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13 RV Living Safety Tips for Solo Women and Men

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Whether you're a solo woman or man living in an RV or van, safety is an important aspect of your life. In his video, I give you 13 tips for how to stay safe living alone in an RV or Van (Plus one "bonus' tip). Tips include, how to give the impression you're not alone., what tools I carry to protect myself and of course, the obligatory gun talk. I also share my philosophy on fear, traveling alone as a woman, and safety. For more information about solo RV Living as a woman , visit my website http://CarolynsRVLife.com Music Credits: Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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CA G (1 day ago)
Strategically placed firearms in your rig are much more reliable for defense in a life threatening situation.
Lance Norton (6 days ago)
Great video ty.but always carry a handgun. To many meth freaks out and about now days
John Sanders (9 days ago)
Well done, great information.
Joscelyn Gleed (9 days ago)
Thanks for the tips! I’m a single woman that just said “muck it all” sold it all and now on the road with my fur babe Hyde!! We love Carolyn and Capone ❤️🐾✌️💪🏻🚃
Deanya Schempp (10 days ago)
"People I know have hurt me a lot more than strangers." I love you.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 days ago)
Craig E (13 days ago)
At least 2 gun racks... Hmmm isnt that prejudice toward the truck driver. You didnt see if he had ANY gun racks, but you say 'im sure he had at least 2 gun racks'... Stop being prejudiced, paranoid & delusional BTW your gut feeling was not 100% right about the LiL'Old lady with the van & dogs who asked you to move your RV so she could drive by. You were scared/paranoid and instead of doing what she requested (moving so she could drive by) you left your campsite while spinning tires & drove away, only to complain when the LiL'Old Lady (who sees you leave & drive away leaving the campsite COMPLETELY open) decides to take the NOW-VACATED PERFECT CAMPSITE!???!
Gone Fishin (21 days ago)
Thank. You. Carylin 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸🇮🇪☘️
Gary Stanfield (22 days ago)
get wasp spray it srays 30feet and if you spray a person in their eyes they can-t see and have to go to the hospital to be able to see againaround $5.00
Pam Willems (27 days ago)
What you can also do if your a solo adventurer is get a recorder, and find a man with a loud deep voice and record him saying who's there, get away or something, or get a recording of a vicious dog barking, they have apps for that. When someone comes around you can play the recordings and they'll think twice.
Will Mercado (27 days ago)
Carolyn, thanks for the safety tips. Here's another one: as with the large boots, keep a large water bowl by your rig. It will advertise the presence of a large dog. Be sure it's empty so as not to attract thirsty bears. Safe travels!
hurstma59 (28 days ago)
I’ve been watching many of your videos because at 67, I’m thinking about embarking on this type of travel - at least for part of the year. Because it appears you do a lot of your camping out in the boondocks, where wildlife should be plentiful....what about Grizzly Bears? You obviously have food inside your RV. I know a bear can peel open a car door, etc. like a pop top. I also wonder if someone could use a crowbar to pop open a RV door?
M. BIT (1 month ago)
glad you have bear pepper spray and have other tools to use the 2 chairs and men's shoes is a good idea, I have put men's shoes outside my house in the past .. I agree street smart helps and having a dog help as well .Good boy Capone ! . stay safe and take care, hugs to Sweet Capone
cindy haddock (1 month ago)
These are wonderful tips and I really like the way you present and present yourself as a lady being by herself...stay safe and happy trails to you!
B G (1 month ago)
My dear Carolyn! Thank you so much for this amazing video, I am just totally loving all what you do. And as you said in one of your videos that may be your authenticity makes people like your video, I do truly believe that is the case. Thank you for every piece of advice you give. Many times I watch them over and over. Enjoy your trips, stay well and be inspiration for all of us.
Sandra Anderson (2 months ago)
I'm so glad I found your videos. This one is right on target. I carry bear spray, in lieu of a Glock, almost everywhere. That comes from many decades of backpacking. Then I thought why not just carry bear spray in regular situations--nothing obvious!. However, I do carry guns and Budweiser in my RV,. I think of the Budweiser as a potential bribe, and the guns are for if someone breaks in at night. Otherwise you wouldn't know I have a gun at all. I'm not setting off bear spray in my rig, after all. Realistically, guns do not keep you safe. Only good planning and common sense practices can help with that.
