apologize! When will people learn we have freedom of speech to say whatever we want? Smash communism!
deuce of spades (4 days ago)
Nasty pizza nasty ingredients Nasty dirty motherfuckin racist motherfukkin papa dumb azz motherfucker johns
Moderate American (4 days ago)
It doesn't matter. The fascist Left have control over speech. But Schnatter did the right thing and bowed out making his company non-political. However, this is one more reason to vote against Democrats this November.
pcelis19 (4 days ago)
Local pizza shops will always be better
Chad Swalls (4 days ago)
This is bullshit. Society has become a bunch of word sensitive, weakling, pussies. I support you John, and I support your 1st Amendment right to say your words, whatever they may be.
Steve Rivera (4 days ago)
If he were black he would've saved 100 million bucks lol
jabberwolf (4 days ago)
This is the most stupid story BY FAR !! The guy was CONDEMNING RACISM - so he was fired for using the word IN CONTEXT to condemn racism! SJWs are fucking RETARDED! In fact that's an insult to retards... SJWs have degenerated into sacks of sh*t with impulses to anything that offends them.
Where is the fucking recording?
AWSOMUS LATEST (4 days ago)
Stadium just removed poppa jhons name.....so pitiful
Doug B (4 days ago)
I dont care about this Dude or his Pizza... when Blacks call each other the so called N word day in day out 24/7 on the street at the Gym in songs and media the whole story and reaction seems to me hypocritical to say the least......Blacks need to understand they dont help eliminating the N word from peoples vocabulary when they call each other by that name all the time....
Shada Turner (4 days ago)
Papa John still good
D Kelly,Jr (4 days ago)
And ((( LEFT WING Racism ))) wins again.
Moderate American (4 days ago)
You Leftists should be proud! LOL!!! Shut down free speech! SHUT IT DOWN!!!
Lil Snoozy Bert (4 days ago)
nigga I'm still finna eat it
rymara1 (4 days ago)
Hmm caught https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYmQdHN-s5Q
Jesse Alcantar (4 days ago)
My mom is a teacher at a high school and I hear the n-Word thrown around by all races of teenagers like it’s nothing. You hear Young Jeezy on the radio with his song my nigge , and Lil Wayne making it seem like it’s a way to greet your friend . Nowadays things are different and I’m not trying to defend this guy but when a white dude with money says that word game over .
Daniel Kleinmeier (4 days ago)
Guess he’s selln fried chicken the rest of his life...

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