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The Vandalization of Star Trek

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Text Comments (2901)
CaveTroll&VillageIdiot (4 hours ago)
Maybe Dave would like to write for a Star Trek series? I dunno, I'm just spitballing. Don't mind me, comment section.
Marilee Stetson (6 hours ago)
Agree completely. "Vandalization" is a good term. The JJ universe is crap.
81ackman (1 day ago)
New trek is terrible.
Alexandre Galin (1 day ago)
FFS it s just a stupid series. Who cares...
tabachivq (1 day ago)
I like star trek videos, i click on this, i heard the term "SJW" in the first minute. DISLIKE, CLOSE VIDEO, remembering the name Dave Cullen as a sad pathetic man whom I will work against in the future. SJWs don't exist. People who think SJWs exist are pathetic and evil. Hope you don't exist very soon ♥
The Rateau Brothers (2 days ago)
I have to strongly disagree with your point of view on the relationship between Sarek and Spock.
Andrew Paint (7 days ago)
Voyager originally are supposed to have a season long arc, called "the dark year". Unfortunitely, it was shrank down to a two-episode mini arc.
P A (13 days ago)
You nailed it. Just watch ep 1 of Discovery then watch TNG ep 1 and you see the vast difference.
Psihomaze (13 days ago)
You do realize....its fiction. And they dont need to always make it for a certain audience. I like the old stuff as well as i enjoy the new J.J. movies....but i do think that Discovery is to SJW, but it just reflects the times and because i dont like that angle i just dont watch it, and get on with my life.
stewart murray (14 days ago)
Guess what?? They are fictional characters!!! It doesn’t matter.
ERIC PLEASANT (14 days ago)
Do you know what SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR truly means? Please get off that crap!
Nicky Liu (14 days ago)
Consider the time, the original Enterprise crew under Cpt. Kirk had a black girl, a scion of the Soviets, a Jap, and a mixed breed alien as officers on the bridge. How is that not SJW? One time when they had to decide, if either a white girl or a black guy (with red shirt) should die, the white girl bit the dust. How is that not SJW? I enjoyed the new Star Trek series. Sure, it doesn't feel anything like Star Trek, but I recognize it as a watchable series on its own. They do not delete the old series already engraved in fictional history. They tell a new story.
Luca Brazi (16 days ago)
Who wrote that. A 10 year old ? The dialogue is awful
Joe Craik (18 days ago)
Err, women don't need a film to be 'accessible' to decide to go to the cinema. They are capable of handling a complex plot, you know?
Alan Hejnal (19 days ago)
Hello, does ANYONE that controlled the future of Star Trek listen? You A holes have all but ruined this amazing story line. With a limitless area to write about n almost as much in a time frame, you write in SJW crap?! In a word, Kirk. We want a hero that stands for traditional values. John Wayne in space, Clint Eastwood, Sgt. Saunders...... Get it? We don't care about your panty waisted bullshit. We can turn on cable news and see that crap every day. Must you ruin even our liesure time viewing a escape from that lib trash? Let Axanar like writings come back. We want conflict, sacrifice and resolution. Simple.
GICking (21 days ago)
The prerelease trailor revealing the Discovery was enough to put me off watching the series. Further glimpses at snippets on YT have simply confirmed my decision not to watch
Daniel Magger (22 days ago)
You ever think that Futurama had it right?
General Rendar (24 days ago)
This is what I would characterize as the Michael Bay Effect, is where an established series is adopted into film, but the source material is thrown to the wayside in favor of cheap thrills and simple story lines. It's sad really and it's gotten worse with political correctness because now the story has gotten even weaker and has turned into obvious propaganda. Hopefully film can recover from this trend but it seems that it will be here for a while.
JD Wohlever (25 days ago)
I so despise modern culture. It's bleak, dark and just down right immoral.
nintendoluigi (26 days ago)
fuck the "pop-corn eating" crowd.... fucking normies (and those who cater to them) ruin everything niche...
