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Learn/Practice English with MOVIES (Lesson #1) Title: The Incredibles

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Studying English can be a bit boring sometimes, so why not add some fun into your learning! This short video will introduce you to a segment of a popular movie, and give you an opportunity to learn new words, phrases, and expressions of the English language. Go to my channel for similar movie based lessons!
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Exciting English (2 months ago)
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galal Lazraq (5 days ago)
Exciting English itd so good to listen then read what they have said
Helberg Design (10 days ago)
Could you plz clarify this part for me ( i need clarifying for even the grammer of this part please) You must have been booking, how fast do you think you were going?
ashiqsofi786 (11 days ago)
great work keep it up and mention for American acent and work on British accent also
Daniel Martinez (12 days ago)
Hosam Hasan (19 days ago)
Very nice thank u.......i really like it....fun and learn
Elvin Asem (25 days ago)
Who wants to practice English It's my skype ebubekr.omer I'm waiting for you😊
Harry is Learning! (29 days ago)
Thanks! https://youtu.be/qCSw8RBtU88
سبحان الله (1 month ago)
can you explain arabic i cant understand
بحبك سوريا (1 month ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I dont understand😠
knoop (1 month ago)
2:37 is very hard to know what dash says
zyd badoy (1 month ago)
nadia nadoush (2 months ago)
Love love love it
A Cloud (Bi Rain Fan) (2 months ago)
omg this is so fun!
Master ASH (2 months ago)
"Do you have to read at the table?" Modern day: Do you have to text every time at dinner?
Chris (2 months ago)
Anghela Brigitte (2 months ago)
I've been watching that steak all the time, delicious!
Saif Alhammadi (2 months ago)
Holly cow the accent is so difficult to understand what the hell they are talking about 🤣 i am done ✋
SrAndersonPvP ;-; (2 months ago)
OS BR Invadindo areia dos gringos porrraaaa
Diana Dakka (2 months ago)
Words very small
duri sofia (2 months ago)
keep making videos like this for 2 months, and your channel will be famous and more subscriber will come, trust me its work
Sav P (3 months ago)
I speak English why am I watching this.
Karolina Karczewska (3 months ago)
what is the title of this film?
Ham Fisted (3 months ago)
Karolina Karczewska The Incredibles
azmyn azyz (3 months ago)
Worth it! First i watch this video without subtitle..i really dont understand what are they doing n discussing..but after i read the subtitle n reply the video..yes got it tqvm..sorry for my bad english..im still trying to improve my english skills..
Lưu Văn Trường (3 months ago)
Not subtitle file of video :#
Derek Zhu (3 months ago)
Thank you so much.
Amanda Lopes (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I love this channel!!!
Noor Othman (3 months ago)
Guys who like 2 practice his english We can learn n help each othre n so on . tell to add u 4 my group.
Helberg Design (10 days ago)
Noor Othman add me too plz but which kind of group in what app you men?
Noor Othman add me
Onkar sontakke (3 months ago)
Im from india, those types of video is every helpful for me. Thank you 👍 👍 👍 .
V3NUX (3 months ago)
thanks ! It is a good way to improve English.
Ania Ania (3 months ago)
It's awesome, does anybody know about a similar channel for Spanish?
Asd123 Zxc (1 month ago)
Ania Ania .bet
anas bronon (3 months ago)
Mahmud The Empire World (4 months ago)
Plese anyone give me this movie name
NnoitoraG (4 months ago)
The movie is called «The Incredibles». You could find it in the name of this video.
Kha Kim (4 months ago)
that's funny
David Cameron (2 months ago)
Я тоже ни фига не сообразил
Wow, you speak Russian 😂
viva el sexo peruano
BAYRON CASTILLO (4 months ago)
muhammad iqbal (4 months ago)
wow it is funny.... good job
muhammad iqbal (4 months ago)
Eee eeE (4 months ago)
here in Italy Dash is a Chlothes-Soap Brand :))))) P&G
Elvin Nazimli (5 months ago)
I dont undestand - "you must have been booking"/Please help me?thank
Peppa Pig (1 month ago)
Past Continuous Tense
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
I understood most of what they said, but after reading the subtitles i could understand everything perfectly :p
Atithaya Unkachon (5 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Quân vũ (5 months ago)
what is this movie?