KenPics63 (2 months ago)
Someone will be "Flirtin' With Disaster" if they mess with you and Molly hatchet!
Red Phone (2 months ago)
This was really great and did a lot to waylay my fears. Thank you for taking the time to create this particular video.
Purple Rose (3 months ago)
Excellent video.
Carolyn's RV Life (3 months ago)
Thank you Purple!
SouthernChick (3 months ago)
I think it's dangerous that you must leave the inside to get into the cab to drive away. Isn't that scary enough? You need a handgun. I would be terrified! A baseball bat may do no good for a large man. You are so vulnerable without real protection. It may be a lot of pressure about buying a firearm, it only takes one incident to be the worst mistake of your life. Why not have a pistol for those occasions? Does Capone bark at noises like you described? You have been lucky TWO times in the first 3 videos I have watched. I see you have lots of videos so don't know your current status but I hope you have really thought seriously about the danger, especially having to exit to get to driving area. Enjoying your personality and look forward to catching up on your videos. Take care.
Maria G (3 months ago)
Excellent advice. Thanks Carolyn. My 15 year old chihuahua is adorable but can’t protect me...especially considering he’s partially deaf. ☺️💗☺️
Bernard Popp (3 months ago)
My uncle was FBI. My son is a cop & detective. I learned what goes on! 😬 Your tools for defense won't work against a gunman...obviously. A few shots fired out a window will sent most any culprit away fast. Telling all about yourself on internet is not the best move. Being a pretty woman as u are is a lure also. I have a very trustful friend who helps lots of needy folks...over the years i have warned her on being too trusting. She is over 60, and helped a "nice guy"...giving him little jobs...he bludgeoned her near to death, putting her in come for a month...now she has seizures...of course i never said "i told u so"...but she knows now what's up. You're a nice person, but your gut feelings are just not enough protection...don't be stubborn about reality dear lady...and have a great & safe Spring; from one loner to another... 🍀 😊👍 👏☝
Bernard Popp (3 months ago)
(put her in a comma) There's drug addicts and medicated screwballs everywhere out there today... (I felt its only right to caution u.)
lynn (3 months ago)
I doubt you will see this but I would love to know how you learned to drive something that size, especially backing up. I have yet to see anyone address this quest. I hope that you will. I started watching your vids. about a year ago but never saw these in order from the beginning. I thought that learning how to handle the rig would be the beginning. Hope you see this and respond.
Mable Lane (3 months ago)
Always be aware of your surroundings. and always trust your gut. your gut always knows. Be safe out there.
Mimi Traveler (3 months ago)
AHAHAHA Two chairs and men's boots. Too silly. If someone wanted to mess with you, all they would have to do is watch you for 24 hours. No one coming to sit in the extra chair. No one to fit into those men's boots. Two of the silliest ideas I've seen.
Mimi Traveler (3 months ago)
P.S. I am a solo woman traveler
1rustyboy1 (3 months ago)
If someone breaks into my rv they will get a bullet in their head, period. That's my home. May be illegal in some states but chances of the law checking my rv without probable cause is very slim and worth that risk to me. I sleep like a baby.
Taraz Pariseau (3 months ago)
wasp spray works well too if you dont have bear spray. and if you are scared enough to spray someone or something.... who cares if it is an insecticide.
Greg MacShane (4 months ago)
A great thing to use for safety and you should have at least one in your RV is the fire extinguisher, if you can get to it if someone is trying to get in you can blast them in the face with it. Also another good safety tip, is to secure the drivers and passenger side doors to each other so they can't be opened from the outside giving really only one door for someone to get into. Yes it does only give you one door to get out, but I guess that is the balance.
Dave Deiler (4 months ago)
The bear spray is a great self-defense too perhaps better even than S&W
Deborah Sibley (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video. Very thought provoking.
Booper 343 (4 months ago)
Excellent tips! Thanks! (Love the boots and two chairs! Brilliant!)
