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Discussing & Ranking The Star Trek TNG Films

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Text Comments (581)
Joseph Orr (11 days ago)
Generations and First Contact were great. Insurection and Nemisis were some of the worst the franchise ever produced. Insurection was the worst.
Tim Giraud (17 days ago)
Of course they had to kill off data, brent spiner was really beginning to show his age, and they went through such pains in the show to explain how he would never grow old... the way it was done was completely unsatisfying to me
Kairi091 (18 days ago)
Nemesis is just a rehash of Wrath of Khan. A nemesis of the captain lures the captain in to fight him, loses the fight, but ultimately the Captain's emotionless ally must sacrifice himself to save the crew.
Papa Burgundy (18 days ago)
I thought Generations kicked ass.
See my channel.
JonathanJK (28 days ago)
Generations has the biggest heart of all three. Especially around that discussion of life and death using time as a metaphor. Best dialogue of all four movies.
Broken Eyes (29 days ago)
Data: and have you noticed how your boobs have started to perk up?
BangingMash (1 month ago)
The space dogfight in Nemesis is a redeeming quality for me.
John Brooks (1 month ago)
Second best was First Contact.
John Brooks (1 month ago)
Generations was the best. Although I thought the cinematography wasn’t very good.
bobrobert1123 (1 month ago)
They all suck
Michael Connor (1 month ago)
My Idea for a hand off from original to TNG was the Durass sisters obtaining a Genesis device or the plans. Spock comes aboard to explain what it is and where they hid it or the plans. They could have used flashbacks to show Kirks last command as described by Spock.
Michael Connor (1 month ago)
Whe the Enterprise rammed the Scimitar, I leaned over a whispered "YOU GOT YOUR ENTERPRISE IN MY SCIMITAR!...NO, YOU GOT YOUR SCIMITAR IN MY ENTERPRISE!" We got many dirty looks when my friend started laughing.
177SCmaro (1 month ago)
You're actully wrong about the Ba'ku. They homesteaded land on an unoccupied planet nearly a century before the Federation even existed. While this, of course, doesn't mean the Ba'ku own the entire plant (no one does) it does mean they own the land they've developed/cultivated on that planet and thus neither the Sona nor the Federation have any right to force the Ba'ku out of their homes, off their land, esp. by kidnapping them. Picard and the others very much are doing the morally right thing here. They are, effectively, defending the Ba'ku's property rights. And just because other people would benifit from the Federation stealing their land doesn't make stealing not immoral. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" is only logical when the one making the sacrifice does so voluntarily (which was the context of that quote from Spock).
Rebus16 (1 month ago)
1) First Contact 2) Insurrection 3) Generations 4) Nemesis To be completely honest, I didn't like any of the films very much. While First Contact was a well-shot, action-filled film, it failed to capture the Star Trek spirit and suffers from exactly the same problems as JJ's 2009 film. Picard just isn't an action hero in my book. Insurrection's plot sucks and the special effects aren't that good, but I think it managed to capture the tone of TNG. There was at least an attempt at some sort of a complicated plot, as opposed to the other films' villain-superweapon mantra. Despite all its flaws, it still reminded me most of All Good Things. Generations is a very bad film in my opinion. The crossover is forced, the Nexus doesn't make much sense and the ending is very anticlimatic due to the obvious flaws of its storytelling and Kirk's death. I also hated the fact that they had to change the TNG's sets and lighting for the movie, instead of keeping them the way they were in the show. Still, it felt a bit like Star Trek. Nemesis suffers from the wrong assumption that dark film = good film. It's once again an action film with the Star Trek brand, forcing Picard to be an action hero, something he's not. Data's death is idiotic and the depressing, tired ending cannot be further from the spirited and lightheartedly beautiful ending of All Good Things.
Disent Design (1 month ago)
OF course Nemesis is better than Insurrection, it may not feel like a double episode of TNG like Insurrection but it feels like a cinematic event. When it first came out i was a teenage so I loved it then, now I certainly see the flaws but its still much more rewatchable than Insurrection or even Generations for that matter. I remember when Generation came out and even though I was probably only 13 or something I felt so utterly disappointed in the wasted potential, a feeling I haven't felt at the movies again until The Last Jedi.
darkestfugue (1 month ago)
i agree with your order, insurrection was disappointing and nemesis was all filler for a great space battle, i enjoyed generations when i saw it and first contact had the borg who are always great, star trek 2 and 4 were my personal favourites
Geoff Totten (1 month ago)
First Contact is my favorite, Insurrection is total crap.
