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STEAM Secrets, Tricks And Hidden Games 1080p HD

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Yes, even Valve's STEAM client application has its own Secrets and Hidden Features! Music: Half Life OST: Nuclear Mission Jam The List: 01. Console Secret options, Hidden Progress Achievement and Dev Tools Window 02. Playing Hidden Apps 03. Editing Your Featured Games / Showcase 04. Hidden Games: Codename Gordon + Spacewar HIDDEN APP VALUES: Greenlight: 765 SteamVR: 250820 Steam Cloud: 764 Steam (Client): 753 Steam Music: 258280 Steam Economy: 754 Steam Artwork: 767767 Steam Screenshots: 760 Steam Cloud - Videos: 761 Steam Cloud - User Logs: 764 ValveTestApp200269: 200269 Steam Controller Configs: 241100 Steam Software Beta Access: 218800 Game Library Sharing Access: 248210 Steam Trading Card Beta Access: 202352 Beta Access to the New Steam Community: 202351 Steam Workshop: 766 COMMAND CODE: SetShowcaseConfig(2, X, {appid: Y}) X means game position (from left 0, 1, 2 or 3) Y means AppID Value (Search on STEAM DB site or use any of above app values) HIDDEN GAMES: Codename Gordon: steam://install/92 Spacewar: steam://install/480 CREDITS go to this Steam Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=353244460 Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
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Text Comments (1028)
Gamers Bone (1 day ago)
# Where the link to the generator.
Uncaught ReferenceError: SetShowcaseConfig is not defined at <anonymous>:1:1
Jordan TM (4 days ago)
Is this even reeaal?
Shonda Smith (4 days ago)
Captain Badassitude (5 days ago)
Science BITCH!
Pato Patuncio (5 days ago)
#CreepyLargo (6 days ago)
thanks with this i got 'pubg delta version'
NaNaZero (7 days ago)
0:10 breath in 0:15 breath out 0:20 breath in
신승현 (8 days ago)
Just buy games it's worth and cheap well some games
Igro Some (8 days ago)
One time I added an apk file to steam using the "add new game"b button on steam and it opened spacewae
Aroma Ozone (9 days ago)
Don't look at that folder
Firstlykung TH (9 days ago)
Wait 202531 2+0+2=4 4-5=(-1) (-1)+3+1 =3 Half-Life3 Confirm
ClYDe-The Eternity (10 days ago)
Very pro
Selyx HD (10 days ago)
Funny Ord (11 days ago)
Ok but can you get money for free
Carter Mackay (11 days ago)
i cant get the -dev -console thing to work
Fukencio (11 days ago)
you dont have ban?
Naughty (11 days ago)
this info is great man RESPECT , but scamers can youse this info to mask there profiles and shiit ;-/
(12 days ago)
you forgot the original skyrim m8
erjun (12 days ago)
i haven't tried those hidden games but in my steam profile it says that i've played spacewar for 15 hours. and when i click on it, nothing happens.
Clodsy (12 days ago)
Love the Something Secret Steers Us remix you used.
Ashrune (12 days ago)
Nice intro mate, this is a 1080p comment just in case you couldn’t tell
Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę (13 days ago)
The command F8 is a useless command and i will tell you why. F8 shows you a so called Achievement. But the thing is this is not a real Achievement. It's fake. I will tell you why. 234,567 is the exact number that it says you have out of 1,000,000. 234,567/1,000,000. But the thing is. It's the same for every Steam user. 234,567 From 2 to 7 in order over 6 digits.
Z M (14 days ago)
Actually you can write "-dev" "-console" with quotation marks. Quotes are used in the terminal to isolate one block of text into a single argument. This is so you can have a singular argument that contains one or more space (" ") characters, because normally the boundary between each arguments is defined by a space character. For example to launch notepad.exe directly through the terminal you would write notepad.exe C:\somefolder\sometextfile.txt But if the path to your text files contains spaces you need to quote it like: notepad.exe "C:\Users\User\My Documents\Text File.txt"
Hugo Spooner (14 days ago)
banned XD
D_Gaming 14 (14 days ago)
Dad:Why GabeN is here with AK47?????