KOWLOON城牆DREAMS (26 days ago)
You, sir, are all right.
Annulus HocTar (26 days ago)
These are great videos , love to hear you talk about these subjects
Malik Hedir (27 days ago)
For me the vandalization of Star Trek start with the three movies of JJ Abrams
Slappysan (27 days ago)
Enjoyed several of your videos but saying SJW is huge, planet-sized red flag. It makes me rethink further viewing. SMH
Miss O.P. (27 days ago)
Dude.. you don't know much about Star Trek....... it is a big ole SJW fest. The question isn't if they are qualified to be a part of star trek cos they can learn. It's not that hard. The question is why are you soft alt righting this? Dude, do you really want to become a neo confed or a nazi pipeline product? "Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms." Gene Roddenberry IT's comeplex he loves them both but he had to pick one.
MidnightSt (29 days ago)
half of your video is perfectly and reasonably formulating all of my complaints about STD. the other half is providing reasonable, realistic, and very possibly effective solution, and formulating it clearly and well, where i have been unable to properly formulate any for several months. Very well made and though out video. I have nothing to add. Have a nice day, Sir :)
peter Buchan (29 days ago)
As star trek i hated disco In itself it was ok.... there were elements I didnt like like how it was about the crewman not the ship. TNG and DS9 followed individuals stories a lot more. I didnt like the Michael actress. Zero charisma.. The character was poorly written too. Buddhist monks can pull off emotional control and this chick lived with god damn vulcans for her formative years being raised as one but had ZERO control. Loved Stammets and the doctor and their relationship. Was genuinely getting the feels when hes in the spore dream state type thingy.(vague to avoid spoilers). Lorca.. great character and actor. The Mudd episode where they just let him go all peaceful like was such a clash with the tone thus far.. Lorca woulda fucked his shit up all painful like for the rest of his short miserable life... that was just pathetic but what they had to do since we know he had to come back in TOS. The klingons having 2 dicks was just pathetic (You see a klingon pissing against a wall.. 2 streams... writers trying to be funny and nodding to the fans who discussed it online)... they had redundancy of internal organs because it made them so damn hard to kill.... that does not in any way rationalise having 2 dicks which if anything is a hindrance because those bad boys are a hazard to their owners in a life or death fight... retractable or one with a bone in woulda worked but seriously... wtf that shit even doing in the show? Oh and her speech at the very end..... (that whole "YES!... we are x" tripe) motherfucker that was the most cringe inducing shit I have seen and why the bollocks was she giving it?
techstepman (1 month ago)
oh come on star trek discovery was made from ppl who like mushrooms.... that says it all.
Justin Hoard (1 month ago)
Star Trek has been very progressive from the start... It amazes how all these butt-hurt snowflake alt-right guys are just now deciding to be offended by the franchise.
JohnnyNismo (1 month ago)
Captain Lorca made the show better. We need more Lorcas in Star Fleet haha.
cometandcupids (1 month ago)
Why do they keep redesigning the Klingons?
Cat in a box (1 month ago)
I would have enjoyed it more, if it wasn't Star Trek. If this had been a stand alone sci fi it might have been good.
Xitlalic Faraday (1 month ago)
I'm going to stand up Discovery: Pros: -Overall better dialogue and general acting than any series before it. -The science discussed is better incorporated into the tech and storylines vs a lot of technical jargon that is only there to explain why something has happened but the audience is still in the dark with those scientific concepts. I believe Discovery uses culturally relevant scientific knowledge to help guide the story. -much less campiness while still retaining humor. -season long story arch versus a ton of one-off episodes. With earlier Star Trek series, it starts to feel like the beginning of each episode completely resets continuity and character development. Cons: -it takes most of season one to find it's groove. -a lot of the characters have arguably unlikeable traits that they don't necessarily work through in this first season -the show seems to be primarily from Michael’s perspective and it would be nice to have growth of the other characters through their perspective. -while Discovery takes place before the original series, it feels like it should be the most current form of Star Trek sometime after Voyager. There are pros and cons to each series. It would be nice just to let it grow and find itself to work through these kinks. CBS already knows most people didn't like so they will course correct; I fear that they will overdo it and it will be worse for it much like the DCEU has done to itself. They're trying something new, let them discover what works and what doesn't. Don't force CBS to cancel the show before it has a chance to become something great. I would advise a rewatch of some old favorites episodes and the current series to compare and reflect on some of the improvements and room in which they could change into something even better.