Sushi Time (1 month ago)
It's a shame you didn't get Insurrection, that was my favorite one. Yes, Nemesis was awful, but Star Trek movies just don't work anymore. Its all been done before... best reason of all to just move on.
max bootstrap (1 month ago)
Yes indeed, *First Contact* was far and away the best TNG movie. And clearly *Wrath of Khan* was far and away the best TOS movie. Not even close in either case. That DS9 never had a StarTrek movie is a massive travesty. Of course nothing is as massive a travesty in the universe of StarTrek as STD.
Classic Flix (1 month ago)
The Borg's plan is idiotic. Why go back to only twelve hours before First Contact? Why not fifty years? Or a hundred? Why leave such a margin of error?
markalexander774 (1 month ago)
First Contact is awesome, I have no complaints. Generations, I really need to watch again, it's been too long since I've seen it to make a good judgement call. Insurrection is just a long episode. Not even a great episode at that, just akin to a average one. Nemesis, I always weirdly liked. I feel like it had a lot of potential and there could have really been something there, I agree that exploring more of Picard's past and Shinzon's motives would have helped out a lot.
Degrelle Holt (1 month ago)
Good thoughts.  I thought the last two were awful.  The first was pretty good; however, the scene where Picard "introduces" Kirk to Soran (sp?) ah hell, Malcolm McDowell, would have been a hell of a lot better if the "introduction" had been omitted and right after McDowelll asks "Who the hell are you?" Kirk just belts him.  The fight that demonstrates Kirks fighting skills against Soran was GREAT!  (But I am a Trekkie and TOS is my ST:Heaven).  First Contact...First Contact...First...I never had an opinion about this one.  I think it just kinda borged (sic, hehehe) me.  I always thought the Borg were boring.  We will assimilate and bore you to tears.  Fine! fuckin' get it over with and die!
Corey Badeaux (3 months ago)
The ordering is mostly right. It's a shame that they had to kill Kirk or Data in their respective films. Maybe they could have devised a plot to send Kirk back into the nexus, where even history wasn't sure where he would end up. Lastly, instead of making Insurrection, they should have brought Q into the mix and went wild with possibilities. Oh well... what could have been.
David Mosteller (3 months ago)
Nooooooooooo no no no no no. Nemesis is by far the worse. It had the best graphics, I'll give it that, but a terrible story. Riker marrys Troi out of nowhere. Worf returns to Starfleet with no explanation, Tom Hardy's character hatred of Earth made no sense, LORE 2.0 was just terrible. It definitely has potential, but the story needed, well, rewritten.
David Mosteller (3 months ago)
The joys of auto correct. Roller was supposed to be Riker Marrys Troi.
Elena Rossi (4 months ago)
So I´ve seen so many people berating insurection for its premisses and I really have to speak up about it. I´m not the biggest fan of the movie myself (personally I find it quite boring) but enough is enough First of all: yes the planet is in federatuion space but that doesn´t make it the posession of the federation. If you would draw up a timeline of the federation and th baku history it would probably show that the baku came to this planet before the federation was in that region of space. Second: What annoys me the most is fans who bring up the firt directive as an actual argument against this movie. The fedration didn´t know that the baku were capable of warp technology so yes they should have been protected by it and there shouldn´t have been any plans of remooving the baku from the planet. But even after the incident with Data they are still protected. Yes the first directive was ostly fored to protect underdeveloped species, but it also includes the guidelines to not interfer with the buisness of another species without permission. The baku weren´t part of the federation. Also, the Baku seem to be nice enough people. I´m pretty sure that if the federaton had bothered to ask, they would have allowed the federaion to build some sort of health center on the planet. They probably would have some conditions attached to that, but as the federation didn´t even tried to do this on the diplomatic way you can´t call the baku selfish
Jordan TRusso (4 months ago)
You need to do this for the 6 Original Series Star Trek movies. Would you be interested in doing a video on them???
