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10 Biggest LEAKS in Gaming History

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When a video game is announced, fans tend to get very enthusiastic about the good news and if someone happens to get their hands on a pre-alpha version and post it online, gamers are suddenly attracted like bears to honey by this leaked version. There are many such scandals in the industry where unfinished copies of games or vital information about upcoming projects got released either by employees of the development companies, or by skilled hackers, and this is exactly why, today we’re going to discuss ten of the biggest leaks in gaming history. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (52)
RXTE (1 month ago)
I think game devs leak content to see reactions so they can adjust accordingly.
Darth Star Killer (11 months ago)
The balls on the guy that hacked valve then apologized and asked for a job must be fucking massive lol
smileycummys (11 months ago)
dude stole from a company and then had the balls to ask for a job there? i mean, that's one way to be stupid
Staraptor Birb (11 months ago)
Not even gonna mention when Pokemon moon was leaked about a month early?
Matteo Clement (11 months ago)
Pals Omfg enemy I really please this look stuognly house
Idiotic Aiden (11 months ago)
Someone leaked gameplay of Call of Duty Black ops 3 Gameplay of the zombies mode a few days before release and I don't think the gameplay was ever taken down
JDRamm MX (11 months ago)
What about those times I pissed my pants playing Silent Hill?
L R (11 months ago)
Assassin's Creed Origins had also a ton of leaks beforehand. (the PSN card I think and concept art) WW2 Zombies.
Ashton Bruner (11 months ago)
What about fucking ww2 zombies, DUHHH
work out (11 months ago)
Good video
FireBolt (11 months ago)
Mirza Tahir Rahman (11 months ago)
Balázs Szabó (11 months ago)
Thanks for video, but don't use music next time please
You Mad Bud (11 months ago)
got my sub, awesome commentary!
THUMPER_AHM (11 months ago)
(•_•) ∫\ \___( •_•) _∫∫ _∫∫ \ \ The Hell are you looking at? Keep scrolling
Darth Star Killer (11 months ago)
THUMPER_AHM we are looking at your gay butt sex post
MC JoshuaHMB (11 months ago)
There was a big leak for Fallout 4 long before it came out, here is the transcript from one of the employees. https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/38dd29/the_fake_employee_leaker_from_last_year/ No one believed this person and poked fun at them in the comments and little did they know it was almost all true.
Velocity (11 months ago)
I hate this guys voice
ThatGuyMike (11 months ago)
Hello games office? Flooded twice.....
Kraven Crinkz (11 months ago)
How about ubisoft game leaks? They seemed to have happened more than once. Lol.
David Mendelsohn (11 months ago)
Tristan (11 months ago)
Wow your channel is dead.
Shileka Gamer (11 months ago)
WTFreally? the guy steals from the company then asks for a job? i misheard that? right? how the fuq you even pose the question?
SUNSPYtm (11 months ago)
I remember when it happened, the guy was an IRCbot coder, using the source code from a previous bot to make his own creations. Apparently he got into Valve's network through a weak FTP server password and was able to get all the way in from there. The source leak was a massive story and hurt Valve a lot. It's already a common thing at the time for skilled hackers to go into security firms for work or create their own security company, eg penetration testing software developer, consulting and so on. The guy probably both felt a) bad for Valve and b) poor and wanting one of those great jobs ...next thing polizei are raiding him lol, pretty sure the courts went hard on him hacking and malicious software is a big problem in Germany at this point and Valve already a very big Corporation = make an example of this supposed HUGE CRIMINIAL. Don't condone any of what he did especially giving common unskilled users access to hard to detect or undetectable IRCbot malware.. the botnet problem was already really big
Jesse Raatikainen (11 months ago)
3:22 fidget spinner predicted?
note2owns (11 months ago)
For those who have the right console to play back-ups, almost all games get leaked a week or more early. Sometimes up to a month.
TheSatNavs (11 months ago)
No mans sky? fallout 4!!
Ciklap (11 months ago)
Folaut 4
Stock Hacker (11 months ago)
nailed it
Numbers (11 months ago)
Not even going to speak about the Mass Effect: Andromeda leak?
Big Gamer29 (11 months ago)
You should of added pokemon sun/moon version huge leaks from last year and almost every game before it:)
Dylan O (11 months ago)
Who thinks the thing under multiplayer under crisis 2 look likes a fidget spinner
Roaster Toaster (11 months ago)
Ohh lol it does XD
ImNotChewy (11 months ago)
Dylan O o shit it does
Office Paperclip (11 months ago)
last time I was this early I ended up in prenatal ICU
Skrub Nation (11 months ago)
Come on man! It 2AM bro! Still love ur content bro, keep it up :)
Macho Mane (11 months ago)
Skrub Nation nah its 5pm
Sneaky SniperXY (11 months ago)
Englind is my city
HK - 47 (11 months ago)
Macho Mane nooooo don't leave him with us.
Macho Mane (11 months ago)
velociraptor 0951 and you better stay in it bitch
Klassix (11 months ago)
notification gang 🔥
Spino's Gaming Channel (11 months ago)
I love Honey!
Red _lynx (11 months ago)
The True Auto Kalashnikov (11 months ago)
Good shit
mSAZ Reaper (11 months ago)
Love the channel
Rerum Trading (11 months ago)
TmmB12 (11 months ago)

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