Daniel Tuft (1 month ago)
OH SWEET JESUS!! Did you have to train to be this pretentious or does it come naturally? you don't like the new Trek films because they didn't adhere to the original concept and tone of the series then go on to criticise the original series (for an incorrect assumption), then criticize the newer series because they were too conservative? You rip apart Voyager then say you generally enjoyed it? You criticize how poorly the characters are written but you generally enjoyed the show? It didn't live up to your expectations from the beginning but you generally enjoyed the show? What did you generally enjoy...the opening credits?
Ellis Magnuson (1 month ago)
Anyone got rhe sauce on his intro song?
Omocron Beta (1 month ago)
perfect man- just perfect. thank you
Joseph Simcevski (1 month ago)
Dude, you're more qualified to write STD
David Anderson (1 month ago)
You say the JJ Abrams movies were more profitable? I though Star Trek: Beyond had bombed at the box office?
Michael Spence (1 month ago)
I think DS9 proved you could keep the essential nature of Gene's vision while making it more realistic. Humans in DS9 aren't perfect, but they're better than we are today. Section 31 is a great example. Amoral asshole humans still exist, but they aren't literally running the government, instead they have to hide in the shadows. Humans in DS9 also come into conflict with each other, but they know how to resolve those conflicts and not let their disagreements turn into disasters for everyone. That's why I'm of the opinion that DS9 is actually the *best* portrayal of Gene's vision, because they make it look like it could actually happen.
Thomas Kirkness-Little (1 month ago)
I probably could've forgiven all the rubbish in season one of Discovery, but turning Harry Mudd into a bloody murderer! Sarek should've just been a new Vulcan. I'll watch season two eventually, but I'm not expecting to like it. The people in charge may have seen half an episode of TNG era Star Trek, but clearly never bothered with Star Trek. How do these Klingons turn into the Imperial power they will become? How does everyone in the Terran Empire get over their stupid eye trouble to work on the brightly-lit Emterprise and forget the Federation's major incursions into their universe? There's so much wrong, and the only things I liked were so minor. I liked the gay couple. I liked the chicken man. I liked the awkward Cadet. I liked both captains, while they were Starfleet captains. I heard people hated it before I watched it, and I wanted to like it despite them. I failed.
Freelancer117 (1 month ago)
I fundamentally disagree with your statement regarding Season 3 of Enterprise being the first season-long story arc in Trek's history, given the serialized nature of DS9. The Dominion War was longer and more expansive then Enterprise's Xindi conflict. Great video, otherwise, though.
Papa Aeon (1 month ago)
To be fair, you need a very high IQ to appreciate Star Trek...
GodwynDi (1 month ago)
Superficial Adherence. That segment perfectly describes SW:TLJ as well.
seumsteadt (1 month ago)
I've never understood the criticism of the Roddenberry vision of an evolved human society. I understand that drama needs conflict, but the whole point of TOS was to look at ourselves, today, from the perspective of an older more mature race, That's why the alien cultures that the Enterprise met, reflected us. I really wouldn't want to watch any adventure series week after week everyone bickered and complained about each other. Professionals acting unprofessionally would not make for enduring characters.
Littletime (1 month ago)
Thank you. I remember how depressed I was having watched the rebooted Star Trek movie and wondering why apparently everyone else loved it when I found it so soulless and dumb.
ERIC PLEASANT (1 month ago)
Overall a very good analysis.