Tuaca Waca (5 months ago)
2 other tips - a spotlight or strong flashlight, shining that in someone's eyes is a good advantage at night. I also have a voice changing app on my phone - I record GET Out of here and who is it in a scary male voice I can play through the window.
Cathy Cudney (5 months ago)
I parked my vehicle to sleep once down a road by a fountain settled down to sleep and got the creepiest feeling come over me to the point of not breathing well. I lone camp all the time and am not spooked by much. But I got the heck out of there fast and felt better.
lsassidawg (5 months ago)
I enjoy your videos. My goal is to take off on the road within a year or two. Keep up the awesome videos and enjoy yourself!!!
Michele Burril (5 months ago)
Love, love, love your videos. I travel alone, not full time, but your advice and thoughts on different subjects is so much appreciated. I have come to think of you as a friend because I can tell you give honest and thorough information. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for all of us.
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
MC Hammer & Molly Hatchet.
DennisInTheWind (5 months ago)
Hi Carolyn, Just a brief heads up, men are more likely to be victims of violent crime than women. I won't share all my security secrets on a public forum because that would defeat the purpose. But I will share just a couple. I keep an air horn near my bed and a blinding flashlight. Also a fire extinguisher is a great self defense weapon. No matter how big your attacker may be, if your blind them they won't be fighting anymore. It's wise to have at least one fire extinguisher anyway, and if you spray it in someone face chances are they wont be able to see for at least a few minutes and as you know, those few minutes can make a big difference. Thank you for all you do : )
Sunshine Adventures (5 months ago)
I have a fishbilly. Its what is used to hit sharks in the head with instead of a gun. Its better for the reason as far as fishing bc u wont put a hole in the bottom of your boat. As far as the shear weight of it. Its Solid Oak. So if you want something smaller & more effective a fish billy club is slot better. Its about 1 to 2 ft long if that and its not heavy no more than a bat but alot more effective in using as a deterrent. Lol Stay Safe yall. Yeah Im a Good ole Southern Girl😜
Don Boehner (5 months ago)
Good advice. Thanks
extraordinoire (6 months ago)
I’ve decided I won’t go car camping anywhere I can’t take my guns. Fortunately most states honor my Texas license.
I always, always, always trust my gut feelings about everything! Great tips Carolyn. Take care-Debbie
7th Fire Generation (6 months ago)
Kel Tec KSG.; custom karambit. Nuff said...
Ester Light (6 months ago)
Pertinent information. Thank you for sharing. 🌞🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sara A (7 months ago)
That just scared me!
Ruby Chung (7 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to share your tips with us. Living in fear brings fear.
P Schneider (7 months ago)
Enjoy our 'Public Lands' while we still have them. Republicans are working very hard to steal them away from us.
P Schneider (7 months ago)
I have camped and recreated on 'Public Lands' for 50 years. I hate these SOB's who want to take it away. Make sure you vote against them at every opportunity. RVed and lived in my MH on 'Public Lands' an average of 7 months a year for the past 30 years. My wife and I LOVE all 640,000,000 acres of 'our' land. NOT looking good right now with GOP in control. I enjoy your videos Carolyn!
Carolyn's RV Life (7 months ago)
P - yup, just as I predicted in my jan 20 video.. it's scary and sad. :-(
Mrs. Smith (7 months ago)
Really great tips, thanx!
Mrs. Smith (7 months ago)
Really great tips, thanx!
Turbulence Originals (8 months ago)
My gut has never been wrong, and the only time I've had issues is when I have ignored that . Thank you so much for all your posts.
Suzanne Burke (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing!
JoAnn Mantych (8 months ago)
Hi .just discovered your vblog and have subscribed. I love travel and we have a Class C.
Jay G (8 months ago)
I don't get why RVers hate Truck Stops ?
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Because they're noisy
Stephine Yoshikawa (8 months ago)
Yes, even science is saying trust your gut because it's your subconscious getting to the solution faster than *your conscience mind
Zaida Morales (8 months ago)
Thank u Carolyn..go u n Capone..