Ham Fisted (3 months ago)
Quân vũ The Incredibles
samrana butt (5 months ago)
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Rolf Dean (5 months ago)
Ý Nguyen Quoc (5 months ago)
What is the name of this movie
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
What hole do you live in?
magda (5 months ago)
The incredibles
Faruk Yıldıztekin (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot
jihan mhamad (5 months ago)
what's the name of the animetion? please ...
magda (5 months ago)
The Incredibles
Suzan Cristina (5 months ago)
For me, American accent is sooo difficult to understand 😥
lertein a (5 months ago)
Great work, very helpful
Parvina Azertyurk (5 months ago)
I think i can improve my eng. with your channel! THANKS A LOT!
Fernando Frederic (5 months ago)
I did not undestand the "you must have been booking"
Bridget Shea (5 months ago)
"Booking it" is slang for "going fast"
すけちょん (6 months ago)
わたしの未来 (4 months ago)
0211kojikoji (6 months ago)
What's the tack?
0211kojikoji (6 months ago)
Oh, I found it's small, sharp nail.thx
nura nur (6 months ago)
You really videos are great
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
Not to be stickler but the correct is: Your videos are really great
Garrix Martin (6 months ago)
i love it so much!!!!
Linh Huỳnh (6 months ago)
Thanks so much... I realy like learning English... and I wanna sound like a native speaker...
Rana Alghamdi (6 months ago)
Hi, I will translate it into Arabic language.. Can you allow me to do that? Thanks..
Azmir Azri (3 months ago)
Rana Alghamdi yes please. I'm looking for video which translated into arabic. I'm really need that
Salwa Saad (6 months ago)
The subtitles is very small
panagiotis stathoglou (6 months ago)
thanks bro 😀 you help me a lot with this film
THANKS!😉 This has helped me a lot
test trigger (6 months ago)
Hi ,It is really classy and my students loved it .Can you tell me how I can have the rest of this seroes?
Prasert Chiaprasert (7 months ago)
Great, Hit to the point , i love it
julio andrews (7 months ago)
I also undertand in begin "there're have to read at the table" instead of "You have to read at the table" Help me
Hakan Cakir (5 months ago)
This one is correct. I'm not sure how you're hearing "there" though as the "th" and "D" sound are very different. You might also be hearing "Do ya" instead of "Do you". Ya instead of you is a less formal version.
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
It's comprehensible, that are similar words, but that's what this video is here for, keep going with the subtitles and you will understand those kind of words
julio andrews (7 months ago)
or "do you have to read at the table"
eldusugi mohamed (7 months ago)
Nice really
susan herra (7 months ago)
Very good
Pro-Excelsior Limited (7 months ago)
we are a professional and creative English training school in hong kong, we would like to hear more from you on any form of collaboration.
incredible video to learn English.
Very good , just vocabs were so fast
سبحان الله (1 month ago)
can you explain arabic i cant understand
Juan Hernandez (8 months ago)
It's too late the video
NOĚl DAN (8 months ago)
i thought i understand english until i watched this video. 😂, their accent is really unclear to me.
Derek Zhu (3 months ago)
NOĚl DAN just keep practicing
luiz sulipa (8 months ago)
conversaton group on whatsapp +55 11 951976515
ميمو وبس (8 months ago)
Could you tell me the name of that movie
Terminator78 (8 months ago)
the incredibles
mohammad abbood (9 months ago)
amazing dude
Iris SA (9 months ago)
I do not understand what do they mean by (tape) in these sentences and what the whole meaning of these two sentences is?? -You could barely see it on the tape. - they cought you on tape and you still got away with it. would anybody clarify them for me ?
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
It's so hard to explain this words, i really don't know how i learned this by myself, "tape" is not even used in my language xD
Ahmed SC (9 months ago)
There was a camera inside the class
Iris SA (9 months ago)
راشد النعيمي Got it , thank you.
راشد النعيمي (9 months ago)
Iris SA the principle office of dash school the blonde boy ask to his mother to attend to school cuze his teacher complind about dash behaviour as he claims dash put a rack on his chair. And he got filming him ( tape ) as he move fast that you could barely see him on the film , that's why the mother is got upset of dash risking thire family identity.
Rose Mohd Sah (9 months ago)
hi Shahmir, thank you much indeed for sharing your knowledge thru these videos.. they're certainly helpful. 😍
Thuy Le (9 months ago)
thanks so much for uploading
King Tangible (10 months ago)
How difficult it is to understand American accent:(
Rodrigo Hernández (1 month ago)
why did you put (dot) instead "."?
Zainab Jihan (1 month ago)
sparklysparks77 excuse me sir, is there any similar good link for british accent? I mean as preparation for ilets
luongzizu yu (5 months ago)
same idea
yusuf selcuk (5 months ago)
I think England English is more difficult.