Starcrafty's channel (4 months ago)
Haha I enjoyed star trek x. Yes it's got problems and yes it ripped off the older films in places but I didn't think it was so bad
Masa's Closet (4 months ago)
The Son'a ship's face lift room in Insurrection was actually a recycled set from Voyager's "Living Witness" episode (S4E23). A couple of the Enterprise's interiors were also recycled sets from Voyager. No wonder it looks so cheap, they were using TV sets.
natchnieni0 (4 months ago)
The Feds "own the planet"? Wtf? For one thing, the Sona called in the Federation for helping with the Baku and encouraged the cloak and dagger resettlement. I imagine you did the same thing through Insurrection as I did through most of LOTR And Harry Potter and fell asleep for the mounds of expo, but that is when a reviewer pops the DayQuil (I don't think red bull was invented at the time of this movie) and muddles through. A reviewer needs to get a strory straight! The Baku weren't selfish, they weren't considered! I'm sure they would have said, "hey, we take up less square footage than long island, so I guess y'all can find a continent to build a medical facility to research and utilize the Power of the Rings. It was the Sona who insisted they could not wait for the natural progression of healing from land-based exposure to the rings. Fekkin get it right!
Steve17010 (4 months ago)
Exactly what I was thinking!
James Farris (4 months ago)
I saw Insurrection on new years day, and it was one of only 2 times in my life (the other due to being drunk) that I actually fell asleep during a film. So, so lame
I liked generations, but it was bad,
pokepress (5 months ago)
Personally, I prefer Insurrection over Generations. The former had fewer things that bothered me. First Contact blows both of them away, of course.
Ken Burke (5 months ago)
Nemesis had a "been there done that" feel to it. It had some exciting moments but just didn't work out.
dee w (5 months ago)
Did you also feel that insurrection was an episode more than a movie? I know I could have sworn this could have been a two part episode.
StillsTheSeries (5 months ago)
Agreed Insurrection's sets were all recycled from Voyager. The face-lift set the museum from "Living Witness." It's just so terrible.
Ladderthief1 (5 months ago)
I'd have to rank these from best to worst First Contact, Generations, Nemesis and Insurrection. First Contact had some really great moments, going back to the first warp test flight, again, some of the best acting from Stewart when he's talking to Lily about the Borg and just generally a good time. Generations, acting by Stewart and McDowell, the plot in general and the meeting of Kirk and Picard. Nemesis, not bad but not weak, the death of Data still very sad to me but understandable why they killed him off. And Insurrection, that might as well have been the lost opener for Season 8 of TNG. Just awful. The review Doug Walker and Linkara did on it pretty much sums up what's wrong with it.
Kwolfx (5 months ago)
I don't think there's any debate here. First Contact is clearly the best and it measures up to any of the better Star Trek films, even Wrath of Khan. I'm really not sure which is worse, Insurrection or Nemesis. I really hated Insurrection; it was like a long bad episode, but Nemesis was equally stupid, and killing off Data only to see his clone? who we knew we would never see again, take Data's place at the end was just pointless. I suppose that leaves Generations as 2nd best, even though it's just OK. It has its good moments.
Mike Stevenson (6 months ago)
I would argue the order is First Contact->Insurrection->Generations->Nemesis. Insurrection is not nearly as bad as you're saying - it's not good, but it's better than you say. It's certainly closest in tone to the show. But it's important to say that none of these movies were a patch on the best of the TV show. Mr. Plinkett has done a fantastic job of explaining why.
Starving Martian (6 months ago)
Almost lost me when you praised Dark Knight Rises, but completely agree with your ranking of the Trek films.
I love Riker's joystick. :-D
Mike Moore (6 months ago)
I thought it was kind of lame that they contrived the death of Picard's family so they could evolve the character into more of a macho 90's action movie character.
RG (6 months ago)
I like nemesis because it uses some elements from 2 of the best star trek movies: star trek 2 and 6: --> a chance at making peace with a longtime enemy (romulans/klingons) --> faceoff between 2 good commanders + dead of one of the most beloved characters (granted data's death wasn't well executed) it also resolves plotlines from the tng show: --> riker finally becoming captain and marrying troi --> data actually understanding humans --> picard facing himself and realising how things could be different
RG (6 months ago)
I don't believe nemesis should be on a galactic scale, star trek never was on a galactic scale (except deep space 9) it always was about just a couple of ships fighting for bigger consequences which we don't see because we are focussed on the cause of a galactic conflict for example: balance of terror
Keith Metcalfe (6 months ago)
Dead on reviews. I agree pretty much completely.
Jerkwad152 (6 months ago)
Riker: What do we know about that old Klingon ship? Any weaknesses? Worf: It is little more than a garbage scow, sir! Riker: Right! Fire all phasers! *shitty bird of prey is blown up Riker: Okay, let's get a shuttle down there and stop Soran!
Sebastian Fitzpatrick (6 months ago)
Despite them being very inconsistent I still do enjoy all of them but there was a lot of missed opportunites.