Scott Dawkins (8 months ago)
Hi Carolyn. There is one thing I would like to bring to your attention. When leaving shoes outside. I'm sure it could happen in many places, but especially in Florida that is a bad thing to do, due to a little critter called a pygmy rattlesnake. They are known for crawling in shoes left out, and then biting an unsuspecting foot. Then there's the 2nd ammendment thing. You said you don't subscribe to the world being a dangerous place, but...your 20min plus video, just talked about all the things you do to make it looks like there are others around, bigger dogs pic, guys in trucks wanting you out. It just may be a bit more dangerous than you say. I sincerely say do what you feel safe with. And, please be careful and trust your gut.
fingalfin (8 months ago)
Good tips but one concern ... The baseball bat and climbing axe are too long for a small closed environment like inside an RV and can be easily taken during an encounter, I recommend stun guns instead. American flag outside also good. Arlo wireless camera system with alarm is very nice but runs between $300 to 400.
Steven Taylor (9 months ago)
You can also use a poor-man's bear spray called Wasp Spray. It will spray a long distance and do some damage to your attacker.
Steven Taylor (9 months ago)
Good tps for ladies especially the large boots. Ha! Curious though, what those guys in the trucks were doing out there? Any ideas? I heard of something similar one time where a group of patriots (hence the flags) were hunting for some anti- American jihadist or terrorist camp and trying to run them off. Just a wild guess though. Like someone on here sid--you are generally safer out in the country than in a city. Also, if someone were really trying to get you (for some reason) they would watch you from a distance to see your habits and if you really were with someone or not.
Marc A Gagnon (9 months ago)
Good vid good advice we should learn from other peoples mistakes. and successes
LittleDirtPatch . . . (9 months ago)
All of your suggestions are spot-on. Any one of these could be a deterrent. A note to anyone thinking about getting a gun - please take a class on gun safety. Next go to a shooting range to practice & familiarize yourself with your weapon. I have only recently found your videos and love them. You definitely have a passion for your way of life. My husband & I are seriously planning on becoming nomads in the very near future.
Michael O'Donoghue (9 months ago)
Adequate external Emergency Lighting to completely Illuminate the Surrounds of your Vehicle. Adequate external CCTV Cameras to view completely the Surrounds of your Vehicle. An external Speaker Microphone arrangement so that you can adequately Speak With people outside your Door without Shouting or Opening your Door (hopefully they have no idea How Many Adults are Inside of your Vehicle). Adequate Means of Personal Protection and the Skill and Determination to Use it if the Situation warrants it. The ability to simply Move your Vehicle without the necessity of exposing yourself to the Outside World (Levelling Blocks can be Sacrificed or Attached to your Chassis, so that when you Drive Off they are simply Dragged Behind).
Richard Raborn (9 months ago)
Good Read "The Gift of Fear"
give to live (9 months ago)
Nancy Gebhardt (9 months ago)
Gotta tell you that baseball bat and sword..... What if they out muscle you and turn it on you?
Nancy Gebhardt (9 months ago)
Is it really that scary out there?
Alfred Harding (10 months ago)
Use common sense buy a hand gun like a 357 mag or 40 cal or 12 Ga shotgun .
Amanda Millard (10 months ago)
Carolyn I love watching you vlogs, they are so entertaining and full of wonderful advice. I love the beautiful American scenery and the way that groups of friends catch up for blethers (sorry chats) and to spend time together. I would LOVE the RV way of life, however, I don't live in America I do live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Scotland. But Scotland is a very tiny country and we could be round it in a few days, followed by swarms of the famous 'wee midgies'. I know how blessed I am to live in Scotland, I could go to England, Wales and Ireland, I think that we all have our blessings and it's a case of knowing that. For me it the size of America and the totally different areas, Forrest, desert, mountains, flatlands and all the built up areas. Hmmmm, apart from the desert, it sums up my wee Scotland, lol. Be safe and love your life, give Capone a hug from me, xXx
pa777billy (10 months ago)
Another thing about your keys : You know those long shoe laces they sell at Walmart ?? Keep a set of keys around your neck so that you NEVER lock yourself out of your RV . For some reason certain things go into your subconscious and you never forget keys around your neck using those sturdy , long shoe laces become a never failing habit . Treat yourself as if you are a grade school child who wears her keys around her neck . Peggy
Stevie Pools (10 months ago)
a gun works really well also to make someone think really hard before doing something stupid Carolyn i myself have been in 2 situations where i had to let couple of people think really hard really fast about the stupid life altering decision they was about to get themselves into but the thing with a hand gun is you have to practice with it so if you are in the moment of truth you will be able to execute to protect yourself if need be just a thought have a great day
OneCrankyFemale (11 months ago)
Being cheap, I have a lower priced phone & a cheap phone service. I just realized that when I do get to go out in an RV, I need to get a better phone that will do more than phone calls & text.
