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Star Trek Discovery: My Honest Thoughts

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Text Comments (876)
kevin Leonard (18 days ago)
You were right the show ended up being shit.
NetVoyagerOne (24 days ago)
1:35 "Feminism" "Social Justice" I'm sorry, have we been watching the same Trek all these years? Social progressiveness is at the very core of Gene's vision. Trek brought the first interracial and gay kisses to television, and addressed so many philosophical and contemporary issues that it boggles the mind whenever I hear anyone rant about "ess jay dubbyas" ruining the franchise. Discovery and 1 out of 2 of the JJ movies are garbage, but not because of feminism or social justice.
tony748748a (1 month ago)
Discovery is awful its a PC nightmare and manshaming
Vinsu Karma (1 month ago)
terrible reception. Almost 10 million viewers and there is a second season :- \
Vinsu Karma (1 month ago)
STD took a dying franchise and insuflates new life to ST. I dont care about your SJW and LGTB sensibility.
Douglas Dandridge (1 month ago)
Sorry, Dave, But I Love Prequels.
Primarch 1982 (2 months ago)
I still haven't watched it now that the first season has run it's course and I grew up on Star Trek.
Diamond Frostmane (2 months ago)
Star Trek WAS about Social Justice anyway, a lot of themes are in line with tolorence and acceptance so I don't get that point about Discovery being "infested" with social justice. I found it was actually better then Star Wars because it had flawed characters. Burnham is flawed and I found myself hating her to begin with and then liking her at the end of the season.
TheShadowraith (3 months ago)
A lot of the anti-STDers got upset about the so-called political correctness and they let this bias the rest of their opinions of the show. Either these people aren't Trekkers and are oblivious to the fact Star Trek has ALWAYS been progressive or they have never watched Star Trek. For example, which show had a completely racially interracial kiss & diverse cast (TOS), and even gender equality (TNG). The biggest criticism on that I can give is perhaps it wasn't subtle enough for conservatives to pretend it wasn't progressive. Oh, and don't give me the Orville is better than STD crap. IT'S NOT TREK. FYI - MacFarlane is a progressive: "MacFarlane is a supporter of the Democratic Party.[40] He has donated over US $200,000 to various Democratic congressional committees and to the 2008 presidential campaign of then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama." Source: Wikepedia, "In 2015, MacFarlane revealed support for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and he introduced Sanders onstage at a Los Angeles rally.[166] After the primaries, MacFarlane then supported Hillary Clinton for president during the general election." - Source Wikipedia. So if anybody wants to watch brain dead a-political sci-fi, you're a Star Wars fan and should go watch that.
Robert Holmes (3 months ago)
This show is Fake Trek!!, get rid of it!!
maxsmodels (3 months ago)
The show is terrible. What they did to the Klingons is unforgivable.
Roman Legion (4 months ago)
Is there diversity in Japan, China? I don't think so .
AussieBlokeGordo (4 months ago)
OMFG the description of the new films, I'm dying here XD
Daniel Bennett (4 months ago)
They say its prime verse but feels like Jj verse.
Lel what the fuck are you talking about? Star Trek has always had feminism, been left wing leaning, and socialist.
music loversaxgirl (4 months ago)
I watched the first year and I won't be watching it again. I am enjoying watching Enterprise though. Though I don't like prequels either. I wanted a Star Trek that goes beyond Voyager.
Edd25164605 (4 months ago)
Spot on !
K O (4 months ago)
Star Trek: Voyager is the best show of Star Trek for me.Sorry...
Carly Mason (4 months ago)
I think the prequel could have been amazing. Alas they weren't. But I totally agree with everything else you said.
ViciousAlienKlown (5 months ago)
Voyager is a lot better than Discovery....I mean the intials for this show sums it up It's an STD! I never liked DS9. Babylon 5, the show that DS9 ripped off, was a lot better.Discovery is typical SJW crap....unwatchable.
Gareth Keenan (5 months ago)
You idiots are complaining about social justice in Star Trek? It's like watching Grease and saying "I hated it when they started singing and dancing". What the hell did you expect when you watched Grease?