Kevin Seraphin (1 month ago)
Proof that Discovery and anything post Enterprise is not our universe. It occurs in a different Parellel universe and ISS univerrse.
Ben Levy (1 month ago)
Star trek discovery is the modern star trek the shows incarnations have adpated to what is popular tos was like other shows in the 60s tng was a drama like many in the 90s and discovery is like many big shows today also it is about accepting change and you don't except change you call me a fake you people are the fakes
Phu Vet (1 month ago)
Mindless story archs will get you through a movie or two or a season or 2 but fans are what makes a show last for longer. Gene knew this, george lucas does too. The new status quo of making sci fi mainstream does not. This is why beyond failed and why star trek got an STD. Hopefully STD will be gone next season and everything will go back to prime. We will give a mulligan on JJ timeline and come back. STD gave me a greater appreciation for STE and i find myself watching it as an antidote for STD. The orville seems like a 5 season show, STD like a miniseries.
nigratruo (1 month ago)
Very good analysis, you bring everything to a point that I have felt for a long time.
Euan D-H (1 month ago)
"Interest amoungst a female audience also increased dramatically thanks to the more accessible nature of the film". Are you kidding me?! Am I reading this wrong is this just blatantly sexist?
ERIC PLEASANT (1 month ago)
This has been going on for years man, every year demands a change and besides it movies overall are still white male dominated-get over your stupid self.  Stick to whether or not the movies or TV shows are any good okay?
Simon Wood (1 month ago)
Dave Cullen, you completely missed the lesson of the Star Wars films, made clear by Yoda: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. It doesn't merely apply to the Star Wars universe. It is an observation by the Buddha, which describes human psychology in the real world. Do you WANT to suffer? Because that's the type of result you're causing with your present approach to life. I suggest you take heed and quit your fear, anger and hate towards the new Star Trek TV shows and films, the new Star Wars films, leftwing politics (democratising the economy, sharing out wealth & power), and "SJW"/"political correctness" (i.e. treating everyone as equals instead of being bigoted), and all the other people and culture that you are currently hating.
Simon Wood (1 month ago)
SJW? You mean treating people as equals rather than treating rich white straight males as superior than other people?
Richard True (1 month ago)
On par Voyager was disappointment all by your self on the other side of the Galaxy but your gonna follow Starfleet rules and regs there all dead
chris Banks (1 month ago)
I am to made the joke but sjw Called std
Stefan Martin (1 month ago)
I agree with pretty everything except for the comment about lack of human conflict in TOS, it was there at times, such as The Conscience of a King, where a former, genocidal despotic governor of a human colony has taken on a new identity as an actor. And of the recent Star Trek, the third one, Star Trek Beyond is somewhat better due to being co-written by an actual fan, Simon Pegg, who also plays Scotty. Pegg''s script touches on some semi-serious ideas such as the consequences of exploration and colonization, which makes it reminiscent of the more idea-focus storytelling of TOS. Although, it's still a bit too Star Trek Lite and too action set piece heavy to be authentically Star Trek.
Seekarr (1 month ago)
Within the first 10 seconds, this guy destroys his credibility that he's going to have any kind of a rational analysis.
We Are All Devo (1 month ago)
Fuckin' A! Someone GETS it!. I want to marry this analysis, it's so goddamn on spot.