Czab (6 months ago)
Tron: Legacy? Really?
37geese (6 months ago)
There was one good thing that came from Insurrection: the Plinkett review.
yollam (6 months ago)
Totally agree with these reviews. Insurrection was so atrocious in every way.
Nicholas Jerrat (6 months ago)
exactly...well done.
horaciosi (6 months ago)
All of them suck (yes, including First Contact, shut up). Period.
Rafe Tizer (6 months ago)
We'll always have All Good Things.
Zero Cool (6 months ago)
goddamn tom hardy.
Brendan Ward (6 months ago)
Giving the Borg an evil queen ruined First Contact.
Nonya Bizz (7 months ago)
Insurrection is the only Star Trek film (well, and the third movie in the reboots) that I never saw. I simply could not bring myself to watch it, or care it even existed. Generations held my interest, but in retrospect, it wasn't good. They could have done so much more. Kirk's death was useless. First Contact was actually a decent film, but one thing I always hated about it was how brutally Picard killed the borg that had been his own assimilated crew. When the woman called him out on it, he basically waved off the borg as monsters. It is as if he totally forgot that, with effort, people can be brought back from assimilation, like he was. Members of the same crew that risked everything to save him when he suffered that fate, were just killed. I remember the crewman in the hallway being assimilated, asking for help, and Picard just shot him. They sure as hell didn't just kill off Picard when he was assimilated. Not to spare him the pain, and not to spare the Federation from the wrath of what the borg could do with his knowledge. While his hate, anger, and fear of the borg are understandable, I find his actions out of character, and rather unforgivable. Not the fact that he had to kill (at least some) of them, but the brutality he did it with. Lastly, Nemesis. I think I'm one of the few who loved this movie. It was visually interesting to me, beginning to end. Moments of humor and sorrow both resonated. I love the romulans, but they are underused and often more two dimensional than klingons, so having them be the focus was exciting. Seeing the Remans, finally, was exciting. The idea of a failed Tal Shiar project to clone and replace a Star Fleet captain was fitting, and very Romulan. Finally seeing the Enterprise-E in action was satisfying, and seeing the Romulan ship it was up against was terrifying. Data's death seemed senseless, but that is part of why the new android showed up. With no personality of it's own worth note, and Data having earlier copied himself into the android, the idea was that Spiner was getting too old for the role, even with attempts to suggest Data could visibly "age," and so he felt that, as prosthetics could only do so much, it might be best to remove Data, for the sake of believability... while the second android he was copied into gave the potential for a Deus Ex Machina to revive him in the future. I have watched it over and over again, several times just looking for a reason it should be so hated, and have come up empty. I genuinely do not understand why the film was so poorly received. I'm not saying there weren't flaws. There most certainly were.... but I feel the hate for the film is not fair. And because the characters feel true to themselves, and the serious tone of the film, and the much more interesting Romulans are center stage? Nemesis was my favorite film, of the four. And I truly think that, had Insurrection never existed, and Frakes had directed Nemesis, it would not have been the last TNG film.
thanatossassin (7 months ago)
Your comment of the few times you’ve left the cinema and wanted to see a film again right away; you included the Dark Knight Rises and Tron Legacy? I honestly had to stop the video right there.
Willie Arroyo (7 months ago)
Nemesis is a way better movie than people give it credit for the whole concept of nature versus nurture shut up. the fight between Good and Evil, both sides of the same coin. the heroic sacrifice of data... yeah it had some problems but All Star Trek movies have problems
Adam The Great (7 months ago)
I would have picked the same order. Nemesis I felt like had the capability to be something really great, but seemed like everyone involved in making the movie were a bit burnt out. I was a bit pissed myself about the meeting between Picard and Kirk. I also believed that Kirk's death should have been in a glorious battle on the Enterprise. Insurrection just felt like a bad in between episode until they could continue the plot further.
Steve H. (7 months ago)
The more I have watched Insurrection, I have to say the more I have enjoyed it. Generations was to me by far the worse in the TNG film series. So bad, Leonard Nimoy refused to be in it. No Kirk on his Enterprise and Picard on his fighting to save the universe. Not a satisfying film at all. I do own the opening score which was very well done.
Plowbeast (7 months ago)
Teleport all the Baku into the sun. Problem solved.