ViciousAlienKlown (5 months ago)
I think you're the idiot when you don't know the difference between progress and Social Jystice bullshit. Dumbass leftist.
The Lego Communist (5 months ago)
1:05 What's going on here?
Benjamin Cochia (5 months ago)
VOYAGER it's quite good for me, I recently watched and I really dig it
tasan215 (5 months ago)
Voyager is superior to DS9
Reed Rasmussen (5 months ago)
I agree 100 percent. You know when a show is released and initially people aren't sure if they like it . . . But. . Over time there's something special about it and it gets a strong fan following it's disturbing the producers just guve.up on it or try to exploit the fans with shutty spin off crap. My point. Star trek was good because it explored culture race and relationships. Humanity. It. wasnt about explosions shinny lights and pornographic outfits. There was meaning behind why things were the way they were. Thing a were a bit slower paced because there's value into taking time with making characters the audience will actually identify and like. Ie the crew of serenity. That show I fell in love with because I could relate to and identify with the crew and thier problems and quirks. Plus they were funny and bad ass at the same time. Cor me star trek was about the friendship of the officers and there missions that both questioned our civility and humanity while not being afraid to say we fuck up from time to time. Almost nothing produced in the last 20 years has done that with a few notable exceptions. Game of thrones serenity a small PART of the potter series and Lord of the rings did a but of development on the characters but very littlw.compared to the books. Quite a lot of story telling and character development is so surface in most movies, I can't really say I enjoy them or find them memorable. Ah widely I have to include John Carter. There was some.good flashback.moments and character dev. In that one I enjoyed. Sadly the critics panned it and the chi kinda sucked. The actors in it were all pretty damn cool though totally underrated film. Good storey by Burroughs.
JD Wohlever (5 months ago)
2018 here.. you should have listened to your gut.
AvengerMKII (6 months ago)
The new guidelines for fan films came from Axanar which was doing the same premise as STD. Such a good film gets ruined by corporate bullshit.
Daniel Critchley (6 months ago)
ERIC PLEASANT (6 months ago)
The problem with this show, the movies and even many of the sequel tv shows is that they really, if rarely, deal with exploration or meeting new life forms.
Steven Meade (6 months ago)
The first season of voyager and the last 2 seasons of it were painful to watch.
Steven Meade (6 months ago)
First 15 minuets of discovery made me want to cry. I actually enjoyed enterprise.
Roger Terry (6 months ago)
As an avid fan for 50 years,Next to TOS,I prefer ST:Enterprise for the 'real,fallible people and Technology that led to TOS. Archer, TRIPP and helmsman Maywether come across as real people.Admiral Forrest is in this role there,too. T'pol is very believable as1st officer. In TNG,Picards left-wing,elitist rants against capitalism irritated me to no end.
Goryllo (6 months ago)
I don't like STD that much, but I honestly don't get all the fuss about it being SJW... I mean Star trek has ALWAYS BEEN SJW... It was the first show ever to feature an interracial kiss, it had a Russian, a black and an Asian in command positions, I mean, it was kind of its point!
Famous YouTuber (6 months ago)
blowhardy; makes me want to do my own Star Trek channel.
Molly O'Kami (6 months ago)
I agree. I don't like prequels, either. The outfits and technologies and always too advanced from the originals, _particularly_ in science fiction. I also am very wary of "alternate realities." I watched some _Enterprise_ out of curiosity, as a local channel is showing the different series in order (and the animated series on Sundays), and I will admit that there are a few interesting episodes, but nothing to connect me to the series. One of the annoying things was seeing Archer's beagle. I like beagles (though, not on my Top 10 List), but I don't watch Star Trek for creatures I can see at work (I'm a private pet sitter), especially in later Star Trek series.
Shane Riley (6 months ago)
DS9 was shit,voyager for life
Roman Legion (7 months ago)
Discovery is sjw crap from sick minds in Hollywood.
Fish seabass (7 months ago)
So there is woman with a man's name and the only romance is a gay couple of men.. Do they think we came down in the last shower
Night Porter (7 months ago)
It suuuuuuuucks.
oddball6996 (7 months ago)
So having a diverse cast is a bad thing?