Warren Marris (1 month ago)
I have to say that I did like the first JJ Film, but I also 100% AGREE that it is very Generic Sci-Fi Popcorn film... As a massive Star Wars fan, I actually get FRUSTRATED by the Fanbase trying to seek deeper meaning in Star Wars when there isn't really any to speak off... Everything in Star Wars is influenced by REAL WORLD ACTIVITIES!!! THERE IS NO DEEPER MESSAGE - ITS OUR WORLD IN ANOTHER F**KING GALAXY A LONG TIME AGO!!! And its that aspect of Star Trek that I have ALWAYS LOVED... Gene Roddenberry DID WANT PEOPLE TO THINK... His Universe is supposed to have deeper meaning... I have to agree with The Dave Cullen Show that Roddenberry took a bit too much of an Ideological Viewpoint - But it did pave the way for many more shows trying to explore the deeper concepts of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Political Ideals verses Humanity.... While its a show that divides many Sci-Fi Fans, I always felt that BABYLON 5 was in many aspects Star Trek Perfected in some elements... Of course it wasn't - It lacked far too much but it embraced Roddenberry's idea of a deeper narrative that could be dissected and examined... At least for a while before it turned into a space based Soap Opera... Yeah, I know - I DARED TO ADMIT TO BEING A STAR WARS FAN so I know I am going to get some hate... But I LOVE both Franchises for very different reasons... And is there really an issue with that? I also have to agree with the Video... More recent Trek has become far too Generic... Far too Safe... Its not good! Many are now saying the same of Star Wars (Or teh SJW agenda... What a crock!)... Thing is, With Star Wars it is actually hard to go wrong as they are pretty Generic overall (Though Rian Johnson did a great job at vandalising this as well!)... Star Trek is far more thoughtful! So it NEEDS people who understand it DOWN TO ITS LANGUAGE!!!
Ilana Galadriel (1 month ago)
Sarek's estrangement with Spock isn't because he was half human. It was because he chose to join Star Fleet instead of taking his position at the Vulcan Science Accademy, which is considered the highest of honours. For Spock to refuse it in favour of the all too human Star Fleet, was to spit in the face of everything that was Vulcan. In Journey to Babel (the only TOS episode to feature Sarek and Amanda) this is stated explicitly. Amanda says the men have not spoken in 18 years, which is in the timeline of Discovery 13 years in the future. So Spock has been out of Sarek and Amanda's life for 5 years at this point. Sarek doesn't seem to change his mind on his position towards Spock joining Star Fleet until the TOS episode (and not even then does he change his mind), but he does mellow by the time that Kirk and the crew save Spock's life in Star Trek 3 and 4. That's another 20-odd years into the future from TOS, so a long way from now. However, the books reveal that Sarek was married before Amanda, and the first wife was human as well. He seems to have an affinity for humans. He seems reluctant to admit it. Or perhaps he's happier to let humans be humans if they're women. Both wives and Michael are women. They make a huge point of Michael striving for the Vulcan Science Academy, so it's still a big thing. And prequels have a way of messing stuff up, and always turn into an AU, because it's just too hard to keep things straight and still tell compelling storylines with some twists and turns.
Steven Meade (1 month ago)
I actually enjoyed enterprise i wanted to cry after the first 15 minutes of discovery.
Carlton Melson (1 month ago)
Sarek was distant with Spock because he went into Star Fleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy.
Brīva Eiropa (1 month ago)
This video is bullshit and literally every single one of your points are based on misinterpreting characters actions / words. Klingons are not scared of an opening salvo, they respect it, because even if out gunned it shows them that you don't fear the repercussions of doing so, therefore the Klingon respects the boldness of this action. At the start of the show the single phrase the Klingons despise the most is "We come in peace". Firing first would go against this despised phrase, therefore making them reconsider whether the federation is as weak and pacifistic as it was made out to be. Firing first would have de-legitimized Tkvuma, because it would have proven to the other Klingons that the Humans weren't a morally pathetic race. Star Trek Discovery adheres to how Gene Roddenberry would have made it The rest of the stuff made by J(ew) J(ew) Abrams though is completely warranted as that is true trash. However, fuck you for purposely dissing Discovery. Dumb cunt
Sanguis Dominus (1 month ago)
They made a prequel already - Enterprise. Sure, it had its flaws, but I think it was still a pretty good series, I mean, it can't compare to TNG, DS9 or VOY, but it still has its moments, and managed to do quite a lot in the short time it was on air without completely butchering Trek lore. We don't want another prequel series - especially not some SJW infused shite that sticks its middle fingers up at Trek lore. We wanna see what happens after the Dominion War. We wanna see a ship that's been reverse engineered from Voyager's upgrades. We wanna know what happens in the 25th Century. Does anyone remember when Trek used to be about exploration and diplomacy?