Daniel Bennett (7 months ago)
I agree why leave an “alien” corpse on a primitive world to possibly discover it later and breaking the prime directive. Maybe when rescue ships came they beamed Kirk’s body out and took him to earth and give him a proper state burial. Another good point of First Contact is no families onboard! Works for tv show but not movies. Insurrection would harvesting rings kill the population or return them to normal aging? Why couldn’t Federation citizens just move there to rejuvenate? I mean 600 people take up a small town not whole world. Did they move here prior to Federation annexation or after? That matters to determine who has legal claim. Nemesis would have been more like Wrath of Khan if the villain was previously known from the series. No mention of Lore in reference to B4 model. No mention of Spock’s reunification movement on Romulus. Is the Remans telepathic ability proof Romulans retain telepathy from their Vulcan ancestors with them being their offshoot race? Data’s death was like Trips death unnecessary.
Daniel Bennett (7 months ago)
The major plot hole of Generations was just beam yourself in a apace suit in front of the ribbon would have accomplished same result of altering the course of the ribbon by killing off stars and millions of people.
Jakk Frost (7 months ago)
While I personally liked Insurrection, and disagree with you on some of the points (except about production quality - it really was basically a TV movie), what they did with that movie is that they bought into the Star Trek movie curse. Every odd numbered Star Trek movie (when numbers are applied) up to that point had done poorly at the box office, while the even numbered one were all hits. With Insurrection (aka Star Trek 9), they basically accepted that, and rushed it out so fast in order to get started on Star Trek 10 (Nemesis), that I didn't even know about it until it was already in theatres. And even back then, in early internet days, you usually still knew at least months in advance when a new big name movie was coming out. That curse obviously ended with Nemesis, though I also personally mostly enjoyed that movie too.
BondFreek (7 months ago)
Sorry hit the wrong button. But if you want to see want these movies are really about and why they're good watch trekfreek video the true meaning of Star Trek
BondFreek (7 months ago)
To better appreciate these 4 movies please watch trick freaks video
BondFreek (7 months ago)
This critic wouldn't know good special effect if it bit him in the face. Star Trek insurrection add fantastic special effects. The palm pit lives very realistic-looking, the spaceships were solid-looking the look like models the thing is he did not like the nebula to him it looked fake. The truth is it was based off of artist renderings of nebulas so it was very realistic. The only thing I agree with this critic is the stupid joystick scene. Manual controls could have looked a lot better. Know if you want to see bad special effects watch Hercules Legendary Journeys. Great stories great show that special effects were terrible.
Night Porter (7 months ago)
Insurrection was like a comedy...
airmail dolphin (7 months ago)
Chekov and Scotty on the Enterprise B was (for me) obviously written for Bones and Spock. Chekov even points at cameramen and women and makes them nurses (a la McCoy). Scotty tells jokes in a deadpan fashion like Spock. Etc.
airmail dolphin (7 months ago)
Kirk's death was ridiculous. He was brought back to participate in a fist fight in which he DIED. He should have been brought back because of something that only he knew (to solve a problem only HE could have solved). He could have been the one to run the battle against the Klingons because he had dealt with that class of ship before (for example). ANYTHING but the crap we saw on screen.
TheJlook2000 (7 months ago)
i agree with the order and assessment . I like nemesis a little bit more but first contact is so far ahead of the rest , it often feels like the only TNG film and the others were TV movies. if these films were made now i suspect the dominion war would have paved the way for a STCU with tie ins to DS9 and possibly even voyager
John Miller (7 months ago)
A couple of simple things could have saved Nemesis. First, Patrick Stewart should have played both characters. It would have been far more interesting to see him play both the good guy and bad guy. Have evil Picard be the one who discovers B4 on the alien planet. As the viewer, you wouldn't know that it wasn't Picard or Data. Later, the reveal would have been interesting. Then, take away the whole "I need your blood" thing. That seemed a bit contrived. What's wrong with having evil Picard, just be evil, and want to kill the original? Second, Riker and Troy should have left for the Titan, before the Enterprise went to Romulus. Have evil Picard and B4 take over the Enterprise (without anyone knowing), with the plan to go back to earth and destroy it, leaving real Picard and Data on Romulus. There, he gets help from the Romulans to go after evil Picard. Riker then comes and joins up, with the Titan.