Mitchell Gumm (9 months ago)
Harry Potter hey at least it isn't a Scottish accent haha
Yousuf Y (10 months ago)
bad idea
راشد النعيمي (10 months ago)
thank you . I used to visit this kind of fun learning to enhance my english performance. again thanks for your efforts.
سبحان الله (1 month ago)
can you explain arabic i cant understand
Anna Rodrigo (10 months ago)
How do you add subtitles to the clips?
Antonio López Pérez (9 months ago)
Olysburrow舊的馨窝 (10 months ago)
thank you! this is kind of the most impressive and instructive english learning video ever😍😍😍
T3N3z0 (10 months ago)
Hello I am french but i know not speak english so i wanted to know how you fetes
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
Sorry but i really don't know what "fetes" mean
Artist Lays (11 months ago)
so, you mean we have to watch a movie twice time.... thats pay a lot of time ....
safae bakadir (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot
nguyen le (1 year ago)
nice, i love it
Yan Lu (1 year ago)
amazing ,thank you very much
ANA JS (1 year ago)
Gostei muito pena que você parou de postar vídeo
sem nome (3 months ago)
Percebeu que ele nem percebeu?
Mr'Koalas (5 months ago)
Percebeu que ninguém vai entender você?
黃加明 (1 year ago)
do you have the script, so that it can help the students?
KruMae FMCP English (1 year ago)
Your videos are great! Please contact me, I would like to see if we can collaborate with each other on this. Thanks!
Gadekar Shiva (6 months ago)
Danda Akou (6 months ago)
KruMae FMCP English hi..
fj mena (10 months ago)
KruMae FMCP English yy de uuuijhytg
Thao Ho (11 months ago)
KruMae FMCP English thanks..I wanna be good at english too
bara boubou (1 year ago)
ssppeellll (1 year ago)
This is great, shahmirali! You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this. One thing: I believe "disected" should be "dissected." But if you can't just change it easily, I wouldn't worry about it.
ssppeellll (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Shahmirali. That's very conscientious of you to put in an annotation. Keep up the good work!
Exciting English (1 year ago)
Hi @ssppeellll, thank you for pointing that out! Must have been a typo I overlooked, I've made an annotation noting the correct spelling now :)
khelifati sidali (1 year ago)
thank you,,man
Hello, please, I didn't understand this sentence " The haftorah at the table". anybody can help me?
baexhang (1 year ago)
umarlei campelo Here's the complete transcript. Mother: You have to read at the table? Bob: Huh, yeah. Mother: Smaller bites dash, yikes! Bob could you help the carnivore cut his meat? Dash, you have something you wanna tell your father about school? Dash: Uhm, well, we dissected a frog. Mother: dash got sent to the office again. Bob: Good… Good… Mother: No, Bob. That’s bad. Dash got sent to the office again. Bob: What? What for? Dash: Nothing. Nothing. Mother: He put a tack on teacher’s chair during class. Dash: Nobody saw me. You barely see it on the tape. Bob: They got you on tape still you got away with it? Whoa. You must have been booking. How fast you think you were going? Mother: We are not encouraging this. Bob: I am not encouraging. I am just asking how fast he was… Mother: Honey!!!
baexhang (1 year ago)
"You have to read at the table?"
James Wall (1 year ago)
where are the subtitles you clod. and don't say the youtube-generated subs because they do not do the job
James Wall (1 year ago)
ssppeellll (1 year ago)
James, I'm not sure who you are calling a nitwit. The only other person on this thread seems to be me, and you are not contradicting anything I said. The video plays the clip three times, and the second time--at exactly one minute in--says, "Part 2 - SUBTITLED VIEWING." And it has the subtitles. It seems to me that one of two things happened: 1. The video poster slipped up and neglected to put the subtitles in before posting, and you saw it without subtitles before the video poster realized their mistake and fixed it. That doesn't make them a clod. It makes them human. 2. The subtitles were there all along but you were too much of a clod to see them, and YOU are the nitwit who should think before posting a comment.
James Wall (1 year ago)
The video's purpose is to help people LEARN ENGLISH. subtitles are extremely important you nitwit. Think before you hit the "post comment" button
ssppeellll (1 year ago)
Perhaps there were no subtitles when you wrote your comment, but there are now. Even if there were no subtitles (and you hadn't simply missed them), everyone makes mistakes. Calling the video poster "clod" was uncalled for.
Ahmed Drake (1 year ago)
thanks guys ... i support you !
Sham fashion (1 year ago)
great we'r waiting new vedioes
Sameer Alalimi (1 year ago)
the subtitle was small it's not clear make it bigger next clip . thank u

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