TheHumanVulcan THV (1 month ago)
Good review...
pepperVenge (1 month ago)
Great viewpoint. Though I feel I like Star Trek: Voyager far more then I like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I feel that Voyager held true to Star Trek's core better then DS9 did, and was more like TOS and TNG.
Keith W. (1 month ago)
star trek was never my thing growing up, probably due to it being to slow pace for me at such a young age. But since the reboot with the films I've actually really enjoyed watching them, especially the first one. So it does not stick with the original lore, boo hoo, times change, people change, and so you have to adapt with the change. If they're making a lot more money with the new movies than all of its predecessors, guess what, it's working for them. The reality is money dictates where the franchise goes not what the fans want. If you want something that's more tied with the original franchise than you guys need to pony up the dough and make your own series. Dragon ball evo is a perfect example of how much the audience was against this movie. Did the core fans speak up..hell ya, studio lost so much money on that movie. Had it only been the fans complaining, but it was making money anyways.. then you bet they would've turned that into a trilogy. there's nothing that makes you seem more old/senile than complaining about how things aren't the way they are suppose to be, because that's not how it was when it first started out. Did you have teh same music taste as your parents, do the kids today like the same things their parents like? There may be some commonality, but majority of them all have varying taste. It is hollywood's job to find what it is majority of people like, so the franchise can live on. No viewers, no money, no show, which harks back to my example of dragon ball evo...in the end it's just business, it's that simple
Cranial Eel (1 month ago)
Re: 05:04 - https://g.co/kgs/cUCuCb
Cranial Eel (1 month ago)
_2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike_
RyanEX2000 (1 month ago)
So basically...what you're saying... Is that the new writers are shitting on those that kept Star Trek going when producers wanted to cancel it in order to cater to newbies that would've wanted it cancelled. In case you don't know what I'm talking about Star Trek (the original) came very close to being cancelled early in it's life cycle. It took angry fans writing to studio to have that plan thrown out the window.
Ez-8 (1 month ago)
Into darkness is when star trek died, after that the dead body was beaten with every new disaster of a movie made. Then discovery came along and pissed on the bone splinters.
Tarotlynx (1 month ago)
A new Star Trek would be good, if they used Sulu as the new captain and Saavik as his first officer.  In the universe that we know and love.  Perhaps even an episode where Uhura is the commander of her own ship and visits or helps Sulu.  But what they've been doing since Abrams got his hands on Star Trek . . . shameful.  Simply shameful.  He tried to turn Star Trek (which I love) into Star Wars (which I hate) and it didn't work one bit.
Tarotlynx (1 month ago)
Wait.  Michael is . . . Spock's adopted sister?  No!  Have they learned nothing from Sybok?  What are these people doing?
I am Thuto (1 month ago)
Discovery is the best trek to date, even non trekkies are loving it.. What u talking about?
Renee Watson (1 month ago)
Discovery just bad and all they have no clue
Andrew Bendyna (1 month ago)
Bring back Rick Berman! All is forgiven!!!
matthew benard (1 month ago)
discovery made me want to projectile vomit all over my keyboard. its not trek,... not anymore, and i hate them for doing this to 1 of the few things i love. and as for star trek beyond, its only trek by name nothing else and i want my money back for seeing it. Again completly disgusted, and heart broken to watch them canabalize my fav fanchise.
