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Organise your pot lids with Sugru

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At last – a solution for those messy kitchen cupboards! hhttp://bit.ly/1WFFl1G Conquer the kitchen chaos with this easy idea for organising your pot lids, and hang them from the back of your cupboard door. Join the Sugru community! Twitter: http://twitter.com/sugru Facebook: http://facebook.sugru.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/sugru Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/sugru G+: https://plus.google.com/+sugru
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Doris Leyba (1 month ago)
6/7/18- As much as I love Sugru, It Does Not have a long Shelf Life, it will harden in the package. Test first, depending on what it will be used for, Nothing is Indestructable we may not be the best artist, we might make something to thin or thick to support an object. So test first before you go crazy repairing everything .
Christina Rutherford (1 year ago)
Cool idea!
Kannabis 自殺と性 (1 year ago)
what was the point in don't that @ 0:23 ?
Random Name (1 year ago)
It matches the color of the hooks, so lids can be placed on the right pair of hooks
elizabeth (2 years ago)
love this. does anyone know if Sugru can be removed from cabinets? i want to stick my small tea canisters on the inside of my kitchen cabinet using the lego + sugru hack but i'm renting so it can't be permanent.
I Love Pies (2 years ago)
Sharp knife & toilet paper
Tom's Test Kitchen (2 years ago)
Wow, great idea!
Sugru (2 years ago)
+Tom's Test Kitchen Thanks Tom :) loads more easy DIY projects just like this over on our site https://sugru.com/go/your-space
mark keetels (2 years ago)
yo guys i just buyed some sugru about a week ago. but it still didnt arive...?
Sugru (2 years ago)
+mark keetels hi Mark sorry to hear that, if you can drop our team an email at hello@sugru.com we'll chase this up for you
Ursul Daniel (2 years ago)
Bananas ! :D

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