Eric Hershel (7 months ago)
So to be clear, you're FOR "social justice" in TOS, but NOT in modern versions of Star Trek, and other modern Si Fi? Maybe I misunderstood your point.
Teemu M. (7 months ago)
Uh, this is just speculation. Honest thought by ass.
AthenaKochav (7 months ago)
ChuckE (7 months ago)
I did not like it at all at the start, but a few episodes in and I absolutely love it. I'm not keen on the new look of the Klingons, though!
Andrew Taylor (7 months ago)
Yeah, had minimal interest in the show, and it just keeps declining. What is somewhat interesting about the ship design, is it is not an unused design from the original TV Enterprise. It was a Ralph McQuarrie (you know the guy who designed all the Star Wars ships and looks) design for the first Star Trek the Motion Picture, that went unused.
Garry Brookes (7 months ago)
Voyager was superior to DS9 - who wants to watch a Chief O'Brien / Kayko soap opera for 3 weeks in every 6? urgh
BronzeDragonWOHS (7 months ago)
Seeing someone deride Trek for being diverse and progressive is hilarious. What show have you been watching for the past several decades? Star Trek has always been about social justice, feminism and equality in all it's forms. Seeing a man angrily yell about it being PC is too rich.
Daniel Fernando Carballo (7 months ago)
In the 21 minutes of "Prelude to Axanar" there is more Star Trek, more Klingon war, better prequel and better adaptation to the canon than in the entire first temp of "Star Trek Discovery"
lenard smith (7 months ago)
I watched half of the first episode and figured out why it was called discovery because you discover it's terrible
Md. Nazmul Alam (7 months ago)
Let's put it in this way..... Some people like Opera, some classical music. And there are people who love pop, rock and tother versions.
Jack S (7 months ago)
the king (7 months ago)
My favourite star trek women are t'pol and 7 of 9 ,.........they were so hot. ❤❤❤❤❤ 💋💋
RLE Linney4 (8 months ago)
star trek has a moral high ground with the federation... so here is a launching platform for feminist ideals.
Hyper Sonic (8 months ago)
1:16 Ya, JJ Trek is basically Star Wars using Star Trek characters and ships. Not even a very good Star Wars script.
tom black (8 months ago)
What wrong with women being Center stage ?
tom black (7 months ago)
RLE Linney4 are u aware of something called history.....? Let me explain it to u ...women have been treated like shit by the elite though out it all .....good u r now up to speed with all history......now we are on the same page .........ps calling some on a troll is just so weak if u r so upset don’t respond back ....it amazing I have to point this out to u to
RLE Linney4 (7 months ago)
you asked what was wrong with woman being center stage, I replied stating nothing and you proceed to label and name call. You are a troll and not worth the time to debate, so i said the logical thing.... STFU. and this ends here.
tom black (7 months ago)
RLE Linney4 yes your still a child how can we debate when u r starting from such a low starting point ...and your language is proof of that
RLE Linney4 (7 months ago)
grow up is your intelligent debating point, no arguement, like im wrong for having a valid opinion. Tom black.. you need to shut your mouth if you cant handle idea's that you dont like.
tom black (8 months ago)
RLE Linney4 grow up
Nick Rowse (8 months ago)
Eat your words. Discovery Season 1 was incredible.
exexpat11 (8 months ago)
Pam Ewing's dream Prequel Season.
bob jones (8 months ago)
i ll take babylon 5 over star trek
acerimmeh (8 months ago)
Just watched episode 14, its feminism in overdrive.
RLE Linney4 (8 months ago)
even a female is leading the klingons, by holding them hostage??? klingons will fight to the death, but im sure no one, not a single klingon will challange this woman, who has no right to lead them, who fought no one and is holding them HOSTAGE.. this klingon leader should be assinated since i am sure she will never accept a real challange.
Jerimy Carroll (8 months ago)
I just can't watch past you shitting on enterprise. It might be looking out, but it was a damn fine "building out" of the universe. I am sick of the folks I follow on youtube turning out to be gaping fucking soy boy cuck faggots. and worse than that, grasping their pearls and hitting the fainting couch when stuff tends to go in a direction they don't like. Would have been pleased if you gave the show a chance, instead of acting like a "SJW" about it all. Jesus you people are weak. No wonder the Irish are STILL being owned by great britian. Fuck off cullen, hope your mom died BEFORE she see you become a weak little bitch. I suspect she knew though.
