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Minecraft Skyblock - First PVP Kill! #16

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Minecraft Skyblock on the Minesaga Server! Thank you very much for supporting me Minesaga! Server Info: IP: play.minesaga.org https://shop.minesaga.org/ https://twitter.com/MineSagaMC Docm77´s Social Media: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-------------- Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/docm77 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/docm77gaming Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/docm77live #Minecraft #SkyBlock
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Text Comments (29)
Kïxos (5 days ago)
Doc, translations are so awkward, I never play a game or, even, read a notice in my own frenchie freakin' language :D Cheers !
Maizuma Games (7 days ago)
shreddybear (9 days ago)
Just a heads up Doc and followers. The owners of this server bans accounts without notice after you have paid so much, then if you dispute the payments will fight to keep your money and according to him has won "thousands of disputes" and wont work out anything. This is a just a huge cash grab and I hope Doc is not part of this directly.
Philip Britz (9 days ago)
Let me think what you know
Terence S (9 days ago)
Enjoying the series. Keep it up mate :)
Sjoerd Hidde Kuperus (9 days ago)
If you fall out off the pvp arena, hit /is go quickly... you then don't die to the void...
LeSuperCobaye (9 days ago)
He couldn't because he was PVP tagged. When you are in a fight, you have to wait 30 sec or so before being able to teleport.
Symbro (9 days ago)
more ice!
god (9 days ago)
this server is good, started playing yesterday and the owner is nice and the people playing too
Scanlaid (9 days ago)
I'm glad you're an English language YouTube doc. How else would I get your cool content :^) The German stories are interesting though. Would love to hear more insights on German Youtubers in general or word lessons maybe
Jae Cordes (10 days ago)
this video taught me more about redstone than any other video in the last 10 years.
LifeSizeTeddyBear (10 days ago)
That T-flipflop needs to be moved down a block, as it pushing up your lawn!
Bonedoll Plays (10 days ago)
Just a quick question. You can activate a wooden button with an arrow. How about stone buttons? Are they arrow proof. Just a thought.
Bonedoll Plays (10 days ago)
And also, you should try to persuade Etho to play with you and share the island. You two (or three with Bdubs) are probably the most entertaining guys to watch in terms of minecraft.
firepunch012 (10 days ago)
@ 8:25 NOOO!!! RIP doc, crazy fight man
Petrix49 (10 days ago)
You can outheal void dmg with notch apples and wait until tag goes out and you can tp then and survive
Petrix49 (9 days ago)
If you want to have a chance against , good geared players you have to get custom enchants, you can get them from /ce
DreamWalker (9 days ago)
Rather you get them from /ce
Benrex 777 (10 days ago)
Doc in German would be fun. Don't stop just because you are a lit embarrassed:)
YAFU2 (10 days ago)
I thought an Etho door had three pistons on the bottom? Then you at least always have a floor when the doors open.
Monkey Man (10 days ago)
Doc I have to turn my volume way up to hear your video's!
Sjoerd Hidde Kuperus (9 days ago)
Same here
Symbro (9 days ago)
yes... i have to play doc's videos 2x louder than others
Scanlaid (9 days ago)
QT Kaatz Me too. I have to lower the volume really quickly during ads or else they're super loud. Boost the Mic volume or video export volume please doc! The game sounds are an ok volume now though, don't need to be much louder comparatively
Jason Brock (10 days ago)
I think it looks great. I think the circleish design and the blue windows are awesome.
TheMandagusis (10 days ago)
3:50 anyone else heard that "bye" like the dovydaddy "bye"?
LeSuperCobaye (10 days ago)
Hey Doc, for the envoys, you have to run around the road. Most of them are clearly visible, not hidden.

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