Annette Smith (11 months ago)
Excellent tips, the only thing that you might consider is a very bright torch. That way you can blind someone temporarily, see a long way in the dark if you're worried and it would help no end if you have to do repairs on your rig at night.
Bing's Ballyhoo (11 months ago)
If you get to know the birds' behaviors wherever you are they can tell you a lot about what's going on. If you listen and observe you can learn their danger calls their normal sounds, etc. They will surprise you. I would not do the NRA sticker in case someone might want to break in to steal your weapon.
First Last (11 months ago)
Thanks good tips.
umajunkcollector (11 months ago)
BE READY TO ESCAPE, keys in ignition, packed up for the night, be prepaired to scram ASAP. Know where the closest PD or law rnforcement, hospital, motel, or even gas station is nearby, some place that will be open, if followed. If it's a cop, they can use lighs and siren to pull you over. Curiosity killed the cat.
Poodle Daddles (11 months ago)
ggod tips
Phyllis Ann (11 months ago)
You have given really great tips! Good video, worth watching. When I was younger, I trusted people way too much. I wised up over time, don't we all? Nowadays and because I am much older, if I can't bring my dog and my weapon, I won't travel far. I no longer have the strength to swing a bat. And there is no reason to advertise that you have a weapon, I never do. I have to buy some bear spray! Thank God, I have great intuition and when I feel uncomfortable in any situation (even at a party), I leave.
Bea, Honey dog and me (11 months ago)
What an awesome video! So many great ideas. I'm going to start doing the 2 chairs and big boots thing. And the "Welcome" sign! I have a dog but I don't think she'd scare too many people. She sounds bigger than she is. Thank you! Love this. And what a gorgeous place to spend a week or two. Is it BLM? VERY scary, that story of the big trucks and rednecks.
Inside Diane's Life (11 months ago)
I love your suggestions.  I would love to travel by RV in about 10 years.
Beverly Balius (11 months ago)
As a cab driver ...Always point your nose out....never face into a dead end..... never ride on someones bumper and get into a sitituation you cannot go around or escape.
Luna Mia (1 year ago)
Do you have a gun?
Luna Mia (1 year ago)
Stay away from Florida it's crazy here people eat peoples faces beware
north shore (1 year ago)
yes l liked the night vision glass... great idea
north shore (1 year ago)
buy a 🔫 please
Kathleen Buckley (1 year ago)
Molly Hatchet FTW!
Lottie Faith (1 year ago)
These are great common sense tips that everyone can benefit from and my husband has given me most of them! : ) He's always giving me scenarios if someone would break in you can use this or this for a weapon, pick up sand for their eyes, spray anything you can find etc. I love what you said about parking in the direction of your escape route and also getting the name of the area you're in or the gps coordinates, something I hadn't thought of. Thanks for sharing your experiences. God Bless.