Яр Сыч (16 days ago)
Hey, can i unbaned my steam profil? Console
JayLikez2PLay (18 days ago)
1:23 that cracked me up
Jordan Hughes (18 days ago)
the console doesnt work it says theres no such thing
koala a pro (18 days ago)
With this video you helped me to get any game in steam for free! LOL
Oddtiki (20 days ago)
cool video! (late post)
Vic Pone (24 days ago)
Vic Pone (24 days ago)
AMAZING kacpi26!
ThePolishTeaDrinker (26 days ago)
Half life 3 looks dope
Kemal Alacakanat (28 days ago)
how do i even have the tartan spartan if i never even played tf2
ClumsyPandaHi /\CPH (1 month ago)
I cant use the console need help
Opalien Putride (1 month ago)
Lol I manage to install spacewar when I install a cracked version of stick fight the game using my aunt's laptop because its laggy at me and my brother's laptop but when me and my brother's laptop broke (he didn't drop it, it just broke on itself) I can't play it but when my brother fixed it, I re-install steam and I checked my steam storage and found out there's a game called spacewar (well the cracked version of stick fight was named spacewar but at my aunt's laptop its stick fight) I thought its going to be the same but its really spacewar
Mic Hyaz (1 month ago)
Get this dude more subs.
Roaring Thunder (1 month ago)
Oh that isn't smoke, it's steam! Steam from the steamed clams we're having! Mmmmm, steamed clams!
jacek (1 month ago)
that music is simply annoying... but I'm glad it's not trap lmao
The Ghost (1 month ago)
u forgot one hidden game its ArmA2:free Steam://install/107400
Caleb Gibson (1 month ago)
Les gros Vikings (1 month ago)
what is this devTools tab he openned?
Les gros Vikings (1 month ago)
what's the website with the values he's talking about?
Miku Miku (1 month ago)
thx bro im add farcry 5 hahaha
Hi Im JozeD (1 month ago)
Mr Xouriso (1 month ago)
we get our account blocked if we download one of thoose hiden games?
Ocean Man (10 days ago)
Yes you will be arrested
Ryan King (1 month ago)
for anyone interested in the info behind codename gordon taken from the fandom wiki: Valve had released Codename: Gordon via Steam, but the game was removed due to its developer's default, because of this, their official site had been replaced with an ad site. Because access to the site is hard coded into the game, Valve was forced to remove it from their site catalog. The game can be installed by going to steam://install/92. The game includes a high-score system with network support and numerous secrets.
Butt Stalion (1 month ago)
Thanks +1 sub and +1 like
IceWallow Come (1 month ago)
Half life 3 gameplay in 7:17
The Pyro (11 days ago)
Looks d0pe
Brudny Nurek (1 month ago)
does console not work anymore? I get no file path error
VauXXY YT (1 month ago)
I loved GabeN so much, I have all his games I pray to GabeN every night before bed, thanking him for the games i've been given "GabeN is love" I say, "GabeN is life" My roommate hears me and calls me an elitist I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to GabeN I called him a peasant He rages and leaves the room I'm crying now that people can be so stupid I sit next to my PC and it's really hot Something is moving towards me I feel something touch me It's GabeN I'm so happy He whispers in my ear, "this is my wallet" He grabs my wallet with his powerful hands I'm ready I open my wallet for GabeN He starts taking the money It hurts but I do it for games I can feel my finances flying away I try to resist the urge I want to please GabeN He roars a mighty roar as he fills my library with games My roommate walks in GabeN looks him straight in the eye and says "Come join us" GabeN jumps out my window GabeN is love, GabeN is LIFE.
Kristopher Herbst (1 month ago)
this is going to be fun .....
Rocksbaddust (1 month ago)
It doesn't work anymore
Bene Shock (1 month ago)
Can you get Vac banned for this kinda stuff? :/
TheTotoCraft (1 month ago)
Why did you stay up so late? Haha.
ẏβʀὄẓ Ϟ (1 month ago)
beta acces isnt working lmfao
Mj Mage (1 month ago)
i wish i know how to script...