MichaelAarons1701 (7 months ago)
Dave, these arguments against Insurrection really need to stop. Everybody from Linkara to Roger Ebert fail to grasp that, first, the Prime Directive (or any regulatory policy) can’t simply be overridden simply because an appeal to emotion or some “greater good”. Secondly, because the process of harvesting the particles involves a race who are ultimately revealed as one and the same as the inhabitants, it becomes an internal affair of the planet and Starfleet/The Federation being duped into a foreign nation’s politics which goes against their core beliefs just like how they can’t pick and choose who lives or dies because they may or may not be the next Einstein or Hitler. From a story narrative point of view, the Federation is dependent on the Son’a to handle the execution of the plan and only get a cut by virtue of the property (sorta like splitting oil revenue simply because it’s your land but their labor) yet A) The B’aku were there for around 300 years yet the Federation is only 200 years old meaning we unwittingly annexed someone else’s colony; B) the Son’a were slavers who used illegal weapons and so were very much likely to just flake once they got what they wanted leaving Starfleet with their dick in their hands and 600 pissed off aliens wondering where all those lives that were going to be saved will get help from now; C) since Deep Space 9 confirmed that the Son’a were indeed working with the Dominion, it would be very much in Starfleet’s best interests to stop them getting the particles since it’s 600 vs the worst enemy the Alpha Quadrant has seen since the Borg; and D) the Animated episode _The Lorelei Signal_ and the TNG episode _Unnatural Selection_ both depict a character(s) being super-aged but ultimately saved by being restored to their last known good state by the transporter. Word of God says the only reason that method isn’t used for other problems is because it would rob the passenger of memories made between the last pattern log and the reset. Given the traumas of war and injury, can’t say that’d be too steep a price. There’s also the alternate filmed ending where Ru’afo ejects out before the collector goes boom but passes through the rings de-aging into oblivion. If that’s the case then a shuttle could just fly by at the right angle and duration (auto-pilot?) and subject the patient to all the restoration they need. Or they could set up a hospital on the far side after asking the B’aku where patients could stay long enough to feel as revitalized as the Enterprise crew started feeling after being there a short while; no need to uproot anyone. Finally, there lays the inherent problem with allowing anyone but the those stuck solely on the planet to have the particles: where is any actual storytelling to be done if the Federation and any of its allies had magic Fountain of Youth particles that can cause instant healing? It’s just like the Into Darkness nonsense with Augment Jesus Blood since now the characters are borderline immortal and free of horrible danger. The Son’a needed either the collected particles or slow, sustained exposure on the planet to fix themselves (alternate ending notwithstanding) but they didn’t want to live there anyway due to personal reasons and some couldn’t last long. But that problem only affects them; anyone else would be fine. So there needs to be a limitation which is the particles stay on the planet hardly anyone knows about. And given the massive drama of the Dominion War, what kinda problems, like Nog’s leg, would remain if he could just get a metaphasic particle treatment? Fountain of Youth stories, assuming there was a fountain, require it to be stationary with very little being able to be moved because otherwise it changes the ballgame of the narrative universe that a character has found such divine magic. Even _The Last Crusade_ was smart enough to trap the Holy Grail behind the Great Seal and behind traps/tests, and hidden far away. Ultimately, the film is just fine except it needed to be longer just to let the other characters explore their affectations from being exposed to some of the particles like Riker and Troi’s relationship rekindling.
MichaelAarons1701 (7 months ago)
@Jakk Frost All the more reason why the complaint of Picard and co. “going native” and how that was wrong (regardless of playing God or “the greater good”) is in itself wrong and that The Federation should never had gotten involved and the Son’a should have fucked off. If the film is weak, it’s because it didn’t cover its bases and potential well. A scene easily could have been added where Picard facing off agains Ru’afo could have said, “You were never planning to help all those millions, you just planned to keep it all for yourselves!” and then Ru’afo shrugs a “pretty much”. That would have also sealed the deal on the “greater good”.
Jakk Frost (7 months ago)
One way to address the issue of moving the Baku and whether it was right or wrong is; they could have said that sufficient exposure to the particles was what caused the Son'a to deteriorate the way they were, and moving the Baku would ultimately be condemning them to death. Picard and crew only had brief exposure, therefore they wouldn't be trapped on that planet the way the Baku were. And in fact the healing they experienced while there even reverted, if I recall correctly (I believe Geordie had cybernetic eyes again in Nemesis). This means the whole plan was futile anyways. One apparently needs constant treatments with the particles to retain their benefits, otherwise they don't last, they revert, which most likely actually _would_ kill the Baku.
psychocuda (7 months ago)
I agree with the ranking, though Insurrection and Nemesis are so bad, it's hard to really say which one is worse. I think the way they killed Data while having a cop-out backup with B4 is why I might say Nemesis is slightly worse. But that's like saying having a toothache on the top of your jaw is worse than one on the bottom, they're both bad. If it would have just ended with First Contact, I could have been happy sending off TNG's crew that way.