Sandrine Lachance (1 year ago)
Awesome tips, especially as a woman! Thanks a lot
Angela Siegfried (1 year ago)
In regards to women's intuition it's true we suppress it often in the interest of being polite and its true that women are able to intuit when there is danger. I recommend a book title, The Gift of Fear https://www.amazon.com/Other-Survival-Signals-Protect-Violence/dp/0440508835/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1498238957&sr=1-2&keywords=the+gift+of+intuition
Wally Jordan (1 year ago)
Loved your comment concerning having a firearm being a personal choice. One suggestion from me is if one chooses to have a firearm please know your firearm. Learn all about its parts and be able to take it apart without having to pull out the instruction booklet. Most importantly, TRAIN with your firearm. Know what to do in the unlikely case you are forced to fire it. Know how to make it safe again after firing. Bottom line, it is a tool just like anything else. Know how to use the tool or don't get it. :)
David Hamlin (1 year ago)
Never had any trouble but you maid some good points
Kathy Bitzan (1 year ago)
All good things thank you. I've been contemplating what I would do for my safety. I hope to be out there soon.
tennisman2k (1 year ago)
Colleen Duncan (1 year ago)
Enjoying your videos- I am in the planning stages to go full time (but will work as I go). These tips will help to thwart the flack I expect to get when my grown sons realize I am serious about this change of lifestyle! And to those commenting: Also some good info... Thanks everyone!
Norms Last Daughter (1 year ago)
Hi Carolyn. I'm leigh from Australia. I'm 60 and about to do my first solo road trip in my teardrop camper, 2500 km up the east coast with my dog. I've never travelled alone so I was grateful to watch your video which is full of brilliant tips. A friend told me that if I'm going to carry a baseball bat, carry a glove too. Then police can't accuse you of having it for a weapon then. I think I'll be sleeping with my axe and hammer under my pillow too! 🤣. Happy travels.
Kitchguy (1 year ago)
Great advice, I might add a perimeter security system that sounds an alarm, also flood lights are another idea.
imabusboy (1 year ago)
I am divorced a yr and a half, handicapped and travel with just my service dog. Although I am rarely unarmed, I have a few cans of bee spray($4. each) strategically placed in and around my camp. Bee spray will shoot about 20 ft and will do much as bear spray if you aim for the eyes. If they get past my dog and bee spray, it will obviously be a very bad day for one of us. Love your videos and your outlook on live! Please stay safe!
Dirk Brandenhorst (1 year ago)
Even as a guy who carries a gun and can take care of himself, I would still worry about someone sneaking around outside that might do damage to my rv (eg. spray painting the rv, puncturing the tires, etc.) Some good advice - thanks.
Phil Nugent-Box Mods (1 year ago)
12 gauge pump will send anyone running
Chevy Van Travel (1 year ago)
women feel uncomfortable with guns BECAUSE they haven't handled them and taken classes. take a class and become familiar with them it will help you with the uncomfortableness
Chevy Van Travel (1 year ago)
i meant my comment for the women who do.. and yes you made it pretty clear you don't want one. i was listening ...:)
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Mimi - I am not uncomfortable with guns at all... i just don't need one.
Pat Lowney (1 year ago)
well your story about the dog reminded me of a Funny Story this burglar went to burglarize a house he broke in he's walking through the hallway he hears Jesus is watching you he freezes in his footsteps then he takes a few more steps and he hears Jesus is watching you then he freezes in his footsteps again then he takes a few more steps and he hears Jesus is watching you and he comes around the corner and he sees a bird and a cage and he says to the bird is your name Jesus and the bird says my name is Clarence and he says who the hell would name a bird Clarence and the bird says the same guy that name the Rottweiler Jesus
Pat Lowney (1 year ago)
and always Park the RV in such a way at night before you go to sleep where if you have to leave in a hurry you don't have to back up and turn around you can just jump behind the steering wheel and drive off don't have to back up and make sure you leave the keys in the ignition so you don't have to hunt around for them if you need to leave in a hurry
Adam Coleman (1 year ago)
You're clearly intelligent and Awake and level headed. The only thing I find troubling in your message is you admitting you're unarmed. Better to have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it. That said, it is surely liberating and undoubtedly fun. You could actually get your CDL A and get paid to do what you do and often choose the areas you run but then....you have the Gestapo sniffing your behind everywhere you go. My goal is to convert a diesel skool bus into an RV w a wheelchair lift to load motorcycle AND SHIT. Need to find one at the right price and maybe if we don't start WW3...I'll c u out there somewhere?

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