Bernd Erwin (1 month ago)
Progression is passing on the fire not worshipping its ashes. Tales have always been subject to adaptation for their current time. Movies are no exception. That can turn out great or bad. Right now the biggest franchises get the wrong fire as it seems but well, it is you, US people, who influence that progression, because it is about money in the very end. That being said: In order to recreate that Star Trek feel writers should actually build on decisions in the tv shows. And maybe elaborate the pros and cons of conflicts affected by the holy cow of Star Trek: the prime directive, which was so utterly bent and then destroyed by Janeway (Omega Directive episode) it really jeopardizes everything the federation stands for. One TNG episode tried and touched a serious topic. Data was used as a very compelling voice of reason in favor for a (labeled) terrorist faction he sided with. In the last few minutes he asked Picard (quoting out of memory, not literally) if normal people, who did everything they could in a peaceful way to signal issues and dissatisfaction with their current government still were ignored and nothing changed, were not actually acting reasonable using force as their ultimate and very last tool to a better life? But what did he get as an answer by Picard? Picard simply smiled at him and replying that he just didn't understand (iirc), like a father being amused over the assumed naiviety of his kid... I thought that episode was very interesting since it had no answer or moral position per se. It simply left the viewer thinking about it and come to his own conclusion. I'd like to see more like this but instead we get some agendas forced into stories where they simply don't fit in. The Last Jedi and the all female leaders, one of them possessing Superman (the irony) abilities and that stupid bitch Haldo with her dyed hair... my god, could you be more in the face??
bermudaguy03 (1 month ago)
aah yes LENS FLARE THE NEXT GENERATION shot in shaky cam and recorded on tilty film
DWORLD 2018 (1 month ago)
You hit so many points well and on target but mistakenly give STDISCOVERY less credit than it deserves. I hated certain parts of Discovery and found the writing lacking but STENTERPRISE was the culprit in making any future endeavors of the Star Trek franchise an endeavor structured in futility. The fact that STD was a successful first season in spite of outdated Star Trek fans with their insistence on creating a useless Klingon language; a universal translator; subtitles; prequels; and other nonsense the premise was more accurate to military sci-fi which was the unseen success of the outbreak hit “the new Battlestar Galactica. There was a storyline rather than this episodic trap then get out of trap cookie cutter formula. STD needs lots of work to survive another season, but Berman & Bragga Bastardization of Roddenberry vision may still creep back into a comfort zone and be its undoing. However, STD is salvageable while STE is not. Not even the success and resources of Star Wars can survive the prequel concept popularity and although it is highly profitable the story is overreaching in its adherence to what fans may like rather than creating a good story. ST Into the Darkness finally figured out how to be profitable and gain new blood rather than be historically accurate to the premise. The trouble with all futuristic sci-fi is how do you top it? It’s safer to prequel it and go backwards which is the unsettling dilemma
Denzu Silvery (1 month ago)
i liked discovery when I stopped thinking of it as star trek
Laura Rangel (1 month ago)
This is not the Trek that my father watched in his 20s and later introduced me too. It has morphed into another sci-fi fiasco typical of this time and age of viewers with ADD, and believe bigger in everything is better, over sublime storytelling, continuity and character development. It's also a soap opera with no balanced morality. Quite sad, I honestly hope the new series won't go beyond at least two seasons. Meanwhile, I'll go check out Orville.
Dana-Leigh Macroberts (1 month ago)
anyone else getting the idea that abarms shouldn't be aloud with in a parsec of a standing and popular story?
Salud 74 (1 month ago)
Dude... you dont noticed that the JJ Movies are closer to the classic Series as any cinema attempt after the original. To jung i guess.
Wachi2000 (1 month ago)
Zlogical1 (1 month ago)
SJW...you mean Gene Roddenberry. IDIOT. Oh Mercer got boned by an alien...you really want me to watch a Captain with blue goo up his butt.
SliQster (2 months ago)
8:32 - and that's why Deep Space 9 is so good. "It's easy to be a saint in paradise."
David Ong (2 months ago)
SUMMARY: They sold out the old fans for the new younger generation for money. They should have instead tried to keep the old fan base in the process of trying to expand their market. It would have ment more work but instead they chose they lazy easy sweeter way.
spike1422 (2 months ago)
Stupid people spoil everything.