It'sGood (8 months ago)
The Godfather Part 2 has a large 'prequel' section, and it's the best thing ever.
swee abn (8 months ago)
sharpuslf (8 months ago)
The Orville picks up where TNG left off. It really is the best Trek since the early 90s
Jon Vester (8 months ago)
I hope they soon decide to go ahead to the future ,prequels are getting old.
luis fuentes (8 months ago)
lol your that young and getting bald
Jeff Armstrong (8 months ago)
I am with you, Star Trek died when Enterprise was cancelled ... did not like any of the reboot JJ Abrams movies. All completely miss the point of what Star Trek was about.
John Knox (8 months ago)
I'm trying to figure out if you are attempting at altruism by your obvious displeasure of social justice and feminist issues and you want more balance with said issues or.......you're just another conservative, imbecilic dinosaur.
jmtnvalley (8 months ago)
"Enterprise" had real issues with sticking to accepted cannon. That hurt "Enterprise" for me. The new "alternate timeline" movies pretty much suck. I watched the first episode of "Discovery" and it definitely doesn't interest me very much, especially since CBS wants us to pay for it. A human raised on Vulcan? Please! And the angst? Ugh!
Scott Jordan (8 months ago)
Sorry, but DS9 was BOH-RING! It was basically "The Love Boat" in space. You had the promenade deck. Quark in the bar was essentially Isaac. Doc was banging anything that moved. Sisko was the grumpy old captain Stubing. And those rascally kids always getting into hijinx. Seriously. The Love Boat. In space.
Scott Jordan (8 months ago)
Irrelevant when responding to replies to my comment.
Scott Jordan (8 months ago)
Meh. Opinions. No one is right. No one is wrong. I still find it mindnumbingly boring and repetitive.
Scott Jordan (8 months ago)
I did watch them all. Sure, it picked up towards the end, but well over half of the series was torturously boring. It just took so long to get there that I just didn't really care anymore.
Audioholics (8 months ago)
Watch all 7 seasons of DS9 and come back and tell me if you feel the same. The Dominion war arc was some of the best storytelling, action and space combat in Star Trek history. The show really took off after Season 4.
Allen Hamilton (9 months ago)
Yeah, this franchise screwed the pooch all the way around. I saw the fan film, "Axanar". Although the people involved can not be called your average fan, they did seem able to hit much closer to the mark as far as fans are concerned. That video really got my attention. To bad the franchise decided to kill it instead of getting behind the project. What are they up to anyway? It's like they're saying, "This gold mine belongs to me, don't touch it. All you Star Trek fans out there, we know what you like so shut up". So condescending. Well, their gold mine is gonna dry up if they can't be more open minded. "Orville" seems to be a good alternative at this point. And a lot of fun besides.
Ed Short (9 months ago)
Agreed that Paramount's demand that all fan-produced series essentially stop was awful. Luckily for us all, 'Star Trek Continues' kept going, and completed its "5 year mission" recently.
K.A.R.M. Productions (9 months ago)
1:37 You think feminism is an infestation? Some of the strongest, most well-written female characters not only came from Star Trek, but improved the franchise. You should take a hard look at your views.
Schwarzer Ritter (9 months ago)
I have one question: Why is this not a sequel to the reboot movies? It uses the Abrams aesthetic, the abramsthetic, so why wouldn't it play in the Abrams timeline? I mean, this is clearly made for the fans of the reboot, so make it a sequel to the reboot.
au (9 months ago)
I loved vogver
Xin Ling (9 months ago)
No bad words about my favorite Voyager please!
Stanley Scalf (9 months ago)
I liked Enterprise I liked the constraints it set. I liked the limitations they had to face instead of all this near magical "devices" always solving the problem in the end. Space seemed "scary" again. Granted it had it's weak episodes. The Xendi arch was pretty good although it was too little too late.
treker25 coulter (10 months ago)
Star trek enterprise is a good show
eric vulgate (10 months ago)
i frikken hate prequels
Vaelsung1 (11 months ago)
Check out "Star Trek Continues" here on Youtube.....an incredible tribute to TOS and an 11 episode continuation and finale that diehard fans like myself absolutely love.
