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End of an Era: Last Blockbuster in Texas Closes

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The Blockbuster was located in Edinburg.
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M.C Vlogs (1 month ago)
That’s sad
RedNeckBuddys (1 month ago)
the End of an Era for sure <im crying so hard right now>
InfiniteFireStream (3 months ago)
I was crying
Mr. J (3 months ago)
InfiniteFireStream 🤣
Gordon Taylor (4 months ago)
The guy behind the counter around 0:35 is on YouTube under the account "RubarGar _" - you might see his "Abandoned Blockbuster" video in the Related Videos list.
Hank Hill (3 months ago)
METALMAN4Wii I swear Bobby rented it first I just found it lying around and took the fall to keep him from getting in trouble beacause I’m a good father.
METALMAN4Wii (3 months ago)
Hank Hill I know everything there is about you including the lost movie promo.
Hank Hill (3 months ago)
METALMAN4Wii no dammit how did you find out about that ?I’m trying to keep it a secret from Peggy.
METALMAN4Wii (3 months ago)
Hank Hill Did you ever return Cuffs and Collars?
Hank Hill (3 months ago)
Gordon Taylor was wanting to check it out one day but looks like all I have now is the abandoned building
Zeke88021 (5 months ago)
They are going to miss Blockbuster in the United States
MTN Productions (3 days ago)
Michael McConnell That's also closed forever. Only one store left is in Bend, Oregon. You should go to Bend Oregon to see if Blockbuster is still open. This is the only store left in the US.
Michael McConnell (3 months ago)
There's still several Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska.

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