Matthew Davila (2 months ago)
finally someone says the things Ive been thinking
Daniel Bennett (2 months ago)
I would say Vulcans are also logical. Spock did logically deduce Kirk must kill Mitchel when given the chance not in self defense. Also Enterprise Vulcans wanted earth to let Klingon shot by a farmer to die per his cultural custom of dying in battle. I think logic overrules morality and Vulcans are pragmatic.
subpopz (2 months ago)
I couldn't finish season 1 of Discovery. It wasn't Trek at all. Just paid fanservice and peppered just enough thing from previous series to trigger nostalgia. Didn't work.
Dick Ass (2 months ago)
Give it to Netflix.. It seems like they know wtf they are doing.
Dick Ass (2 months ago)
The old Klingons could kick the modern kingon’s asses.
Colin Campbell (2 months ago)
J. J. has ruined star trek for me.. I been watching star trek from the 1st series onwards, and he has totally wreaked the very point Gene Roddenberry was trying to express.. the reason star trek has lasted 50 years is because it is a view of what it is to be human in a universe which anything can and does happen?  The very point is what is being a human and how we cope with life and try to better ourselves!  the tech and the rest are only the back drop to being what will are or can be?  Sack JJ and bring in a fan based director who makes what we the fans like not pander to the general mindless masses who don't care about the basics which made trek?
Daniel Schuh (2 months ago)
So here’s what I think… Enterprise was the most worth attempt to make the francize more palatable to the general public, without compromising the principles of the series. It tried to “reset” the original series, to create the same focus of relationship while doing that in a mature way, and not overload the general public with a universe only the fans can properly appreciate. I imagine that if that had worked, there would be room for more developments in the timeline post SNG, but the fan base is very resistant to change and too intolerant to compromise. I introduced my wife to Star Trek with Enterprise and she really liked it, to the point she watched the whole SNG with me afterwards. The JJ movies is a “screw the fan base” move that I cannot condemn, after all showbiz is still business. So I can accept that they reset it to have the freedom to do a product with a higher return. Discovery though, is the evidence that the francize is gone. The series went so far I would argue it’s not in the SciFi realm anymore, and it’s now Fantasy. Yes there are ships and space, but when you fly by fungus it becomes clear there’s no concern with the “Sci” anymore. My recommendation is: Watch The Orville to get the Star Trek kick, and The Expanse for the present future SciFi cult series kick.
Attlanttizz (2 months ago)
Your only goal with this channel, is it to bash SJWs? You drop the term in nearly all your videos I saw.
Paul Paterson (2 months ago)
Fake trekkies who gushed over Cumberbatch
Philip Btr (2 months ago)
You need to relax, it’s a tv series. I know people who just got into star trek through the new show and movies. It’s a great thing they are trying to pump life back into a dying franchise and all you can do is complain. You are the reason they don’t make these shows for the hardcore fans, you find a problem with everything. Now i’m not saying the reboots are great, but they are doing a great thing for the franchise, because without them star trek will become but a distant memory in the eyes of the general populous.
Lord Renek Gamer (2 months ago)
You say that the new J J style of star trek is more like Star Wars, This is farther from the truth. Star Wars is a Story of the heroes journey and the fall of a hero. The idea that Star Wars is just a mindless fast action paced movie tells me you do not understand Star Wars. Now look at this tho J J has ruined both Star Trek and Star Wars with his style of CGI fast paced scenes with little to no character or story development.
Teemu M. (2 months ago)
8:30 You just talked yourself into a trap. I think that any writer who can´t write the Roddenberry´s utopia does not know anything about Star Trek and shouldn´t be there. And Rick Berman was one of them. Yet you think that the later producers betray true Star Trek. How can you think that the Utopia was a problem and at the same time blame others? You don´t know anything about Star Trek. It is Romantic Idyllic by Roddenberry´s standards, and the only problem is that the new people don´t know how that differs from Ironic mode. You just proved that you don´t.

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