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Stupid IRS Workers

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They now want to throw State tax in with the Federal tax . But you know me I don't let them get away with it.
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CF CF (8 days ago)
I admit I do too lol it feels great !!
Mary Madkins (20 days ago)
What the hell
BillyBart (1 month ago)
These scammers must be the most illiterate people out there. I'll bet they couldn't spell IRS without their script in front of them.
BillyBart you hear how they speak idiots
Deez Nutz (1 month ago)
these idiots make idiots seem smart
Yasmine al Habbibi (2 months ago)
"Dis cre pan cy" hilarious!
Tattle Tale (2 months ago)
As a policy it's not good to educate these scammers as to the state taxes or English pronunciation. While you and most tax payers know they're not filed together, the scammers don't. They keep calling because some US tax payers are naive enough to fall for the scam. The more mistakes the scammers make, the more likely they are to get caught by the naive, and not receive a penny. I know it's tempting to show them they're "stupid", but that's another way they get caught.
Tattle Tale I've worked in the law enforcement and I've been supplying the FBI and FTC information I have other baiters supplying me with over seas info that they can collect by letting the fake Microsoft and refund department access their V/M then they quickly access the scammers computer, lock them out and change the PW than collect victims info and other information. I've spoken to many IRS scammers and they have said they are not making any money for all their calling thanks to our work. But we must stay vigilant and we are all working around the clock stopping them them and leaving them know Americans are fighting back ! If you watch my videos I do all kinds scams here and abroad so we can shut down as many as we can, I personally am getting tired of the IRS calls I want Medicare, (SSA which I shut down very quickly in one call ) but they don't give up. So if you can find me working scam numbers other than IRS and Microsoft, Apple I welcome them. I've not posted the video I've done where I had two scammers turn on the scam company and one even gave me great intel and US contact information they use, so I'm doing a lot behind the scenes and what I do no one will ever know. So what I do works 😊I just am frustrated that despite my efforts they are still prevalent here. Thank you for watching and you can send me numbers in messages as I stated above.
Tattle Tale (2 months ago)
I was suggesting that it be your policy not to educate them. Clearly you disagree. It's your channel and you're your own boss. Other than that, I like your style in aggressively confronting them. I personally like that they're uneducated because that's one way the few who don't know it's a scam might get suspicious. Unfortunately, no one is going after them because they didn't kill Americans on America soil like Osama did. It's not the FBI/CIA's priority. Those like us that are onto the scam are not victims. Those that are scammed are often too embarrassed to admit it. If they call the local authorities, it often results in the local PD saying "we can't help you because they're abroad". They get enough victims to keep themselves in business. Otherwise they would give up. In the last week my family has gotten 3 fake IRS calls so they're still hard at work. If you'd like, I can supply the numbers to you so you can yell at them again.
Tattle Tale Really scammer "policy" and who wrote it ? That's a joke! Take a look around at the scams these fuckers are doing on a daily basis. What they know of our Medicare, SSA system , Microsoft, Apple I could go on and on I hear it and see it. So no need preach to choir because mam/sir they will get caught when our Fbi/CIA who ever goes after them does something. If they can find 1 man in a cave in Pakistan, if they really wanted they can find these call centers in India and USA, big surprise there is a lot of scammers living in the USA so please don't talk policy to me.
Barbara H. (2 months ago)
stop talking about those state taxes, you are distracting him from his script.
Mistress Scambait (2 months ago)
Wow! I owe $8120 too! Imagine that?!?! "M" as in Mary...."which part?".....LOVED THE CALL, well done!
Mistress Scambait thank you for watching, glad you enjoyed
The Goathouse (2 months ago)
laurel lango (2 months ago)
"Dispengie"omg way to funny, omg 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
laurel lango yes it was very painful speaking to him
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Hi, Francine. Great video. Subhuman idiot scammers don't know the difference between State & Federal taxes.😂🤣 BTW, "FlashBack Express 5 Recorder". Is that what you use to record the scambait calls? I'm looking for a simple & easy recorder for scambaiting.
Each and everything I tested the number and as usual the idiots have no idea how the United States federal government runs. So I cursed him out in English and Hindi and of course the four people I spoke to claim this is not a scam I said well I work for the federal government please tell me what department student loan forgiveness is in and I will come down and apologize and each idiot said oh I'll tell you that at the end I said nope that's all I want to hear from you. The one guy even started to go into asking me if I was a Christian. 😂 so thanks for the number and soon as my software is up and running again they will be my first video so keep watch
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Hey, Francine, if you want to try something different, here's a # for "Student loan forgiveness" scammers. The # has been active since Dec. 2017. (& I just tested it) 1-877-897-7939
Each And Everything as Arnold would say, No problemo !
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Sorry, Francine. Hahaha, yes....I was watching her video right before yours.
Each And Everything I'm Francine lol not Karen you must have been watching her video before me. 😂 yes I use flashback express easy to use and no spyware
Brian Larkin (2 months ago)
SKOL! State taxes, Federal taxes, Earth taxes and Solar System taxes. Please go to the Universal Walmart store and buy I Tunes cards for all your taxes.
Brian Larkin (2 months ago)
You're right. They also forgot the estate taxes of your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
they forgot gasoline tax, cigarette tax, liquor tax, hotel tax, etc.
Little Peace (2 months ago)
Oml, I don’t know which was more painful, the scammer’s English or their total lack of taxation knowledge. I love your scambaiting calls Francine❣ 😂👏👏
Little Peace thank you little peace ✌️😄
Brandon McClain (2 months ago)
I love this video
Brandon McClain thank you for watching 😁
UBUNTU UBUNTU (2 months ago)
When he first said "dis-kre-PAN-sy", I died. Then he repeated it twice more!
Tarri Mount (2 months ago)
They are really dumb u are really great
DavyBoy007 (2 months ago)
"Larry Sanders", the fellow from the TV show with the same name? Nice job dealing with these scamming asses (all with horrible accents).
DavyBoy007 thank you for watching 😀
dana becker (2 months ago)
I like your voice - just don't jump from your chair! Fire Lady - I really like your 'videos'. Hugs!
dana becker this was recorded after about 4 hours of constant redial and I've lost it , thank you for watching 😀
Oliver Aseroth (2 months ago)
Great video, I am not sure of the 1942 date, (that would make you 4 years younger than me) and I prefer to imagine you as a considerably younger lady
Oliver Aseroth (2 months ago)
oh I am younger, but not considerably lol :)
RisingEdge111 (2 months ago)
Ha ha ha Francine is like an English school marm 😀😁. Awesome!!!
thank you :)
MURFMAN04 (2 months ago)
Diskcrapancy lol You took zero nonsense this time lol
Barbara H. (2 months ago)
they all have trouble with that word.
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
kinda sounded like discrepenshy.
MURFMAN04 (2 months ago)
haha yep, that made me giggle :)
dana becker (2 months ago)
R they talking about vice-President Pance at the disco? LOL, She is cool.
Poirot (2 months ago)
My God. What an idiot. They were the bottom of the barrel. I laughed so much. Continue to make them feel like morons when they think they are so slick.
Daria Jakubowska (2 months ago)
Wow . U r on fire today. Great one.
Poirot (2 months ago)
I really enjoy you impatient b*tchy voice. It is about time someone gives them a piece of reality. Good Job "Mary". I can't wait for the next. Thank you very much.
Ismail Ali (2 months ago)
I can see on your screen that you are aiming torpedoes 2 fire.

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