TheRealSlivers (1 month ago)
Why i didnt install Spacewar?
May Tang (1 month ago)
I hope you can teach me add games for free using steam console
Arshak Tom (1 month ago)
Why scary song?
Cvikston Junior (1 month ago)
I Have spacewar alredy
Zer01neDev (1 month ago)
Its not a secret when all of this is available on the SteamApp website.
Spacewar is not a "hidden game." Is is used and was developed by Valve as a testing tool for developers to use when making games for Steam. My game for instance will be put on Steam but when you put a game on Steam and to be able to even use the Steamworks API, your game needs whats called an "App ID" which is basically an ID for your game so Steam knows what game it is. This game "Spacewar" has an app ID "418" which is used by developers when developing a game to have access to Steamworks. I use it too, so every time I am in my game engine or testing a build, it says I'm playing "Spacewar" on Steam.
el kiri ¿'¿ (1 month ago)
Kacpi add me in steam
Stephen Wolf (1 month ago)
its not working please help
Rose Stewart (1 month ago)
Conman N (1 month ago)
i cant do dev console
Efe Şimşek (1 month ago)
you say read the description, but there is noyhing. wtf
Ronnoc Semaj (1 month ago)
Can't get it to work? Try hitting the windows key then opening the Run prompt and typing in 'steam://open/console' and hitting 'ok"
badyherz (1 month ago)
-dev -console doesent work?
badyherz (1 month ago)
hidden app values also
SwagAbin (1 month ago)
Mert Paşa (1 month ago)
Song name (which one in hl1)
afif azmal (1 month ago)
the old skyrim also is hidden from steam
R. D. (1 month ago)
steam secrets in the title 9/11 in the bottom right you got my like, dude!
Kundakçı Knuckles (1 month ago)
gta v ? 271590
Pablo Gaming (1 month ago)
So where is the trick
JavenAnimations (1 month ago)
what do you do if there are quotation marks when you are trying to get the console
Olli (1 month ago)
Steam install 92 now installs FNaF Edit: I also got Gordon's game... Soooooo yeah. I don't know what I typed in to get five nights at Freddie's. But I got 6 free hidden games for free
GameHome (1 month ago)
When i press f12 the fly mode opens how can i open dev tools
Danijel Jankov (1 month ago)
Thanks you kacpi26
TheSkeletor (1 month ago)
why are you doing this at around 1 in the morning?
DarkLight748 (1 month ago)
Lol Spacewar is a showcase for Steamworks you idiot.
Nathan LegoBlox (1 month ago)
Could you install other non hidden games for free?
ItsXylph (1 month ago)
They fixed the Steam_appid :/
Joakito Boom (1 month ago)
yea :c
Vry Hm (1 month ago)
i mean in the "showcase of games you dont even own" part is that game showcase is visible to friend and public?
Vry Hm (1 month ago)
is this visible to friend?
Enes Aslan (2 months ago)
Vac Ban?
Vishwas Ravindran (2 months ago)
If you own half life 2 lost coast , in steamapps folder you can see half life 2 game icon .. double click it and you can play the game without owning it! But now that doesn't works anymore! I guess it was a bug in the steam it self!
Creeer Monster (2 months ago)
2:42 a man with a pipe
Haschte keine Ahnung (2 months ago)
Can anyone tell that these secrets are good for what? Have also many games on steam but i dont know why ur video is a secret? Thx
Mikolaj Szewczyk (2 months ago)
XgensX (2 months ago)
Download link of hiden games i have the arma 2 free
ULTIM8GAMER666 (2 months ago)
05:12 😂😂 My sides hurt...I laughed so hard at this for some reason.
Virgil Carvajal (2 months ago)
In games how do you get that noclip thing
Angella McBrayer (2 months ago)
Haaaaaaa lol he said upbg
Xynthetic Z (2 months ago)
Howcome the game I play is still the same, though I clicked save and put a space after 202351?
MorsH (2 months ago)
gordon ramsay will be proud by killing dipshits at steam games for now on!

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