Herman Taffy (7 months ago)
Do you have a review of ST 1-6 (7 too i guess, counting Generations) out of curiosity? I lke the cut of your jib sir
Herman Taffy (7 months ago)
I think nemisis is highly misconstrued. I actually may bumb generations down. Lest we forget, it was supposed to lead into a final TNG flick, as the tag line is "final mission begins"... we never got an end. We were thrust into Kelvin timeline w/ mutant monster Romulans.. never explaned. Eric Bana romulans look similar to those ugly work-in-the-mines aliens (cant remember the name rn) and i think even a dominion war connect would explain it all. But dudes in suits with $ dont care about stoytelling, or continuity.. *AhemJustice league COugh STDiscovery* Sux money hungry lamos get to dictate how stories should go. BTW i will never ever own a copy of insurrection.. that is worse than ST:The Motion Picture. Honestly, First Contact is great, but overrated (best of both worlds is better)
Gregory Floriolli (7 months ago)
The real reason Nemesis failed was because Paramount released the film on Dec 9, 2002 and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers came out Dec 18, 2002. Even at the time years ago when I was much less savvy about the movie business I remember thinking that releasing the movie a week before the Lord of the Rings was just stupid.
Simon Winn (7 months ago)
You missed the mark on the insurrection movie, and context of what was actually happening.
sciguyjeff (7 months ago)
AT around 10:45, you are arguing that the Baku are selfish and that Starfleet is in it's rights for wanting to use the planet for medical treatment. I am sure that is what the Admiral proposed but the Sona wanted to take the energy that allowed for such medical wonders for themselves. In this case, whatever Starfleet had decided would have become null and void as the Sona were not going to let anyone else us the healing energy either. Personally I would have just started a Starfleet colony on the opposite side of the planet. Who would know?
Michael Johnson (7 months ago)
I'm shallow and Nemesis is my favourite of all the Star Trek films only because of the space battle. None of the other films, from 1 to the Jar Jar Abrams rubbish, has anything close.
Jero Briggs (7 months ago)
The Baku were there before the Federation, so it IS their planet, and if an alien race tried to kidnap you and destroy your planet and cut your life span by a whole lot, wouldn't you consider them to be the bad guys.
Jero Briggs (7 months ago)
I think you missed the point. It wasn't the planet itself the Federation wanted, it was the metraphasic (I think that what it was, it's been a while since I've seen it, and I was never that good at memorizing the technobabble) radiation in the rings they kept the people from aging. The Federation want to extract that from the rings, but that not only would've destroyed the rings, but the planet itself. That's why they had to relocate the Baku or else they would parish along with everything else on the planet.
SnakeFace (7 months ago)
Well, they did migrate to the planet centuries before the rise of the Federation. The problem with Insurrection is how poorly set it's story was. There are just 600 Baku people living a simple ala Amish way of life on a tiny part of the planet (imagine Earth with only 600 people). I don't see why the Federation would set camp NEXT DOOR to their village, along with the Sona (related to the Baku) covertly planning to remove them. It's a vast planet, so many other spots to set base + settlement and just observe the Baku much much further away or even from orbit with all that advanced technology. It may not be morally right on the part of the Federation + Sona, but again, as long as they left the Baku alone and set base + settlement much further away to observe them (plus from orbit), it would make their carefully hidden presence justifiable enough. Then again, one moral the movie does show is how greed can cloud sound judgment and decision making. The Federation (minus the Enterprise) and Sona were greedy for the planet's FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH effect, that they had to go through serious lengths just to rid of ONLY 600 Baku.
Jero Briggs (7 months ago)
1. Insurrection, 2. Nemesis, 3. First Contact, 4. Generations.
The Man's Garage (7 months ago)
How don't the baco own planet? I believe they got there before the federation was founded.
Boats_R_Cool (7 months ago)
First contact is best
Patrick Flynn (7 months ago)
I can't understand why major characters can survive the series but not the movies. Spock (albeit temporarily), Kirk, and Data. Seems to be nothing more than gratuitous attempts to strike an emotional chord which worked in my case, as it made me hate Nemesis and Generations. Kirk's death, like Darth Vader's origin, Maris Crane, and Mrs. Wollowitz should never be seen (nor any Star Wars movie after the first three). Mystery is drama. One nit picky note: the Zephram Cochrane in the original Star Trek was an upright moral guy and not the asshole portrayed in the movie (though I am constrained to point out that the asshole was more interesting). Also he was, if I remember correctly, from Alpha Centauri, not earth. And in the original series you don't get the impression that earth was Vulkan's little brother in the Federation as you do in First Contact, though Enterprise took that to a hideous extreme.
