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Onion For Hair Growth - How Does Onion Help In Hair Growth

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Onion Juice For Hair Growth : The miracle onions juice can do to your hair has been going viral lately and is pretty much promising too. It is claimed to be one of the most traditional yet effective remedy to treat hair loss and dandruff and promotes a good circulation on your scalp. It lengthens the growing phase of your hair, thus helps your hair grow longer before the shedding process take place. Above all, it does not trigger any side effects and is a cheaper method too! So how do you use onion for hair growth? Onion Juice For Hair Growth – 2 Natural Home Remedies 1. onion juice and honey 2. Onion juice and coconut oil #onion #onionjuice #honey #coconutoil #dandruff #hairgrowth
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Mxra Lxra (6 months ago)
Ajay Makwana (10 months ago)
doonion juice and honey reduce hair fall and help in baldness?
aldrin silangan (1 year ago)
is this real effective? I'll try this steps but after 12 days by using this, something's grows in my head and so itchy. thats why I stop for using.
sudip samanta (1 year ago)
Hi, I want to know that I already used a regular hair oil, now If I use onion juice with coconut oil, is it any side effect will come ?
88p Ponsl (1 year ago)
Can I mix onion+honey+coconut oil+olive oil. Reply. Please. Thx
shane Abeywardana (1 year ago)
It so so good tx for this vod
Jojo Josoph (1 year ago)
Is only onion juice works. I am using only onion juice once in a week. It's good but I am seeing some 2 to 3 hairs on my hand when I am washing my hairs. give me suggestion to stop hair fall and increase the hair growth. Thanks in advance
Try Best of best ALSHAAFi herbal hair oil they have more than one brand & it comes with money back guarantee, your all hair issues will be resolved because one their product has 50plus herbs & seeds oils those promote healthy hair growth nothing left. just google Alshaafi herbal hair oil on Amazon. GoodLUCk
thank you for this video, garlic is also a good method to grow hair fast, I used it in combination with some oils and saw results within weeks, I made a video with before and after pictures on my channel.
Lakshmi Lakshmi (1 year ago)
Hair-Fashion Homeremedies
Lakshmi Lakshmi (1 year ago)
Hair-Fashion Homeremedies
ASLI KHAYRE (1 year ago)
what if I am allergic to dandruff is it must to use it
Ibrahim Carab (1 year ago)
Am using this juice now for almost a week but I am seeing shedding of hair it restarted falling but not too much as it was before also note that I have not seen falling hair for 2-3 months since I shaved all my hair but since I started using this juice it began again. have u seen that ? and what do u suggest to me ? thanks in advance. I will keep using it ..
alex ramirez (7 months ago)
Ibrahim Carab probably your genetics
Jamal Ikram (1 year ago)
It does work.. I have tried it... They forgot to mention that it nnot only accelerates hair growth but also increases hair volume by making your hair strands more healthy But for those who are going to try it, please don't give up after using it for oonly one or two weeks. Although you will see the difference in very first week but people give up due to its pungent smell
Cez Vi (2 hours ago)
Jamal Ikram
Hannah Isabellah (1 year ago)
Ibrahim Carab
Ralph Ismael (1 year ago)
+Ibrahim Carab try another home remedies like eggyolk or ginger..onion doesnt work for me for 1 yr
Ibrahim Carab (1 year ago)
Ralph Ismael for 1 good year ? that's magnificent but mate do you notice a very big difference and have you stopped using it or u are still on it. by the way am in my first month I can see difference but on the other side am seeing my hair falling sometimes specially when am washing it. what do you suggest to me ? thanks
Ralph Ismael (1 year ago)
lol im using for almost.1 yr but theres no effect my hair is still thin..
Mclewis Mercado (1 year ago)
any proved if this is working??
Lakshmi Lakshmi (1 year ago)
Mclewis Mercado
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
Mclewis Mercado hi
Srabanti Lira (1 year ago)
+Be Positive which process u use? onion or honey yaa onion or coconut oil?
Be Positive (1 year ago)
working for me
Saghi Meydast (1 year ago)
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
Saghi Meydast hi
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
Saghi Meydast hi
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
Saghi Meydast hi
Adama Hassan (1 year ago)
can this method be use on children 8-10yrs old
Jackie Bruhh (1 year ago)
Adama Hassan yes you can .it's totally it's all natural and good for them
can i used onion juice only...
Sallauddin Sayyed (1 year ago)
thangjam sadananda
Memo Jd (1 year ago)
is ths use for shampoo or after
Aulona Hafizjaha (1 year ago)
Memo Jd when you do this mask, then shampoo
Rajdeep Anand (1 year ago)
Do we need to shampoo before applying onion juice or it will work on coconut oiled hair too ?
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
Rajdeep Anand hi
Sadhu Harsh (1 year ago)
Is onion juice apply on oily hair?
Jyoti Naik (1 year ago)
how many days or month it can be used for best result
fjuraa (1 year ago)
Sreedhar Madrox (1 year ago)
Memo Jd (1 year ago)
prerna shukla (1 year ago)
Noura Haddouti (1 year ago)
prerna shukla ojo
prerna shukla 9

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