Michael Snyder (11 months ago)
Star Trek Continues just wrapped up the original series. It filled so many plotholes and was just incredible.
David Hay (11 months ago)
Totally agree
scales lizard1 (11 months ago)
But enterprise DID expand the lore, with the formation of the federation , and I personally really like the setting of enterprise
Joe Swanson (11 months ago)
The prime universe and the JJ Universe are pretty much one in the same up to about 2234, when Kirk was born, and Discovery tix place in 2258 so technically it's the JJ universe. But there was no change to it other than with the Kelvin. However it is definitely the JJ universe.
Napoleon Bonaparte (11 months ago)
I hate sex scenes
Bojan Schmeker (11 months ago)
VOY and ENT are actually great shows. I agree about jj trek
Андрей Мишин (11 months ago)
Voyager is weak? Enterprise is weak? Voyager is literally the best Star trek out of all series! Explore new worlds and new civilizations! Isn't this a point of star trek? DS9 is nothing like it, you just sit in the station and have drama with the same old species. It's good, like Babylon 5, but definitely not the best star trek show.
DENTON'S THING (11 months ago)
Why does it anger men so much if there's a female character in anything? In the 24th century everything will be equal, we hope, and it could be a woman or a man in command, no one will care. If something is almost totally male, like Star Wars for many years, no one says it's a manish show, its slanted towards male values or suggests women can't do anything and need men to rescue them, but as soon as a female hero arrives its suddenly feminist and slanted! Grow up guys, women ARE equal, they can fight and fly fighters and all that, so live with it and stop thinking you're better.
Iamdonald duck (11 months ago)
discovery is weird ..everything about it is backwards ..but the effects are good
Hermann Steinrucks (1 year ago)
I agree and dissagree. The stories after Deep Space 9 have become poorly written. That is the problem. But I dissagree about not being able to experiment. Its not real life, but science fiction.
Hinatachan360 (1 year ago)
Identity politics ruin good storytelling. Just tell an engaging story and leave the political propaganda out of it.
Philip Dunne (1 year ago)
Prequels and alternate universes ... and if done too much ''time travel'' , these are the three grave stones of Sci-fi for me. 1) Prequels - are Always bad 2) Alternate Universes - Bloody annoying if it's just used to stomp all over canon (like destroying Vulcan), keep it to the ''Mirror Universe'' type of stuff and go back to the original Universe after a glimpse, or don't bother. 3) Time travel - is fine for one episode or a two part story, TNG, DS9 and Voyager all had perfect time travel usage, the time war in Enterprise was very hit an miss, if you rely on time travel too much things just get needlessly annoying and it becomes a quasi alternate Universe. Stupid.
Cassious Dio (1 year ago)
Could I ever get my kids to watch Dr. Zivago, the opposite of the current ADHD speed of movies...?
RodCornholio (1 year ago)
Maybe it will be cancelled before they shove transexual bathroom issues and, you guessed it, transracial characters in our faces. The predictability of their agenda deserved a good yawn. Next.
Aksumite Tower (1 year ago)
What is your goal here? So the show isn't making you happy? What do you hope to accomplish? People really like where the show is going and your whining isn't going to change that. You want things to stay the same forever then go watch the reruns. Good luck on your crusade though.
ruassmarkt (1 year ago)
NOBODY wanted another prequel. Fucking hate these uninspiring cuntworks
stagarmsm4 (1 year ago)
enterprise would have been good if it was about the birth of the federation and Romulun war and not that time travel war crap.
QuartuvLarry (1 year ago)
Enterprise ended for me at the end of the season three finale. Nazi aliens! Jesus Christ!
rein1705 (1 year ago)
I loved Enterprise but all the "New' star trek is garbage.
emanuel vini (1 year ago)
feminism kills our society
Filip Ramsak (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ you were so right I wish the new series was just painfull to watch but its worse than that Well its true STD i guess...................

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