Novo Eduardo AC (7 months ago)
Slightly BETTER than Insurrection? Really?!
Neil (7 months ago)
Likability of a movie depends on your age (plot holes are less noticed when you are younger) and your expectations. Expectations were unrealistically high before Generations and Insurrection were released, explaining why fans were disappointed. First Contact is my favourite as well but it has so many plot holes. The most obvious being that the Borg Sphere could have travelled back in time before the battle with the fleet near Earth at the start of the movie. The Borg Queen had obviously planned to travel back in time by having the Sphere on-board the Cube. So, why wait for Picard blow up the Cube and nearly stop her before travelling back in time? Plus, having a Borg Queen kind of undermined the basic premise of the Borg... However, any movie - critically acclaimed, revenue blockbuster or cult hit - can be easily ripped apart. The real question you should be asking is: Do younger kids (the target audience for most movies) like it or not? Movies are designed to appeal to kids on an emotional level, and are not supposed to be logical.
Jerrin Phox (7 months ago)
The problem with this "Before (B4)" Android did not existed .Before Data was lore and he was dismantle. It seem they wanted to make a new startrek movie but did not know what to say, so they just almost improvise. After that they created the new Star Trek movies with a new Kirk and just bad to more bad.
Alex Kiepura (7 months ago)
And then Worf fires a purple space bazooka
robert ball (7 months ago)
Generations is the worst. As shitty as Nemesis is, I would still rather watch it than Generations I hate everything about that movie.
SnakeFace (7 months ago)
Insurrection's story was just plain stupid. A ENTIRE planet with only 600 inhabitants living Amish-like lifestyle, and the Federation + the Son'a couldn't just pick another location on the planet to set base + settlements with cloaking devices. The Ba'ku weren't going to detect them with their primitive lifestyle from thousands of miles away considering it's a huge and mostly uninhabited planet. They could've observed the Ba'ku from a great distance also with all that advanced technology, instead of foolishly setting camp right next door. Another stupid plot point was the stealth plan of removing the Ba'ku into a hologram ship, because again, there's just 600 of them in an ENTIRE planet. They don't have the capability of traveling thousands of miles and tell off worlders "Excuse me, but this planet belongs to us." It's even mind boggling that the movie has a fairly strong cult following (*6.4 IMDB rating*). Might be because of Capt. Picard's charming romance with the Ba'ku lady, who has the charming qualities of a MILF, or among other nit picky stuffs. Anyway, I've always found Insurrection as a lame Star Trek / Sci Fi movie ever since it hit cable TV back in 1999.
Kardboard Kenny (7 months ago)
as "meh' as this film is (Generations), w/o it there would have been no "The Return". that should have been a movie
Patrick Musson (7 months ago)
What about the ones from the first movie "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", to "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"??
Mark Lovin (7 months ago)
Quick trivia for the Trek nerds: During Data's little funeral scene at the end of Nemesis, Riker is trying to remember what tune Data was whistling when they first met on the holodeck. He fails to remember it. Without going back to watch the pilot episode, who can name the tune?
Kardboard Kenny (7 months ago)
pop goes the weasel
jamoecw (7 months ago)
the prime directive is not interfering in pre warp civilizations. they thought they were pre warp, and they had control of the planet prior to the federation's existence. so the duck blind is just fine for insurrection. once they discover this the mission should have changed to one of diplomacy. the uncovering of the plot to violate the prime directive could have made for a decent book, but it wouldn't be a good visual story as it should take place primarily on a federation complex of some sort. it also means that when the outcasts return to deal with the ba'ku this would be an internal conflict and thus starfleet is required to sit back and do nothing. so the story just doesn't work if you know the federation.
Mark Broadhurst (7 months ago)
It's hard to believe that shinzon is Tom Hardy
kwnyupstate (7 months ago)
Generations was the best one by far and also the best trek film of all time.
S1nwar (7 months ago)
oh wow someone mentions confused matthew. that makes me feel old.
S1nwar (7 months ago)
there is only first contact. the rest too bad to be considered.
Chalky (7 months ago)
Rewatchability is the only factor that really matters to me when I decide how good a movie is, and for Star Trek that's 2,3,4,6,8 & 11.
Alistair Shaw (6 months ago)
Chalky 11 is 2009?

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